oh half of my heart's got a grip on the situation
half of my heart takes time
half of my heart's got a right mind to tell you
that I can't keep loving you (can't keep loving you)
oh, with half of my heart

John Mayer feat. Taylor Swift, Half of My Heart

When Eddie Castille graduated from St. Vladimir's with a promising future ahead of him, pretty and stubborn teenage wards with pretty curls and a sweet smile didn't really come in mind.

It was kind of an added bonus in a way because Caroline Forbes was easy on the eyes and could be very entertaining most of the time.

She was mean in the way girls were, sweetness covered steel, so deceiving with her dollish face. She reminded him a bit of how Mia Rinaldi was like before her huge transformation. Of course, Mia's cruelty had been the result of a bad experience with Lissa's older brother and Caroline was just…Caroline.

She liked being popular and she didn't want anyone else in the spotlight was her. It should've disgusted him but instead he was amused because she was like some kind of psycho Barbie plotting and giggling her way to success.

When Caroline wanted something, she took it, no matter what it cost.

And at the moment, she wanted him.

"This is highly inappropriate." He told her when she told him that he was her new boyfriend, apparently whether he liked it or not. And it was not.

"Is it the age difference? It's only three years you know." She countered with a flip of her shiny perfect hair, sitting cross-legged there on her bed comfortable as ever as he stood in his defensive stance.

He narrowed his blue eyes at her and her own equally blue ones stared right back, glinting with mischievousness.

Ugh, he was not going to fall into her little trap. He'd seen her manipulate others countless of times and he knew how she worked. He wasn't as dumb as she thought he was.

"Caroline," He started, not even bothering to call her 'miss' or 'Miss Forbes' for formalities sake's. It was unprofessional but he needed to break it down to her easily. Sixteen year old girls were mostly sensitive creatures, even Rose had her moments. "I can't be with you."

"And why not?" She pouted at him. "Is it someone else? Cause I'd bet I'm still prettier than her."

Oh God, this vain little girl would be the death of him.

"No, there's isn't anyone else." He replied. "But I still can't be with you."

She stood up from the bed in outrage. "And why not? Please explain, Edison."

He winced. Did she have to use his full name? It made him feel twice his age.

Of course she did, that was just another tactic.

"I'm your Guardian, Caroline." He said. "And Guardians and Moroi don't mix."

He made sure to get every word out clearly so there was no way she'd misunderstand anything. He watched her with anticipation for her reaction but she just stared back, eyes blank. That wasn't promising.

Finally, she spoke. "You lost me."

He almost gaped from surprise. "What?"

She shrugged good-naturedly and sashayed her way towards him, wrapping her arms around his waist and smiling cheerfully at him. "I want it in Spring."

Okay, now she lost him.


"Our wedding," She answered slowly. "After I graduate from school, we'll get married and I want it in the middle of May. I already have my wedding gown in mind and it's going to look…." She continued on.

All the while, she stared at this crazy beautiful girl hugging him and he knew that he was ultimately doomed.

It was time to call in back-up.