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Hunter vs. Serpent the final battle

Processing station (Jyun's pov)

I made it back to the processing station where I saw there weren't much xenomorphs around. I knew I didn't have much time till they probably have Ahsoka cocooned and attached her to one of the facehuggers. I knew I had to hurry so I took out a small canister and began to spray myself with it. Before I came to the station the first time to save Ahsoka I found one of the xenomorphs and killed it. I then remembered something Jennifer told me about how she was able to create a special liquid that if sprayed on can hide someone's scent from the xenomorph and disguise it.

I hadn't tried it yet but I knew Jennifer wouldn't lie and I had assumed that's how she was able to last longer than the others. Though she did tell me it wouldn't last long so I had to hurry quickly before it ran out. I sprayed it all around my body and soon got moving by activating my cloaking device. I got to the entrance door and checked my sensors to make sure I could see if any xenomorph was around. Once it was clear I made my way inside to look for Ahsoka and hope I got to her in time.

Republic Base (normal pov)

Meanwhile Captain Rex, Fives, and Alpha were on the roof of the republic base getting their weapons ready while Anakin was barley coming to. "Oh man my head what happened?" Anakin asked as he struggled to get up.

"Sir good to see your up how are you feeling?" Rex asked as he helped Anakin up.

"I feel a little nauseous but other than I'm….wait where is Ahsoka?" Anakin asked till he remembered what happened and how he was knocked out. "Where is Jyun?"

"He went off to go save Commander Tano sir" Rex said as he told Anakin where Jyun went off.

"Damn it I told him I was going" Anakin said as was going to go after Jyun till he heard some noises coming around the roof. "Then again it looks like I'm more needed here right now. I just hope Jyun gets Ahsoka back here in time."

"I think we can trust him to do that sir after all he did gives us this" Rex said as he showed Anakin the plasma caster Jyun had on his shoulder.

"He gave you that?" Anakin asked which Rex responded by nodding. "Great now all we need is a few more of those and I think we can call this an even fight."

Soon xenomorphs emerged from over the roof and charged at the clones and jedi. Anakin ordered the men to duck which they did quickly while Anakin drew in some of the force and then force pushed every one of the xenomorphs. While they were down the clones opened fired. Rex handed Anakin the plasma caster seeing how Anakin can't risk using his lightsaber for close combats without risking the acidic blood hitting him when he cuts them. So Anakin charged up the plasma gun and fired at the Xenos near him killing three of them.

"Huh I could get used to this" Anakin said as he tried to fire again but it was taking a bit to charge.

"Sir don't use too much power it will overheat causing it to charge up slowly" Rex said warning Anakin about what Jyun told him.

"Thanks for telling me Rex" Anakin said as he finally got it charge and opened fire killing another xeno. "Now this is more like it."

(Jyun's pov)

I walked down the stairs into the same place where Anakin and his squad encountered the Xenomorphs. I looked around and saw there were no bodies anywhere which meant they took the dead to feed on. I looked up and around to see some of the Xenos are in the room but seem to be sleeping and unaware I was in the room. So far the scent was working but I needed to work fast to find Ahsoka. So I ran down the room till I made it to a hallway. I slowed down so I don't bump into anything that would awake the 'hosts' so I continued making my way down the hall till I sensed Ahsoka's presence.

As I ran I found Ahsoka's lightsabers on the floor. They were covered in slime which meant I was getting closer since it was still warm the slime. I followed Ahsoka's presence till I finally came to where it was. I looked around and saw several hundred eggs. I knew I found the nest and surrounding the nest were the clones that were taken alive, Eric Ross was there alive, and Ahsoka was there too.

I ran up to Ahsoka and checked to see if she was okay. "Ahsoka can you hear me it's me Jyun wake up" I said trying to wake Ahsoka up. I then saw Ahsoka's eyes beginning to open. I soon saw her beautiful blue eyes and she looked happy to see me as I was happy to see her.

