Ranma; Just Plain Hard

"Oooh, must be Ranma!" Nabiki exclaimed, running for the door.

"Saotome! At last!" Soun shouted, following. Kasumi and Akane stayed behind to await their guest.

"How depressing, boys," growled the youngest girl.

"Oooh! He's cute!" Nabiki complimented in the distance. At her sister's exclamation, Akane and Kasumi decided to go meet their new guest. Their sights came upon a boy a bit taller than Kasumi, wearing dark tinted Oakley shades, red polo shirt, and black Reebok windpants with matching wind jacket with the top diagonal half in black with the rest in red. His hair was in a pigtail. His hair was done in a braid that reached the middle of his shoulderblades, and he stood with a relaxed bearing that just shouted 'self importance'. Behind him stood a stalky man about their father's age wearing a martial arts gi, glasses, and a bandanna.

"Sup," was the young man's reply. Nabiki raised an eyebrow at his laid back tone. He turned towards the two grown men that were hugging in comradery, and the girls could imagine him rolling his eyes behind his glasses, "So, you gonna invite a Nigga in?"

"Uh, 'Nigga'?" all three girls chorused.

"Hey, yo, you gonna let a Nigga sit at yo door, I got betta places to be. It ain't worth my duckets if I ain't gett'n my respect!"

Kasumi didn't understand a word he said, but realized that it was impolite to keep their guests at the door, "Oh, pardon me, would you like to come in? I can prepare some tea, if you'd like."

"That would be wonderful, Kasumi," Soun interjected, leading his old training partner towards the main room.

"Hey, if it's alright, yo, mind if I get somethin' with juice?" the young man they established to be Ranma Saotome, "I ain't got me somethin' hard for a minute!"

"Um, sure, juice is fine..." Kasumi replied slowly, figuring what was being asked of her, "Would you like some orange juice, apple..."

"Got any hard lemon?"

"Um... just a second," Kasumi headed for the kitchen.

"So, I hear you've been studying martial arts in China," Nabiki started, trying to get a bit more about the young man that may be marrying one of them.

"Ya, is cool. Learned some shit," Ranma replied, nodding his head lazily like some sort of car dashboard ornament.

"Watch it!" Akane scolded, finding fault with their potential fiancee, "What gives you the right to come into other people's houses and start swearing?"

"Hey, kid, is cool, is cool," the ponytailed boy placated while patting his hands forward in an appeasing gesture, "Just say'n the trip was a'ight. Ain't no need to be gett'n all hostile and shit."

"Hmph, I bet you can't say a single sentence without swearing," Akane challenged, already knowing that she could get her father to call off this stupid engagement.

"Damn skippy," Ranma stated back with a cavalier tone.

"ANYways," Nabiki interjected, leading Ranma to the main room with their parents, though they sat a ways from the remenicing pair, "What was it like? How long were you there?"

"It was a'aight."

"Can't you say anything else?" Akane was quickly finding their new guest grating, even though she was already convinced she wouldn't like him before he got through the door.

"I got to see a few things," Ranma started again, tossing a quick look to the younger girl, before turning back to Nabiki, "Though I ain't seen anything as lovely as you."

Nabiki blinked, and averted her eyes. She started to form a light blush that made Akane almost gag, "Uh, th-thanks."

"So how 'bout we get to talk'n?" Ranma asked, subtly scooting closer to the other girl.

"Um, but we are talking," Nabiki replied, almost studdering.

"I mean about you and me, so 'sup?" Nabiki jolted as she felt the hand resting on the other side of her waist, and found herself unable to get her bearings.


"Hey, he girl, just lett'n you know, we can do this at your own pace," the ponytailed young man stated smoothly, while moving closer to Nabiki's ear, "It's all about you, girl. I'm here for *you*!"

"YOU said you studied martial arts?" Akane interrupted, saving her sister from the mistake that was making perverted moves on her.

Ranma sighed as Nabiki started to scoot away, "Yeah, I got some skillz."

"Fine, how about you show me how good you are in the dojo?" Akane challenged.

"How about we go upstairs and I show you how long I am?" Ranma challenged back with a smirk. Nabiki's blush faded quickly, and she turned a blank, emotionless gaze towards their guest.

