Hehe, I am such a horrible writer. I am so sorry I haven't updated. I promise I will in a little. I have part of the next chapter up. At the moment, I don't have internet, I know I'm updating but I'm kinda, sorta, maybe using coughstealingcough my neighbor's wifi, I know I feel so guilty, but I mean you can't really blame me. I have no tv, no lights!(they went out last night), so that means no AC and it's like 90 degrees in Chicago right now! Gah! So this is my life at the moment. sigh.

Anywayyys there I go getting off topic again, but I promise to update within the next week, summer just started so yay! (: haha. It's so weird, I'm like a senior now.I feel so OLD!

So yeah. That's all, again I am sorry for not updating in like 6months.

Also, I was reading over what I wrote and I noticed I had A LOT of mistakes, so I am going to go back and edit them. So if you get a lot of alerts about this story, once again sorry.

Okay, that's all. Ah-buh-bye(: