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"Sasuke can I ask you something?" Once they had stopped laughing, Naruto really did want to find out more about Sasuke, and despite their weird, odd and rather sexual conversations, he sometimes did worry about Sasuke and why he acts the way he does.

"Depends what it's about."

"It's nothing sexual." Naruto could see the disappointment in Sasuke's eyes. "Don't be such a perv." The blonde rolled his eyes at him.

"Go on then."

"Don't give me a stupid answer though." He wanted to make sure that Sasuke was being serious about this.

"When do I ever give you a stupid answer?"

"When do you ever give me a smart answer?"

"Hn, that's offensive."

"No one cares." Naruto smiled at him.

"Ask me whatever you want and I will do my up most best to answer to the best of my ability."

"How did you turn out this way?" Naruto just repeated what he had just said in his head and realized how rude it actually sounded. Sasuke just simply raised an eyebrow at the question.

"Do you want to expand a little?" Naruto just uncomfortably laughed, unsure how to expand the question.

"Well, you're not like the average, everyday teenage kid."

"And how would you define the 'average, everyday teenage kid'?" The blue eyed teen thought about it and the first things that popped into his mind were sex, alcohol and partying. So, technically, Sasuke did sound like the average teenager. To be honest, Naruto actually had no idea what he wanted to say, he just wanted to know something about Sasuke that didn't relate to sex. The raven noticed Naruto's silence and began to speak, "you ask a lot of questions."

"What do you mean?"

"There's always something you want to know about me." Sasuke casually replied.

"Well, you're nothing exactly boring."

"So I'm interesting?" Sasuke grinned at him.

"I didn't say that." Naruto became defensive.

"Then what do you mean?"

"You're..." He struggled to find the right word, a word that didn't big up Sasuke's head (not that it could get any bigger), but a word that didn't hurt his pride.


"Satisfactory!" Naruto grinned, finally finding the word.

"Satisfactory?" The raven head didn't know whether or not Naruto realized that when you described someone as satisfactory, it means they are sexually satisfying.

"Yeah, not so boring that I would rather watch paint dry, but not too amazing and perfect that I want to be with you 24/7." Naruto noticed something flicker in the younger teen's eyes, he was unsure what it was but he knew that it couldn't have been anything positive. He had to think of something quick to say, something positive. "But your great sex skills make up for your dullness!"


"..." Naruto laughed nervously.


"Heh..." Why on earth did I call him dull?

"..." There was no emotion on the pale teen's face.

"But you er..."

"..." Think, think, Naruto think! Why is he not replying?! What can I say? Think, think!

"I didn't mean..."


"I once had a sex dream about you and I liked it!" ...out of all the things I could have said...

"Oh really?" There was a massive smirk plastered all over the raven's face. I said that...

"W-well seeing as I am a teenager as well, it's completely natural." Naruto tried to hide his embarrassment. Sasuke just continued to stare at the flustered blonde before pushing him back onto the bed and climbed into his legs. Their faces were only a few centimetres away from each other, Naruto looked up at Sasuke whom was just staring at him, the blonde couldn't deal with the uncomfortable eye contact and looked to the side. "Do you mind?" His voice sounded weak and quiet. Naruto felt Sasuke chuckle in his ear.

"Dreams reflect what you really want." Sasuke breathed heavily into the blonde's ear.

"I doubt that, if I had a dream about me dying, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to die." He mumbled.

"Sex dreams in particular mean that you're horny." Naruto could feel his body temperature go through the roof.

"That's not really a proven fact." He moved his head so he could be facing straight at Sasuke.

"Say Naruto, have you been masturbating in this house?"

"P-pardon?" His face brightened up, sure he masturbated, but he would never do it in someone else's house.

"You know if you get hard, I would always be willing to help you out." Sasuke's knee began to gently rub up and down between the blonde's legs. He stopped a moan from escaping his mouth, when you haven't had any sexual contact in a long time, it does make you extremely sensitive.

"Thanks for the offer..." Naruto cleared his throat, "but I'm going to politely decline." He tried to move but it failed.

"So what are you going to do about this?" Sasuke used his hand to lightly rub Naruto's growing erection, the blonde gulped, somewhat scared about what was going to happen next. Don't act like you don't want it. He cursed his own thoughts not wanting to believe them.

"E-rm," Naruto couldn't think straight, Sasuke's actions were making his thoughts cluster and clump together. "I'd rather do it myself." All of a sudden Sasuke stopped all his ministrations and moved off the blonde. He leaned back and gave the older teen a lustful look.

"Go on then." Naruto paused for a minute, letting those words actually sink in.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Go ahead and jerk off." Sasuke smirked at the now embarrassed and flustered blonde. Naruto wasn't sure if he was dreaming or if this was reality.

"Pinch me." The raven raised an eyebrow at his request.

"Pinch you?"

"Yes." Sasuke moved forward and pinched the blonde on the arm, seeing Naruto's eyes slightly widened; he guessed Naruto thought he was dreaming.

"As much as you want this to be a dream, it isn't. If it was, I'm pretty sure I would've ripped off all your clothing by now."

"Are you actually being serious?" The cerulean eyed teen started awkwardly laughing and rubbing his head. "Of course you're not being serious. Haha, nice one Sasuke, you got me." Naruto began to get up, only to be dragged down and pinned to the bed again.

"Why would I be joking?" Sasuke's voice was completely serious. "Are you scared?"

"And why would I be scared?" Naruto tried his hardest to make sure his voice didn't sound hesitant.