"Huh?" Akane replied, dumbly.

"Nevamind," Ranma replied, "Just show this Nigga the way."

"This is just a friendly match, okay?" Akane stated taking up a stance. Nabiki was leaning on the wall of the dojo, and noted her sister's expression; this was going to be anything other than 'friendly'.

"I'm cool," Ranma replied standing easily. Akane smirked inwardly, she could already see this was going to be an easy battle, which meant that he wasn't going to be a fitting heir.

"Alright, begin!" Akane charged at Ranma, and threw a punch at his face. The ponytailed martial smacked it to the side with an open palm.

"You betta get that shit outta hea'!"

Akane growled, and threw a kick, which Ranma leaned back from. When the kick was evaded, Akane threw another punch, which ended up backfisted with contempt from Ranma. On the sidelines, Nabiki held her chuckle, as she watched the young man toy with her sister.

It took all of nine seconds for Akane to become furious with the mockery her opponent was making of her, as he made comments while swatting her attacks away like "SWAT-HILI" and "PACKED!" She jumped back to refocus, "Fine, this time... IT'S FOR REAL!" Akane dashed forward, aiming a punch for Ranma's chest. The sound of a click, and the feel of something cold and metallic against her forehead caused her to stop her punch just an inch from the ponytailed boy's chest.

Nabiki stared with wide-eyed fear, at the 9mm glock being held by him sideways at eyebrow level against her sister's head. Akane's eyes rolled up, and when she noticed what that cold metallic thing was, she let out an audible gulp.

"I-is that thing re-real?" Nabiki managed to studder out, while slowly making her way towards the dojo door.

Ranma chuckled, "Na, kid, I'm just fuck'n wit' ya. shit ain't real." He pulled the mock gun away, and shot a yellow bb out of it to the other side of the dojo. Nabiki slumped to her knees, while Akane remained frozen.

"Refreshments are ready," Kasumi's voice cried out, earning a grin from Ranma.

"Shit, kid, all this batt'n made me all thirsty and shit," with that, he walked from the dojo. After recomposing herself, Nabiki scurried behind the Tendou guest, and following that, Akane quickly ran up to her room to change into something that didn't smell like urine.

Kasumi didn't show it, but she was moping. She hadn't missed the slightly dissappointed look that crossed what she could see of Ranma's face when he tried her lemonade. She was rather proud of it, in fact, and Ranma told her it was alright. "Just 'alright'," Kasumi whispered to herself, and then turned back to Ranma with her best smile.

"Really, it's alright!" Ranma replied, making sure the eldest daughter didn't get him wrong. The lemonade was good, but he was hoping for something with a long neck and a bit... harder, "Hey, kid, lemonade taste alright to you, don't it?"

"Uh, it's Kasumi's usual exellence," Nabiki replied, blushing while looking down at the table. She was holding her glass with both her hands, while Ranma held her around the waist, on his lap.

"See? And there's nothing wrong with mine, is there?" he offered his glass to Nabiki, who looked down at it, and blushed harder, "Try mine, and tell her it's good too. I don't think your sister trusts me."

"Oh, I trust you, Ranma-kun," Kasumi stated adimantly.

"No, no, I'm gonna prove it to ya. Tell her how it tastes... uh..."

"Nabiki..." the girl stated with an almost giddy whisper.

"Nabiki, that's a pretty name, you know that? Almost as pretty as you." Akane had walked downstairs and arrived at the table about this point, and once again had to fight her gag reflex. The pervert had his hands all over her sister; he had to be stopped.

Finally, Nabiki gave in, and took a sip from Ranma's glass, "Yes, it's just like mine, Ranma-kun."

"Na, yours is more special than mine, because you drink more from that one, " Ranma stated, setting down his glass, and taking her hands to move her glass closer to his mouth, "I bet your's sweeter."

"Cool off," Akane stated in a sub-arctic voice; she had as much as she could stomach.


"what... did you do that for?" Nabiki growled, and then blinked at Akane's incredulous stare. The middle Tendou sister felt something petruding into her back, and turned around to find herself sitting in the lap of a redheaded, and agitated, girl...