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Luna spluttered on the heavy smell of sanitizer that clouded the room in the infirmary. Yasmine frowned at her.

"You okay?" she asked worriedly, her grip on Luna's arm suddenly becoming tighter.

Luna coughed and cleared her throat.

"Yes, fine, thank you. It's the smell…that's all…." Luna's voice drifted away as they reached the last infirmary bed. It was the only one occupied.

She inhaled steadily as she stared at the unmoving white curtain before her. She tensed stiffly. What if she really had hurt him? What would she do? How could she…Then she could never….But…If he was fine he would…

She mentally sighed in exasperation.

Why am I doing this?

Because you miss me so much. Came a teasing thought behind the curtain.

Luna snarled and ripped the sheet aside. Yasmine jumped at the sudden jolt of movement.

Tom was lying on a neat, compact infirmary bed

"Couldn't stay away, Lovegood?" he smirked.

She ignored him and quickly analysed his condition. His skin had become a pale ivory, with a sickly tint of yellow. His eyes were shadowed by bruises, and his cheeks were terribly hollow.

Oh, and his butt was normally sized again.

But….Overall, he looked….drained. Luna guessed all of his energy was used to grow his butt. It was a faulty hex that she had used, but she thought that Fred and George would have wanted her to do it.

He looked terrible. But there was still that smirk. God! She wished that she could punch that smirk right off his stupidly handsome face.

No matter how good it looks?

Did I just think that?

She shook herself agressively.

LUNA LOVEGOOD! She shouted at herself.

Don't blame yourself, Luna. Every girl admires my charm.

Charm? Hardly.

Now stop eavesdropping. This conversation does not involve yourself.

She could sense his amusement in his thoughts.

"Hello, Yasmine. How kind of you to visit me." he said politely to Yasmine, his gaze completely blind to Luna's presence.

Yasmine quickly looked down, unable to hold his dark eyes.

"Actually…it was Luna who came…wanted to see…how you were…." She mumbled.

"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that." Tom mocked, clearly enjoying her uncertainty.

Luna's temper simmered as she saw Yasmine squirm, caught in Tom's claws, like a mouse with only his tail stuck in a trap. Yasmine was the one who wanted to check on him anyway.

"She said, you deaf fool…that she thought it would be best if we visited YOU in the infirmary. But now I wish I could've made you stay here longer." Luna hissed.

That was very unlike myself. She thought.

I do not often wish the misfortune of others.

Ah, but you have for the Dark Lord before, haven't you?

Yes, I suppose…

As Luna's mental babbling continued, an awkward, uncomfortable silence had settled between the three. Tom had looked away to the foggy window, his face contorted with outrage….hurt?... and…shame?

Yasmine stood in shock. She would have never had guessed that Luna was one to lose her temper so easily. Nor was she expecting her frantic, yet maintained, outburst.

She cleared her rather dry throat. Both pairs of eyes snapped to her immediately. A slight blush swirled in her cheeks.

"I'll…" she muttered.

"…just leave you two to yourselves then." She finished confidently. She turned on her heel and strode away from them.

"Yasmine." She stopped abruptly at Tom's voice.

"Sorry." He said bitterly. Yasmine slowly turned around and masked her surprise. She flashed a small smile and nodded once, then turned to leave.

He said SORRY? What in the world is Luna doing to him?

Well, whatever it is, it's not half bad.

Luna looked away from the door, where Yasmine stood a few moments ago. Tom had closed his eyes. His deep breathing filled the infirmary. Luna hesitantly reached out, and squeezed his hand lightly. His eyes flew open.

"Thank you." She said sincerely. He smiled gently, and his eyes swerved to their hands, entwined together. A burning sensation rose to Luna's cheeks. But as she pulled away, he clasped his cold, long fingers around her warm, petite hand. He closed his eyes again without speaking for a few minutes.

"Your welcome." He finally spoke.

"Now promise me something." He continued.

"It depends what it is you want me to promise." Luna said cautiously, liking his touch far too much.

He sighed heavily.

"Next time you want me to apologise to someone, don't swell my buttocks to get me to do it." He said warily.

Luna giggled and punched him lightly on the shoulder.

"That was only because you were being a…a…" she flailed her hands in the air, struggling to find the appropriate word.

"A…?" he said dangerously.

"Poo." She said, frowning in concentration.

"Excuse me?"

"You were being a poo." She exclaimed.

Tom's face wrinkled in confusion and disgust.

Luna erupted into a fit of hysterics. She collapsed next to him on the bed, and gripped his arm for support as she struggled to breathe.

A shy, hidden smile tugged at the corner of Tom's mouth.

"You are peculiar."

Luna's grin vanished.

"Oh, yes. I know." She said airily. She sighed deeply and leant back into Tom.

He was momentarily shocked at her sudden mood swing. They sat in silence, listening to each others slow, even breathing. Luna closed her eyes as she buried her face into Tom's hard chest sleepily.

"You do know that this isn't over?" Tom whispered in her ear, stroking her silky hair lightly.

Luna immediately sat up.


"Well, well, well…Lovegood thought she could hex Tom Riddle and get away with it?" he taunted.

She reluctantly stood up and backed away from Tom. He wore a terrible smirk as he watched Luna cower away from him. There was a dark, hostile glint in his eyes.

Does he have a multiple personality disorder?

He swung his legs over the bed and slowly rose. He looked so fragile and yet so…powerful. Luna reached for her back pocket, ready to fling curses at him, but the Elder Wand wasn't there. Her eyes scanned the room, and caught sight of it, lying on Tom's bed. But that was blocked. Tom laughed coldly as he watched the hopeless situation dawn on her. A terrifying, delightful shiver shot through her at the sound. She was defenceless.

What was he going to do to her?

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