Kendall's reaction to finding out he had been the lover of a god for damn near a year had been about as good as Logan could have hoped for. There were a few panic attacks, some heavy breathing and fetal position rocking in corners, but he had accepted it as fact fairly quickly and had moved on to questioning him with a vengeance. He wanted to know every little thing about his life as a supreme being, and how he was even real. It was all very precious to Logan, who had lived for enough years to know that the love he felt was genuine.

"Wow." Kendall breathed, hours later after he had had his fill of information for the moment. "I've been having sex with a god. I topped a god?" Logan chuckled, of course that's what he would focus on. Then the blonde had turned to him sharply, his green eyes calculating. "So, that day we met in that alley. You didn't need my help?"

Logan looked to the side with a sheepish smile, a blush coming to cover his face. "No. I actually saved you from taking a bullet to the stomach. I was looking for you that day." His eyes hardened mischievously at the blonde. "You had been interfering with my soul collecting quite a few times." Kendall's eyes widened with something akin to fear, an emotion that was far more foreign to Logan when it came to the blonde than anything.

"You were going to kill me?" He demanded, looking as if his eyes were going to come popping out of his face at any moment. It was Logan's turn to be shocked, a look of disgust appearing over his features.

"No! I would never!" He sputtered, his hands waving in front of him frantically. "I just wanted to know you. I had been" His sentence tapered off as he once again flushed in embarrassment. Now Kendall knew just how much of a creeper he had become over him.

Kendall smirked, a knowing gleam coming to his green irises. Logan gasped in surprise as he was hoisted over the taller man's shoulder and pulled into the bedroom.


It was a week later and he had finally settled in to the small apartment with Kendall, managing to get him some semblance of humanity begun. And he woke up next to the blonde every morning. It was beautiful...glorious, really. He had never felt such happiness in his entire life.

The lightning storms had died down after the first two days, and Logan knew James' tantrum had finally simmered down into a petulant pout. Carlos had probably finally found a way to calm him down for the time being, until things really started getting out of control. It was still early at that point, people hadn't begun to realize that death wasn't an option, yet. When they did, Logan knew it was going to be chaos. Those had been his final words to his brother, and he wasn't about to go crawling back out of a sense of duty. He had already been battling the guilt since he had left that golden hall.

It was why he found himself out on the beach during a pleasant day, the salty breeze blowing perfectly around him. Kendall had walked off five minutes before to get them some ice cream, something that was apparently a great treat. He stood a good thirty feet away from the waves, a sense of nostalgia rushing over him. He missed his brother, Carlos. They had been the closest in terms of affectionate nature. He almost never could contain a smile when around the other god.

The waves crashed against the beach, and Logan could hear the message loud and clear. Carlos was trying to talk to him. The water receded with the undertow, then surged forward again in a way that was clearly not normal. Sea water pooled around his ankles, warm and comforting, pulling tears from Logan's eyes.

"I miss you too, brother." He looked around him at the rest of the dry sand. He could feel the tide trying to pull him in, but not enough to make him feel like he had to go, a nudge, if you will. He saw Kendall making his way back to him with two yellow cones in his hands, a curious expression on his face as he watched the water rushing around Logan's ankles. "But I love him." Logan said, stepping out of the small path of waves, walking back to the love of his life.

"Was that what I think it was?" Kendall asked softly as they got closer to each other. Logan sniffled quietly, wiping a tear from the corner of his eye and nodded.

"Yeah." He answered hoarsely. "Now, show me this ice cream you spoke so highly of." Kendall nodded understandingly and grabbed him by the hand, leading him back to the street. Logan looked behind him wistfully, watching the waves crash a little more sadly now.


Nobody had died in two weeks. And it was starting to garner a little attention. News reports had begun on the lack of funerals, especially in the big cities like the one he lived in. Someone died everyday there, it had seemed. And now, nothing.