"Jyun you came for me" Ahsoka said.

"Of course I did I told you I would never leave you again. And I never break a promise now hold on I'm getting you out of here" I said as I pulled out a knife from my boot till Ahsoka stopped me.

"Jyun don't your too late there is one inside of me" Ahsoka said as she pointed to the floor near her where I saw a dead facehugger. I didn't want to believe it I didn't want to think Ahsoka did have one inside of her. But when I used my inferred sensor to see inside of her there it was inside of her the creature was indeed inside of her making me feel like I failed her again.

"Jyun please you have to kill me. Before it gets out please kill me" Ahsoka said begging me to kill her.

"Ahsoka I can't kill you and I won't let this thing kill you just hold on I'll find a way to get it out of you" I said trying to calm Ahsoka down.

Suddenly next to us Eric began to scream in pain. Ahsoka looked on in fear while I held her hand trying to keep her calm. Eric continued to scream horribly till finally the creature burst out of his chest. Ahsoka looked away while I had my knife in my hand as the creature looked at me and as it screeched I stabbed it with my knife killing it.

I turned back to Ahsoka who was afraid by what just happened knowing it could happen to her. "Jyun please I don't want to die that way please" Ahsoka said begging me to kill her. I could tell she was afraid and I couldn't blame her.

"Ahsoka please don't ask me to kill you…because I can't do it" I said. I knew I couldn't go through with it. I love Ahsoka too much to kill her. I nearly killed her before but not now not after I began to fall for her. "I'm sorry Ahsoka please understand what you're asking me is impossible for me to do I can't do it."

Ahsoka's eyes formed some tears and she knew Jyun couldn't do it. If she was in his position she knew she wouldn't be able to do it either. Just when it seemed all hope was lost Jyun and Ahsoka heard a familiar voice. "I never pegged you as the quitter Jyun you really have disappointed me."

"That voice" I said which I couldn't believe who it was. A voice I haven't heard in a long time.

"No way…Sherri?" Ahsoka said which made me realize it was Sherri's voice.

"Hey Ahsoka It's been a while how has my favorite patient been?" Sherri asked as she communicated through my mask which Ahsoka could hear.

"Fine…if you don't think count having a dangerous alien inside of you waiting to burst out of your chest not being fine" Ahsoka said joking which actually made her smile despite the situation she is in.

"Well lucky for you I was able to transfer whatever Jyun sees I can see right here on the Nightshroud so Jyun take a look at the creature again and I can tell you how long it has to come out" Sherri said as she was flying the ship towards the planet of Gildon but had the ship's cloaking device and jamming systems on to prevent the republic ships to detect the ship.

"Okay hold on" I said as I looked into Ahsoka again and waited to hear what Sherri has to say.

"Hmmmm from what I can tell your body is very different from that of humans. See with humans it doesn't take long but it seems with different species it takes a little while longer. That or you have a queen inside of you which means it will take days for it to come out" Sherri said as she explained to us Ahsoka's condition.

"Wait how do you even know about these things or where we would be?" I asked wondering how Sherri knew where I was.

"Jennifer send me a link of everything including something very important as well. But that I will show you later right now you need to get Ahsoka out of there I don't want to take any chances that it's not a queen or it's just delaying" Sherri said.

"Gotcha but first" I said as I went over to Eric and grabbed the disc he took from Anakin then went back to Ahsoka.

I began to cut away the restrains that kept Ahsoka trapped in the cocoon and helped her down. "Thank you Jyun and I'm sorry for asking you to kill me" Ahsoka said.

"I know and I'm sorry that…" "Will you two hurry up before the other creatures show up" Sherri shouted into my mask. "Right sorry let's…" I stopped when I heard something near us.

