Mondays was the first day of the week, the first day of the working week he loved Mondays. The coffee in his take away cup from Starbucks, the sweetness and crispy taste of the chocolate croissant. He loved the way the coffee warmed his belly opened up his mind to the tasks that he had to break through for this day. Five am flashed on his alarm clock in red with a small chiming noise which roused him from his dreams. Pulling back his covers from his warm form, he stretched his lean body and relished in the small popping noises his limbs made.

Taking his time to gather his things in to his arm seat in his room he glanced at the left side of the bed and smirked. A young girl lay there messy dark curls were about her head like a halo, long lashes cast shadows against her cheeks. 'she looks like her mother' he thought with a bitter smile. Taking up a black towel he made his way into the bathroom for a shower. How long had it been now, almost seven months that she had left them, left her daughters and just walked out of their lives completely.

Steam poured out from the open door of the bathroom as he came from within. Silk black boxers were his only type of clothing at the moment something that he would soon rectify, his little girl of five was still sleeping in his bed when he had come in. slipping on a vest and shirt, he sought out his black business trousers. Socks on his feet he made a short trip across the hall way to his other daughter's room. Tucking his shirt into his trousers his golden eyes closed for the small while he did this.

Pale knuckles tapped on the door twice before letting himself in, there as ever at this time of morning was his eldest daughter of ten making her bed and laying her school cloths onto the neatly folded sheets.

"Rin, have you also set out Setska's clothing or shall I get her something?"

The little girl of ten smiled at her father before shaking her head no, shoulder length black silk hair curled lightly, brown eye lit up as she saw him.

"No daddy, Kaede helped me pick out her cloths yesterday and we made her a lunch so she can just stay in her pen at the office"

Pride filled him as he entered her bathroom and set up a small basin with hot water and her shower gel.

"Come, we don't want to be late"

Taking his leave he went back into his own room while running slim long fingers through a thick mane of silverish blond hair. Like moon light. Pulling back the covers he set to the task at hand; Setska. Grate he thought another morning of no, no, no and screaming. Possible damage to his hands from the little terror that was his second daughter.

"Setskaaa, wake up" tapping the toddler gently while willing her to get up without fuss, was his wish. The small toddlers eyes opened while small fists battered at an eyelid and his hand tears gathered at the corners of her eyes 'didn't wish hard enough Sesshomaru'

Picking his little one up he spoke to her all the while she kept crying and hitting him, demanding to be put back where she was first found.

"Stop Setska, enough now come"

Taking the small one down to the kitchen he seated her in her high chair. Sniffing now instead of screaming he decided was wan improvement. Her wild brown eyes looked around her.

"duice, daddy duice"

"Juice Setska" he corrected. The kitchen was overly large while he moved about it he could hear the front door open for the care taker Kaede.

The small old woman hobbled over to the kitchen and sat at the table. Before remembering what she wanted to do.

"Good morning Sesshomaru Sama, how are you this morning?"

"I am well thank you Kaede, Rin says you have set up a lunch for madam over there. Where is it?"

"Giving trouble already my dear?" she asked the small one who was now happily sipping mango and apple juice.

"Yes, its at the back of the fridge. I will feed little girl you finish up getting ready for work my dear."

Finding this to be the break he was looking for, he gave a small smile and continued on his way up to the stairs and back into his room to finish getting dressed for the day ahead of him. Kaede had been with him for a good four years now, taking care of his children while he was away working at the company. She was the only one so far who was not afraid when he went deathly silent and glared at her. Rather shed as if his bowel movement was in check.

On the way up he met his little one at the top of the stairs. Rin. She was dressed in her school uniform, a knee length navy blue skirt white shirt with navy jumper and tie her white socks and black shoes finished her outfit. Her white head band resting atop her head pushing her hair from her face her bangs framing her natural heart shaped face. A empty school bag in hand.

Continuing up the stairs the young man of twenty five found the jacket to his suit as well as his tie and shoes tying his hair in a low braid, he packed his brief case with his laptop and documents for that day. Coming back down he saw Rin eating and talking to Kaede who was finishing up with Setska. She had been bathed and changed and finally was settled enough to begin the day with her father in her spot in the office. Her little bag on her shoulders with her food and her bottle and nappy bag next to her chair.

"Thank you Kaede, Rin are you ready?"

"Yes daddy I'm ready."

"Good, alright let's get a move on; see you later on this evening be good at school"

Kissing her forehead he rang for his drivers Lou and Jaken.

