So this was written for a friend, who needed a gentle shove in the right direction with her own Sev/Harry fic. It helped, or so she says, she still hasn't finished it yet... and she knows who she is. :P

I guess this could be considered as a step back into the world of Harry Potter, but who knows...


Harry's hand traversed the plains of the beautiful torso before him, trailing the soft hairs to his prize, as the body below him trembled it anticipation.

'It's really quite simple, Sev,' he purred, his lips brushing a pert nipple.

'Imp…' his "victim" gasped as he wrapped his hand around the hard erection that was leaking onto his belly.

'You wrap your hand around your cock,' he squeezed, emphasizing his point. Severus shuddered as tingles ran through his body from where Harry had his cock in his hand.

'You think of someone, or something, that gets you hard,' he continued as he simply held the hard cock in his hand, his thumb circling the head, smearing the precum that leaked from the tip.

'Like what?' Severus asked, his voice wavering ever so slightly.

Harry moaned, 'like what it would be like to thrust into the tight, hot arse of a willing student, or watching as your hot younger lover sucks you off, or prepares his own arse for your thick, long cock.'

Severus hips jerked at the images.

'Harry,' he breathed.

'And you stroke your cock,' his gave the cock a slow, languid tug, before Severus, to his horror, whimpered as that hot, calloused, firm hold vanished as the hand traveled up, 'you can tweak and play with your nipples,' he bit one of the nipples before moving to Severus mouth, 'or you fuck yourself on your own fingers,' he thrust two fingers into Severus' arse.

Severus, to his own shame, gave a howl and exploded almost violently over both of them.

'There's all kinds of ways to wank, Sev. You only have to think about it to do it,' he grinned as he slung a leg over Snape and impaled himself on Severus still hard cock.

Thank Merlin for enhancement potions.

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