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"We will wait for Aro. What the master says will go understand? Until then the rest of the mutts will be watched and so will your family. For your sake I hope you didn't trade out your own kind for a pack of rabies. The Volturi don't give second chances, don't disappoint us."

The new Cullen's Guard Dogs were forced to sit in a small bathroom. They were bound by rope to each other. The Volturi hoped this would make the wolves think twice about shifting in such a small room and would force to hurt each other if they did. Felix and Demetri stood watch like stone gargoyles. Jane and Alec stayed linked together as their red eyes watched leery of their company.

B Pov:

At this moment I am extremely envious of Edward's gift. We couldn't come up with a plan due to terrific vampire hearing. I glance around the room. My eyes stayed on each of my family member. Everyone in the room was frozen like ice. I felt trapped and not only did I foolishly trap myself but the people I love. I felt more frustrated as time tick by.

I stood awaking the room full of statues. All eyes were on me. I could feel the tension in the air thicken. "Excuse me," I gave a slight nod before walking towards the kitchen. I felt an old human habit pulling on my strings. I lean against the chrome fridge knowing it was empty besides for small things to keep in touch with a fake life.

Whenever I felt flustered I always resorted to making dinner for Charlie. My fingers linger against the handle as an inner struggle stop me from opening up the fridge and staring blankly at the emptiness. Dainty fingers grip at my shoulder for a quick second. I knew the hand belonged to Alice. I could smell her signature scent.

I turn myself into her letting my face seek comfort in the crook of her neck. We lingered in the moment appreciating the short time to our selves. Our cheeks brush against each other as I move away to look beauty in the face. She had genuine sadness hinting under her flawless skin. "You know how not only you but Jasper and Edward have extra talents; do they Volturi have them too?"

There was a pause as if clogs were turning in Alice's head trying to decipher if I was being completely stupid or I was just being the newbie. "Jane, the small blonde, she has one of the most useful ability. Of course her brother Alec, the one always by her side, has a very useful one as well. Jane she can make you feel pain with just a single thought. Pain said to be the worse thing to ever come across. Hearing the word escape from her lips make you wish for death. Alec He can eliminate every single one of your senses as if you were dead. You would never know if you were or not just forever trap in blackness. Who knows what happen after death anyways?

Felix is like Emmett and Demetri can track anyone in the world. Once he knows you it is over. You can run but you can not hide from him, ever. Aro, you will meet him soon enough. He is like Edward only he can read every single thought you have had by sharing contact. You have to touch him. Marcus another leader can sense relationships between two people. Well really I could go on and on the Volturi is vast and most of them have mates. They are also… collectors of vampires with abilities." Alice chose her words carefully at the end of her rant.

Another hour pass as we hid out in the kitchen. I know if I took action against the Volturi my family would stay by my side. The question is do I really want to condemn them for their love and passion? If I were to act out I have to take Alec down first. That way he didn't blind all of our senses, but then again Jane can cause a tremendous amount of damage. Alec can render all of us useless where Jane can only focus on one person at the time. So it was settled Alec had to go first. I didn't need to necessarily set him on fire just render him useless for once. If we were all to rush Jane she would be so flustered she wouldn't know how to focus. She could easily be dealt with in seconds as long as if we had the follow through to take her out.

We don't have to take all of the four out tonight. We could leave Felix for another battle. Then again if he is truly stronger than most vampires it might be best to take him down when it is just him and none of his friends to back him up. There is strength in numbers and he is only one where we are many. If some how I could release our friends tied up in the bathroom they could get outside and shift. I'm sure they alone could tire out Felix until we could finish the job.

After all is said and done the main two that has to die tonight was Alec and Demetri. There is no use in attacking if we can not run if we have to. Sure running away doesn't look like a brave warrior thing to do but if it let us live another day then so be it. We may just need that other day to come up with a better plan to end it all. The only way to guarantee this is to kill the tracker. I can not just half ass this plan. If I attack I have to commit to it and give it my all, if not then it will be all for nothing.

My family won't know what is coming and neither will the high horse the Volturi rode in on. I noticed Alice's eyes shine with a shallow light as if lost in a haze. They quickly brighten regaining the sense of what is around her. She scans my face with a worried look and I know that she has seen what I was about to do. Never in my life would I think I would see a vampire's lip tremble with fear. If I don't do something then it will be like I am the one killing Jacob, Seth, Leah, and maybe even the rest. Their blood will be on my hands and for what? For no damn good reason? I could not live with myself knowing I did nothing.

