Okamimaru: when I first published this story it was as a Trinity Blood/Naruto crossover, but I've quickly come to realize in order to get feedback from mulitiple people I have to write my stories as pairings people want. Therefore this is now a Sasu/Hina story. Enjoy.

"Run? Where to?"

"Hinata! It doesn't matter!" Neji seemed to struggle with the words he spoke, as if he were choking on their very meaning. Hinata felt compelled to run to her cousin's side and offer some comfort at the least, but knew that would only bruise his already battered ego.

"But why? I want to stay with you!" Together since birth, the two had not yet experienced a life without the other; quite frankly Hinata wished to never live that day.

"They're coming." Those two words and Neji's tone of voice seeming out of place, for they only belonged with in the t.v screen of a horror movie.

"Who?" Hinata whispered.

"Them Hinata! Who else! The vampires!" Neji spat at the soft green grass beneath his feet, "Those filthy, bloodsucking, murderers!"

"But we're completely independent from the rest of the world, we have a treaty with them!"

"Hinata! For God's sake! You think those things care about a fucking piece of paper? They're only interested in putting all humans under their dirty little thumbs! Suna has already fallen to their quickly spreading empire. Konaha's next on the list."

"So I'll stay and fight with you Neji!" she says fiercly.

Neji makes a sound a mixture between a cough and a laugh, "You can't be serious." But the stubborn look on his younger cousin's face told him Hinata was. "They'll kill you. No scratch that; they'll rape, torture, then kill you."

"but we'll be a-a-apart!"

"I rather us be apart then you hurt." he wispers, suddenly pulling Hinata into a tight hug, "If you leave now you'll have a decent chance of getting away."

"But Neji what about our wed-" but she's cut off.

Holding her by the shoulders away from himself Neji looks down at Hinata, "It doesn't matter anymore. There's no longer a future for the Hyuuga clan anyway."

Swallowing her pride and selfishness Hinata bravely replies, "When should I leave?"


"In that case," she pauses, "Give Father and Hinabi my best." Without any farther words exchanged, Neji watches as Hinata begins to leave. Stalling once at the entrance to Hyuuga manor, to give him a small tentative wave goodbye. She vanishes into the shadows as if she never existed in the first place.

Neji sighed looking around the yard, taking in the moonless night. Around the time he estimated Hinata would have made it to the gates of Konaha and would be leaving, it began to rain. The sky itself seemed to open up, expressing its own sorrow to the village's soon to be demise.


Just as Hinata was leaving the gates (the guards long since abandoning their posts), she hears the distant clap of thunder, and no sooner then her looking up, she feels needles of rain soaking her to the bone.

Even throughout the heavy downpoar she ran. Stopping only to search for food and water. She traveled for three days like this, too paranoid of running into vampires to sleep. It wasn't long till the village of Suna loomed in front of her. Remember Neji's words about Suna already succumbing to the vampires, she cautiously began to enter, surely the vampires were too proud to stay in such a place instead of moving onto their next conquest. Conforted by her own thoughts, Hinata begins to scavenge the city for any sort of food, and hopefully fresh water.


Not even a day later, the vampires invaded. Neji watched in horror as men, women, children, it didn't matter, were slaughtered. Their blood and guts paving the streets. If he had waited a day longer to send his beloved cousin away, she would have perished without a doubt, so despite all the death surrounding him, for that at least, he was thankful for. Even as he was led away by the vampires for execution, the thankfullness did not leave him.


Discovering a freshly dead cow not yet infested with flies, Hinata removes a pocket knife from her belt crouches down, and begins to cut up the meat. Although not the fancy food she was used to, Hinata couldn't help but be greatful for the meal, as she cooked the meat over a brewing fire.

Filling her stomach with cow meat, content and full for the first time in days, Hinata curls up infront of the fire, for the first sleep in days. She intended to leave the next morning, thinking Suna safe enough for a night's rest.


"Where is she!" one vampire snarls, his gruesome green eyes, making Neji sick to his stomach.


"Don't act so innocent! Filthy human! You know exactly who! The so called princess of this miserable village! Where's Hinata Hyuuga?"

"I don't know," Neji replies honestly.

"I said don't lie!" in one swift movement, the vampire riped Neji's right arm off, dangling it in front of it's orriginal owners face. Neji let out a squeak and hiss of pain. Vomiting he looks up at the creature before him with complete hatred.

"I swear Sir. She was gone when I went to collect her this morning." his voice oozing sarcasm on the word sir.

"In that case we'll have to find her won't we?" the vampire removes a hatchet from his belt, "Can't have that little princess running around." Neji glares at him, praying for Hinata's escape, "Thank you for the help. Your services are no longer required." with those as his last words, the hatchet drops. Neji's head rolls into the nearby grass.

"Find her!"

"Sir Ion's already within Suna's walls, we suspect she went there. Being the closest village within miles."



Hinata's deep sleep's dreams took her to a memory two weeks prior to her fleeing of the village.

"Hey Neji!" she hugs her cousin from behind, planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

"Hey." comes his monotone reply.

"Excited about our wedding? Its in two weeks!" Hinata laughs as Neji's face takes on a sour expression.


