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The Nightshroud (Ahsoka's pov)

I was beginning to wake up as I tried to open my eyes but closed them when I saw the bright light. I opened them again this time the light didn't hurt me as much as before. My vision was blurry but I could now see well and saw I was in a medical room. I recognize it as the one on Jyun's ship. As I tried to sit up I felt a sharp pain on my stomach. I removed the cover and lifted my shirt to see I had a scar between my chest and stomach. I soon remembered what happened and how it seemed Sherri was able to get the alien out of my body.

I sighed since this was no my second scar I have had on my body. Though this is the second time I had a scar near the first scar. It was a good thing I was now wearing a new outfit otherwise people would be asking me how I keep getting these scars. I looked over and saw my clothes near me. I got up slowly and as I tried to get off the bed I felt the same pain I felt earlier only this time it hurt more than before. As I was going to move again I saw the doors open and at the door I saw it was Jyun who was in his regular clothing.

"Ahsoka" Jyun said as he walked over towards me. "I'm so glad to see your okay how are you feeling?"

"Well my body is still feeling a bit sore and I am thirsty" I said just as on cue Jyun pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to me. "Thank you" I said once I finished drinking all the water and handed it back to Jyun.

"Sherri told me your body would be sore for a while after the surgery but as long as you stay bed rested for a few days you will be back to fighting" Jyun said as he walked over and grabbed my clothes setting them down next to me.

"Thanks Jyun…so um what happened to the alien inside of me?" I asked curious on what happened to the alien that was inside me.

"Sherri took it and she put the creature in a small pod sending it into space. It's over Ahsoka they're gone" Jyun said which made me feel a bit relief.

"That's good to hear…what about Master Skywalker and the others are they okay?" I asked.

"They're fine they made it out okay. We're going to meet up with them on Naboo and we're going to give you back to them as long as we get back my plasma caster. Can't have that falling into the wrong hands now can we?" Jyun said which I agreed.

"Soooo what happens now? I assume Anakin will tell the others that your alive which means you will have to leave again won't you?" I asked sadden to know that Jyun could very well leave me again.

"Actually Sherri was able to convince Anakin to say that I died on Gildon. I know many will assume that's not true but once I give Anakin my lightsaber they might think otherwise. Plus he will only tell the council not the chancellor or anyone else" Jyun said which made lighten my mood a bit.

"So I guess if they know your dead you can finally come back to stay right?" I said hoping Jyun would say yes but I soon saw a look of sadness on his face which made me worried he would say no.

"I don't know Ahsoka…I want to stay with you but at the same time I'm afraid my past will come back to haunt me" Jyun said as he turned away from me and I could see the look of fear on his face which I have never seen before.

"Jyun I told you I don't care anymore about what you did. That's not you anymore you're a better person than you were" I said as I placed my hand on his arm and nudged him to face me. "Today you showed not just me but my master as well that you're not the same person a year ago. You've change and I'm glad you did change."

"I know I have changed Ahsoka, yet I feel that I could turn back to who I was at anytime. And the last person I want to go after is you" Jyun said worried he would turn and kill Ahsoka.

"Jyun I know that won't happen because I know you're strong enough to control yourself. I know because I believe in you. I trust you Jyun and I know you will not turn back I know it" I said as I tried to give him a hug but the pain in my gut hurt too much. Jyun saw this and leaned forward giving me a soft hug.

"Thank you Ahsoka and I love you" Jyun said as he kissed Ahsoka on the cheek.

"You're welcome…now could you leave the room for a bit I need to get change" I said as I tried to get out of bed till I realized I was in too much pain to move.

"Ahsoka just relax I'll get Sherri she'll help you get dressed" Jyun said as he kept me from moving too much.

"Fine" I said knowing Jyun was right and lay back on my bed.

"Okay rest now and we will talk some more later" Jyun said as he kissed me on the forehead and walked out of the room.

I sighed and closed my eyes to rest a bit more so that I can get ready to head back to the council and think about what I will say to them.

