EDIT 12/10/11: At this point I am not accepting any more requests. I already have quite the list so far that I need to work on. ^^' I'm very sorry if this disappoints any of you and I didn't want to have to do this, really I didn't. But~ I most likely will start accepting them again sometime in the future.

A series of requested GrimmIchi (or IchiGrimm, GrimmIchiOthers) one-shots and short stories based off of fairy tales, myths, novels, plays, movies, anime/manga, historical etc. AU, Yaoi, Polyamorous CH One: Just the introduction and rules.


An Introduction

Hello there! Oh, I've been wanting to do this for so long, ever since I saw an author do a request series for L/Beyond Birthday in the Death Note fandom. Okay, so even though I'm pretty sure this is against the rules of the site, this chapter will just be the rules of what requests should consist of. But then again, what do I care about the rules considering you're not supposed to even write smut here at all? And this is also my way of thanking those who encouraged me to keep writing. :)


This series is request-based, meaning all short stories and one-shots will have been requested by a reviewer.

The main pairing is GrimmIchi, in no apparent order. You can request that Grimmjow be seme or uke, and vice-versa.

Threesomes /Polyamorous are also accepted, but they must include both Grimmjow and Ichigo.

You may also request that another character take up another role, like if you wish for Aizen to play the villain or Shirosaki to play another love interest.

Lemons and/or limes can be included or excluded. Please, please make sure to specify what you would like in your request.

All of the stories will be based off of an already existing media, or they may be strictly historical. The accepted ones, their rules, and examples are listed below. YOU pick the media in your request.

Fairy Tales
Any fairy tale that you fancy may be requested. Examples of this may be, but are not limited to, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, the Goose Girl etc. Specify which character you want to play the characters in the tale.

A GrimmIchi based off of Snow White, with Grimmjow as Snow White, Ichigo as Prince Charming, Aizen as the Evil Queen, and the mod souls as the Seven Dwarves. Lemon featuring Ichigo as seme and Grimmjow as uke.

Myths (can also be referred to as folk tales)
Any myth or folk tale from any culture, tribe, country, etc. Examples of this could be Eros and Psyche, Tanabata, Isis and Osiris, and so on and so forth. Again, tell me who's going to take which role.

A GrimmIchi based off of Isis and Osiris, with Ichigo as Isis and Grimmjow as Osiris. Lime featuring Ichigo as uke and Grimmjow as seme.

These can be classic novels or newer ones, but please do not expect me to read a 5,000 page book so that I can write the one-shot. However, I have read a fair amount, and if I haven't, then I hope there's a movie based off of it. :P Anyway, examples of this could be Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, Twilight (yes, I will take a stab at it), or the Hunger Games. This is different because you can specify whether you just want the characters to be featured in the universe of this book (like Twilight or the Hunger Games) or whether you want them to take up the roles of specific characters in the book.

A GrimmIchi based off of the Hunger Games, where Ichigo and Grimmjow are both chosen as tributes. They decide to band together in the Game and fall in love. Happy ending please! No lemon or lime.

Pretty much the same as novels. If you decide to go this route, I would strongly suggest picking Shakepeare, because I do love him so. :D Examples of this could be Much Ado About Nothing, Hamlet, Death of a Salesman, Exodus, etc. However, the universe rule does not apply here.

A GrimmIchi based off of Hamlet, with Ichigo as Hamlet and fem!Grimmjow as Ophelia. Lemon please.

Any movie may be requested as long as I can find it for free online. :D Or hopefully I've already seen it. I ask that readers not request any scary movies, because I can't watch them, but vampire or mythical creature movies are okay. Examples include Sky High, American Beauty, the Rocky Horror Picture Show, True Grit, etc. The universe rule can apply here as well, but please be specific as possible

A GrimmIchi in the Sky High universe, where Grimmjow can (superpower here) and Ichigo can (another superpower here). They get it on in the janitor's closet, where Grimmjow is seme and Ichigo is uke.

Yes, you can request a one-shot based off of Bleach! :D Anyway, please make sure that any anime/manga requests have been subtitled/translated/dubbed into English so that I know what's going on. Examples of this could be Bleach, Ghost Hunt, Kuroshitsuji, or Death Note.

A GrimmIchi based off of Bleach, where Grimmjow and fem!Ichigo are both new students at Seireitei Academy. Over the years they fall in love. No lemons. Please include a scene where they fight a hollow and Ichigo discovers her bankai.

You have to be very, very specific with this one. You may pick any era in any country, I'm a huge history buff so I'd love to see your ideas. Make sure you request exactly what Ichigo and Grimmjow are in this scenario, like what their title/job is and what country or city the tale takes place in. Examples could be Edo Period Japan, French Revolution, Colonial America, or Victorian England.

A GrimmIchi set in Edo Period Japan, where they are both kagemas and they fall for each other despite the fact that love among them is forbidden. Aizen is Grimmjow's customer, so lemon between them two please.

To Summarize, What You Can Include In a Request:

-Happy/Tragic Endings
-Specific Scenes (like if you want Ichigo to save Princess Grimmjow from a dragon or something). This can also include certain sexual situations.
- Other pairings including Grimmjow
-Seme/Uke preference
- Gender-benders
- Whether you would like a lemon, lime, or none of the above.
- Mpreg, but be warned that I've never written it before. You can also ask for fem!anyone to be with child as well.