Lou brought the car for himself and Setska while Jaken would drive Rin to school and Kaede back to her home.

Picking up the toddler and her bags Sesshomaru made his way to the silver BMW which would take him to Taisho corp. even he would admit he was fortunate to have been given this job by his father however the standards and expectations were set ever higher as the boss's son. He did it to provide for his family. Krista, Rin's mother had only wanted his money and not the child. He gave her a heavy settlement and she gave up her rights to Rin.

Salina, second mother to Rin and Setska's mother was a model, someone who already had money, but Setska was born premature and had complications with her heart she was so small and fragile. Her mother disowned her on the spot claiming she would have no deformed child nor would she play mother to a gold diggers brat. Setska was a healthy normal two year old.

No it seemed that Sesshomaru Taisho had no way with women. Lie, he had a way with the wrong type of women. Pulling up to the large building he unstrapped his daughter from her car seat and picked up the bags and then Setska.

"When are you going to start walking my dear" he asked her

Her response was to gabble at him. The scent of the office filled his nostrils, walking to his office he went over to Setska's play pen and put her in there so she could amuse herself. She sought out her toys straight away and began her day of self entertainment.

Sitting at his desk he decided to get to the tasks at hand. Sipping his warm hot chocolate, he began to do his work, checking his mail box he found that his father wanted to see his little family next weekend as his younger brother Inuyasha was back for the summer holidays from America. Oh joy. No, no, no he told himself. He wasn't going to allow the thought of his brother ruining his perfect working day. Carrying out the tasks at hand he carefully read and re read the Onigumo account. There was fault in it, he made all his points blunt and clear before sending his assistant with it to the head office where his father resided. He fired only two people and his second born was taking a noon nap.

Yes he loved Mondays

The light pooled into the small bed room. Streams of light fell gently into the room bathing it in a light glow. The room's dim appearance melted away as the light began to chase away the darkness and dominate the space. A cool breeze littered the room as it peeked itself into the room by the crack of the window.

Dark blood red thin curtains ruffled softly as the day began, to the right of the room was a large desk which held a mountain of books and papers, a laptop with its black stand by screen, with red blinking light made no sound as it silently told its owner that it's life was about to end because it needed charging. The walls held pictures of loved ones in beautiful frames a dressing gown thrown carelessly on the desk chair.

A wardrobe was beside the desk, its tall stature causing a looming shadow behind it. The carpet was a rich ruby red that had a beautiful design of a lotus flower. The floor which was always kept clear however was littered with cloths. On the floor lay a once crisp white tee shirt with a neat pair of G star jeans, by the door of this room were a pair of black trainers which were accompanied by a pair of high heeled black and red sandals.

Following the trail that the shoes made one could see the corset of an under buster which was a deep emerald green. Next that were only half a hand way were a pair of navy blue denim blue hip huger skinny jeans. A long sleeved off the shoulders gypsy shirt followed with a waist belt shortly after. A set of underwear set the trail anew as the article of female clothing hung barely to the edge of the bed, the bra which belonged to some one in the room was thrown on the head board of the bed. In that bed lay a sight indeed.

Birds began nattering and chirping to one another as the sun found its peak with in the sky, one of the figures who was in the bed slowly rose while a painful moan escaped the lips of the person. Eyes once heavy with sleep flickered open hesitantly. Wishing that they had not opened their eyes they let out another moan of sorts. A small female whimper rose from the girl as the onslaught of a headache began.

Holding her head in both hands she faintly felt the chill across her chest, looking down to find herself bare she gasped and wrenched the sheets closer to her body. Black ink hair curtained her away from the world as she buried her head into her hands. She couldn't remember what day it was, or what she had been doing last night. She faintly saw a flash in her head and remembered a large noisy room where every one was dancing. Had she been to a club?

If that was the case who would she have gone with? her thoughts went to her second best friend Yazoun, she had gone out to a club with her and some other friends.

The woman nearly screeched as the load tone of her mobile phone rang from under her white gypsy shirt. Picking it up in her hand while holding the sheet firmly close to her she looked at the caller ID with squinted eyes, she sighed when she found it was her best friend for life Sango Taijia. Clicking the answer button on her baby pink black berry she answered with a horse voice; " Hello?" on the other line a deep sigh of relief was her answer then followed by the voice of her best friend. "Kagome? Are you alright? where are you?"

