Chapter 28 of Naps, teasing and promises

Kikiyo woke up alone in bed on Tuesday morning; she knew that he had to get up early on Tuesdays so that he wouldn't be late for work. She herself needed to get up and get ready for work. She hated the establishment where she worked at.

Regardless that her brother had given her a position within his own company, she was bitter towards Kagome for obtaining the position that she had wanted. It was her dream to work within Taisho corporations. Alongside her boyfriend so that they could be together in the working world…and so that she could see who he was talking to.

Getting up she headed for the bathroom to conduct the morning routine. Once finished she pulled on underwear and a white work shirt. Pulling on a pair of black tights she then pulled a skirt on and tucked the shirt in. Her shoes for that day would be a pair of black stilettos.

Putting her hair in a tight bun with white hair sticks and a fringe to frame her face, Kikiyo grabbed her work bag and left her room so that she could go down stairs. Upon entering she found Kagome already up and dressed for the day.

She was wearing a pair of black trousers with a silk teal shirt which was tucked in. Her waist coat looked to be in the form of a under buster corset.

She knew in her mind that if she were to attempt such a look she wouldn't look appropriate for the work place, but her sister looked like it was part of a uniform. Her hair was a mass of tight curls flowing down to her mid back, with her fringe and a bit of the sides straightened. She had a rich glow to her face, her skin almost glowing of sorts.

She felt a lump in her throat at the sight of her sister, setting her bag down she sat beside Kagome and pulled the plate of breakfast that her grandmother had laid out for her. She wondered why Inuyasha hadn't waited for her, to take her to work as he always had done.

She saw her sister smile brightly at nothing. It gave her mind pause and she looked once again at Kagome, really looking at her. He skin was rich and her hair was silky and shiny added to the fact of its natural volume and how she had it all curled.

Kagome didn't seem to notice the assessment that she was under, she was feeling so much better both internally and externally. It had been a long time since she had actually felt like this.

She would be spending the evening with the girls and Sesshomaru at a water park and have dinner. Her wrist was a bit tender but vastly improving, she had taken her bag from the kitchen and put on her shoes.

She could already hear the engine of her boyfriend's car as he came to a stop to the shrine steps. He would then come to the top of the steps ring the bell and carry her down the long flight like precious cargo.

She left the house with a smile on her face and an arm rose slightly to shield her oceanic eyes from the brightness of the sun. It didn't last as there was a block from the light. Looking up to the gap in the sunlight she saw Sesshomaru

"Hello there little one"

"I'm not little, you're just tall" she pouted cutely.

Taking her by the hand the two made their way slowly down the white steps of the shrine and made their way to his car. He couldn't help look at her with awe in his eyes. She was a delicate little thing. He wouldn't lie to himself; realistically this was not the best of situations to be in.

He had two children of his own and this woman had one on the way adding to his family. What if they part from their relationship?

Then there wouldn't only be Kagome who he would have to part with, but her unborn child as well. For the simple fact that he knew when that child would enter the world a feeling of possessive protection would unravel upon him like a wave.

However he had to just look at her, sitting across from him in the black leather seats of his car and sent a reply of a smile. He would never allow her to leave him. For the simple fact that he loved her too much.

As the day had passed he would admit to himself that he felt somewhat apprehensive at the confrontation that would surly happen between his girlfriend and her mother. He often wondered why he had gone to such efforts to keep her. It was perplexingly simple which always made him grin whenever he landed at the same conclusion.

He shook his head he needed to stay focused on his route to work and make sure that they didn't have any incidents. Later on he would take Kagome to the doctor for his final check over on the healing process of her wrist. She would be glad he knew as she was getting increasingly irritated at its constant hindrance in her work life.

Kagome for her part was enjoying the wind licking her face as she sat in the passenger side. She had been quite for the most part and was content in doing so. There were many things rushing through her mind. Her relationship with Sesshomaru the most fore-front thought.

She regretted something; she regretted the speed of their relationship. Wishing that they could have met under different circumstances, one where she herself wasn't pregnant with another's child.

Pulling her thoughts back into the present she plastered a smile onto her face which was real and gave a small hmm. Though how they came together could have been better she was grateful that she had the man in her life now. She was still feeling the ever present 'glow' of pregnancy and she was determined to keep happy for the sake of her baby and those around her.

It wouldn't be long yet, she would be leaving the house at the end of the week she would just have to keep her mother in the dark for the next three days and keep to herself. Now that Sesshomaru had a key and was granted permission to the house whenever she wished, due to the fact that the home was in Naraku's name and not her mother's he could come and keep an eye on her and his brother's behavior.