We both looked over at the end of the hall and saw somekind of giant sack which was called the ovipositor. It was a giant egg sack which was attached to what I never thought I would ever see. A huge 15ft tall xenomorph which I guessed was the queen. Except her she has two pair of arms which are smaller than her big arms, her head was larger than the drones she has and it was as flat shape crest like a crown showing she was the queen. "Um Sherri if your nearby mind come pick us up?"

"Sure I'll be there as soon as I can" Sherri said as she quickly got the ship to go faster to get to Jyun and Ahsoka in time.

I had Ahsoka stand behind me as I gave her lightsabers but as I looked around I saw the xenomorphs protecting her were coming out of hiding. This was bad since I didn't have my plasma caster to help me take them out. But then I looked around and saw the queen's eggs. It was a risk but I knew it was one I had to take. I took out from behind my own lightsaber. I had Ahsoka stand back and I activated it.

The xenomorphs tried to get closer to me but I activated it and leaned it forward near one of the eggs. The queen stopped them preventing them from getting near us. I was right she wanted to keep her eggs safe even if it means letting us go. But I knew I couldn't let the opportunity to kill the queen and her creatures go. Especially since I know the attacks the republic will cause will kill some of them but from the look of this place it will be well protected from the attacks. I checked and found I only had one weapon that can get us out of this and I had another that can kill these things. But I had to move fast in order to kill them all.

"Ahsoka listen to me when I say 'three' cover your ears and close your eyes" I said as I took out some small looking balls.

"Why?" Ahsoka asked wondering what I had planned.

"Just trust me okay?" I said. Ahsoka nodded as we backed away towards the entrance till finally we were almost there. "One…two…" I saw Ahsoka put her hands on her ears and closed her eyes waiting for me to do what I need to do for us to get out. "Three!" I shouted as I threw several flash bombs surprising and immobilizing the queen and her subjects. I then three several small detonator bombs and destroyed the eggs. Once I did that I grabbed Ahsoka and we ran out of the egg room leaving the queen and her subjects to die.

However the queen was able to pull herself out of the ovipositor and then began to chase after us. Ahsoka and I ran through the halls till we made it to the stairway that would lead us outside. We heard the queen was coming so I picked Ahsoka up and I jumped as high as I could almost all the way up the stairs. We looked down and saw the queen breaking through the halls looking up at us. We ran through the doors and ran out on the roof where I first saved Ahsoka earlier today. We looked around and couldn't find Sherri.

Then we saw more Xenomorphs coming out of the doors. "Heh this seems very familiar doesn't it?" I said remembering this was the same way I saved Ahsoka.

"Yeah only we had to run the last time we were in this situation" Ahsoka said as she activated her lightsabers. "From the looks of things however that's not going to happen anytime soon again."

Just then we saw several shots being fired from above us taking down the xenomorphs. We looked up and saw Sherri had just arrived. She opened up the platforms that allowed us to jump onboard. Once we made it Sherri pulled the ship up and we looked down to see the queen just barley coming out and was roaring at us.

"We made it thank the force right Jyun…Jyun?" Ahsoka asked as she turned to Jyun.

For some reason something is telling me to not leave. I didn't know what it was but I soon realized it was my Yautja side. It wanted to stay and fight the queen. To kill her and take her head as my trophy. I knew I wasn't that stupid to go back down there but I knew I couldn't leave…not until I finished completing my promise.

"Sherri wait take us back down" I said to Sherri.

"What are you doing we have to leave now" Ahsoka said as she turned to me.

"I told Jennifer I would make sure all of these things were killed off…and the queen is still alive I can't leave till she is dead" I said looking back down at the creatures.

"Jyun Ahsoka is right this is ridiculous we'll fight them next time for now let's just-" "Damn it Sherri put this ship down NOW!" I shouted which surprised Ahsoka and Sherri.

I had never yelled at Sherri before and I think she never heard me yelled at her before either. Ahsoka was just as surprise as well. "Ok-okay I'll set the ship down" Sherri said.