"Awwww! Am I not pretty enough to be your bride?" Hinata teases him, a soft blush coloring his face.

"Of course!" Neji retorts.

The two suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. It had been decided since before birth, the two were to marry. Although neither one of them shared beyond sibling love for the other, they possessed no resistance to the arrangement. It was the youngest child's duty to bear the future children, not the oldest. Married they would be, but only husband and wife by name not deeds.

Hinata smiled in her sleep, oblivious to a set of footsteps quickly approaching.

"Neji!" she murmurs in her sleep to the great surprise of her finder. Wasting no time at all, he kicks her once. Twice; then a third time, sharply in the ribs. Gasping, she looks around for the source that awoke her. Noticing a shadow cast thanks to the flickering flames of the fire, she looks up. And bolts.

Hinata finds herself on the ground face pressed into the cold earth in a heartbeat. Struggling she manages to trip her captor and once again tries for an escape. The two tussel on the ground for some time, Hinata once or twice catching a flash of raven hair. Talonned fingers find their own way around her throut and her air supply is promptly cut off.

"Filthy human, I suggest you either stop or be prepared to die." These words were said so calmly and peacefully, Hinata didn't doubt his words for a second and ceases all of her movements and awaited her fate.

"You may get up Human." the voice cammands. Sitting up and wiping the dirt from her eyes, Hinata finds herself looking into big, blood-red eyes. raven locks framed his face perfectly, and complemented his skin tone. Many of her friends once upon a time spoke of "perfect boys", Hinata never believed a word of it, until this moment. Perfection was staring her in the face.

The face of the voice who threatened her life did not belong together. His face was so innocent yet aged with wisdom looking, despite the fangs in his mouth and he stared back at her seeming more curious then anything else. A leaf caught in his bangs that barely covered his eyes distracted her and without thinking she reached out to his face, intending to remove it. So suddenly had the thought come to mind was she on the ground once again, a knee pressed painfully into her spine.

"There was a leaf in your hair!" Hinata coughs. The pressure is removed and slight dizziness hits her when she sits up for the second time. They boy's expression is no longer curious, but angry and insulted.

"What's your name human?" he asks.

"Well its certainly not human!" she retorts.

"Show some respect human." an angry growl escapes his mouth, teeth bared a feral appearence replaces the innocent one, that planted itself in Hinata's mind. No matter how innocent they looked a vampire was still a vampire, this one included. Still dangerous and blood thirsty. "I asked you want your name was." a threat hanging on every word.

"H-Hinata." she stutters.

He smirks, "So your the princess everyone's looking for huh?"

"Please don't turn me in I can, I can..." fear had gripped her heart, along with the instinct to survive.

"You can what?" he mocked, "What could a human possibly do for me? All I have to do is turn you in and I can go back home to the empire."

"They'll kill me, like they've most likely done to my entire village." she whispered.

"Not my problem." his red eyes gleemed, luminous in the fire light. "Your only option isn't death." Hinata looks at him hopefully, "Either you'll die or become one of their servants. But you becoming a servant is wishful thinking, you'll die if anything. A girl at your status in the human world."

"Your servant! I can be your servant!" the survival gear had clicked completely in her, along with the inpromptuness to do anything to live. He looks at her startled, mouth agape and laughs.

"Trust me princess, you'd be better off dead then some vampire's servant girl. It requires certain..." he seems to search for the right word, "tasks."

"I promised Neji I'd stay alive!" she begs.

"I care why? If anything say if I did take you home with me, what's to say you won't try and kill me the first chance you get and try to escape. Gaining someone's trust and manipulating, that's a human's way."

"You aren't one to talk! Your kind is murdered my village! At least we don't kill without a actual legit reason. Stupid bloodsucker!" anger now coursed through her veins. Slammed into the nearest wall, pinned by her throat, angry blazing eyes and sharp teeth stared her down.

"Really human...if I'm so awful how about I reinforce the bloodsucking stereotype you've formed about me?" Hinata could feel his teeth against the base of her throat and trembled, her breaths coming out in panicked gasps. Slowly but surely the vampire began to sink his fangs into her neck. Silent tears fell down her cheeks.

" Sir, the girl's life is reserved for the chief." The vampire pulls away glaring at the newcomer that seemed to appear out of thin air.

"Whatever, Do with her what you wish. Can I go home?" he replies.

"Uhhhh yes sir, your mission is complete. Come with me girl." Hinata is roughly grabbed by her shoulder and attempted to be led away, but she struggles.

"Told you this one was trouble."

"Yes sir, Sasuke sir you did."

"Sasuke..." Hinata says softly, where only he could hear her. He glances at her surprised. "Please." she pleas. Growling he punches the wall closest to him, emitting a crash and leaving a dent.

"Wait. Leave her with me. She will return home with me."

"But Sir?"

"I'm in need of a servant, she looks good enough." not catching the context, but knowing enough Hinata shivers as four hungry eyes are turned on her.

"Very well sir, I'll inform the chief, have a safe journey home." the other vampire quickly disappears. Once again Sasuke and Hinata are left alone.

"Thank you." she whispers softly.

"Betray me just once human and I will drain your blood, but not before putting you through hell. Understand?"