After Kurt told Blaine what had happened with the new directions, Blaine looked stunned.

"What?" Kurt asked when he had finished and finally looked up from his coffee

"Y-you're coming to Dalton?" Blaine asked hesitantly, still stunned from the news his friend had told him.

"I thought I had told you before I started telling you what was wrong..."

"No, what you said was; 'When I told the new directions I was moving to Dalton' and then I zoned out of what you were saying, sorry" Blaine apologized.

"No, I'm sorry I should have made sure I told you before starting my story... I'm such an idiot..."

"You're not an idiot" Blaine replied quickly, quicker than he should have, he thought to himself

"Well, I'm coming to Dalton!" Kurt exclaimed with a giggle and a small blush at his friend's quick outburst.

"That's great, Kurt, are you thinking of joining the Warblers?"

"If you'll have me." Kurt was beaming, thinking that being in the Warblers will allow him to spend more time with Blaine.

"Of course!" He coughed, blushing. "So, are you boarding or commuting?"

"I'm boarding, I can't remember what house they were gonna put me in, though. What house are you in?" Kurt was hoping that he would be put in the same house as Blaine, maybe even a room with him if he was lucky.

"Oh, I'm in the Warbler's house, when you join, you'll get put in there, too" Blaine said with a huge smile on his face.

"Aah, okay, when can I audition for the Warblers?"

"Depends, when do you start?"

"Um, Monday. But they're letting me move in tomorrow."

"Do you need any help, like, moving in?"

"Uh, yeah, that'd be g-great, thanks"

They sat in comfortable silence, sipping their coffee, until Blaine jumped up suddenly.

"OH! I've gotta go talk to Wes, David and Thad about getting your audition tomorrow so we can move you into Warbler house, um, is tomorrow morning okay for your audition?"

"Um, yeah, I've got something up my sleeve already, thank you for just talking, I needed it."

"No problem, I'll see you tomorrow, about 8ish? I wanna move you in early so we have some time to hang out."

"Yeah, I'll wake up at, like, 6 to do my face routine," Kurt half-joked.

"well, I'll see you then, then" Blaine said and gave Kurt a quick hug goodbye, which made Kurt's stomach feel like there were a million butterflies inside, fluttering around.

Kurt watched Blaine leave, before looking at his phone to see the time. 9pm shit Kurt thought, he should have been home hours ago because it was Friday and he had missed Friday night dinner. Who knew just talking to Blaine could use up so much time?

Kurt hurried back to his car, got in and drove home.

All he could think about was the way Blaine made him feel.

The second he thought this, Michael Jackson's The Way You're Making Me Feel came on the radio.

Perfect. Kurt thought as he changed the station, when Teenage Dream

"SERIOUSLY?" Kurt screamed at the radio, switching it off, apparently, the radio wanted him to think of Blaine right now.

The next morning found Kurt up at 6am, doing his daily skin routine before he had to pack it all away in anticipation for 8am, when Blaine would come over to help Kurt move all of the stuff he needed into Dalton.

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