(Jyun's pov)

I thought long and hard about what Ahsoka had told me. I knew I couldn't leave her again not after what we went through and almost losing her. I walked down the halls till I arrived to trophy room. I walked in and up on the walls where some of my weapons I had used or haven't used in battle. I looked across from them my mask, armor, boots, and clothing I wear for hunting. I walked over and could smell some of the ones I didn't use were clean meaning Sherri had been keeping my ship and belongings clean.

I then looked forward and saw where I kept my trophy skulls. Some were from different species while others were humans. But the one in the middle was the one I was most proud of. It was the skull of the xenomorph queen. I had removed her skin and cleaned her skull hanging it with the rest of the trophies. Despite what I did to the queen killing her, I didn't do it with my Yautja side I killed her with my lightsaber and used the force to beat her showing I defeated the queen as a jedi not a predator.

"Great another one to clean" Sherri said as she came from behind entering in the room.

"I thought I told you to go help Ahsoka get dressed" I said as Sherri entered the room stopping halfway from the trophies.

"I was on my way when I saw the door open and I assumed you were here to check out your new trophy" Sherri said as she walked over. "Very impressive though I wish you didn't get almost killed getting them."

"Yeah…listen Sherri I want to say I'm sorry for leaving you and Ahsoka. I couldn't risk the jedi or anyone else finding out about you and using you to get to me. Especially if your life is at stake" I said as I hoped Sherri would forgive me like Ahsoka did. "I hope you forgive me for doing that and I also hope-" Sherri interrupted me when she grabbed me and pulled me in for a big hug.

"Jyun I wasn't mad I was worried. Worried something bad happened to you and worried that you could end up killed" Sherri said as I felt tears falling down her face and onto my shoulder. "Ahsoka and I grew so worried about you and we hoped you would come back to us and now you have. But please promise us you won't leave us again."

"You don't have to worry about that Sherri I'm not going anywhere I promise" I said returning the hug. But soon after a few more minutes Sherri didn't let me go. "Um Sherri I think you still need get Ahsoka ready so could you?"

"Shhhhh just a few more minutes please" Sherri said not letting me go of the hug.

"Sherri let the boy go otherwise he might leave us again because of your motherly affection" a voice said coming from the door. I looked over and couldn't believe at who it was.

"Je-Jenn-Jennifer?" I said surprised to see it was Jennifer Ross.

"Hey Jyun it's been a while munchkin how are you doing?" Jennifer said as she walked in and helped pull Sherri off me.

"Bu-but how I thought you were" I said till Jennifer showed me something I didn't expect to see.

Jennifer turned around and removed something from the back of her neck. It was somekind of hole. It looked like somekind of electrical plug. Wait an electrical plug that must mean that. I thought as I realized what Jennifer was.

"From the look on your face I can tell you know what I am. I am an android" Jennifer said surprising me even more.

"An android but how, what, who, where, when, huh?" I said as I couldn't find the right words to actually say.

"Jennifer got into an accident when she was young and her entire body was completely paralyzed but her body organs and brain weren't. Luckily her father worked for a scientific organization that wanted to conduct a test but needed a living subject. They were able to do what I did to Winston and transfer her memories and mind into a computer" Sherri said as she explained to me how Jennifer became an android.

"So what happened next then?" I asked curious on what happened next.

"Well Eric who was her brother along with his father created an android body for her to transfer into. Of course it took them a few years but they were able to finish it and transfer all her mind into the body" Sherri said as she finished explaining how Jennifer got her body.

"I see…okay well if that's true then what happened to you how come you know we didn't find you?" I asked wondering where Jennifer could have been.

"Well I downloaded my memories into the system and left my body in one of the civilian's rooms. Then once the xenomorphs were out of the facility I reloaded myself back into my body" Jennifer said.

"Oh I see well it's good to see your okay then I was worried I failed you like I almost failed Ahsoka" I said remembering how I lost Ahsoka back at the republic base and could have lost her where the nest was.

"But you didn't and you shouldn't worry about it anymore. Now then I will go help Ahsoka get ready. The republic cruiser will be arriving at Naboo in an hour while we will be there in five minutes" Jennifer said as she left the room and went to help Ahsoka get dressed.

"I'm glad she is okay I like having her around. But if she keeps calling me munchkin I will rip her head off" I said hating that Jennifer has been calling me munchkin since we met.