Alice's hand reaches out towards me. The pale arm was left stagnate in the air grasping towards nothing. I knew I had to move fast for if I let Alice grab me the plan would have fail. My gracefulness has improved to my supernatural gifts. Within matters of seconds my body propelled itself around the corner emerging in the family room.

One of Esme's floor lamp was best suiting for the movement. It had a narrow spine that erupted from a large round base. The spine turn into a head of a white lamp shape that illuminates it's own space in the room. Quickly I wring my hands around the spine while using my foot to kick off the base of the lamp. The light flickered dead as I hope the short stack siblings have not noticed me yet.

With all the might I could muster I thrust the newly sharp end of the lamp into Alec's thoracic cavity. I could feel the cracking of his chest resonating through the metal lamp. To make sure Alec was down long enough to take the next big threat out I ripped the lamp up towards his neck. It was not hard to tear through frozen flesh.

Alec's upper body was torn in half as it crumbled to the floor. Jane looked at me dumbfound by my boldness. "Pain," Jane uttered as her eyes squinted locking onto me.

A mere second passed as I was enveloped by nothing. Not only do I thwart Edward's gift but also others of the vampire community. "Sorry one trick pony but that show doesn't work on me."

I swung what was left of the lamp as a bat sending Jane's head through the living room's window out to the damp grass waiting in the dark.

"Bella! What are you doing?" Carlisle looked at me as if I had gone mad.

"We can't stand here and just let them die! If you all can then surely I will not. If I die for it then so be it. It's the right thing to do."

Demetri came halfway down the stairs. "What is this madness?"

His red eyes traveled from us to the pieces of his own clan. His mouth spread open but no sound came forth from him. Emmett jumped over the railing slamming into Demetri. His hand griped tightly around his throat stopping all sounds.

"Bella is right. I got your back little sister," Emmett said proudly.

"Demetri and Alec are the ones that have to die tonight. They are the heart and lungs of the Volturi their ability is what makes them so strong." I spoke through gritted teeth. I knew Felix must be on guard now.

Jasper ran forward to the crumbled pieces. "I'll take care of Alec."

I surpass Demetri and Emmett making my way towards the last threat for now. There stood Felix with a straight face ready for any to try and stop him. I stopped in my tracks. I didn't know how to attack him. He stood too close to the wolves and I was afraid if I tried he would reach out and hurt one of them.

"Leah shift now," Jacob said loudly not caring to hide his words.

"I can't I will rip you apart."

"I order you to do it now!"

Leah's face contorted before bowing her head. Felix looked amused. "You wouldn't…" He never got the chance to finish before he was enveloped into grey fur. The smell of blood flooded my nostrils. A hole emerged from the wall as the giant wolf trashed about making her exit. All that was left in the bathroom was one scared Seth and a bloodied Jacob.

Seth pushed his way by me. "Bella he is already healing don't worry about him."

My eyes lingered on the red tissue around his mouth.

"You have doomed us all!" Rosalie charged towards us. "Over a pack of mutts, I hope that it's all worth it."

"Calm down Blondie. We would have done it for you and all your bitchiness." Jacob lifted his body as he shrugged his torn black shirt off of his red dark skin. "Seth go to Sam now, that is an order." The Alpha Wolf rose inside of him strong and tall. His eyes shifted darker than their natural color. "I will handle the dumb brute," a growl resonated from his chest.

Jacob's long slender fingers grip the doorframe as he propelled himself forward. He took off running towards another hole in the outside supporting wall. Leaping forward a russet wolf flies in the air preparing for battle.

Alice and Esme rounded up the stairs. "There is no turning back now," Alice searched my face.

"I know."

A crash resonated within the house. Rosalie ran down stairs, "Emmett!" we followed suit only to be surprised. Three new vampires emerged with thin pale skin. It looked fragile but soft. I wondered if touching them would rip the skin like flames to a cobweb.

