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Chapter 19

A heart beat monitor to many was irritating, but to Grimmjow it was a reassurance. He knew as long that thing gave him a headache his Baby was alright. Well not alright. But alive and for someone so sick that was the best it was gonna get.

His Baby was currently lying on his hospital bed with an IV in his arm, a tube through his nose, one through his mouth, various wires and monitors tapped to his chest and his eyes remained shut since the night before. Grimmjow watched from the bedside chair, his eyes fixating on Ichigo's body studying the faint rise and fall of his chest. The heart monitor beeped in the background at an irregular but not too alarming pace and was the only real comfort Grimmjow got from scene in front of him.

Ichigo was alive.

Maybe for not that longer but for now he was. His eyes flickered to his vibrating phone on the bedside table, it was Shiro and to be honest Grimmjow wasn't looking forward to this phone call.

"Bloody hell Blue 27 missed calls what the fuck man you are so lucky ma phone was on silence I woulda killed ya. Wassup man?" Jesus Christ, how was he possibly meant to let Shirosaki know that his brother was basically on his death bed.

"Ichigo might not make it to next week."

There was a long silent pause and Grimmjow was unsure if Shiro was still there.

"Why not?" His voice was much quieter now hardly louder than a whisper.

"Last night he..., I dunno. He was real sick and there was blood and I don't know Whitey but the nurses didn't think that he'd..." Grimmjow's voice cracked and he found that he couldn't make another sound.

"Okay Blue, I'll see if I can get there." Shiro's voice was weary and defeated, but also there was acceptance which for him was odd but understandable. He knew that this was coming and there was nothing to do but accept it. Shiro was at the acceptance stage, but for Grimmjow he hadn't known Ichigo for sixteen years, he wasn't ready to say goodbye and god dammit it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair. He had finally found someone that he loved and now he was going to have to watch his love be lowered down into the ground. His rough hand tightened around the smaller, colder one. Let's not think about that just yet Grimmjow. The heart monitor was still beeping he wouldn't have to buy a black suit just yet.

He felt a twitch in the hand he held and his heartbeat quickened. "Ichi? Wake up baby please." I need you.

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