Sango's voice at the moment was laced with worry, had she been crying Kagome wondered. "I'm fine Sango and I don't know where I am, what happened last night? I don't remember" Sango sighed again and began explaining things slowly and calmly to her friend. "Spiked? I- I was spiked?" Kagome's lower lip trembled in unknown fear and uneasiness. "Yeah Gome, I'm sorry it was Yazoun" the sorrow in her friends voice confirmed it, she had been drugged by her second best friend the first person she ever met in high school. She stilled when she felt something next to her move.

"Sango, I'll call you back when I get home" agreeing with her friend Sango cut the phone on Kagome. Said girl was clutching the sheets to her body closer noticing her bra on the head board and her lower underwear not too far away she snatched them up, and hastily pulled them on her body. A grunt was heard as she reached for her shirt halting her in her tracks looking over he shoulder she watched in horror as Yazoun's cousin pulled himself up and balanced on his elbows. His famous dirty smirk on his face with his lone thick braid tossed over his shoulder. "B-Bankotsu?"

Smirking at the girl Bankotsu turned from her and pulled a cigarette into his mouth, pulling the lighter from his night stand he lit the little death stick and took an attentive drag, almost savoring the ashy smoky flavor. "Morning little girl" he smirked as he saw her flinch. "You know Kagome, I never had you down as a screamer" Kagome's eyes widened and her face paled. "You mean I – we?" Snickering at the girls rambling he took another drag and rudely blew the smoke into her face. Watching as she coughed softly and smirked. "Yeah Gome we had sex, looks like lil Kagome ain't a virgin any more" Tears pricked her eyes, but she held them back and croaked out why he would do such a thing to her when she was his cousin's friend.

Bankotsu laughed as he flicked the stick in the ash tray and let it rest there for a moment so he could answer her. "Yazoun isn't your friend never was, she hated you, when you went out with her ex what's his face Hojou" Kagome let the tears fall down her eyes at this she had repeatedly asked Yazoun if she would mind if Hojou and her went out. Yazoun had been foul at the thought of it but gave In and said she could care less. Kagome sniffed and pulled her shirt to her pulling it over her head not once making eye contact with the heartless monster that was a year older than her. Reaching for her corset she put it on and zipped it up and moved to get her jeans. "This is rich, I wonder what everyone at school will say when they find out lil Gome is a whore"

Tears fell from her eyes as she quickly buttoned up her jeans and ran her hands through her hair. Standing up she pulled her phone out and called her older brother Naraku.


"Who ells is it going to be Kagome, what's the matter?"

" I need you to come get me"

Naraku could hear the anguish in his sister's voice. Deciding not to pursue the matter on the phone he agreed "Alright I Know where that is" he said when she gave him the address of Bankotsu's house. "I'll be there in a few ok" nodding and giving him a small "Kay" Kagome pulled her belt around her corset and put her phone in her pocket. "Leaving so soon Gome? We were having so much fun" Kagome looked at the man who had stole her innocence.

He was now wearing a pair of blue jeans black socks and a white vest on his broad shoulders was a plane thin black shirt his once messy hair was now back in its tight braid that hung behind him. His chocolate brown eyes dancing with mirth as he looked at her. Bending down to pick up her coat and sandals she slipped them both on and brushed passed him while hugging herself close she heard the sound of a horn and made sure she had her house keys before leaving. Pulling her hood up she went down the stairs, all the while noticing that Bankotsu was following her.

Opening the door Kagome raced down the steps and looked across the street to the black Honda that was pulled up outside of Bankotsu's house on the opposite street. Naraku Watched as his younger Sister came and jumped into the back seat of the car. Sending one last glance at the man who had taken her without her sober minded Kagome bowed her head in shame.

"You gonna tell me about it Gome?" Kagome looked at her brothers missed matched silver and sapphire blue eyes and shook her head no. Naraku frowned "But your gonna tell mom right" Kagome lowered her head and a again shook her head no, Naraku cassed an irritated glance at the girl in the back seat of his car. "What about Baa- Chan?" with a sigh Kagome nodded at her brother and even offered a quiet "Yes"

Kagome could tell her grandmother absolutely any thing, it was her she went to when she had questions she was too scared to ask her mother, or when ever the topic of boys came up. Kagome could always count on her Baa- Chan and Oji -Chan when she needed some one to talk to, her sister also was a great source of advice but she was always busy with college work that Kagome would feel bad about bothering her with her petty affairs. However this affair was any thing but petty. Kagome laid her head down on the soft seats and closed her eyes, all she wanted to was go home, have a hot shower and wash away her shame and eat a hot meal and do something to take her mind off it all. Studying would be best as she had the entry exams for college coming up. Mind made up she closed her eyes and let her brother take her home.