There were major wrecks that had the highways piled up with cars, yet beyond the injuries, nobody was dying. Doctors were able to save every single life that went through the emergency room. Someone could fall off a building and splat onto the concrete below, but he would just become a vegetable for the rest of his life (a rather gruesome example had been the young man who had thought to commit suicide, his head was pulverized by the fall, yet his heart still beat as if his body were whole. It was disgusting and seemed cruel, but he didn't die and there was no way to kill him.)

That was when the crime sprees had begun. Thugs had taken to kidnapping and lynching everything in their path to the point of total and utter chaos. Logan knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. He was the only being with the power to hold dominion over death, and he had turned his back on that. He wasn't just some random or lowly god that ruled over a function that life could be without. He was destruction, the end of all things.

And he felt guilty as all sin. He watched the news everyday, begging Kendall not to leave the apartment for even a moment. He couldn't handle the thought of something dire happening to his love and him having to live with that pain and agony. What was worse than dying from a wound? Not dying from it. Not tasting that sweet release of death.

It was one of those such days that Kendall refused to stay inside when he followed him outside, chasing after him desperately trying to keep him out of harms way. People had taken to fighting and brawling in the streets in an apocalyptic way. Innocents were tucked away indoors, but that didn't save them from the bedlam that had become their world.

A bolt of lightning struck just before Kendall's feet, stopping him in his tracks and making him stagger back. It gave Logan enough time to reach the blonde, wrapping his arms around him as another bolt struck the ground just inches away from the couple.

Logan looked up at the darkening sky and glared, shaking his head but saying nothing. James had just threatened him by using Kendall, and that wasn't sitting well with him.

They both went straight back into their apartment, clinging to each other in a way that some would think was suffocating. But it matched their personalities perfectly. Even Kendall knew how close he had come to death, not just normal death, but death from a god. His soul would have been damned straight to Tartarus.

Their bodies collided desperately; Logan only thinking of how close he had really come to losing the love of his life. He only hoped that James understood that should he choose to threaten him again, there would be no going back. If this wasn't proof that he was the one that balanced out the world, then Zeus was far dumber than he had ever imagined.

They were kissing afterward, trying so hard to convey through movements just how much they loved each other. The only aggression between them was Logan trying to get his rage out of his system. How dare humans just think they could get away with anything they wanted just because death was out of the cards. That was no excuse to act so poorly and make the world a horrible place to live in. If anything, the world needed saving, and not dying would give them the perfect reasoning to make it a better place!

But being in Kendall's arms eased away his self-loathing, and human-hating heart. He eased his torment and guilt. With every push of their bodies, he felt every bit of his anger fading, and all of his focus shifting to the blonde. It was almost as if by magic. He knew he had made the right decision then, giving up everything that made him himself as a god, just for a single human. James be damned, he refused to ever give this up.


Logan's eyes shot open at the sound of his name, having been enjoying his post-coital cuddle with his love. He could feel Kendall tense around him at having an intruder in the house while they were in such a state of undress, but he wasn't sure if it had registered in his mind yet that this wasn't an ordinary visitor. The brunette pulled himself away from his lover's arms, stepping out of bed, and then turning around, no shame in the fact that he was nude. It was almost an unwritten rule of Mt. Olympus anyways, hardly anybody wore clothes all the time up there.

"James." He nodded, a stoic expression coming to his face. The great god looked as if he were stressed out, his eyes sheepish, yet crazed. Logan knew he was incapable of taking care of the underworld, it was something that had been Logan's responsibility since the beginning of their era. Nobody knew his job as well as he did, not to mention the fact that nobody could do his job besides himself.

"Humankind will perish if this continues. I can not allow them to live and destroy each other like this." James stated dispassionately.

"So be it, brother. I can not stop you. I no longer retain my powers, and in a few days I'll be completely human." Logan had felt every bit of his god powers draining slowly over the time he spent away, and having relinquished the control verbally to the king of gods had diminished a majority of them.

"Why would you become one of them? They are expendable, weak. You decide to give up godliness, immortality...for him?" James' voice had ignited as he pointed at the blonde who lay in the bed between them. Kendall's face was frozen in shock, and Logan worried for a moment that James would complete what he had tried just hours before.

"Yes." Logan responded quietly, allowing the love in his eyes show. Kendall looked over to him, his mouth forming the words of his name yet no sound came out.