"No you won't you like her too much to do that. Now then we should go over on what we will do when we see Skywalker and what we need my friend to say to him since we know she is the only one who can have him keep his mouth shut about you" Sherri said.

"Agree let's go over it then" I said as we began to go over what we needed to tell Sherri's friend and what we needed to do.

Naboo (Normal pov)

An hour had passed the Resolute arrived to the planet of Naboo. Anakin got onto the Twilight ship and headed down to Naboo to get back Ahsoka. He had told the admiral and the other clones not to come with him and asked the queen of Naboo to allow him to land on the planet.

Anakin was told to land out in the outskirts of the capital of Naboo. Anakin had the plasma caster that Jyun had given him so he could hand it back for Ahsoka. Once he found the spot on where to be he landed the ship and took the weapon down with him. He looked around and sensed no one. Just then he sensed someone nearby and looked over to see Jyun hanging upside down by a tree.

"You're late Skywalker" Jyun said as he got off the tree and landed on his feet. "Did you bring the weapon?"

"I did where's Ahsoka?" Anakin asked as he showed Jyun the plasma caster.

Jyun motioned behind the tree and out came Ahsoka with a crutch under her right arm.

"Ahsoka what happened are you okay?" Anakin asked.

"Don't worry master ran into some trouble with those Xenos but I'm okay really" Ahsoka said trying to keep her master from blaming Jyun.

"She's fine Skywalker just give her a few days of rest and she will be back on her feet. Also try to keep her in bed and not have her do anything too physical till she is well. She can be quiet stubborn when she doesn't listen" Jyun said which caused Ahsoka to punch him in the arm.

"Shut up that's not true" Ahsoka said.

"Actually snips for once I agree with Jyun your going to need your rest. Now go on the ship while I have a word with Jyun here" Anakin said.

Ahsoka hesitated to leave Jyun's side worrying her master would arrest Jyun but she knew she had to and hoped things would go as Sherri had told her they would go.

Once Ahsoka got into the ship Jyun and Anakin stared at each other and the two stood quiet without the other saying a word. Until Anakin decided to break the silence and spoke. "So that's it?"

"What do you mean?" Jyun asked.

"Are we suppose to go our separate ways and I forget I ever saw you?" Anakin said who didn't feel comfortable letting Jyun go. "You know I had to lie to the council that you're dead and that is something I don't like to do."

"I know I did say I would turn myself in but it turns out I am more needed out of prison than in it. In fact I actually have a deal I wish to make with you, one I think you might like" Jyun said.

"What kind of deal?" Anakin asked curious on what Jyun had to offer him.

"Well as you know the sith know I'm dead and the only people other than you who knows I'm alive is my doctor, Ahsoka, and your wife Padme" Jyun said which surprised Anakin by what he said last.

"Whoa hold on Senator Amidala is not my wife she's just a friend" Anakin said denying he was married to Padme.

"It's okay Anakin he knows" Padme said as she appeared out behind him. Padme had C3-PO with her as she walked towards Anakin who seemed to be surprise to see her. "Ani do you remember the woman who stayed with me? Sherri Winston?"

"Um yeah….wait a minute is that woman Sherri your friend the same Sherri who is helping you Jyun?" Anakin said as he turned to Jyun.

"Yep she is, surprise you didn't figure it out earlier. Still yeah Sherri and Padme have known each other since they were little. Then Sherri moved away but they still kept in contact…till the whole someone trying to assassinate her happened and the two haven't talked then" Jyun said.

"Awww Sherri is right you do listen to her" Padme said as she leaned in forward and kissed Anakin on the cheek. "Ani I know you don't want to let him go but please just hear him out for me."

"Fine what is this deal you want to make?" Anakin asked deciding to listen to Padme and listen to what the deal was.

"Okay well like I said before no one else besides you, Padme, Sherri, and Ahsoka along with Rex, Alpha, and Fives know I'm alive right? Which reminds me you may need to give them this so they forget they ever saw me" Jyun said as he threw a small device.

"What's this suppose to be?" Anakin asked as he eyed the device.