"Gom, Gome were here man get up"

Kagome opened her eyes and looked out the window to see she was indeed at home, the long path of white steps with rich blood red arch confirmed it. Hauling herself out of the car she walked round to the driver's seat and waited till Naraku rolled down his window and lifted his eyebrow at her.

"Thank you Naraku" Kagome said softly

"No worries Gome I'm your brother after all, just make sure you talk to Obaa -Chan" Nodding at her brothers request she gave him a small kiss on the cheek and said to tell Kaguya his Girlfriend of four years hello.

Smirking Naraku said he would and sped off once she was clear of the road and car. Kagome sighed and started up the long stairs and up to the shrine which they lived on. Kagome's ancestral family were the head of the village that they lived in, the shrine which she lived in once was a monastery for the miko in training, some of the most powerful miko's lived and trained here. Kagome stood now at the top of the of the shrine steps and made her way into her house, unlocking the keys with her keys Kagome sighed in relief when her mother didn't come shouting at her. Kagome went into the kitchen and had a tall glass of water and looked around for something to eat. Sticking her head in the fridge Kagome searched for any thing that would make a nice breakfast. "Nothing but eggs and milk I wonder if there's any flower omelet? Pancake?"

"Why don't you let me make you some bacon and eggs and a nice hot cup of miso soup" startled at the scratchy yet soft voice Kagome turned to look at her grandmother Kaede. A small smile fitted onto Kagome's lips. "That would be nice grandma" smiling Kaede ushered Kagome from the kitchen and told her to have a shower and relax. Kagome did just that she called Sango and told her of the true intentions of Yazoun and what her cousin had done to her. Sango was upset that her friend had come to such a state.

Telling Sango she didn't want to talk about it any more Kagome left it as it was and said she was going to have a hot shower and breakfast and study. Kagome went into her room which had an adjoining bathroom, stripping off her cloths after she had locked her door Kagome turned on the shower and picked out a fresh pair of under cloths and a grey skinny tee shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants and white socks.

Heading into the bathroom Kagome stepped into the shower and let the spray of hot water wash over her body. She rubbed her shower gel all over her long curvy body and sighed as she felt it all being washed away. After spending thirty minuets under the spray of water Kagome switched it off and climbed out, pulling her fluffy white towel around her form Kagome towel dried her hair after she had slipped on her new warm clothing. Pulling her hair up in to a messy pony tail, she pulled some white socks onto her feet and left the bathroom after she had cleaned it up. Kagome let out a hungry sigh and followed the delicious aroma of food, which was coming from the kitchen. It was now eleven am and she remembered having little to eat the night before when she went partying. Sitting at the table with her head held in the open palm of her right hand she let her eyes fall softly on her grandmother.

Her grandmother was just like her grandfather, in the respect that they were highly educated on the land that they lived on, the shrine that they lived in and they both wore the traditional garbs, her grandfather as a shrine keeper with white kimono shirt and baby blue hakama while her grandmother wore the garbs of herb and healer miko, which was a crimson hakama and white kimono.

Kagome came out of her musings as a hot bowl of miso soup was placed in front of her with a spoon. Smiling at her grandmother in thanks Kagome wasted no time in eating her fill, she was very hungry and the soup was so inviting. She relished how it trailed down her throat to pool down into her stomach. Belly warm and half full of soup Kagome set the empty bowl to the side and waited for the solid fried food to be done. She didn't have to wait too long for the steaming plate to be set in front of her. The plate held two sunny side up hard yoke eggs the way she liked them, two slices of bacon, two slices of toast and three small pancakes.

Grandmother Kaede sat with a plate of her own in front of her granddaughter, and calmly ate her food along with Kagome. Kagome knew her grandmother would not ask her what had happened last night, she trusted her to tell her as much as she felt comfortable with. Kagome swallowed the mini sandwich she had made out of the food on her plate, and looked up to her grandmother. "Obaa Chan?" Kaede looked up in mid chew and nodded her head once to tell Kagome she had her attention. "Can we talk a little after breakfast?" Kaede smiled the smile itself reaching her now semi dull brown eyes. "Why yes Kagome, I think we do need to have a little chat. Why don't we go outside by the God tree?"

Kagome really didn't want to go out side, but she would go if only to talk to her grandmother, nodding, Kagome turned back to her plate of half eaten food and resumed eating. Kagome finished with her food after her grandmother, so offered to wash up after Kagome washed and rinsed they both headed out of the house by the back door and sat under the large branches of the God tree.