I do not take requests for:
- Religious tales, fables, or anything of the sort. I will make Grimmjow a priest or Ichigo a monk if you would like, but I will not write a story based off of a religious tale from any religion. I wouldn't offended if you asked, but there are some who would be and I at least want to try and be respectful. Plus I don't want anyone getting mad at me and reporting me for mature content. D:
- Songs. Sorry, darlings, but lyrics can be left up to too much interpretation.
- Poems. Same goes for this.
- Fanfiction. What I mean is that you may not ask for a story based off of another author's fanfiction. I think the reasons for that are obvious.
- Any sexual act that is plainly distasteful, like, but not limited to, pure beastiality (hybrids are fine) or non-eroticized torture or rape.
- Yuri
- Ichigo paired with anyone other than Grimmjow.

Other Notes:
- Please be as specific as you want. You can outline the whole thing for me if you'd like, or you can leave it up for me to interpret.
- Don't worry about being eloquent with your request, just be clear.
- I can also do trades with another writer if they'd like. That'd be fun, ne?
- Please don't be shy! Don't think your ideas are dumb or anything like that, I'd love to hear your request.
- Questions? PM or review and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
- Priority is given to those who have regularly reviewed my other stories, but don't let this throw you off. If you have a great idea, please tell me!
- Please understand that I cannot write every request that comes my way, as much as I'd like to. I'll try to write as many as possible, but I do have something of a semblance of a life outside of this. :P
-REMEMBER that the theme of this series is that the one-shots are inspired by another media. YOU pick the media, whether it be a novel, movie, etc.

Whew! Okay, now that you've suffered enough reading through all of these rules and guidelines, please submit your request! I can't wait to hear what you've got in mind.


caribou . and . cake.

Table of Contents

2 - Sky Blue - Grimmjow/Ichigo - 14,196

In which King Aizen makes unwanted advances on his son, Prince Ichigo, who turns to his fairy godmother for help. But when all else fails, he flees to the next kingdom, only to then be walked in on in a compromising position by the Prince Grimmjow, whom he has undeniably fallen in love with. AU, Yaoi, Smut, One-sided AiIchi

Warnings: Yaoi lemon, one-sided incestual intentions, some crossdressing, over 9,000 words before you get to the good stuff

3 - Constellation - Grimmjow/Ichigo/Shiro - 6,661

Ichigo is an aspiring artist in his senior year of high school. However gentle a person he may be, he seems to catch the unwanted attention of several thugs and bullies, so when the two people he's been in love with since freshman year offer him protection, what can he do but accept? However, he has trouble containing his feelings for both of them, knowing that he can have neither both or just one. It all boils down on prom night.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, Polyamorous, Lemon (Threesome), some violence, naughty language, vast amounts of teenage angst.

4/6 - Sacred Part I and II - Grimmjow/Ichigo - 5,375/8,455

Ichigo is the pharaoh of Lower Egypt who has been slighted by the pharaoh of the Upper region. In order to curry favor, the Pharaoh of Upper Egypt offers one of his prized slaves, Grimmjow, whom has said to be one of the most beautiful and possibly sacred as his coloring likens him to water, which is the most sacred element to the Egyptians. Ichigo takes quite a liking to his new slave, especially after he discovers Grimmjow's unbreakable spirit and heart underneath the rough yet beautiful exterior.

Warnings: Historical AU, yaoi, lemon, slavery, violence (this includes a whipping scene, and no not in the fun way.) Oh, and forgive me if this is not entirely historically accurate with timeline and the like (in fact, it probably isn't.) I'm not a huge Ancient Egypt buff.

5 - Topsy Turvy - Ichigo/Grimmjow - 5,793

Grimmjow's always been too beautiful for his own good and accursed with a submissive scent so when the big cat hybrid mating season rolls around he finds himself fending off another horde of lustful suitors. He never wanted to play submissive to anyone...but then he meets a lion hybrid while on the run who may just change his mind.

Warnings: AU, yaoi, lemon, hybrids, almost all smut. Also, this is my first time writing both IchiGrimm and hybrids. I hope I don't disappoint! :)

7/8 - Swan Lake - Grimmjow/Ichigo - 9,738/7,008

Prince Ichigo is taken away from the love of his life, the Prince Grimmjow, and put under a spell by the Lord Aizen that turns him into a swan by day, only able to turn back into a human when he is in the lake at sunset.

Warnings: AU, yaoi, slight violence, reads somewhat like a Disney movie.

9/10/11- Borderlines - Grimmjow/Ichigo - 5,633

The colors of their uniforms aren't the only thing that separate Grimmjow and Ichigo. The fact that they are inherent enemies, bred to hate each other, does as well. North and South, vampire and werewolf, they were never meant to be. And yet, they were.

Warnings: Historical AU (American Civil War), yaoi, lemon, language, violence.


Crave - Grimmjow/Ichigo

Grimmjow and Ichigo do it Naruto style. Follow them as they go on a secret mission and feelings are revealed.

Warnings: AU, Yaoi, Lemon, violence, language, angst.

Two for the Price of One - Grimmjow/Ichigo/Shiro

Long-time couple Ichigo and Shiro have a dream of landing a duet record deal. So imagine their excitement upon seeing the owner of the famous Kishire Records on a cruise ship. But that owner, a one Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, isn't going to give them a chance without something in return.

Warnings: AU, yaoi, lemon, threesome, language, mostly smut.