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Betrayal's Effect

Summary: Ruka and Mikan are both betrayed, they leave, then go back but something is new they are now the academy's high respected officials but not just the academies but the whole world, now it's time for revenge!


Chapter 1

One Morning Oct.28

A lovely brunette finds herself late for class…She quickly dressed up and put her shoes on. Mikan stared at the hallway finding it empty so she panicked more; thinking that she was totally late, Natsume tripped over Mikan and laughed at her…

Don't you ever get tired doing this? Mikan said

Nope; my love... Natsume said

Mikan blushed; "I'm going to our classroom now, are you coming with me?" she said

No; Natsume said change of mood, Ruka and I will go there together, he added

'okay; Mikan said

Mikan rushed to their classroom…

'OHAYO! Mii-na -san'…. Mikan's voice just rang in and out of the classroom…

You're late… everyone said to her in chorus

Just as the same Mikan tried to hug Hotaru but again she's been hit by her BAKA gun, and just continue doing her invention and ignore Mikan...

Hotaru why did you do that? Mikan asked, as tears begun to fall from her eyes,

YOU'RE SO MEAN HOTARU…I'm your best friend…but why?

'I just don't want to be infected by your stupidity germs' Hotaru answered, and just continue doing her invention...

Meanwhile Natsume and Ruka came in…

'OHAYO! Ruka-kun, Natsume-kun

'OHAYO! Mikan-san Ruka answered

Natsume answered just by his usual "hn"

In just one moment Narumi-sensei came in the classroom

'OHAYO! Naru-Sensei Mikan said cheerfully

Okay class please take your seat, I have a very important announcement to make, Naru-sensei said… So let me introduce to you your new classmates Kitsure and Kinatra Samoto they are twins…

Kiture Samoto

Age: 12

Birth date: April 2

Sex: Male

Hair Color: Reddish brown

Eye Color: Ice Blue

Alice: Hypnotize Alice (secret to his classmates at the moment)

Star Rank: Three Star

Ability Class: Somatic

Relatives: Kinatra Samoto (twin sister) others still unknown

Love Interest: Hotaru

Rival: Ruka

Best friend: Natsume

Kinatra Samoto

Age: 12

Birth date: April 2

Sex: Female

Hair color: Reddish brown (just a little darker)

Eye color: Sky Blue

Alice: Soul Sucking Alice (the same as Luna Koizumi)

Star Rank: Three Star

Ability Class: Somatic

Relatives: Kitsure Samoto (twin brother) others still unknown

Love Interest: Natsume

Rival: Mikan

Best Friend: Hotaru

Narumi-sensei, we wonder who will be our partners? Kitsure and Kinatra asked

Ahh...Sorry I forgot, Mi-chan from now on you will be Ruka's Partner

Kitsure-san your partner is Imai-san

And for you Kinatra-san your partner will be Natsume Hyuuga

And Narumi-sensei said to sit with your partners...

Since we have new students our class is dismissed Narumi-sensei said

Since then Kinatra started to cling to Natsume like there will be no tomorrow

Natsume didn't mind it so much which made Mikan so jealous…

Then Natsume saw Mikan's death glare toward him so he shrugged Kinatra off his arm this makes Kinatra so angry that she confronted Mikan

'Stop dreaming Mikan, Natsume is mine; Kinatra said

Mikan said nothing, Kinatra got irritated so she tried to spank Mikan

When Kinatra was just about to spank Mikan Natsume got Hold of Kinatra's wrist and said

"Don't ever dare touch my girlfriend, If you do you would be crispier than a bacon" Kinatra was so shocked

Nogi Ruka and Sakura Mikan of Class 2-B please go to the Principal's office immediately…

I REPEAT Nogi Ruka and Sakura Mikan Please Go to the Principal's Office Immediately…

Then Ruka grabbed Mikan's hand then headed towards the principal's office

At the principal's office they saw Persona with the principal which gave them chills down their spine

"Principal we're here" Mikan and Ruka said

"Good Morning" Mikan-san Ruka-san

"We, The Student Council, me, the MSP and the HSP has decided to transfer the two you to the academy we have in America" the principal said

Why Principal? asked the both of them

I supposed you know your other alices Ruka-san

What do you mean other alices principal? Ruka and Mikan asked

"Well in your expression I assume that you don't know that you have actually three alices" the principal said

Mikan asked "But why do I need to go too?"

