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Chapter 10

"Wake up, musuko!" Davis shouted at seven-thirty that morning. DemiVeemon and I came out to see what the yelling was all about. "Look what I got for you!"

"What is it, Dad?" He came out of his room, rubbing his eyes. "Do you know what time it is?"

"Yes, it's morning time." He said. "That means it's the time to get the day started! Now, look what I got you."

"Okay. What is it?"

Davis proudly presented an orange long-sleeved T-shirt with the word MUSUKO spread all over the chest in yellow.

Daisuke smiled as he took a closer look at it, delicately handling it with his fingers. "I like it." He said.

"Go ahead and put it on! We have a long day ahead of us and it's just you and me!" Then his cell phone rang. It was the ultimate test to see if Davis really changed. "Hello? Oh, hi, Nick." He was saying once he answered it. Daisuke only frowned and nearly dropped the shirt. But then Davis said "Guess what, Nick! You get to handle it yourself today. I'm going to spend the whole day with my son." There was a pause. "Like I said, handle it yourself!" He hung up.

He meant every word he said last night. Davis Motomiya is back!

"Alright!" Daisuke cheered. "Let the day of fun begin!"


We ended up going through all sorts of places that day! First, we went to the park where we got some autographs and a few pictures taken. We also got ice cream and took a nap under the biggest oak tree there. After that we went to a movie, then the amusement park, then an arcade, and back home. We were exhausted! It was about ten o'clock when we got home for a late dinner of Chinese food (no noodle included). By eleven, we were all asleep.

The next afternoon, Davis had a brilliant idea. "Oh, musuko! Guess what I have planned for today!"

"What is it, Dad?" He asked with DemiVeemon in his arms. The two were watching TV at the time.

"Do you remember my friend, Sora?"

"The fashion designer?"

"Of course! She just invited us to the Digital World!"

"The Digital World? Yippee!" DemiVeemon jumped with joy.

"Can I show off my new shirt that you made me, Dad? Everyone will think I'm a movie star!"

"Did you wash it first?" Daisuke nodded. "Then yes!"

"Let's go!" Daisuke cheered, heading over to the computer.

I smiled at Davis who smiled back at me. Then he said "Before we go, I want to give you something." I was slightly confused by this only because he didn't buy anything. With the T-shirt, he was asking Jun to buy it for him. I remembered that because I was in the room. However, Daisuke won't be the only one surprised.

"Another present?" Daisuke asked.

"Of course." He reached for the top of his head and grabbed his goggles. Then with a great yank, he took it off and held it to his son. "The leader of the DigiDestined wouldn't look right without his goggles."

Daisuke stared wide-eyed at the accessory. "You're giving me your goggles?"

"Of course! With that hair, it'll fit! Go ahead and try it on."

Daisuke nodded and put the goggles on. "How do I look?"

"Just like me when I was your age."

"Digital World time!" DemiVeemon squirmed in my arms.

"Right, right!" Davis grabbed his Digivice and fidgeted with the computer. "Digi-gate open!"

In the Digital World…

When we got there, it seemed like everyone was happy and carefree. The whole gang was here for the first time in a long time. A picture perfect moment.

"Hey, everybody! Sorry we're late!" Davis greeted with his arm around Daisuke. It's amazing how one day could get them so close.

Everyone greeted us with "Hi, Davis!" and "What took you so long?" and "You finally made it!"

Word went around that the kids were about to play tag. DemiVeemon got so excited and jumped out of my arms. "I want to play!" He kept squealing. "I want to play!"

"What are you doing here standing with your dad?" Davis asked his son. "Go play tag!"

"Yeah!" I anticipated. "Go show them what tag's all about!"

"Alright!" Daisuke smiled. It was a real beautiful one. Lately, it's stopped being so rare. "So," he asked the other kids, "are you guys ready?" The other kids nodded. "Come on, everybody! Let's do it!"

And they were off!

While they were playing, Davis watched, standing in a position that showed everyone he was a proud father. It's amazing how that one night can change our lives for the better. This is how it should be. Davis actually out in the open while Daisuke isn't closed off with feeling. I think it's safe to say that the Motomiya family has begun a new brighter chapter in life.

The End

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