Court Suits

Title: Court Suits
Author: Gosgirl
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Abby/Gibbs
Category: Smut, PWP
Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement is intended. NCIS and its characters are the property of DPB and CBS. If I had a silver-haired, blue-eyed Marine to play with, do you think I'd have time for writing?

Summary: Court days can sometimes end well... Utterly PWP from Gibbs' POV. Established Gabby.

Author's Note: This is especially for Bamacrush who wanted 'undressing' and 'court suits' in a story, which was enough to set my smutty mind off and running ;) Hope you like it, my friend. Also figured we could all do with some comfort smut before the angst of the finale.

Chapter 1

Just perfect...

Could the day possibly get any better?

Eager to get home after a long, tedious day in court, he was already making plans for how best to get Abby out of her court clothes, followed by a leisurely bath together and then dinner... when they could both stand upright again... and then bed.

Rush hour traffic had other ideas.

They'd made good progress until hitting standing traffic on the freeway. Covering half a mile in the last half hour, the exit he needed was inching only slowly closer.

Gibbs wondered if shooting his way out was an option?

If he could just get to the next exit, he could take the back streets home. It might be longer but driving was infinitely better than just sitting here.

Still, there were compensations.

The view inside the car was immeasurably better than staring at the car bumper in front.

His eyes were drawn to the shapely legs stretched out beside him, feet encased in 'fuck-me' heels, and legs in sheer black stockings that disappeared under an uncharacteristic straight, skirt that ended just above her knees. The rest of the ensemble, a white blouse and dark jacket, was topped off by raven hair in an elegant bun, not her customary pigtails... and her make-up was more subdued than normal.

He knew how much Abby hated court clothes but that didn't mean she looked anything but gorgeous in them. But then she'd told him that he was biased.

It was a day when they'd both needed to be in court, which at least had eased the tedium. It wasn't often Gibbs was called to court to give evidence, it was usually Abby's forensics that came under scrutiny on the stand. But this time they'd been there together and were able now to drive home together... if they ever got there.

He ran his eyes lazily over her legs and up her thighs, idling wondering if the stockings were thigh highs or held by a garter belt. He decided that nothing less than a hands-on investigation would do to resolve the question.

"Eyes on the road, Special Agent Gibbs," came the amused husky voice.

He dragged his eyes slowly up the line of her body, following the curve of her hip and across her stomach to where the buttons on her blouse gaped, giving him a tantalising view of... was that an ivory satin bra? Something else to investigate...

He met laughing green eyes as his eyes finally reached her face. "Nothing on the road worth looking at, Abbs."

"So I gather. And I sooo want to get home and get you out of that suit."

"You're not the only one."

Stretching like a cat, her limbs easing out and arching her back so he had to swallow down his moan, she virtually purred. "I guess I'll just have to amuse myself in the meantime then while we wait."

Her fingers drifted towards her legs and she inched her skirt upwards, ghosting over the skin of her thighs.

He swallowed hard and grabbed her wrist. "No one but me gets inside those panties today, Abbs." He was only thankful there wasn't a truck next to them in the lane or the driver would be getting more of a view than he bargained for.

"What makes you think I'm wearing any panties, Gibbs?" she asked, pasting on her best innocent look, which only worked until you looked at her sparkling eyes.

She was trying to kill him.

He struggled to get past the instant brain freeze her words had caused. "You've been in court all day with nothing under that skirt?"

"Nope, not all day... just from lunchtime onwards." She placed her hand over his and laced their fingers together, stroking along his palm and tracing his callouses tenderly. "You looked so hot this morning in that suit when you were giving evidence that I had to take myself off to the ladies to take the edge off. My panties were so soaked I decided not to wear them afterwards."

"Jeez, Abbs," he breathed as images flashed through his mind of her testifying on the stand in the afternoon... wearing nothing under that skirt. If only he'd known...

No, strike that. If he'd known, he'd have been a nervous wreck by now.

At least this way, it was only now that his pants were starting to get tight, not in full view of the court.

"I'll get them back from you later." Her voice full of teasing laughter drifted over him like liquid honey.


"I've got them?" Was that strangled high pitched tone really coming from him?

"Oh yeah."

It took him several goes before he could get his voice to work. "Where... where are they?"

A throaty chuckle made his cock jump. "In your jacket pocket... left side."

He put his hand in his pocket to encounter soft lace.

Oh yeah, she was definitely trying to kill him.

"How did you...?" he asked, as all the remaining blood in his body rushed south.

He wanted nothing more than to bury his nose in them and inhale her scent but figured it might be slightly obvious what he was doing to the drivers around him.

"I distracted you." She turned slightly in her seat to face him, a wicked smile curving her lips.

Well, that narrowed it down.

"You're always distracting me, Abbs, you gotta be a bit more specific."

"I distracted you with coffee and a smile at lunchtime."

"Oh yeah, that'd do it." He remembered her approaching him at the lunch recess, wide smile drawing his gaze as always before handing him a coffee and tempting him outside for a hot dog.

His skills must be slipping if he hadn't noticed her slipping anything into his pocket, let alone a pair of lace panties.

Two options now presented themselves.

Tip her seat back, lean over, push her skirt up and himself inside her heat, and wipe that teasing smile off her face... or floor the gas and roar up the hard shoulder to get off the freeway... now.

Gibbs shook his head at her, unable to stop a shit-eating grin spreading across his face. She was a one-off.

He reached out and brushed the back of his hand down the side of her face. "You realize payback's gonna be a bitch, Abbs."

"Oh, I do hope so." She closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against his hand, looking more and more like the cat that got the cream. He brushed his thumb across her bottom lip and felt the jolt in his groin as she flicked her tongue against it before suckling the end of his thumb.

Oh yeah... he was going to get her home and not let her out of bed until Monday.

"You can drive now, Gibbs," came the amused reminder as she nodded at the road ahead.

He dragged his gaze away from molten green and back to the road, where the line of traffic was finally moving.

At last...

Finally getting off the freeway, he wondered if he could break his personal best back to his house. Conscious she'd turned in her seat and was gazing at him while he drove, he kept his eyes resolutely facing front.

And he was doing just fine until her hand crept across the distance between them to trail her fingers across his thigh.

His hands gripped the steering wheel reflexively and he was lucky not to drive off the road or into oncoming traffic.

"Abbs..." he growled a warning, which only served to make her fingers grip his leg tighter.

"Hmmm? Something wrong Gibbs?"

He chanced a glance at her and wished he hadn't.

She had an amused, seductive look on her lovely face... the expression from most of his fantasies. Her legs were partly curled beneath her, the skirt starting to ride up her thighs, giving him a tantalising but not complete enough look higher up her legs towards the junction of her thighs.

If she carried on looking at him like that, he wasn't going to make it back to the house.

He tore his eyes away and back to the road, shifting uncomfortably in his seat as his trousers seemed to have shrunk a full size. He wasn't sure if her giggle was making things better or worse.

Her nails continued to draw patterns on his trousers. It was a good job he knew the way to his house from here as he was driving on automatic pilot by then, all his concentration on what was happening on those few inches of his pants leg.

Turning into his street with a muttered prayer of thanks, he screeched to a halt on his driveway. Yanking on the handbrake, he turned to Abby in the front seat, intent on grabbing her, dragging her to him and kissing her senseless. But she was too quick for him.

She was out of the car and striding up the steps as fast as her heels could carry her, throwing a teasing look over her shoulder.

Momentarily forgetting his seatbelt had him trapped, he wasted valuable seconds struggling to get it unbuckled before running up the steps behind her. She'd unlocked the door and made it through when he finally caught up with her in the hallway, slamming the door behind him.


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