"It is because you have the S.E.C. alice" principal said

"Excuse me principal, but what is a S.E.C. alice?" Ruka asked

"Well, the S.E.C. alice is just an abbreviation for steal, erase, copy alice; which means you have all the alices in existence by the means of it."

"Excuse me principal but what is Ruka-san's other alice?" Mikan asked

"Well, Ruka-san's other alices are animal pheromone, invention of weapons and elements alices" principal said

ELEMENTS? Mikan and Ruka both asked

'Well it is the alice that you can manipulate other alices you want" the principal said

"I will be waiting for your answer before sundown; you can go here when you two have decided

The two of you can go now" principal said

The two of them came out of the principal's office

Mikan what are we going to do? Ruka asked while walking on their way to their dorms

"Well, all we need to do was to talk about that to Hotaru and Natsume and to all of our friends" Mikan said

"But I don't want to leave Hotaru and Natsume here" he said

"Me, either" Mikan said

"Well let's go to the sakura tree to find our answer" Mikan suggested

"Okay" Ruka smiled

While heading to the sakura tree Ruka and Mikan saw Hotaru and Kitsure kissing under the sakura tree, meanwhile they both saw Kinatra and Natsume walking holding each others hands

Then Mikan heard Natsume say "I Love You Kinatra" then Natsume kissed her lips

After they kissed they headed to Hotaru and Kitsure who were resting under the sakura tree, then Ruka and Mikan heard Natsume say to Kitsure "How was my bestfriend" then Mikan heard Kinatra introduced Hotaru to Natsume as her bestfriend…

Both of Mikan and Ruka was deeply hurt because their bestfriend and girl/boyfriend betrayed them…Since then Mikan and Ruka both lost their faith and believe that Hotaru and Natsume betrayed them…

Mikan and Ruka said to each other that they don't need to cry on them because they betrayed us

"Ruka let's go" Mikan said

Where? Ruka asked

"To our classroom, maybe they aren't the same as the two of them" she said as she pointed to Hotaru and Natsume

"Okay" Ruka answered

Mikan and Ruka both ran as fast as they could to their classroom, when Mikan was about to open the door…

Ruka and Mikan heard a voice

"Do we really need to be friends with Sakura-bitch? Anna and Nonoko asked

"Ruka is an idiot, because he keeps on following our Natsume-kun just to be famous" Sumire said

"Hell no!, all of us didn't want to befriend that bitch" Yuu said

"Yeah, he's a social climber" Mochu said

"Hey, don't talk about Mikan and Ruka like that, they were our friends remember" Koko saiddefensively

Then Koko rushed out of the room, when he opened the door he saw Mikan and Ruka full of tears, then Mikan said to Koko

"Thank you for defending us, but were out" she said

"Perhaps this will do as a thank you and farewell gift" she said as she inserted the orange alice stone inside his body but she did not let Koko heard or read her mind about the two last words…

Ruka also gave Koko a milky blue alice stone

But the two didn't know that their classmates and friends are just being controlled by Luna who was given the task to make Mikan and Ruka feel left out so they will personally go to AAA (my shortcut for Alice America)

They left Koko and headed for the principal's officer

"See you tomorrow guys" Koko shouted at Mikan and Ruka who was walking away from him, going to see the principal; Mikan and Ruka just turn back to see Koko with sad eyes

They have finally reached the ESP's office

Knock! Knock! Knock!