"Thank you and Sherri please understand I need to keep my promise to Jennifer. If these things get out they will cause too much chaos in the galaxy. Please understand this…both of you" I said as I turned to Ahsoka. "I love you and I know you don't want me to go but understand that if they get off this planet everyone we love and care will die."

Ahsoka didn't like this idea but knew I was right. She sighed and responded. "Can we stick around at least close by in case you need us?" Ahsoka asked with her puppy eye look.

"Heh you got it just don't stay too close okay?" I said. Ahsoka nodded and leaned in forward to kiss me passionately.

Once we broke the kiss and we were close to the ground I jumped off the ship and turned to face the queen and her subjects. I looked back and saw Ahsoka take off along with the ship. I turned back to the queen who seemed to figure why I came back. She ordered her subjects to leave and then turned to face me. I removed my mask and tossed it to the ground. I pulled out my staff then extended it revealing my spear. The queen let out a loud roar before charging at me. I let out a battle cry roar and charged at the queen knowing this fight between us was going to end tonight.

The Nightshroud (Ahsoka's pov)

On the ship I headed up to the medical room where Sherri was waiting for me. Sherri had set the ship to auto-pilot so she could perform the surgery. When I got there I saw Sherri getting ready. "Oh Ahsoka good you're here now listen we need to hurry this up so I will have to put you out for a while then I will start the surgery which could take a while for me to finish okay?" Sherri said as she had her surgery clothing and mask on.

"Okay but let's hurry this up Jyun still needs our help and I'm sure Master Skywalker also needs some assistance" I said as I got on the table for the surgery.

"Oh no Ahsoka I need you to strip down and wear those surgical clothing" Sherri said as she pointed to the clothes nearby and a screen where I can go behind to get dress.

"Um okay" I said as I went behind the curtains and began to undress.

"Oh and don't worry about your master I had contacted the republic cruisers and they should be getting picked up. I also told Anakin if he had anything that belonged to Jyun he would give them to me and in exchange I give them you" Sherri said.

"Okay thanks Sherri" I said knowing Sherri did that because she knew Skywalker might keep the weapon Jyun gave them and wouldn't give it back.

As I was getting the surgical clothes on I saw the necklace Jyun gave me fell out of my pants pockets. I leaned down and picked it up. I then soon grew worried for Jyun. I was worried I was going to lose him and he would die. No I can't think that way Jyun has gotten out of more dangerous situations than this. He can do this I know he can. I thought as I put my necklace away and walked back out. "I'm ready" I said as I went over and lay down on the table.

"Okay now the gas will take a minute for it to work so count back from 100 and you will be asleep" Sherri said as she put the mask over my nose and mouth. I counted back from 100 and soon I could feel the gas taking affect. Then before I knew it I doze off and fell asleep.

Before Sherri could begin the operation she turned to the door and saw someone standing there. "If you don't mind could you keep an eye on Jyun? I mean after all he is doing this because of you." The figure nodded and left the room closing it activating the room's gas to kill off the germs so Sherri can begin operating without risking any infection.

Republic Roof

Skywalker and the other clones were holding their own against the xenomorphs for a while now and were told that the dropships were on their way right now. Anakin could no longer use the plasma caster since he overheated it too much. Anakin began using his lightsaber again but kept his distance from where he cuts. So far it was going good and then in came the dropships.

Anakin signaled them to stay high not wanting the xenomorphs to jump another ship. He got his clones to use their cables and they climbed up the ship. Anakin used the force again to push the Xenos out of the way. Anakin then jumped up and grabbed the side of the ship till something grabbed him. He looked down and saw a xeno trying to pull him down.

Anakin pulled his right hand back and punched the xeno right in the head. Anakin pushed the creature off him as it fell and Anakin climbed up just as his right metal hand melted off. "Sir are you all right?" Rex asked.

"Yeah I'm fine just get us out of here" Anakin said as he got up on his feet.

"Sir what about Commander Tano and Jyun?" Fives asked.

