So, while I was contemplating how I wanted to start chapter eight of JSaS, I was watching Disney's 'Hercules' with my niece. She made a comment about how Hades was a really mean guy and as much as I ADORE that movie (because yeah, it's just the cutest thing ever) I kind of got a little irritated. Because according to almost anyone you will ask, the god of the Underworld is evil and hellbent on taking over Zeus' position of power. However, those who enjoy Greek Mythology will know...that's so far from the truth it's not even funny. Hades (or Aidoneous...depending on which legends you read...and I like that name anyways) is probably one of the most passive gods in the pantheon, and he actually was responsible for keeping balance in the world. The only time he would even get mad was when someone cheated him or tried to sneak into his domain to steal a soul (which is totally legit and understandable).

So, while watching this movie...I got a crazy idea. I love writing AUs, and I just couldn't help but put my favorite boys in the roles of these gods. I actually assigned each one a character, but I only actually used like...four of them. I will apologize for James in this one, I used his personality from season one where he was just...selfish. He's going to come off as a dick in this one, but yeah...It was weird to write, so I can only imagine how weird it will be to read. Just give it a chance, I promise a lot of confusing things will be explained (like their names and such). Be sure to review so that I know what you think! There are three parts to this that are already complete. I'm just working on editing now and revising certain things. More reviews, faster updates. That's right, I'm threatening here.

And thank you so much to my soul sister for listening to me and not making me feel stupid about this idea...and helping me assign everyone...and reading over the chapters and making me feel better about myself in general...all while helping move. XD Love you, Jakii.

He was so tired. Every day was a silent and lonely struggle as he maintained his altruistic attitude through all the jeers and assumptions made on earth.

They all thought he was evil, sinister...this thing the Christians called Satan. But in reality, he, Aidoneous (or as his brother had deemed in the last century that they establish modernized epithet from their ancient names, he was now called Logan), was as passive and balanced as they came. There was no true evil in his heart, nor would he ever want there to be. He merely bemoaned his isolated existence in the underworld to himself, not allowing others to hear of his unrest lest they think he wasn't content with his lot in life.

He loved being such an essential part of humanity. Death. He was the god of the underworld, Hades was his realm, and he ruled over his domain with a sharp eye and iron fist while keeping peace with the gods and goddesses above him on Mt. Olympus. He rarely got as angry as Zeus and Poseidon (pardon...James and Carlos as they had deemed themselves in this millenia) as they clashed angrily when they argued only to turn around and be the best of brothers only moments later. He would never want them to believe he regretted his role.

But sometimes, he wished he had someone at his side. After that whole fiasco with Persephone (who turned out to be not even worth it in the end, every winter he wished he had ear plugs to cover the sound of her nagging about how dreary things always seemed to be around his home) he had given up on the hope of ever finding a companion who wasn't dead or incredibly annoying.

The sounds of a female's scream pulled him from his thoughts and he looked at the large glassy surface before him. That noise usually meant he was about to receive a new guest. The sound cut off abruptly, causing his eyebrows to furrow in curiosity. Someone had just cheated death. He focused his thoughts on the situation and the surface rippled as a scene was shown to him, two thugs had a hold of a young woman in an alley. Logan watched dispassionately as they ripped her blouse from her body, no doubt they were going to make this such a painful experience for her that she wasn't going to make it. He had seen this play out a number of times that the gut wrenching sympathy he had felt for them before was nothing but a mere twinge of regret that there was nothing he could do.

Murder was part of the cycle of life, and he could not intervene no matter how badly he wished he could.

And as if his prayers had been answered, the men suddenly paused in their act and turned to the opening of the alley. Logan sat up straighter in his chair, studying the features of the brave, if not a little stupid, blonde-haired man who had decided to take it upon himself to be the savior to a damsel in distress. His green eyes flashed as his mouth moved in what appeared to be a dark threat, Logan had long since disabled the sound feature on his viewing fountain having gotten tired of the useless monologues that all villains decided they needed to have. Only the screams of death and dying were permitted through; but at that moment, he desperately wished he could hear what was being said.

Both men smirked at each other before lunging at the man who stopped them before they could reach him by raising a shiny hand gun and pointing it straight at their faces. They both stopped shortly and held their hands up, the knife one had palmed fell to the ground in front of them and the blonde waved his free hand to the topless woman without looking away from her attackers. She ran forward, tears streaming down her face as she held her hands to her chest and hid behind him, clutching his jacket as if it were her only lifeline.

They backed out of the alley quietly, the man's lips moving once again in what Logan could only assume was a threat as both distasteful men began quivering lightly.

Logan leaned back in his chair with a sigh. This blonde had shown no fear in the face of potential demise. He had risked his life to save one measly woman who had not had the common sense to hail a cab that late at night. He was a hero in his own right, even if the world around him would never truly see that, nor would they really care. Humans had become so selfish in the last few centuries, Logan was amazed that he wasn't filled to capacity in his realm.

He should be angry that someone had intervened on behalf of the soul that should be waiting for him to show them to their resting place, but he really couldn't find it in himself. Normally, this kind of thing would have him in a silent rage, a private moment of possibly smashing everything in sight until his main room was a mass of crumbled waste. The most he felt at the time, though, was a warmth in his heart that he hadn't felt in a very long time.


