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Chapter 1

It had been a week since they had killed Gatou and his thugs, a whole week since their first real fight. A week since the death of 2 great shinobi. That was at least what Uzumaki Naruto thought, and by the words spoken at their grave, so did Hataka Kakashi.

He remembered asking the silver haired jounin if what they said about ninjas being tools was correct. The answer he got was simple. Every ninja decide that throughout their life for themselves. And depending on that, they lived. It was no secret many thought of themselves as tools. Naruto will always remember that day, that mission, and the boy, Haku, his possible friend if not the circumstances.

The day he decided how to live. The day he made a vow.

His nindo.

Never give up and fight for those precious to you. As Haku had said, real strength comes from protecting those you care about. And that was what he was going to do. True, he didn't have many precious people yet, but he as damn wont let anything happen to them!

Iruka-sensei, the very first person to view him as a human being, his jiji, the Sandaime Hokage of Konoha, Kakashi-sensei, who he came to view as a brother like figure (not that the jounin knew of course), Sakura-chan, his long time crush since the academy days, hell even Sasuke-teme. He would never admit it, but the young Uchiha had somewhat become a friend to him ( But he never even thought that! No!), the kids at the academy, even if he wasn't that close to them, but he could at leasts say that Kiba, Shikamaru and Chouji were his friends, after all they skipped classes together.

He will do everything to protect them! No matter what happened! He had gained these small bods with a few people and he was not going to let them go. Even if he died, they will live. It was a promise he had made to himself. The only ones who knew of the promise were the stars and the sea. Naruto had thought it would be more...eh...effective if he proclaimed his nindo to the blue waters. But there was no one to see him in the dark of the night. Sakura and Sasuke were sleeping. The latter still recovering from the injuries. Even if those were just senbon, they still plugged deep, plus the small fact that none of team 7 had the healing rate of the blonde jinchuuriki. Sakura was emotionally exhausted from the battle. After all this was their first C-rank mission, first ever mission out of Hi no Kuni, their first serious battle. Who knew it would turn into a B, closer to A-rank? Who knew that they would have to go through the deaths (even if it was temporary) of their teammate? Truth was that both Naruto and Sakura took it hard. But luckily it all turned out well. Later he would say that the mission changed his life drastically. Or maybe it could be considered bragging, but with some truth in the core. The mission made him think, made him understand that life was only lived once, that it was a very fragile thing and could be lose easily. The mission made him value friendship, understand teamwork far better then the small lecture they had gotten from Kakashi at the memorial stone (even if he will keep the words to heart for a very long time). The harsh reality of the ninja life hit him hard in the face. The fight with Zabuza and Haku, and later Zabusa's determintaion to keep standing until he killed off Gatou...was an eye opener for him. He was weak and he knew it. No matter how much he liked to say that he was strong and kickass shinobi, deep down he knew it was a lie. He only managed so far with his stubbornness and pigheadedness, true there was some luck there and improvising on the spot, and his speed( he didn't know why but he was naturally fast, so far only Iruka managed to catch him, and it was when Naruto really hid, meaning put some effort behind it. Well, his the prank with the Hokage Mountain was worth it!

Currently the boy was sitting on the windowsill, silently observing the night. He looked back. The silhouettes of his teammates were illuminated by the moonlight. Three futons beside each other in one room. Kakashi had a room for himself. On one futon lay the silent figure of the only female of their team. Her long pink hair was sprawled on the white cotton, her breathing even. Naruto sighed. It was good to see her so peaceful again. He never wanted to see tears in her eyes or the pale terrified look she had. Next to her lay the dark figure of the sole Uchiha survivor. His dark hair shielded most of his face, but you could still see from the little light that the moon gave the calm look, and the almost smile adoring his face. For once he looked like a child and not a shinobi who had nearly died recently. Naruto was glad. He wanted the old Sasuke back, the Sasuke he had made friends with, sort of ( he will NEVER admit this of course). How he regretted not going after him that day. The same day a few years ago when he had found out that the Uchiha had been killed and Sasuke was the last one alive. They had both seen each other, one sitting at the deck and the other walking with his hands in pockets. Both had scowled and looked away.

And they had both smiled.