The two soon came upon their place of work. Kagome grabbed her work bag and quickly gave Sesshomaru a peck on the cheek before getting out of the car and heading to the offices that were the large building.

She wanted to get a head start on her work she felt that today would be a good day. Sesshomaru couldn't stop the smile from leaving his face, he wanted her back already. She was a busy little thing. Always wanting to prove herself that she could carry her own weight and not ride on the backs of others who were in higher ranking.

He admired her for this. He decided that he would make dinner again for them tonight. He honestly never saw himself ever cooking for a woman save his mother and step mother. He had been monitoring her without her noticing of course.

Her recent cravings had moved from the mango and mint chocolate cream combination. Now it was an actual meal and not a desert. She still craved fruit like a bat, but he could honestly say he would rather that than what his little sister was demanding of his mother.

Certain things just should not be discovered…period.

Sesshomaru walked towards his office, a mental check list going off in his head of the things he needed to expect to happen today. There were fewer meetings to be had this week since the rejected merger with another company.

So Sesshomaru in the meeting department was somewhat free. However he still had a little more to do in the contexts of paper work. It seemed his father wanted to start on a branch in France, why? He did not know and did not ask to be truthful he did not even care.

Kagome sat in her office typing up the reports for the accounting division's meeting. She would be attending that delightful meeting straight after lunch and she wasn't sure if she should pull the baby card out and ask for a nap for the duration of that meeting. She had noticed that she was getting more tired however, simple things would have her nerves frayed and it seemed only Sesshomaru could set her straight long enough for her to relax.

She took a deep breath in, loving how the sweetness of her vanilla fragrance plug in had the room smelling of sweets. She looked at the time on her little hello kitty desk clock that Rin had declared was not to move from where she had placed it. She gave a small smile at thinking of the little girl she had come to adore. Both Rin and Setska were both the apple of her eye and the pearl of their father's

While she sat at her desk she couldn't help but think that that nap she was thinking of was sounding more and more appealing. Sesshomaru even had a small sleeping bag pod on his futon in the spare room adjoining his main office. Mind made up especially when said caring boyfriend with a secret sleeping room had bought to her joy a pregnancy pillow. The snake like pillow was perfect for coiling about herself about, the one-sie he had got for her in soft fabric of pale cream was also a nice touch. It kept her warm and cool in all the right places. It was heaven. She decided that she would pass this along to her head of department and excuse herself from the meeting.

Sesshomaru sat on the phone speaking in heated tones in French. Honestly sometimes he wondered why he just didn't burn the branch to the ground at times. It seemed that the branch in Paris that he was currently was cursing had no idea as to what they were doing with the upcoming fashion event. It was Paris…why on earth did they not know what to do in their own natural born element. He massaged away a headache counting to 20 in Italian. Why was he even dealing with this issue, this was Inuyasha's problem! Hanging up the phone he let a huff escape him before he snapped at the sound of the door opening.

His rage seemed to simmer at the sight of his tiny girlfriend. She gave him a weak smile before a cute yawn overtook her sweet face. He allowed a chuckle to leave him and fill the silence as she neared him.

"So have we finally decided to use that room?"

"Yes please. Baby is tired"

Sesshomaru quirked a silver eyebrow at her, she always insisted that it was the demanding little one inside her that made her do things she didn't want to, in this instance take a nap. He adored the way she would caress her stomach lovingly, gently cupping the small bulge of the baby.

"Baby is tired or is my Baby tired" he asked with a quirk to his lips and a tilt to his head. As he came to stand in front of her and place his heavy hands on her hips, hips which would soon swell and widen.

Kagome blushed and smiled at her feet enclosed in her high heeled peep toe pumps. Come to think of it her feet were starting to hurt a little as well.

She made a wincing face as she tried to move towards his desk.

"We both are, but we still want to go out to the water park with the girls"

Sesshomaru arched his eyebrow yet again. Deciding quickly that he needed to sort his woman out he picked her up. Ignoring her cries of independent declaration of pregnancy not fragility he opened the door which led from his office into a small sleeping room.

It looked as though a small studio flat. The major part of the room was where he had set up Kagome's 'nest' quite literally in that description as well, a pile of soft blankets and her wondrous pillow. That great snake of a pillow. Sesshomaru would punish himself later, in fact it was a definite that he would be punishing himself for his actions would be playing on his mind for the next 4 hour meeting he had coming up.

