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Chapter 6 – Abby's POV

Before Gibbs could react, Abby grabbed his tie and towed him into the living room, seeing his eyes spark with amusement. Throwing herself onto the couch, she stretched her legs out, finally getting her weight off those damn heels.

She relaxed into Gibbs' hands as he perched on the coffee table and undid her shoes. As he removed the instruments of torture, she groaned, "Oh, thank god. I hate heels."

Conscious her bra was tangled up, she wriggled around to slip it off without bothering to remove the blouse. Grinning as she saw his fascinated enjoyment at her actions, she threw the bra at him when it was free.

She settled back against the couch as Gibbs cradled her foot in his lap. She felt him press a thumb firmly into the arch and push up towards her toes and moaned, letting her head fall back against the couch.

Just perfect.

With those strong hands, he was really, really good at foot massages... or massages of any kind... anywhere, come to that.

"That feels so good," she murmured and caught that blue eyed gaze as he looked up, grinning in satisfaction.

She felt like melting into a pile of goo on the couch as he massaged his way over her ankles and calves. She tried to reach his groin with her toes to tickle him but he held her foot clear, smirking.

Okay, so that didn't work... best try something else.

Leaning forward to grab his tie, she pulled him forward and captured his mouth, teasing him with flicks of her tongue. Kissing him was addictive. She could just map his mouth for hours sometimes.

Breaking the kiss eventually, feeling her pulse pounding, Abby leaned her forehead against his and whispered, "Come take a bath with me, Jethro."

He reacted by grinning and kissing her again heatedly before grabbing her hand and pulling her towards the stairs. Giggling, Abby snagged his tie again and dragged him up the stairs, backing up in front of him, enjoying the sparkle in his eyes.

He looked so damn sexy wearing a tie coz that usually meant he was in a more formal suit and he was smokin' hot when he did that. He didn't wear them very often at the Navy Yard and every time she saw him wearing one, she had to resist the urge to tackle him to the floor and ride him into the ground... which on reflection would certainly make court appearances a bit more lively.

And his ties were very useful in the bedroom too...

Running the bath in their ensuite, Abby felt his warmth behind her and drew in a shaky breath as his hands curved over her ass and down the back of her legs, giving in to the urge to press back against him.

Turning to wrap her arms round his neck, Abby raised her head for his possessive kiss, giving herself up to the much loved taste and feel of him.

Moulding herself close against his chest, she felt his hands worm their way under her blouse and caress her back, swallowing his moan into her mouth. When his lips left her mouth to ravage her pulse point before biting down on her neck, she gasped at the sensations which skittered through her.

Before Gibbs could distract her further, Abby decided it was high time to get him out of his clothes. Undoing his tie, she eased it off and attacked his shirt buttons but not getting very far. Okay then... let's do this, she thought, pulling hard on the sides of his shirt, enjoying the sound of buttons popping in all directions.

Hearing his laugh into her neck, she felt his fingers struggling with the zipper of her skirt and was finally able to step out of it. He pushed his hands inside her blouse, grazing her nipples to remove her blouse, leaving her naked and she gasped into his mouth as his tongue slid sensuously across her own.

He had dozens of ways of saying her name and this time as he whispered it, his deep voice sounded almost reverent as his hands cradled her head, teasing her with gentle kisses, nuzzling her mouth. Lost in his intense blue eyes, all she could do was murmur his name in return.

Finally removing his shirt and pants, as well as his boxers, she brushed her hand over his erection. His response to her teasing of the sensitive tip was to groan into her neck. Sliding her hands over his strong, hard body, revisiting areas which elicited the most reaction, she felt her senses spinning as Gibbs trailed his lips and hands all over her skin.

Finally following him into the bath, Abby sighed as she leaned back against his strong chest, enjoying the feel of him nuzzling her neck and arms wrapped protectively round her. Entwining their fingers together, she pressed a kiss into each palm before capturing his mouth in a kiss that quickly grew in intensity.

Relaxing into his arms, Abby arched into the feel of his hands caressing her body to set up a skilled rhythm between her thighs.

God, he knew her body so well he could drive her crazy in minutes

Trying to find some relief, she ground against his fingers before the need for him overwhelmed her and she had to move. Straddling him, she sank down, stilling as she relished the familiar feel of him hard and deep inside.

Feeling his arms supporting her, Abby began moving gently at first, putting him exactly where she needed him as she picked up speed. He must have sensed her approaching orgasm and helped push her over the edge by suddenly circling her clit with his fingers and pressing down hard.

Burying her head in his neck as she cried out, she lost herself in her release, vaguely aware of him growling out his own orgasm.

Lazily becoming conscious of her surroundings again, Abby felt his hands brushing feather light strokes across her back and they exchanged satisfied smiles and soft, teasing kisses.

Eventually able to move again, they dried each other off and she moved into his arms, murmuring into his neck, "Mmm, sleepy," suddenly feeling very tired.

He'd worn her out... and not for the first time.

His laugh sent shivers down her spine even now, sated as she was, "Bed then?"

"Mmm, eat later," she yawned and let him nudge her towards the bed. She was hungry but couldn't summon up the energy to do anything but relax in his arms.

Sleepy as she was, she fought to stay awake a bit longer. She loved this bit. She never felt so safe and cherished as these moments when he would wrap himself around her completely, and she felt nothing could touch her or harm her.

Perhaps she should revise her opinion of court days if they all ended like this?

The end.