Kagome fiddled with her hands and locked her eyes on the grassy ground and began to explain what she had been up to. Kagome decided that she would leave the part about the activity that she and Bankotsu had partaken in. In the end Kagome was faced with the question and in little words she had confessed that she thinks that they may have done it, as her grandmother said that he could be lying. Kagome explained she thought he was telling the truth as there was a dull throb between her legs which was uncomfortable.

Kaede said to her granddaughter that she didn't need to worry too much, Kagome let a small smile fit onto her lips, when she was finished with her tale her grandmother and she ventured into the house Kagome went back into her room and put her head into her books and began studying.

Kagome studied until dinner time and when that time came she was surprised to see that her brother and Kaguya were over for dinner. Kaguya gave a tight hug Kagome, as the younger girl came up to her with her arms open with a small shy smile on her lips.

"You ok chipmunk?"

Kagome laughed slightly at the pet name Kaguya had been calling her for almost three years. "Im fine auntie"

"Hey what did I tell you about that 'A' word" Kagome snickered, Kaguya was only nineteen, and so didn't like being called auntie. She had said it made her feel old but Kagome used it never the less just to poke fun at her. "So I see your back, what time did you crawl back into my house then Kagome"

Kagome looked at her mother and her sapphire blue eyes met the harsh one's of her mother's they were spinning with anger and distaste at the moment. Kagome looked at the floor then to her grandmother. "She didn't crawl mother, I brought her back. She came to mine after the night out on the town" answered her brother. Out of all her siblings Kagome loved Naraku like no other.

He was every thing to her, Sota was a tell tale or an "informer" as she called him, Kikiyo was just like her mother and was some what hard to talk to. Kagome sent an eye smile of thanks to her brother and looked around the room for her older sister and younger brother.

Kagome's mother, Auzarain looked at her daughter once more; "I hope all the time you were back you were not lounging around. You were studying, you know those exams are hard and your grades are lacking"

Kagome was appalled, she was so hurt that she almost fled from the room. In the end she did and they could all hear the slam of the door, when she came back down. "My grades are lacking? Then why have they sent the entry exams for Shikon college, why have they sent me entry exams for the Taisho Academy of business , if my grades are lacking Mother then why is the school giving me specific entry exams? are you noticing the pattern here? They are giving me all the places Naraku got, I have been told that not even my older sister has the same potential as I do because my grades are the same as Naraku's when he went to school. So no mother my grades are far from lacking"

Turning her back on her mother, she went up to her room and cried. This wasn't fair. She was tired emotionally in pain both because of her mother and Yazoun's tricks. Her boyfriend of eight months hadn't called her once which was not in the norm for him at all. Kagome missed him and wanted nothing more than to talk to him, but the anger and sorrow in her would not let her reach for her phone and dial his number.

Half an hour later there was a tiny tapping noise against her door. " Come in" Kagome sniffed still not finished with her crying, sweeping the tears from her eyes Kagome focused her eyes on the person who had come into her room. "Hey chipmunk" Kaguya said softly, "Brought you some food and a nice cup of my special hot chocolate" Kagome smiled and took the tray of food over to her desk and sat down to eat. "Thank you Kaguya" " Its ok Gome, your brother knows your working very hard, he was arguing with your mom downstairs. The way he was talking though Kagome, was last night the first night you even went out?"

Sipping the hot chocolate Kagome nodded, she couldn't go to clubs yet she was still under age , the venue for Yazoun's seventeenth birthday party had been there though and she was on the guest list so was aloud entrance. "Yes, it was one of my friend's birthday party" Kaguya missed the flinch that Kagome had when she said 'friend' "ok then Gome, you know you can always come to ours when your mom is being too much, your bro made sure that when we were house hunting that there would be a spare room for you to use when ever you want"

Kagome nodded she did know this, her brother and her had decorated the room at the time he told her he wanted her to decorate it any way she liked . When she had finished it it was like the room was under water, with tones of blues, greens and soft magenta. A rounded bed was in the middle of the room with a window to the side over looking the back yard. A white wardrobe sat by the opposite wall with a set of draws. A desk near the door.

At first she thought she was making the room for a possible addition of Naraku's and Kaguya's life. However when Kagome came back one day after school to finish of some small things in the room. They said it was hers.