Sesshomaru took off his blazer after he had set Kagome on her feet. She gave him a pout before turning away.

She did not get far.

Kagome was caught by surprise when Sesshomaru had taken her by the small of her back and crushed both mother and child into his strong embrace. Kagome felt the heat of his bare arms and the scent of his heady masculine scent. Sesshomaru had also removed his white work shirt. He currently wore his black work trousers and a black vest. He placed a kiss on the corner of her lips before smirking and stating a single statement in a whisper.

"Behave little one"

Kagome didn't have a clue as to what he was on about, she was tired her feet hurt and her boyfriend wanted to play mind games for some reason.

"..Maru don't you have a meeting to go to?"

The statement was clear- Hurry up and go away!

Sesshomaru gave a sarcastic smile and kissed those rude plump lips and took a little nip at her bottom lip. Kagome gave a shy smile and looked at her feet, they still hurt Sesshomaru watched where her eyes fell and gave a slight frown. He picked her up again and set her this time on the raised futon. Kneeling down he picked up one dainty pump clad foot and started to remove the straps.

Sesshomaru gave a frown when he noticed that the milk colored foot had an imprint of the shape of the front of the shoe. He quickly removed the other before he looked up at her. She was currently closing her eyes. Sesshomaru gently began to rub the imprint out of her flesh and get the blood flow back into her limbs.

Ever so gently he tipped her backwards by raising her feet so that she would lay back on the futon. Wild thick curls spread out like a halo on the blankets beneath her. Sesshomaru raised a foot and kissed the inside of her ankle before giving it a small nip. His hands snaked up her calves up her thick thighs to the top of her work trousers.

He watched her breaths take hold of her and he smirked at being able to shut her up for a few seconds. Pulling her black trousers down her hips slowly he couldn't help but kiss every inch which was newly reveled to him. Kagome felt his lips trail from the corner of her hip down to her knees. He massaged her calves with gentle pressure of his long fingers.

"What are you doing?"

"None of your business close your eyes" he said playfully

Kagome raised her own eyebrow in a very impressive imitation of himself which had him quite impressed. Still he had more important matters to attend to. Once he was able to rid her of those dam trousers which teased him whenever he had a back view of her, he moved on to the last buttons of her teal shirt. One by one and more skin lay bare for him.

The small bump which was the child of his heart said a firm hello and get lost when he was able to see a quick quiver of movement of the baby before complete stillness. He blew a warm breath against the flesh and a quick peck of a kiss. He parted the shirt and discovered a baby pink with black polka- dot and bow design bra and French cut panties underneath.

'Christmas came early for me' he thought with an inaudible gulp. He placed a kiss directly at her covered heat and smiled wildly at her instant reaction of shooting up from the bed.

"Sesshomaru! This is my nap room!" she cried out squishing her thighs together and covering her perky breasts behind her crossed arms she turned away from him showing him, a blanket of thick curls, slim waist which flared into wide hips and a plump arse.

"Cant blame a man for enjoying the view. And what a view Ka-go-mei"

She gave a small epp and turned to face him. Her face flushed with anger and embarrassment. Sesshomaru gave her an apologetic kiss before taking out a clean work shirt from the draw beside her nest. He slipped it on her, the huge white shirt covering her body. She pouted and he had a feeling he would be in the dog house for a few hours. Until he gave her, her next fix of her latest craving of course.

He kissed her forehead and patted her plump rump in the direction of her sleeping pod. She lay down feeling the cool material of her pod and blankets against her bare legs. Sesshomaru tied his hair at the back of his head and put his work shirt and blazer back on. He placed her bottle of grape juice on the side which he had stocked in this room in a mini fridge to the opposite side of the bed.

He picked up her pregnancy pillow and dangled it in front of her.

"You want this?"

"Sesshomaru …"


"Give it to me"

"….. As tempting as that would be, I have a meeting to attend to. But if you're a good little girl and take your nap I may treat you to a special bath later"

Kagome felt her face flame up and go all the way down to her pink painted toes.

Sesshomaru smirked before laying the pillow in front of her before standing to his full height and leaving the room. Kagome buried her head in her pillow and tried to ignore the embarrassment and the excitement coursing through her body.

Her last thought before drifting off into the land of dreams

'Two can play at that game…'

Down the hall and in board room 32 sat a certain Taisho sat through a four hour meeting with a raging heard on, the scent of her heated center still in his nostrils the feel of her plump petal lips against the tip of his nose and his top lip. One thought ran through his mind as he willed the heat of his hardness from his trousers.

"She is going to make that bath a living hell"