"Let me introduce myself. I am Aro and it seems like if we didn't arrive in time then you would have had the best of us." He clapped and gave a short laugh. They had come with a couple more guards. One in their ridiculous robes had a hold of Emmett. He was kneeling with his head snapped back. The veins clearly popped out of his pasty pale neck. His sharp golden eyes land on me. All I could think of is what have I done to put the man who is brother in harms way.

"Well there is new face here and who are you." Aro slowly unraveled his hand towards me palm up.

I didn't want to show any signs of weakness. Taking a step forward with more grace than my human body ever had. I slip my hand perfectly into his.

A smile twitched around his thin lips. It settled into a small frown. His red eyes darted between my face and the other surroundings. Aro flipped that frown upside down and stick with a smirk. The fair skin hand encroached my personal bubble. Both of his were on mine. The right resting on top as his left held my hand from the bottom. The one on top pushed forward up along my arm.

"I am amazed. I see nothing."

"Neither could Edward. The abilities of your others were ineffectual as well."

"What a talent! One that I have never seen before. You remind me of myself when I first started out. Strong headed and willing to risks. You could go far in the right…family settings my dear, but first we have to discuss this matter of rebellion. Is everyone accounted for?"

Felix walked through the house to the gathering. "We are missing Alec and the empath, sir." He bowed his head for a second.

If my heart could race now would have been the time. "This should be interesting senses over senses." Aro clapped his hands lazily together while chuckling. "Now why did you attack your own kind? Do you love these dogs more than your own kind?"

"I knew them when I was human."

"Ah, yes and your family are so influence with the humanity and the past. Let me tell you the child of the moon is none to get close to. A good werewolf is a dead werewolf. Shall we go outside now?"

Felix pressed his body against my back forcing me to follow Aro. A purple hazy smoke fluttered up in the sky almost fully hidden by the trees.

"Bring forth the mutt." Aro said as he clapped his hands together.

Two unknown vampires drag Leah towards us. She tried her best to keep covered with what was left of a tattered cloth.

"Your hand." Aro gave his willingly. Leah did not hand hers over as willingly.

I scan the forest. Not only was Jasper missing but also was Jacob. I felt fear rushing up from my stomach.

"Ah, I see now," Aro turned around to face his brothers. "No need to fear Caius there are merely shape shifters. There is nothing wrong with having the shape shifters near by."

His red eyes land on me once again. "It seems that Alec has seen the final death. You have seen this with your own eyes. What are we infer to do now?"

Leah did not want to speak so she shakes her head up and down once.

Marcus talked in a slow drawn out manner, "You already know Aro." He put his hand in Aro's.

"Well this does changes everything. Carlisle I am assured that you can control your family this time around?"

"I think I can handle that," Carlisle nodded his head toward Aro.

Jasper broke through the trees. Alec did not follow in his wake. Clearly those purple fumes were his only. He already knew the way things were, so forth Jasper made his way towards Aro and politely offered his hand.

Aro was the first to articulate, "You may be the one still alive but it is unmistakably who had the best of him and that was not you." The red eyes moved from Jasper to Carlisle and settled on me last. "We lost one of ours and it would only be fair to lose one of you as well."

Alice wrapped her arms around me. The air was thick with dread. Aro smiled at Alice's action. "Build a fire and dispose of Irina let's be done with all the petty resentment. Also bring forth Charmion. I will settle with Irina being the one of your family that you have lost. Cousin is family after all right? I will not however tolerate another attack on The Volturi. Carlisle you know I care for you deeply and this will be the only time I shall let the punishment be minute."

"We appreciate that Aro," Carlisle held his wife close to his body.

"Bella, it seems like to me you are still too connect with the former human life you had shed behind. As part of your punishment you will have to do two things. One being is you must leave this place and not come back until the name Isabella Marie Swan is indefinite. You may join us with your company and learn the rules of our nature. I'm sure your mate would join you."

He smiles at Alice. A short voluptuous woman walks seductively our way. "Master," she says while moving her light brown hair our of her face.

"Yes Cullens do you know Charmion? She is very…useful."

"Please call me Chelsea." I can feel her crimson eyes focusing on me. It is like she is drilling a hole into me. She starts to look frustrated. I think it angers her when I just stare blankly about.

Aro started up once more, "the second part of the punishment is you must tie up lose ends. It is against the law for humans to know that we exist. You must deal with Charlie for the last time. Ending his life will work just fine. Just divest yourself of the human."