"Love is a weak emotion. It does not belong in the heart of a god." James bit out, watching the scene play out between them with a frown.

Logan looked back up at him. "I am no longer a god. And if I'm not mistaken, you yourself have fallen in love a thousand times over over the centuries. You hold the rest of us to higher standards than yourself, when your trysts have produced more useless beings than anybody else."

James straightened his spine and glared at him. "My sons and daughters have all been good people and have never turned their backs on their responsibilities."

Logan's eyes narrowed. "Hercules killed my dog." He monotoned, still bitter about the incident. James threw his hands up in exasperation.

"You still haven't gotten over that? He said he was sorry!" James stomped his foot, but then pointed at him once again. "I hope you understand what you're doing. You are going to be the cause for all these innocent lives existing in Tartarus for the rest of their souls' existence. Tormented everyday."

Logan allowed the guilt to show for a moment before steeling himself against the emotion. "I no longer care-" His sentence was cut off, and Kendall was suddenly there. Standing in front of him with not a scrap of clothing to cover him, his hands coming to rest on his smaller shoulders. His eyes were tormented and pleading.

"Logan. You can't let that happen." The blonde insisted, his hands squeezing into the flesh beneath them. "Those are innocent lives. They don't deserve that kind of treatment. I love you, but what's the point in that love if there's no world for it to exist in." One of his hands came up to cup Logan's face tenderly. "I can't let that happen." Logan gulped.

"No, Kendall." He breathed. Kendall smiled tightly at him, leaned down to place a kiss upon his lips. Then he was stepping back and out of reach.

"You are Aidoneous, god of the underworld." Kendall's voice was strong and proud, and Logan could feel his heart breaking. "And I can't be with you anymore. Not if it's going to cause such suffering to innocents."

A single tear trailed down Logan's cheek. He was being dumped. That's all there was to it. James walked over to his side and placed a hand over his shoulder, electric currents flowing all around his body and that familiar tingle of power accompanying it. He glared up at his all powerful brother. "I hope you're happy." And then he was gone, phasing back into his home realm.

His robes appeared on his body as he got to work on restoring balance, a whole slew of souls beginning to make their way into his realm to be sorted. He was sure most were going to go through some kind of torture, what with the way everyone above had been going into chaos.

He was saddened to see a few young souls in the mix, probably having gotten caught in the crossfire at some point.

It was amazing how quickly he got everything back in order. Something that would go completely unnoticed by his siblings and chalked up to yet another one of James' masterful negotiating skills. There was no justice.

James got what he wanted, and Logan was heartbroken. It was how their world worked.

After the three days it took him to sort everything out, he began watching Kendall again. He wasn't sure what had happened after he had left, but Kendall's entire countenance seemed to be in good spirits. He didn't sag his shoulders as he did the year before, when this whole thing started. He looked happy, and that tore Logan apart. The fact that he seemed to be doing just fine without him, while he himself was a complete wreck.

He no longer slept, choosing to avoid those lucid dreams where he would be wrapped up in the blonde man's arms, making sweet love to him without pause or rest. It was better that way.

Kendall continued with his daring heroics, saving damsels and business men alike from the clutches of villainy. And though it had been nearly a week, his fearlessness seemed to have doubled and he was striking fear into the more evil hearts of the city. Most had already been arrested and were awaiting trial by week's end. Logan was proud of him.

He couldn't handle watching him anymore after that, his heart longed for him. His body needed him. His soul was missing its mate.

Instead, he found himself wandering around his realm, making sure everything was in order, and then double checking himself ten times over.

He avoided Mt. Olympus with every fiber of his being. James had yet to summon him for anything, but he was sure that day was coming. The tug he had felt on his powers indicated that the king wished to speak to him, but he ignored the summons. The god was being kind in not making him go, but the incessant tugging had increased over the course of the month while he moped around.

The tugging was constant almost two weeks later, until he suddenly found himself within golden walls with bright lights all around him. He looked up morosely at the gathering before him, going back in time to the last time he had deemed it important to have an audience.