Kendall Knight.

Logan smiled as he stood with his hands resting against the lip of his viewing fountain, thinking clearly about the blonde-haired, green-eyed man that had been plaguing his thoughts for a long time now. The picture came in with crystal clarity, those dark eyebrows furrowed together as he walked down the sidewalk with his hands in the pockets of his jeans. His shoulders were hunched as they always seemed to be; as if he were Atlas and the weight of the sky rested on his shoulders and he had no hope of relief any time soon.

The god had been watching the younger man go about his everyday business for a few months, and everyday he felt as if he were falling even more in love with someone he didn't even know. There were so many things the young man did that were contradicting to the way he held himself, that scowl permanently etched across his features. Some days he wondered just what it would take to wipe that expression away, to make him smile. The only time he had seen anything even resembling a smile on the man's face was when he had been watching some kids playing in a park. He had grinned wistfully before his features just crumbled into sorrow only to harden once again into that intimidating scowl.

Logan had become what humans called a "creeper" when it came to Kendall. He watched him every free moment he had, when he wasn't fulfilling his duties to the souls in his charge (you know meeting out torture and punishments for the guilty and rewards and satisfaction to the good). The few moments when he actually slept (because as a god, sleeping wasn't an actual requirement, more of a nice reprieve from thought and memory for him) he dreamed of the blonde, and what his voice could possibly sound like saying sweet things to him.

He had seen him intervene on three other deaths in the last three months. Each save had the ice chipping away from his heart bit by bit.

The idea to actually talk to him had been an impulsive one drilled into his brain after hours upon hours of watching the young man sleep. His face relaxing into such a vulnerable state that he had hardly been able to keep within his room. He wanted to run his fingers over those sharp features as they softened in content.

It was probably that need that found him where he was that day. Looking around uncomfortably at all the people that bustled by on the sidewalk around him. The white button-up shirt he had phased onto his body felt constricting along with the black straight-legged pants, a far cry from his normal robe that hung loosely on his body in the most comforting way possible. The sun damn near burned his eyes, and had he not been used to the bright lights of Olympus, he'd probably be in much pain. Damn, Apollo.

Logan ran a hand through his messy brown hair (a style he had picked up from observing the younger scene at the malls in the area that Kendall lived in) ruffling it as he looked around. He could have easily just slowed everyone's movements for a little while so he could find the blonde he had been looking for, but he really didn't want to alert any of the other gods to his activities. As far as James knew, he was still down in his little room, maintaining balance throughout the world without any other care.

He would have to do this the human way. But by now he knew almost every aspect of the blonde's life. His schedule, his daily route, all the spots where he generally saved a person.

It was as he was walking by one of those alleys that had been the site of many of Kendall's heroics, that Logan found himself with a hand over his mouth, an arm around his waist, and being dragged backwards into the alleyway. He played along, struggling minutely to keep up his human pretense until he could wipe their memories and possibly banish them to his realm for daring lay a hand on him in privacy.

Shadows covered him and his assailant in darkness, despite the nice weather he could see just beyond the opening to the space between the buildings. He marveled at the dank, and dangerous look that made up where he was being pulled to; how such a menacing place could exist on such a delightful day was amazing. It definitely explained the sudden onslaught of souls he had found himself sifting through in the last few years. Humans were disgusting creatures.

He sighed mentally as he felt them come to a stop just out of direct sight of anyone who could possibly walk by and see them. The person removed their hand from around his mouth, grasping his shoulder and spinning him at the same time they pushed him into the stone wall behind him. Ouch.

Logan groaned lowly as the back of his head impacted with the hard surface. That wasn't very pleasant, then the pain was gone in a flash as he willed it away. The dirty thug in front of him was grinning sadistically, a knife already pulled out and open in his hand. He could definitely see how this could be a mortifying experience for someone without his god powers, but all he felt was mild curiosity as to what this man could possibly do with this knife in the next few minutes.

"Nice clothes, sweetheart." The last syllable of the word coming out more like 'hawt' with his thick accent. Logan's head tilted to the side slightly. Wasn't that an endearment usually saved for some who was...well...dear to you? The sarcasm was lost on him.

"Hey!" Both of them whipped their heads in the direction of the opening of the alley, and Logan bit his lip to hide his smile. He was supposed to be playing the victim here, he needed to look scared. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Kendall Knight came into full view, his jade eyes blazing in anger. The man quaked for a moment before smirking.

"I'm just talking to the pretty boy here. He was asking me a question." The thug responded, his voice quivering for a split moment before taking on a haughty tone.

"Yeah, I'm fucking sure. I'm also pretty sure I told you to stop fucking with people or I will kill you." The dark expression on his face sent tingles down Logan's spine, it was so raw. Kendall had already pulled his gun from inside his jacket and held it at his side, his finger already on the trigger and ready to shoot.

"Oh...I'm so sorry, sir." The greasy man responded, derision behind his faux pleading face. Then he was pulling out his own pistol and firing off a shot within seconds. Logan could see the bullet going straight for Kendall's stomach and he willed time to slow down enough to move into action.