"It's a something Sherri made to erase the memory of someone. But careful it will only work once on the person it won't work twice on them. Just aim it at them and just type what memory for them to forget" Jyun said. "I know I can trust them not saying a word to anyone but when it comes to the chancellor…I prefer to play it safe."

"Right…okay well what's the deal then" Anakin said.

"Okay well since everyone thinks I'm dead I can help you guys gain info you could use against the separatist. Including finding out where Dooku, Grievous, and anyone else you are looking for" Jyun said as he explained his deal to Anakin.

"I agree with Sherri he can be our spy and find out all we need to help weaken the separatist. And including help us find out where Dooku and Grievous are. Once their defeated the war will be over" Padme said as she agreed with Jyun about the plan he has.

Anakin thought about the deal and knew it would help them end the war. Plus Jyun knows about the separatist so him finding out what they need can help them a lot. "Hmmm as much as I don't like you I have to admit this deal can help us a lot" Anakin said as he thought about it a bit more then walked towards Jyun. Once they were an arm's reach of each other Anakin lifted his hand and extended it.

Jyun saw this as a chance that he is accepting the deal so he extended his hand and shook Anakin's hand. "Thank you Skywalker…oh and also here" Jyun said as he handed Anakin his lightsaber. "They need prove I'm dead right? So take my lightsaber and show the jedi that I am indeed dead."

Anakin took the lightsaber and looked over it. "I see…so I guess this is goodbye for now huh?" Anakin said.

"Yeah but don't worry I will transfer the info I find to Padme who will bring it to you. Just have two conditions Anakin. One don't tell anyone I am alive I prefer no one knows I am alive otherwise I'm going to have bounty hunters after me and I would hate to kill them."

"Okay well what is the second condition?" Anakin asked.

"If its okay…could I see Ahsoka from time to time?" Jyun asked hoping Anakin would say yes.

Anakin wondered why he would ask him that till he realizes now why Ahsoka defended him all the time and why both acted weird towards the other. Before Anakin could say anything though Padme came from behind and responded. "No problem now you should get on going Jyun before someone sees us."

"Thank you senator and I'll see you both next time our paths cross again. Oh and tell Ahsoka I will meet her at where we are suppose to meet bye" Jyun said as he ran into the forest and jumped on the trees before using his cloaking device to disappeared.

Anakin then turned to Padme once Jyun was gone guessing she already knew about Ahsoka and Jyun before he did. "Mind telling me something about the two I didn't know about?" Anakin asked.

"Oh relax Ani both of them deserve to have someone to be with. Besides you saw how Jyun was willing to risk his life for Ahsoka so shouldn't him bringing her back alive and helping you be enough to earn his trust" Padme said.

"Maybe…just wish someone had told me about it" Anakin said.

"Well I'll tell you all about it after we get back to Coruscant in the meantime I think you have a report to give to the council?" Padme said.

"Fine then I guess I'll see you later tonight then" Anakin said as he leaned forward and kissed Padme passionately as Padme returned the kiss as well.

"I'll see you later tonight Ani" Padme whispered as the two continued kissing.

Three days later (Normal pov)

It has been three days since the incident on Gildon and since the jedi council found out Jyun was indeed alive but died on the planet. Some of the council members were not convinced he was dead until Anakin brought them Jyun's lightsaber which Obi wan recognized as the same one he fought against. This put all but a few members to believe Jyun was dead and the council were also glad the xenomorph incident was taken care of.

The council also agreed to not to inform of the chancellor of the xenomorphs thinking he might do what Eric wanted to do and use the creatures in the war. Anakin despite not liking lying to the chancellor agreed as well seeing firsthand what these things can do and how dangerous they can be.

Meanwhile Ahsoka was finally feeling better and was able to move well without her crutch. Anakin and Ahsoka had a small talk about Jyun and her where Ahsoka eventually told him the truth about everything. How she knew Jyun was alive, how he nearly died saving her from Grievous, and how he faked his own death in order to be free from both sides. Anakin didn't like his padawan lying to him but understood why after having his talk with Padme. Anakin decided to keep his mouth shut about Ahsoka and Jyun but did warn Ahsoka to be careful not to get too attached to Jyun otherwise it could cause problems.