"I have a feeling their going to be all right now let's go" Anakin said sensing Ahsoka was okay and Jyun was fine.

Processing station roof (Jyun's pov)

I was fighting with the xenomorph queen and so far it was going not as I planned it would. I had been able to dodge her attacks but her size and strength was greater than my own. I pulled out my whip and used it to keep her back. I was able to hit her with some cuts but she grabbed the whip as I tried it again and threw me through the wall. I groaned a bit but got up as she waited for me. She was toying with me and I could tell she was enjoying it. I took out two small discs which revealed to me my smart shuriken discs (same ones from the first AVP movie).

I threw the first one cutting off a bit of the queen's crown flat crest. I then threw the other aiming it at her leg cutting only the side of it. I ran out of the hole and ran towards the queen. I tackled her and once she was down I jumped up and grabbed my shurikens and brought down both my feet on her chest. Once I did that I jumped over her again and threw my shurikens again cutting the side of her face.

Once my shurikens came back I put them away and saw the queen getting up. I had a sly smirk on my face. I knew I had the upper hand and I needed to keep going I pulled out my staff and a shuriken and threw it. The queen dodged the shuriken and I jumped on her back and stabbed her with the spear. I got my shuriken back and punched her in the back till her tail grabbed me from behind and threw me off with my spear onto the floor hard. She then grabbed me and slammed me on the ground over and over. Then she threw me to the wall then dragged me all across the wall. She then threw me nearly off the roof but I was able to grab the edge of the roof before I could fall.

I looked up and saw the queen throwing my spear away. I saw she was approaching me and I needed to come up with a way to beat her. I saw my spear was right behind her and knew one way to beat her. I waited till she was close to me then he would strike. The queen approached me and looked at me. She was hissing and she revealed her mouth, I waited till she tried to bite me with her second mouth. I moved out of the way and grabbed the mouth with one hand then used the force to grab the spear. Once I had it with my other hand I held on to her second mouth as she lifted me up away from the edge. I took my spear and stabbed her in the knee bring her down on one knee. I ripped her tongue out of her mouth and backed away from her. I pressed some buttons on my wrist gauntlet which powered my gauntlet enough for me to punched the queen and break her jaw. Then I grabbed my lightsaber and stabbed her in the middle of her head.

The queen finally fell to the ground and died naming me the winner. I looked over and saw the xenomorphs running away. It seems without their queen they don't seem to know what to do. Which was fine with me I didn't have much energy to fight them anyways. I took my lightsaber and cut her head off. I then injected her with a special drug that keeps her blood from becoming acidic. I need to do that so I can remove the skin and place her skull on my trophy case.

I then remembered what the Yautjas do when they do kill one of these things. I sighed and knew I shouldn't but what the heck might as well get it over with. I pulled out the finger I ripped out from the alien I killed earlier when I saved Ahsoka and got it over with. I saw there was still some of its blood on the end of where I ripped it out and slowly placed it on my right cheek and then I marked myself (the same marking the predator did in the movie AVP). It hurt like hell but I continued anyways. Once I finished I place the finger and marked my mask as well. Once I was done I looked into the reflection of my mask and saw the mark. It looked bad but I knew it was what the Yautjas do to show that they have earned and proven themselves worthy as warriors.

Once I was done I saw the Nightshroud coming back which left me with one final thing to do. I turned to my left gauntlet and activated my thermal charged bomb. I left it on the ground next to the headless queen and picked the head up. Once the ship was near I got on and got inside. I knew the bomb combined with the chemicals of the facility will cause the entire area including the republic base nearby to be wiped out. Good thing too I don't want anyone to find out the truth about what happened here.

Once we were away the bomb soon activated and wiped out everything. The entire facility, the republic base, and the Xenomorphs have been wiped out leaving nothing but a giant bright cloud explosion as it could be seen through space. This also signified that the Xenomorph threat was finally over on the planet of Gildon.

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