"Hmm, maybe because you've never done something like this before?" Well that is true. "And maybe because you've never something like this before with a guy." True...what is he getting at? Sasuke looked directly into his eyes and spoke again, "and maybe because you're finally realizing you're gay and you're scared about it." What was Sasuke on about? Even if the blonde was gay, he would never be scared to admit it; he's already started to think that he's bi considering the fact of how attractive he thinks Sasuke is. Naruto breathed in the younger teen's scent, completely forgetting about his hard on, his mind was just focusing on the mixture and musk and lavender. You probably would think those two fragrances would never work, but on Sasuke, he smelt perfect. "Don't resist it." He whispered into the blonde's ear; Naruto closed his eyes, intoxicated by his scent, it was as if he had been drugged, he felt tired but excited at the same time.

He could feel Sasuke's hands travelling towards his jeans and unbuckling the belt, he breathed in deeply as the zipper went down. Slender fingers began to tug at the material and pull it down until it was completely off. Sasuke began to lightly peck at the tanned neck, leaving little red marks that disappeared within seconds; his hands slipped under Naruto's boxers and barely touched his erection. One finger began to move up and down, along the shaft; the blonde's breath hitched and his palms began to sweat. He was unsure if he was nervous or happy that his hard on was getting some sort of attention

"Do you want it?" The younger teen breathed into his ear, he tongue darted out to gently suck on the lobe. Naruto just nodded, unable to actually get the words out. "I can't hear you." The bastard's gonna make me beg isn't he?


"Sorry, I missed that."

"Damn it Sasuke!" Annoyance was evident in Naruto's voice; the raven chuckled, it was amusing to see his 'guardian' so worked up and horny. He smirked to himself, I knew I'd win. Sasuke pulled down the only clothing separating Naruto, and the raven's mouth. Naruto gasped as the cold air hit his erection, it was slightly embarrassing to see his own manhood standing bold and proud, especially in front of Sasuke. The younger teen began to move down the tanned body, until his mouth was only inches away the erect organ.

"I told you, you couldn't resist me." Naruto didn't bother to listen to any of the words that Sasuke had just said as he felt himself be engulfed by a hot, wet cavern.

"Fuck..." Naruto muttered, it really was a long time since he's felt anything even remotely similar to this. Sasuke's tongue began to explore the tender flesh, following a vein that reached all the way to the top. The contrast of his metal lip ring against the skin was driving the blonde crazy, his vision blurred as his thoughts flew away to lala land. One of Sasuke's hands began to massage the sensitive balls, while the other began to pull and rub against a hardened nipple. The raven began to bob up and down, deep throating him with every motion.

"A-ah..." Naruto's mouth flew open as loud moans escaped his mouth, the pleasure was just too much, and he felt as if his brain and body was going to explode at any minute. Slender fingers pressed against the nerves in his balls, while he began to hum, sending strong vibrations of pleasure throughout Naruto's body. The blonde arched his back as one of his hands became lost in Sasuke's ebony hair. Tanned hands began to rub against Sasuke's scalp, massaging the skin and causing satisfying sounds from the younger teen.

Sasuke started to bob his head down much quicker as Naruto began to thrust upwards, his breathing was becoming much more erratic, as things began to become much more intense. The feeling of Sasuke's mouth was something that couldn't be explained nor imagined, it's something you have to witness first hand, that devil's tongue just swirling around his manhood and teasing it. That small piece of metal grazing against the skin, driving Naruto to insanity. Those noises, those vibrations shocking his body into ultimate submission. Naruto could feel it pooling together at the bottom of his stomach, he was extremely close.

"S-as-ke," The blonde moaned, trying to warn the younger teen of what was going to happen. All of a sudden his pleasure, heightened and intensified, as he felt himself orgasm in Sasuke's mouth. White liquid squirted into the younger teen's cavern, as he swallowed it all, enjoying the bittersweet taste of Naruto. He released the limp organ and let it fall lifelessly before soothingly kissing the swollen head. Sasuke sat up, licking the corners of his lips as he watched Naruto drown himself in awkwardness.

The blonde pushed himself further into the mattress, not wanting to open his eyes, and dreading what was going to happen next. His breathing was rapid as he tried to recover from what just happened.

"Naruto..." The blonde could practically hear the smirk in his voice. Fuck, what do I do now? This shouldn't have happened. "Naruto open your eyes." The older teen still kept them closed, not wanting to deal with Sasuke and his egotistical self at the moment. His mind was full of uncertainty. Abruptly, Naruto jumped up and put his clothes back on. "What are you doing?" He never answered as he pulled his jeans back up and fastened the belt. Sasuke was now getting irritated at the silent blonde, when only a minute ago he was screaming in ecstasy. The raven grabbed Naruto's arm before he could leave.

"I'm sorry." Naruto mumbled.

"Sorry for what?"

"I shouldn't have done this."

"Get over yourself dobe, it was just a blowjob." It was now Naruto's turn to get annoyed.

"You don't get it do you?"

"I don't get what?"

"I have a responsibility to look after you, not to be your sex buddy." Sasuke got up on to his feet, still holding Naruto's arm. He grabbed the blonde's waist and pushed against him so Naruto's back was facing his stomach. He leaned down until his mouth was next to Naruto's ear; he felt the older teen tense.

"You don't get it." Sasuke stated.

"I don't get what?"

"I like you..." Sasuke embraced Naruto's warmth as his arms tightened, "and you clearly like me."

"And you based that conclusion on the fact that...?" Sasuke smiled as he placed a small kiss on the blonde's whiskered cheek.

"Don't worry, I'll make you say." He let go of Naruto and walked off.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm taking care of a problem." Azure eyes travelled down to clear and evident bulge in Sasuke's pants. He gave Naruto a mischievous look before exiting the room. The older teen let a big sigh escape his mouth before sitting back onto the bed.

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