Kagome smiled at the memory and, thanked Kaguya once again for the food and drink. A tap to her half open door made both girls look at the door to find Naraku standing there with anger in his eyes. "Kaguya were going, if you want to, go and say bye to the others. I'll be down in a few" Kaguya nodded and gave a small hug to Kagome "Remember what I said, your always welcome" Kagome nodded into the half hug and waved good bye to her. Kaguya stepped in front of her brother and gave him a small kiss to his lips. "Don't worry Baby, no stress remember" a small smile snuck its way onto Naraku's face. His eyes became soft although they clearly held annoyance, not for any one but his mother.

Nodding at his love, Naraku went over to Kagome and gave her a small smile, "Don't pay any attention to mom. You know what she's like. Did you talk to Baa Chan?"

"Hai, I did"

Naraku sighed as long as she talked to some one then he could wait for her to tell him, he knew it and she knew it. "Alright then, I'll see you tomorrow at break then ok" Kagome nodded the college that Naraku was studying at was Taisho Academy, that was linked to Temrah high school, sort of like a sixth form. Saying good bye Naraku left his sister's room after closing it securely. It was now rounding up to ten O-clock and she had school tomorrow. She hated Mondays, cleaning up Kagome took her plate down stairs and ignored every one at the table who were sat down eating. She washed her plate and then started to look into the fridge for her bento box. It was the sparkly silver blue one.

Taking a hold of it she found that it was empty. Placing the plastic container on the side she took a hold of her coat and put it on, slipping on her outside shrine shoes she fished through her coat pocket knowing that there was a few yen in there. Picking her keys from the key rack she went up stairs for her phone and left the house for the twenty four hour drug store. Out side was a little cold, so she held herself tighter. When she arrived at the store the first thing she did was buy some credit for her phone, next she took up a shopping cart and went down the different isles.

She picked up two bags of sea weed covered rice balls, two sets of pre made sushi and a bottle of sparkling grape juice and water. Looking in the cart she thought that that would be enough for her to take to school that morning. Picking up a pair of disposable chopsticks she picked up a small carton of apple juice and went to pay for her items. After paying Kagome took the plastic bags that held her things and took out the apple juice and started to drink it while walking back to her house. It was times like this when she hated living in a shrine, all those steps but it kept her in shape. Kagome was now back at her house as she went into the kitchen, she found her grand father there reading while her grandmother sipped on warm jasmine tea.

"Where did you go of to Kagome" asked her grandfather. "Just to the drug store, mom for got to make my bento again so I just went out and bought some stuff instead" as she said this Kagome was unloading her food from the bags. Opening the sea weed rice balls bag she took five out and put them neatly in a space in her bento box, next was the pre made sushi which only held one long slice of fish in it, it was a salmon fillet turning on the stove Kagome set to work on cooking it. Rather than eat it raw. After she fried it and let it cool she put it in to her bento box and sealed it shut. Looking in the fridge she found that her grand mother as always had brought her a case of black grapes and tangerines.

Taking some of the branch and one tangerine, Kagome put all her food in a small plastic bag and tied it up after she had put her grape juice in. putting all her things in the fridge ready for to morrow morning, Kagome said good night to her grand parents. Heading for her room she packed all her books away into her cute Utada Hikaru satchel bag. After tidying her room she took a shower put on her night dress and got into bed deciding to send a text to her boyfriend Sasuke before she went to sleep. After setting her alarm Kagome finally closed her eyes and went to sleep, already dreading the next day.

Final distance by Utada Hikaru started to play on her CD player as it was part of her alarm system, it was seven O-clock and she needed to get up. Kagome's eyes slowly started to open and stare at one of her walls. The music registering in her head so she knew it was time to get up. Looking out side she noticed it was very warm looking even for so early in the morning. She put a small umbrella by her bag any way. Making her bed Kagome pulled out all she would need for her trip to the bathroom.

Leaving the music to play as the whole house woke at seven on the dot. Entering her bathroom Kagome showered and washed her hair, after getting dried she brushed her teeth then went into her room and blow dried her hair. By now it was half seven and she was now getting dressed. Putting on her fresh crisp under garments Kagome put a vest on then her white school shirt which was short sleeved . Putting the long thigh high white socks on she then stepped into her emerald green skirt. After brushing her hair she tied the customary tie in that of a sailors tie then lifted her form fitting forest green blazer over her form.

