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Three Weeks Later

"Guys, I remember what the apartment looked like, there's no point in covering my eyes! That was the whole point, I remembered everything!"

I struggled, but Wes and David just held onto me tighter, and the blindfold remained around my eyes. I sighed.

"Kurt, honey, can you make them get off?"

"Nuh-uh. It's not long now anyway, just hold on."

I grumbled again, still wriggling in their arms. We were walking up the stairs to our apartment, and for some reason, they had decided that it would be a surprise. I had had to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks, while they checked that I was actually better, and not just going through a phase. And now, at last, I was going home.

We reached the top of the staircase and I heard whispers of a conversation, but I couldn't quite work out what they were saying. The door opened, it's heavy lock making me aware of it's presence.

"Ok, Blaine! Let's take off that blindfold!"

David reached up and pulled off the fabric from my eyes.


The apartment was full of people that I recognized – Warblers, college people, some of the New Directions and even Riley from our favourite pizza shop.

"Uh… hi…"

Everyone laughed, and someone turned on the stereo. Everyone started dancing and chatting, quite a few of them coming over and talking to me. It was nice to see them all again. I caught Kurt smirking at me from across the room, and winked at him. He pretended to faint, before getting pulled into a conversation with Mercedes and Rachael.


I stood on the edge of the room, smiling softly at my friends mingling around. I was almost completely happy.


I looked to my left, and saw Kurt standing there smiling gently.

"You alright?"


"Blaine… Do you want to talk? Just that, I know what you're going through. You need to talk to someone."

I looked up into his eyes.

"Ok, maybe, I'm not entirely ok… But I can deal with it."

"Blaine. Just talk to me, please?"

"I have, Kurt. I know that you guys want to help, and you have. Letting me tell you all that the other day and you listening to me for the week after that, that was enough. I'm still going to be sad sometimes, and maybe I'll never be one hundred percent better, but for now, I just want to get on with life. Ok?"


We looked at each other, and I must say it was very romantic. But then Rachael saw us.

"Blaine! Oh my God, hi! I'm so glad you're better! Sorry, can't stay and chat, just came to grab Kurt, he needs to come back because Santana wants to talk to him, now. Come along, sir!"

And Kurt was dragged off by Rachael, throwing an apologetic look in my direction. I smiled and waved to his retreating back, hoping that he was going to survive. Those girls could sometimes be a bit intense.


Three hours later, Kurt and I finally met up again in the small kitchen in the apartment. Almost everyone had left, Kurt had just waved goodbye to Mercedes, Tina and Mike and I could only hear Jeff, Nick and Thad still laughing with Wes and David in the lounge room.

"Hey, beautiful."

"Hello. Having fun?"

"I wasn't until I came here with you."

Kurt laughed, rolling his eyes.

"Blaine Anderson, I saw you not five minutes ago singing karaoke with Jeff. You were most definitely having fun."

I laughed, and gave in.

"Ok, maybe I was. But this is pretty good too."

I ran my hand through his hair, and for some reason, he didn't even try to stop me. To my surprise, he just leant forward and placed his lips gently on mine. I moaned, and deepened the kiss. It was the most wonderful feeling. I felt like we were both just doing this for the first time, even though we'd done it countless times before. Finally, we broke apart.

"I missed that."

I looked into Kurt's eyes.

"Me too."

We kissed again.

"Mmmm… Bedroom?"

All I had to do was nod, and Kurt pulled me down the corridor.

"Be safe, children!"

Wes shouted from the lounge room, but all we did was giggle and shut the door. I was finally home.


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