It was one of the best memories Uzumaki Naruto had. He wished he had talked to the boy back then. Maybe he wouldnt have been so cold and distant now...

There is no time to dwell on the past!

He shook his head and with a last glance towards the room, jumped down. He couldn't sleep, so he decided to have a walk around Wave.

He didn't know he was being followed.

Hatake Kakashi had seen his blonde haired student leave. Silently he followed him.

Naruto was walking with his hands in pockets, his orange jacket was open, showing the black mesh shirt underneath. He always liked orange, but he wore it simply because they wouldn't let him in the stores. He was always kicked out. The more polite ones just yelled at him to get out. Needless to say, after his 10 th birthday, he gave up on trying to go into stores. He bought his orange jumpsuit and had worn it ever since. True he had a few spare black shirts and pants, but he loved orange. Plus it helped in his training. After all, no one caught him painting the monument in his bright neon orange outfit, plus he outran the ANBU. Still, that didn't change the small fact that he wanted a change of clothes, something cool, to make Sakura-chan like him more. He was 100% sure it was because of the orange that he got hit and yelled at so much by his pink haired muse.

He had been walking for quite some time when he noticed he was near the water. The sea was truly beautiful. He looked around, eyes wide. Slowly as he focused more, his brain caught up with what his eyes had been telling him. He didn't know this place. Actually he had absolutely no idea where he was!

No time for panic!

He screwed his eyes still looking at the water in front of him. It moved weird. The wind was blowing south, but the waves they were in a chaos, they were going in circles.

Something is not right here.

The he noticed it. Sure he sucked at genjutsu, but this even an academy student could notice. The chakra that circled the place was visible. It was white, nearly transparent, but he could see it, or feel it?

I'll figure that out later, now...

Now he was getting excited!

But to reach the place he had to cross the water. He was about to get undressed to swim, when his mind registered a small fact. During the battle with Momochi Zabuza, both jounin were standing on the water!

He frowned and put his finger to his chin, thinking.


Naruto tripped and fell face first into the mushy ground. He gave a muddy glare to the speaker. It turned out to be his sensei.


Said jounin eye-smiled at him.

Naruto got up and cleaned his face with the back of his sleeve.

"Huh?" he asked stupidly.

Kakashi sighed.

"I followed you baka. And this is probably their hideout"

His eyes widened. Haku and Zabuza...

"And what you saw at the bridge was water walking."

"Water walking?"

"Its chakra control. One step higher then tree climbing"

Naruto's eyes widened. Kakashi knew what was coming then. But he could teach him a bit, after all, if it weren't for the kid, they would have never found the hideout. Who knew what they would find there? After her had written a short report and had Pakkun take it to the Hokage, he had specific orders to investigate the hideout of the nuke nin. It was well known that they had stolen quite a few things from the shinobi countries.

"All right Naruto, listen carefully, i'm going to say this once. Its nearly the same concept as tree climbing, except that in water walking, you have to keep a constant flow to your feet and change the flow if you feel you are falling. If you fall that means is too little chakra, if you get blasted of the surface, then its too much, understand?"

The boy enthusiastically nodded and rushed to the water, concentrating chakra to his feet. He stepped on the water.

And promptly sunk.

After an hour he could at least walk, somewhat, half sinking on the water. The jounin was amazed. But, then again, even if he was an idiot, after all he wastheir son.

They reached the place where the chakra circulated chaotically. Kakashi, smiling at the soaking blonde, made the ram hand sign.


The illusion dispersed. In front of them was a circular house made of what seemed tree roots. They were implanted in each other so deep and tight, that you couldn't tell the difference where is started and where is ended.

Carefully, they entered. Avoiding some traps set at the entrance (Naruto nearly got his head chopped off, luckily Kakshi was there to push him away with a "Pay attention Naruto!"), they looked around. The room was fairly simple. There was a bed and a folded futon on the ground. The other half of the room was covered in scrolls and various weapons. They made their way there.

Jutsu from Kirigakure, mainly suiton, jutsu from Iwa hmm, doton, a few hijutsu, but the kekkei genkai died with the boy, Haku...fuuinjutsu? I shall have to inform the hokage of this. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come here...