He grabbed the blonde and pulled him a foot over to the side so that the bullet would miss its mark, then he moved back to his spot against the wall and allowed things to go back into normal motion. The bullet hit the ground just behind the blonde, who looked slightly stunned that he wasn't in the exact spot he had been in only seconds before. Then he was shooting his own gun, hitting his mark as the metal lodged itself directly into the thugs right shoulder. The man screamed in pain, a sound so grating that Logan was tempted to kill the man himself just to get the noise to stop. He hoped to never hear that sound again, silence would be this man's punishment for the rest of eternity. Plus maybe a daily visit from a burly, sadistic, humanoid demon.

His arm felt as if it were being ripped from its socket as the blonde man grabbed him and dragged him swiftly out of the alley, walking at such a brisk pace that Logan felt he almost had to run to keep up. Once they were several blocks away, the blonde turned into a building that Logan recognized as where he would sleep at night, and drug him up the stairs without pause. Once they had reached a room and Kendall had unlocked the door, he pushed Logan inside first, checking the landing below them just in case, and then joining him in the small apartment while bolting the door.

Kendall's head went immediately into his hands as he scrubbed his face. It was obvious that though he had always seemed to carry a gun with him, he didn't use it too often. His troubled features clenched shut for a moment longer before he locked eyes with Logan.

"Are you okay? He didn't hurt you?" The sincere concern on his face had Logan's heart speeding up to beat double-time, all he could manage to do was shake his head in response. "Are you telling the truth? I'm not going to hurt you in here, I promise." And he was telling the complete truth, Logan could read it on his face. He took a moment to think of what an actual victim might possibly say before an idea hit him.

"Um...he threw me against the wall and I hit my head, but that's it." The blonde looked a little startled as he heard Logan's voice for the first time, making the god grin in his mind. Kendall walked forward and immediately began checking the brown hair, his fingers tenderly poking the general area where Logan had hit the wall. He hissed for show, but otherwise just enjoyed the contact he had been wanting for the past few months.

"You look alright. No blood, so there's no cut." Kendall breathed out a sigh of relief, his hand resting on Logan's bicep. "What's your name?"

Logan bit his bottom lip. "Aido-Logan." He answered, almost giving him his natural name rather than this farce James had settled on him.

"I'm Kendall." He held his free hand out and Logan looked at it curiously. His assumption was that he was to shake it with his own, but having never really had human interaction beyond what his viewing fountain showed him, he wasn't quite sure how to go about that. So he did what he saw a few other victims do to their saviors, his arms went around the taller man in an embrace. Kendall seemed to be caught off guard for a moment before he wrapped his long limbs around Logan's smaller body, his cheek resting just beside his temple. The warmth that surrounded him was warmer than anything else he had ever felt, and he was near the river of Phlegethon, and that fire was hot all the time. It was the kind of warmth that he never wanted to end. The kind that made him question his very existence.

"Thank you, Kendall." Logan whispered, grasping for any reason he could come up with to keep the blonde close to him. His lips brushed against the taller man's throat and he could feel the sharp intake of air. He began stepping back, wondering if he had overstepped some boundary that had developed in humanity. In the world of the gods, if you felt a sexual attraction towards another, you just sort of...fell into bed with them. There were no personal boundaries with any of them.

Kendall's arms tightened around him, keeping him in place with a strength that surprised Logan. He could break the hold, of course, if he deemed it inappropriate. But that was far from his mind as he leaned more securely into the embrace. He could feel the waves of lust rolling off the blonde and onto him, making his body tighten in anticipation.

"Logan, what-" Kendall began, but Logan shushed him with a sound and another kiss to his neck, nuzzling his nose in the juncture between shoulder and neck.

"Don't talk about it, just feel." And then their lips were tangling together as Kendall blindly led them down a short hallway that Logan knew almost as well as he knew his entire domain in the underworld.


Logan stretched his body several hours later, a delicious ache in his muscles that he refused to get rid of by willpower. A soft snore was coming from the man laying next to him. Kendall was sprawled out on his stomach, his arms folded under his head under the pillow that lay on the bed. Logan smiled softly and kissed one of the taller man's shoulders, his hand running over every bit of flesh he could reach from his position, wanting to memorize every inch of skin.

He bit his lip as he slipped out of the bed, willing the clothes from the floor back onto his body as he did so. He had already been gone for far longer than he had intended initially, if he were away for another ten minutes, he was sure James would be stopping by to see what the hold up was.

Logan worried his lower lip as his eyes scanned the naked blonde from head to toe. Despite his better judgment, he grabbed the small pad of paper that lay on the night stand next to the bed and jotted down a quick note. He pulled a small, white daffodil out of thin air, using it as a sort of weight to hold the note down then he phased out of the room and back into his realm.

Back to his solitude, with the only hope of that changing lying with a human who slept in his bed (Logan checked through his fountain before he got to work on the pile that had formed while he had been out) without a single thought as to the fact that a god had fallen in love with him. He only hoped that Kendall showed up to the predestined spot in a week. He hoped with his, finally, warm heart.