Carlos came forward off his dais, his arms folding around his brother in a gesture of comfort that was greatly appreciated. "I missed you." The god whispered into his ear. Logan had long since lost his voice and instead just nodded his head in agreement. "You look terrible."

Logan's lip quirked on the side, he was sure he looked pretty awful at this point. But he didn't care anymore.

"Logan." He looked up at James, who was watching him with sad eyes. "Why have you not answered my summons?" Logan narrowed his eyes and cleared his throat.

"I have nothing more to say. My decision was made for me." His voice came out hoarse and scratchy from disuse. James smiled.

"You really love him don't you?" He seemed semi-shocked, but Logan didn't care anymore. He just wanted to get this over with so he could go back to his isolated existence.

"Yes. May I go now? I have a lot of things to sort through." He bit out. James waved his hand casually.

"Not yet. I know you, and everything is done already. I brought you here because I have a present for you."

Logan snorted, like he could give him anything of use. "Are you going to finally replace my Cerberus?" James narrowed his own eyes at him and crossed his arms over his chest petulantly.

"No. Are you ever going to forgive him for that? He was just a boy!" Logan rolled his eyes at the defense.

"He was a full grown man." Logan crossed his arms over his own chest. "Now what is it you wish to give me so I can refuse and go back to my underworld?" James smirked in amusement, and Logan worried.

"Ah, brother. You won't want to refuse this gift." Now he was even more worried. James snapped his fingers and Logan's eyes bugged out of his skull.

Kendall stood before him with a bright smile on his face, dressed in all white ancient Grecian robes. His green eyes sparkled happily as he waited for Logan's reaction.

Fire began spitting out of the brunette's eyes, his skin turning red with the fire that existed beneath the flesh. "Is this some kind of joke?" He demanded, his voice hard. "You dare mock my love for a human by torturing me with some shade?" James stood from his throne and walked over to Kendall, putting a hand on his shoulder and pushing him forward slightly.

"Your turn, he's not going to listen to me." The king of the gods said to the blonde as he rolled his eyes.

Kendall came forward with very little hesitance, his hands came up around Logan's face. The fire should have burned him, had he been human, but he acted as if it weren't even there. Then he was leaning down and kissing him sweetly in front of his brothers and sisters. "I'm really here, baby."

Logan shivered as that voice washed over him. It had been so long since he had heard him, and he was sure that his heart was crumbling. It seemed so real, but there was no way that Kendall was here. He couldn't, not as a human.

His eyes shot open and he looked over at James, who was smiling apologetically at him. "I felt bad." Was his only explanation. Logan threw his arms around Kendall's shoulders, pulling him down to his level and clinging to him with a bright smile.

Kendall chuckled against his neck. "He offered me a deal I couldn't refuse when you left. And gave me enough time to finish out some things that had been bothering me, get my affairs in order, and then brought me here a few weeks ago." He explained softly, his arms tightening around Logan's smaller body. "Though, I'm only assuming it's been a few weeks, it's hard to tell around here. So, can we go home now? I need to see what giving up my humanity was for." He teased, poking Logan in the side to get him to let go. Logan mouthed a "Thank you" to James and phased them into what he claimed as his home.

Kendall looked around with a raised eyebrow. "Wow, we need some color in here." Logan looked at him, appalled by his suggestion, then glanced around at the dark room. It had only been this way since he had returned, matching his mood perfectly.

"Uh, you may be right about that. It'll change soon. Don't worry." Then they were wrapped in each others arms once again. "You shared your world with me, even if it were for a short time. Now I get to do the same." He was elated, ecstatic, every word for extremely happy that you could think of. Kendall looked down at him with a grin, smoothing his hands through the shorter man's hair happily.

"I don't think eternity is going to be long enough." Logan rolled his eyes at the cheesy line, but couldn't stop the smile from breaking out onto his face. He was far too happy to care about anything else at that point in time. "Now where's the bedroom? I think a little christening is in order."

Logan laughed as he pulled the blonde behind him in the direction of his chambers. Eternity really wasn't going to be long enough for either of them.

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