He looked around and spotted his student looking at a scroll. It was medium size, not nearly as big as the scroll of seals, but still as big. He looked at his student, wondering why was he just staring at it. It was then that he noticed the insignia on the scroll. He cursed.

Naruto was staring at the red spiral for quite some time. He didn't know why, but he knew one thing, it was his Uzumaki spiral, the one he wore on his back and sleeve. The one that he had seen on the jounin...

His jiji had told him that it was his clans' sign.

Uzumaki were a clan once.

He felt someone looking at him. Turning around, he noticed it was his sensei.

He was staring at the sign too.

After a while, Naruto got tired of the silence.

"Ano sa, ano sa, Kaka-sensei.."

Said sense's eye twitched at the shortened version of his name.

He sighed. Better get it over with.

"Its probably a scroll from Uzushiogakure no sato, more likely, a scroll from the Uzumaki clan. Naruto..-" when he saw his student open his mouth in utter disbelief, he hurriedly added "-..i can't say much about your parents, not yet, you are not strong enough to know and handle the truth."

He closed his mouth and looked away.

"But...can i at least take this scroll with me, please sensei, i have to get strong!"

Kakashi eyed him, a bit nervous of the statement. It sounded so much like...like Sasuke.

"I want to protect everyone..-"

Que exhale.

"I need to be strong. I...I never want to use the power of the fox...never again, and..."

"All right Naruto, you may take this scroll, it belongs to you after all."

Naruto jumped up in joy and hugged the older man, knocking them both on the floor.

"Arigatou sensei!"

He chuckeled and ruffled the yellow locks.

Naruto sat up and opened the scroll.

Or tried to.

It didn't budge. But after a few unsuccessful tries black markings appeared on it in circular motions around the symbol.

Naruto cocked his head to the right, utterly bewildered.

Kakashi however, frowned.

"Blood seal."


Sigh. "Its a blood seal, only one with Uzumaki blood in him or her can open this scroll. Just smear some blood on it, but leave it till later, we had better get going."

The boy smiled and stood up, the scroll tucked in his inner pocket.

"Hai sensei"

Kakashi just smiled and they headed out.

"Ne ne sensei."


"Where did you learn about seal? It so cool, i wanna learn that too!"

The jounin ruffled the boys hair.

"My sensei was the Yondaime hokage. He was a seal maser, he even surpassed his own sensei at it, the great Jiraya of the densetsu no sanin."

Naruto was staring at him wide eyed.

It seems he has take a liking to fuunjutsu...

The council is making me train only Sasuke, but I will not ignore neither Naruto, nor Sakura. Besides, soon the chuunin exams are coming...I want to keep Guy off my neck for some time, or he will be sprouting nonsense about youth and his students for sure.

He smiled, which went unnoticed under the mask.

"Ne, ne, sensei, i want to be come greater then the fourth, will you teach me fuunijutsu?"

His eyes were round and he was making a very good impression of a puppy.

"Fuuinjutsu is considered a hijutsu and kinjutsu for a reason Naruto, its extremely hard to grasp. Even i know only little about it."

He was testing him. Sure the Copy nin already knew that the blode would agree, but still...

"Bring it on! I'll learn it for sure sensei!"

He laughed and ruffled the blonde's hair again. Seeing him scowl at the gesture he laughed more.

Naruto sometimes acted too much like a certain redhead kunoichi from former Whirlpool.

On the way when Naruto asked what was going to happen to the other scrolls and the weapons in the hideout, Kakshi had said that the hokage will be informed of it, and as to what they will do, he didn't know. Probably it will become a property of Konoha. When they got to Tazunas house, it was already morning. Neither of them told about the hideout. Naruto wanted to brag about it to the teme, but the jounun forbid him, he even threatened him with the fuuinjutsu training!

Of course Naruto gave in.

Later that day, the blonde could be found deep in forest, not too far away from the spot they trained tree climbing.

He was nervous.

The scroll was in front of him, the Uzumaki clan symbol staring at him.

He took a deep breath and bit hit thumb.

He watched for a few seconds as a drop of red blood fell on the seal. It glowed light blue and the scroll rolled open.

Naruto bend over to read.

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