Ahsoka had finished getting dressed and grabbed her cloak before leaving her room. Ahsoka headed out of the jedi temple and headed towards Sherri's new apartment which she got from Padme. Ahsoka was on her speeder as she headed towards the apartment. When she got there she entered the building with her hood up not wanting people to see her. Once she was inside she knocked on the door and waited for someone to open the door. After a minute the door opened and standing at the door was Jyun who was wearing black pants, shirt with long sleeves, and shoes.

"Hey Ahsoka I've been waiting for you" Jyun said as we let Ahsoka into the apartment where she removed her cloak.

"Hey Jyun…whoops sorry hello Jake how are you?" Ahsoka said remembering Jyun doesn't use his old name anymore saying since everyone says he's dead he might as well use a new name.

"I've been fine I see your feeling much better than before" Jake said as he took Ahsoka's cloak and set in on one of the nearby chairs.

"Yeah I'm feeling much better. It stills hurts a bit though the doctor said I should be able to fight again in a few more days" Ahsoka said as she walked towards Jake and hugged him. "I missed you."

Jake returned the hug and held her close to him. "I missed you too. But hey you're here and I think we should make the most of the time we have with each other" Jyun said as he kissed Ahsoka on the cheek.

"I was thinking the same thing…hey by the way where did Sherri and Jennifer go anyways?" Ahsoka asked as she noticed Sherri and Jennifer were nowhere to be found.

"Oh they went on a girl's night out. They went with Senator Amidala, Senator Chuchi, and Dutchess Satine. Turns out those two are friends with Chuchi and Satine as well" Jake said as he told Ahsoka where they went.

"Wow those two get around…soooo when do they get back?" Ahsoka asked.

"Late, very late which means we have the whole place to ourselves" Jake said released the hug.

"Hmmmm that sounds good to me…well I think we should continue where we last left off don't you think?" Ahsoka said as she kissed Jyun on the cheek.

Jake slightly blush by what Ahsoka said remembering how close they were from doing it. But they stopped when they sensed something was coming which was actually the xenomorphs. So they stopped and went to warn the others. "Um Ahsoka are you sure you want to do this? I mean I don't want us to rush into anything we're not yet ready to do" Jake said as Ahsoka stopped and look at him.

"I know Jake but I am willing to try it if you are" Ahsoka said as she kissed Jake again this time on the lips. "I love you and I want you to be my first."

Jake smiled and knew he wanted her to be his first too. He picked Ahsoka up bridal style and kissed her on the lips as well. "Very well I promise I'll be gentle" Jake said.

"I know you will I trust you" Ahsoka said as she returned the kiss and both continued kissing till they arrived to Jake's room and Jake locked the door so no one would disturb them for what they are about to do.

Deep in the outer rim

Meanwhile deep in the outer rim the small pod carrying the alien that Sherri had taken out of Ahsoka Tano was suddenly being pulled into a large separatist ship. The small pod was soon placed on the ground surrounded by battle droids. Soon a loud metal clanking was making its way towards the pod.

"General Grievous sir we found the pod just as we were told it would be" the droid said as the figure who was actually General Grievous found the small pod.

Grievous found a small reflection into the pod and peeked inside. There he saw frozen was the alien that was pulled out of Ahsoka Tano. But unlike the other xenomorphs it had a dark orange skin and on the head a lekku shape head with blue and white stripes on it.

Grievous chuckled at the sight of it and contacted Count Dooku. "My master we have found the creature just as you foresaw it would be."

"Well done General you have done well now I need you to take the creature to your place till we are finished building the facility for our new guest" Dooku said.

"I understand sir…but if it's possible can I hunt down some of her pets when she is older?" Grievous asked.

"So long as you don't kill the queen that is fine General now get out of the system before the republic find out you were there" Dooku said as Grievous bowed his head and grabbed the pod.

"Get us out of here commander now" Grievous said ordering the droid commander to contact control room to set the ship into hyperspace. Grievous lifted the pod and looked at it. "I think we're going to get along well don't you agree little one" Grievous said as he began laughing just as the separatist ship disappeared into hyperspace.

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