Disclaimer: I own nothing that is Twilight or Stephenie Meyer related.

Summary: They meet. They fall in love. The story of an Edward, torn between his family and his love, and a Bella, just waiting for her happily ever after to find her.


With every step I took I could feel my heart breaking. Breaking into a million pieces. You cannot mend a broken heart. You cannot pick up a million pieces. I tried.

Now I'm standing here and it's still breaking. It broke on my way to the church. On my way back home, that has never been a home in the common sense to me. It was just a house I could live in. On my way to the airport.

On the beach. The wind tickling my face. My heart breaking. A few thousand miles between us. My mind still on him. My heart still breaking.

It felt as if I'd loved him for as long as I could think. It was mutual. From the very beginning it was mutual. I saw him. I gaped. I laughed. I cried. I loved. I don't know about him. I guess it was similar for him.

There was drama. Really nasty high school drama. There were tears. On both parts. But there was also laughter and smiles and ice cream and love.

Yesterday I thought that everything would be fine. That my world wouldn't turn upside down and my heart wouldn't break into a million pieces and I'd get my happily ever after.

Fact is: Nobody ever gets their happily ever after.