Kagome then picked up her bag and put the umbrella in her bag then picked up her phone and sent a text message to Sango, telling her she would be at the meeting place at eight. Kagome went for the kitchen noticing that her older sister and younger brother were both dressed and ready for school and college. Kagome went to the fridge and checked her bento, nothing was missing so she put it in her bag then turned to say good morning to every one. "Morning Gome dear, there is some soup and fish cakes in the microwave waiting for you" smiling at her grandfather she set to heating her food a little while drinking some water.

The small ding of the microwave told her that it was time to dine, she set her food on the table and began to eat. When she was finished she washed her plate up and said good bye to every one at the table, a few seconds later Kikiyo did the same when she heard the horn of her boyfriend's car. Kagome slipped on her shoes which were flat black dolly shoes. Slinging her bag over her shoulder she picked up her keys and went out the door followed by Kikiyo. They walked down the steps together, when they came to the end Kagome saw the bright red sports convertible. In the car was her sister's jet haired amber eyed boyfriend Inuyasha.

"Bye Kikiyo"


the two girls went their separate ways, Kagome only now noticing the time ran to the meeting place of her now three B.F.F.L's. Running past the gates that led into Tokyo Park Kagome saw all her friends waiting at the fountain for her. Stopping in front of her she placed her hands on her knees and caught her breath. The three girls looked at her warmly. "Same old Kagome" said Ayume

"Morning guys" "So where's Yazoun?" asked Kogra. Sango sent a look at Kagome, "You should tell them you know, were best friends for life Kagome"

Kagome bit her lip and nodded, the confused stares of Ayume and Kogra became enraged when they hear the words that came from Kagome's lips. "She did what!" screamed Kogra Kagome looked away from her friends in shame and shook her head telling them she didn't want to talk about it any more. They agreed for the sake of Kagome and all walked to school. They could all feel Kagome's uneasiness and nervousness at coming back into school.

Kagome gripped her bag strap tighter and held her head high, her friends noticing her attitude smile and do the same, all together they walk into the school court yard and head for the locker room that was inside the school. Kagome, Sango, Ayume and Kogra all went to their lockers and took out the school slippers and changed their shoes. Taking out books for the classes that they would need they closed their lockers and started to talk; "Oh man the entry exam escapade starts in the next two months!" Kagome laughed at the red head girl. "Well soon it will be all over" said Kogra

Kagome smiled and said her agreements with Kogra, soon they were chatting like never before, soon all went silent and Kagome knew instantly why. Behind her was Yazoun with her new entourage. Kanna Silk, Akira Fletch and Sakai Tachono. "How's it going Kagome? Did you have fun Saturday night" Yazoun snickered. Kagome flinched at the words making her remember how she had woken up next to her cousin Bankotsu.

"Go away Yazoun, we don't talk to back stabbing girls" said Sango "Yeah Yazoun what you did was despicable and I swear if I hear that your bugging Kagome my fist is going to connect to your face!" screamed Ayume. Kogra sneered at Yazoun, "I second that Yazoun, now don't forget we've been friends for the longest out of all of us, so you know I have enough dirt on you to get you expelled and have the invisible tattoo of 'slut' across your fore head for every one to see" " I feel sorry for both you and Bankotsu, when Naraku learns what he's done, Naraku would gladly go to prison for grievous bodily harm, and I'm sure his girlfriend will gladly follow him with the same charges when she's finished with you!" Sango threw at her. Yazoun gulped and took a step back. "What ever, Lets go girls" Kagome and her friends watched as Yazoun left with her new friends in tow.

"Don't let her get to you Kagome, alright come on lets go we have class now you know how Usagi sensei is when were late" said Kogra Kagome let a small smile fit onto her lips. Walking to her next class which was history with Usagi sensei, Kagome and her three friends rushed towards the class room. All the girls walked into the class all quieting down, as they passed Usagi sensei desk. They all split up in different directions to take their seats. To await the teacher, so that they could start the lesion. In walked Usagi sensei and Yazoun shortly after him. The day went by with out much hitch, there was the odd stares of the girls at Kagome and some even whispered and laughed at her.

Kagome could do nothing but try and ignore them but the biting remarks that were said and written on notes that were passed to her were beginning to take their toll on her. By lunch she was all to happy to go to the spot where the girls would meet up with their boyfriends and friends. They all sat under the sakura tree and waited for their friends and love ones, to come over. Kogra spotted Naraku holding hands with Kaguya whilst talking to her boyfriend of six months Kohaku, he was Sango's older brother.

Coming from the school doors Ayume spotted her boyfriend of two months today; Koga he was talking to a lean boy with violet eyes, Miroku was currently by the looks of it arguing with Koga. He was the love of Sango's life being with him for the past year and a half.