"Come in" the voice said

Ruka opened the door and let Mikan come in and followed her

Well have you decided? the principal asked

Yes we're going, they both said

Well please go to your rooms now and prepare your luggage and please wake up early because your flight tomorrow is 5:00 in the morning so no one would see you leave GAKUEN ALICE and head to the ALICE ACADEMY we have in America except for me, the MSP, and the HSP…

Yes, principal; Ruka and Mikan said together

The next morning Mikan and Ruka was accompanied by the HSP and the ESP to the airport they rode on a limo.

In the classroom no one knows about Mikan and Ruka being transferred to the ALICE ACADEMY of America….

Hotaru is ready with her BAKA gun and Natsume getting to tease her

The class is waiting for Ruka and Mikan

The class was waiting for Naru-sensei too because Naru-sensei is not always late….

Next Morning

2 minutes…waiting

3 minutes….waiting

5 minutes…waiting

10 minutes….waiting

Finally the door slid open the class is expecting Ruka/Mikan but instead of Ruka and Mikan; Naru-sensei walked in (yes, you heard right walking; not prancing) wearing a normal gray shirt and a black jeans, his class wondered why he didn't even wear his pink tutu and finally with a sad face then he greeted his class in a sad tone… The class is wondering why there are no (let's start my little dearies, or Okay let's start my pretty student not any of it)

"Well, class I have a bad news for you Mikan and Ruka is not going to be with us anymore because they are transferred to the ACADEMY we have in AMERICA…

The eyes of Mikan and Ruka's friends widen specially Natsume and Hotaru. Hotaru and Natsume stand up.

As a victim from Kitsure and Kinatra's alice Hotaru and Natsume doesn't know anything they done and said when Mikan and Ruka overheard and saw them…

I'm giving you a free period this day I said sadly… Narumi-sensei said

When? When was this happened? And you did nothing to stop them? Hotaru and Natsume…

Just this morning… Narumi said

Hotaru/Natsume POV

Why did you leave me RUKA/MIKAN?

I love you



But the atmosphere in the two back seats is different, Kitsure and Kinatra was so happy about it (and in each other's head there was a thought which is saying "Now no one could take away Hotaru/Natsume away from me)

Alice Academy in America

"Good Morning Miss Sakura and Mister Nogi" the headmaster said happily

"Good Morning too Headmaster" Mikan and Ruka said politely

"You will be in class 2-A and both of you are Special Star and you are both in the DA class, and you will start training next week, you may go now" the headmaster said

"Thank you headmaster" the two said they bowed and left

Good Morning class today we have a new student they are from our other academy in Japan please introduce yourselves, you first Miss Sakura, yes Ms. Banks said Mikan

Hi! I'm Mikan Sakura I have the S.E.C. alice and nullification alice, Special Star, DA nice to meet you all, Mikan said cheerfully and flashed her best smile the boys is starting to drool with hearts in their eyes.

Hi I'm Ruka Nogi I have the animal pheromone alice, Weapon invention alice, and elements alice, special star, DA, Ruka said energetically and smiled all the girls have hearts in their eyes.

So do you have any questions?

The boys/girls asked stupid thing like will you marry me Mikan Sakura/Ruka Nogi and will I be your boy/girlfriend…

Sorry I forgot Marvin Jennings is your partner over there the one with the iPod you will also share a seat with him. And since we have some new students there will be no classes for this day.

Mark Jennings

Age: 12

Half Japanese Half American

Birth date: December 31 (before Mikan's birthday)

Sex: Male

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Dark Blue

Alice: Ice, Wind and Water

Ability Class: DA

Relatives: Father: Mark Jennings Mother: Catherine Yoshikawa Jennings Big Sister: Mandy Jennings Big Brother: Michael Jennings (one year older than Mandy)

Love Interest: Mikan

Rival: Natsume

Best friend: Ruka

Mikan and Ruka directly headed to Marvin's seat then Mikan gently talked to him.

