A/N: I hope you all enjoy this long-waited epilogue!

It was six months later… six months since they'd rescued Fox from the hellhole that had nearly taken his life.

Six months since the famous hit killer Yassen Gregovitch had been gunned down by a mysterious, unknown Dobby.

Six months since Snake had taken legal guardian of Alex Rider.

And six months since Fox had been reunited with his own parents.

The six months was full of laughter, struggle, and recovery. It was full of challenging behavior, thoughts, and feelings. It was a time of healing, a time of release, and a time of challenge.

More importantly though, it was a time of just hanging out and having fun, and of recovery.

Wolf, Snake, Fox, and Eagle had all been given honorable discharges from the SAS, and were all working, valuable members of society, even Eagle.

Fox was now a full-time social worker, helping kids at Alex's old school in their situations as best he could.

Wolf was a full-time police officer. He needed the adrenaline rush of busting the bad guys, he explained. ("What are you going to do when you're too old to be a police officer?" Eagle had asked. Wolf had frowned, and had thoughtfully said, "Help the criminals I've locked up lead productive, societal lives." The K-Unit had then burst out laughing.)

Eagle worked with kids who had suffered through abuse, just as he had.

And Snake took his role of parenting Alex very seriously (along with the nice trust fund MI6 had left both him and Alex) very seriously. He still shared an apartment with Fox, although they'd refurbished the basement for Alex. Eagle and Wolf still lived together, and somehow, Wolf still tolerated Eagle. Eagle, remarkably, had only gotten one black eye during his entire time of staying with Wolf, and that had been more Eagle's fault than Wolf's.

After all, you really shouldn't walk in the bathroom when the shower water is running, even if the door is unlocked. They call it knocking for a reason.

Today, the K-Unit was gathered at a family barbecue of sorts. None of the K-Unit had actually settled down and married (and quite frankly, Alex personally thought, unless any of them matured any more than they previously had, they probably wouldn't marry anytime soon.

Although Eagle, much to Alex's surprise, was the first one to start seriously dating.

The barbeque was just K-Unit and family; any K-Unit members, past and present, and family, were welcomed. Right now, all of the K-Unit members were sitting on the luxurious, remarkably unstained couch in Wolf and Eagle's living room.

"I can't believe it's been six months since the whole thing happened," Fox said as he opened his bottle of beer. It would be about an hour before anyone else was supposed

"Yeah. Next time I start to attack you in front of the police station again, can you just redirect me?" Wolf said with a grimace. It had taken him a long time for him to get over his guilt about that.

"Not a problem, my friend, not a problem." Fox's gaze traveled towards Alex, who pushed himself off of the loveseat and walked outside. Eagle followed him out.

"I never thought I would see those two get along," Wolf said quietly as he looked outside.

"It's a good thing they do. Otherwise, I think you and Eagle would have killed each other," Fox responded, replying to the numerous times he'd seen Eagle and Wolf fight over trivial details the past six months – anything from what color the sky was (Eagle had brought that one upon himself) and whether or not tomatoes had to be cooked before they were eaten (Wolf had learned a remarkable lot about cooking in the past six months.)

Things weren't perfect. Wolf knew Eagle still had nightmares from his time in captivity. He had really, in a way, just started to process his childhood. Fox was still recovering and reconnecting with his parents. Snake knew that relationship would never be perfect – he'd seen Fox shy way from his father one too many times.

Alex and Eagle were helping each other with their recovery. If Snake hadn't already said that he was going to take Cub in, Eagle no doubt would have. Snake, however, was more mature and more ready to handle parenthood than Eagle. Snake had gotten a lot of teasing about that from his work mates.

"So, how did you have a kid without even having sex?" one man had asked in the break room once, sipping his coffee.

Snake spit his own soda out upon hearing that. "What?" he asked, his mouth hanging open. "How did you even know about that?"

"You're still a virgin?" the second man in the corner hooted.

Snake gave an embarrassed glare, not knowing where to take it from there. "Yes, I do have a kid. I'm not commenting on the sex thing, but he's not biologically mine. He's someone I rescued during my time at SAS. I can't say anything more than that," he added at the other man's questioning look. "You need level one security clearance." It had been satisfying, walking out of that room.

"I personally still can't believe you've made it six months with only punching Eagle once," Fox teased.

"Hey! I can be civil when I want to be," Wolf pouted as he watched the two play outside. "How about we give up on the wise-cracks and just play some Frisbee?" he questioned, leading his way outside.

"That sounds good to me," Fox said, stretching as he stood up. "There's just one problem, Wolf."

Wolf turned towards Fox. "Yeah?"

Snake answered for Fox. The K-Unit had worked so long together that it was almost as if they could read each other's minds. "You're assuming you have any wise-cracks in the first place. I mean, that puts wise and Wolf in the same sentence."

He had to move fast to duck from Wolf's hand.