The girls stood up when their males came close enough to receive a hug from them. Kagome was sitting back against the trunk of the tree sitting on her thighs while waiting for the short spiky black hair and coal black eyes of her own boyfriend Sasuke. "Oh no" said Sango with sorrow in her eyes and voice she had spotted something she wished she hadn't, honestly was the world out for her friend or something. Every one followed Sango's line of sight to see that just across from them Yazoun was pressed against a near by tree with her arms around Kagome's boyfriend's neck.

He was kissing her and his hands did not keep still they roamed the body of the other girl discreetly and teasingly. Kagome felt her eyes become moist as her throat and mouth went dry. Looking down at her lap so her bangs would cover her face Kagome picked her things up and walked dejectedly back into the school. Plugging her earphones into her phone Kagome put them in her ear and played one of her favorite songs that was from the UK and US. Ironically she noted how it was similar to the situation of her love life. The name of the song was called 'Take a bow' by Rhianna.

Sitting in on the back stairs Kagome took out her lunch and began to eat her food. The song was comforting oddly as it solidified her resolve for kicking him out of her life. She agreed with the song how he had put on a show, but it was over now, he had to get off her stage. Kagome picked up the sea weed rice ball and bit into it, the song changed to 'We Ride' by the same person. Kagome listened closely and summarized the implications that maybe just maybe Sasuke had done this before, behind her back. Well if that was the case Yazoun could have him, she wanted some one who could actually prove to be of value in her life not a passing fling, she wanted something like what Sango and Miroku had, lasting for a year and beyond like her brother and Kaguya

" I hate Mondays"

Class continued its flow, the whispers calmed down while the day also calmed down and became just small stares. Kagome and her friends made the small trip to their meeting spot; Jenenji's. Sitting down at their side of the restaurant in their small booth they began to order; the four girls sat and ate French fries with their milk shakes and generally had a good time considering how crap the day was for the ebony haired woman. Kagome had to be back home by five the latest. They were having a week off to prepare for the entrance exams. Kagome climbed the long row of white stone stairs to the shrine on top of the hill.

Heading through the door the ebony haired woman prayed that her mother was not in the kitchen or sitting some where that would prove to be a useful place to corner her daughter abought her where abouts. Entering the house kagome could hear the television in the living room. Coming into the living room after slipping off her house shoes.

Instead of seeing her mother or brother or sister sitting on the couch she only saw her sisters boyfriend.

"Inuyasha? What are you doing here"

"What ever happened to hello Ka-go-me"

He sounded her name by each syllable he stood up the tall height of his six foot frame intimidated her. His shoulders and upper body narrow in his simple white work out vest and dark denim jeans. His black back length hair was slung over his right shoulder. His honey eyes drank her appearance in. Kami he loved the short skirts that school made the girls wear. Kagome's legs were in full view as she had taken off her thigh socks when she had come through the door and into the house. She ducked her head in fear the grin in his eyes made her take a step back, her back brushing against the wall of the kitchen. Taking advantage of her downcast eyes he planted his hands on either side of her head and trapped her within his arms.

He looked down her body, long legs wide hips and a small waste and a flair of volume that was her chest. He wanted her, he wanted her now those eyes so unlike Kikiyo's brown ones. They were more erotic in a way, they drew him in making him want more and more of her, the long thick coal black lashes fanned and framed those two sapphires and her lips. They were soft peach colour she only ever wore clear lip gloss and it drove him near the edge.

Sliding a hand down her waist to her hips he leaned in closer. Kagome's hear beat in panic she was distressed. Her sister's brother was so close to her, it couldn't be considered appropriate right? There were boundaries and lines and he was crossing all of them. Using all her strength she shoved him as far as she could. The male jus smirked and pulled her arm so she would collide with his chest. She felt the heat from his body his hand tightly on her back pressing her to him while his other crept towards the hem of her skirt.

"Stop, let me go Inuyasha!"

He could hear the distress and fear in her voice but he didn't care, if anything it only fueled his desires more so. She was so small trapped up in his tall frame bending down he began to trail his lips to the side of her neck. Kikiyo had said she didn't like when he did it but he was willing to bet that the little virgin girl would.

Pleasure mixed with so much fear filled her brain. Memories of someone else doing this to her and touching her. She lashed out not knowing who was who only that she was able to get away from her sister's boyfriend and up the stairs to the safety of her room. She collapsed on her bed in tears after locking her door.

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