"uhm; excuse me, we are your new partners since now" Mikan said

But no one answer as if Mikan was just talking alone

"uhm; excuse me, can we talk for awhile? Mikan asked starting to be pissed

"Let me handle this Mikan" said Ruka

Ruka shouted "Hey, someone is talking to you so please listen"

Marvin plugged out his earphones "Just what the hell do you want from me" he shouted

Mikan smiled at him sweetly… when he see Mikan smiled his mood became calm…

I'm really sorry that I wasn't listening to you and shouting at you I'm really sorry…

Sorry for my friend's rudeness we just want to make friends with you… Mikan apologized then Mikan smiled at him… Marvin become dazzled by Mikan's sweet smile

I'm so sorry I shouted at you… Ruka apologized for his mistake then asked if they could now seat with him?

Of course; he said

That night Mikan wandered in her room… Her room was so different than her room in GA, her room was painted with yellow and orange a wall closet was at the left side of her room; in front of her bed was a mirror and a drawer with so many girl's accessories with it; in front of the window is a study table; there is also a kitchen with all the ingredients and all of the cooking utensils there is also a big table which can be occupied by 10 persons, near the door leading to the balcony there is a sofa and was partnered with two comfortable arm chairs in front of it was a flat screen tv, at the side of the tv there was a shelves of books at the end of it was a fake book when you push it the bookshelves will set aside revealing room full of books and mangas beside it was a desktop computer, it also have an active internet connection and a drawer full of gadgets, there was also a big bathroom containing any accessories a girl would want …

Mikan's POV

I lay my tired body at my king sized bed…

I wonder what my friends are doing did they think about or miss us? I said to myself

Then I started to think about Hotaru and Natsume are they thinking about me and Ruka? miss me and Ruka?

I shrugged it off my mind thinking that they betrayed us

Then I went to sleep.

Next Day Oct.30

Marvin and Ruka knocked at the door of Mikan's room.

Mikan opened the door for the both of them…

"Oh; your just in time I was about to go to our classroom, Mikan said in a cheerful way

On their way to their classroom Mikan, Marvin, and Ruka talks together, cracking up jokes… As they entered the room Mikan greeted them all as a part of her daily routine; her day would be not complete if she forgot to do any of her daily routine…

As each day pass Mikan, Ruka, Marvin are getting close to each other…

A month passed

Mikan and Ruka trained their alice so much then their trainer Mr. Andre was training Mikan to have a second personality which is stoic, cold, heartless, merciless, dangerous, and strong Mikan which will appear when Mikan is on missions or when she likes to...

Mikan and Ruka are given a mission to test how good and well trained they was, Mr. Andre has given Mikan the file in the file it said…

Mission: Recover the stolen blueprints and alice stones

Location: Warehouse 143 beside the port

Time Limit: 2 ½ hours

Mission Time: 10:00 p.m.

"Here" the DA teacher handed two masks the one is white with a sakura petal on the left side of it and on the other side is a moon covered with orange glitters and the other one is a blue mask with a white star, both of the two masks can cover the forehead reaching the nose…

"Do you already have an alias?" he asked

"We will tell you later" Mikan said grinning

Mikan closed the folder and said "This is so exciting" with an evil grin on her face

Mr. Andre grinned with a wide smirk on his face

I should go to Ruka then, Mikan said

Mikan rushed to Ruka who was talking to Marvin, Mikan handed the file to Ruka

"What is this" Ruka asked to Mikan

Marvin looked at Mikan to Ruka then back to Mikan with worried eyes

"First mission, just look at the information and here is your mask; the two of you go to my room later, we have to think of our own alias" Mikan said

"Let me see it" Marvin said

I'm sorry Marvin, Mr. Andre said that no one except the two of us can read it, Mikan said apologetically but sweetly

Ok, Marvin said

The class just ended the three both headed to their own rooms (they don't have classes in the afternoon that day)

Mikan's POV

As I enter my room, I quickly headed for the bathroom and take a bath to refresh my exhausted body I took Five minutes soaking in my bathtub then I think they will come early so I got up from my bathtub and put my fluffy bathrobe and slippers on when I came out I quickly dressed up, then headed towards my private kitchen and cook something for us, I cooked lasagna, spaghetti and baked a white chocolate mousse cake, I wish they would like it…Then I heard someone knock

Knock! Knock! Mikan it's us Ruka and Marvin

Coming! I said after preparing the table

I opened the door, I let them come in and I closed the door…

Are you hungry? I asked them

Yes; the two of them said

"Okay, let's eat before to think of our own alias" Marvin said excitedly

Marvin and Ruka sat at the same side, Mikan on the middle

Marvin quickly ate his spaghetti and to his surprise the spaghetti is so delicious he couldn't resist but get more

"Marvin you're such a pig" Ruka said

"By the way Mikan your spaghetti is delicious" Ruka said

"Thanks" Mikan said her cheeks have a little tint of pink coloring

After eating they gathered at Mikan's mini living room

They thought for awhile

Mikan finally knew her alias

"How about shadow angel!"

"That sits you Mikan" Marvin said while Ruka was smiling

Then Ruka said "My alias is Demon fighter"

"My alias is Dark slayer" Marvin said

"Well, we better tell Mr. Andre about it

The three went to their DA classroom where their teacher was.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Mikan knocked

Come in; Mr. Andre said

"My alias is Shadow Angel" Mikan said

"As for me my alias will be Demon Fighter" Ruka said

"Mine is Dark Slayer" Marvin said

"Oh I assume you have thought so hard, now Ms. Sakura and Mr. Nogi get yourselves ready it is almost 10:00 pm you only have ten minutes and for you Marvin go to your dorm now." Mr. Andre said coldly

"Okay, we'll just meet you at the oak tree after mission" Mikan and Ruka said while preparing to teleport, Marvin and Ruka both grabbed Mikan's hand and teleport directly at Mikan's room and then Marvin said

"Take care" and went to his room

Mikan is already wearing her mission attire, she wears a black tank top and was wearing a black leather jacket too and black jeans and her hair was held by a high ponytail, and she wears her mask already

Ruka is also wearing black t-shirt along with a black jeans

Ruka said "Let's go" Mikan nodded in approval

Then they teleported outside the exact spot for cover

Mikan used her X-ray alice to know where the blueprints and alice stones were.

"There are 250 guards, 100 outside, 150 inside" Mikan said

"I'll take care of the inside and you outside" Mikan said Ruka nodded in approval

Mikan used her sleep alice to start, she used it on all of the guards outside but its effect is only for a minute to let herself in without any annoyance then Ruka used the weapon he invented but the effect of it is fatal he mixed the elements into a weapon at one strike almost 55 of the guards are dead

Inside The Warehouse 143

When Mikan came in she came undercover she used her telepathy alice and communicate with Ruka inside her head she said "Ruka cover your ears" and she cut it off then she shouted DIE! 75 guards killed themselves with their own hands. Mikan proceeded to the base where the blueprints and alice stones were, suddenly she saw herself surrounded by guards then she drew two guns and started to shoot at the guards, the guards did the same but she dodge it all skillfully and now she was standing in the middle of dead bodies, she immediately picked the bag full of alice stones and the blue prints in the other, then she teleported outside and meet with Ruka who was still fighting with 30 guards…


"I'll take care of this," Mikan said as she drew a gun out of her clothes and started to shoot in just 10 seconds Mikan finished the guards who were fighting Ruka,

"Shadow Angel I didn't realize that you were very good in handling weapons" Demon Fighter said

"Thank you" Shadow Angel said emotionlessly

Then Shadow Angel and Demon Fighter teleported to the school at the spot where the oak tree was,

"I'm surprised that you did it in just 30 minutes" Mr. Andre said

"Don't underestimate us, specially me" said Shadow Angel

"The two of you, go to the Headmaster's office, he is expecting the two of you" Mr. Andre said