Dear readers,

I have recently been trying to catch myself up on stories I had written years and years ago and found that instead of continuing them, I would be better off completely rewriting them with my new found writing ability.

And so, without further ado, I present the first installment of my "Remastered" stories. Keep in mind the plots I had previously written are still available but they are subject to change as I reinvent my stories.

On a side note, I do not possess the brilliant mind that created the world in which the characters exist or the characters themselves, I simply aspire to be as great as they are.

Whole Again: Remastered

Ai's POV

Over the realm of Ai Land shone a bright star most people on Earth would refer to as the Sun.

I was balancing on the banister of the balcony that jutted out over a large field of delicious smelling flowers. A large lake was sparkling in the Ai-Landic sunlight as I sighed, pulling my legs to my chest and hugging them tightly.

I felt as if I let go of myself now I would fall deeper into the pit of despair I'd been wallowing in than I already had. As the ruler of Ai Land, I could not allow that to happen.

It had been about three months since I had returned home from the city of Tokyo and saved Ai Land from the brink of a destructive revolution. In the beginning, keeping myself busy with all the warring, I was able to keep my mind away from the depressing thoughts of my friends in Tokyo and my beloved that I left behind. Once peace blanketed Ai Land, though, I had plenty of time to let my mind mull over every tiny little thing I missed about the bustling city.

I heard the door to my bedroom swing open behind me and I forced a pleasant smile to my face and turned to find Nora standing in the middle of my over-sized bedroom. A sad smile graced his lip as he looked at me with pitying eyes.

I jumped from the railing and landed gracefully on the cobblestone porch of my balcony. Nora stood perfectly till as if he had no fear of my getting injured.

"What do you want?" I asked in a callous voice hoping he would leave me to my agony sooner rather than later.

"Princess…" He hummed in a sweet voice, "I only with for your happiness and having come to inquire why you are in such despair. You have saved our world and now rule over a peaceful nation, what reason do you have to be upset?"

"Apparently none, Nora, and since there is no reason for me to be upset, there is no reason for you to be in here asking me about it, is there? Leave please." I knew my words were coarse and demanding, a trait I did not usually possess in my world, but I couldn't stand being interrogated about my personal feelings.

Nora bowed slightly before taking his leave closing the door slowly behind him. I walked slowly across the room, standing in the center of a large circular carpet that I had personally never taken a liking to. The intricate designs made my head spin as I starred in to the abyss that was beginning the consume me.

My fists tightened over the silky, smooth lace that hung in ripped drapes down my pale legs. Tears that I had been keeping in over the years began to form at the corners of my eyes and before I could stop them, they slid off my chin like a waterfall. And like a waterfall, I felt as if they were eroding the little bit of happiness I had attained in Ai Land. I knew in time, there would no longer be any happiness left for me to appreciate in this quite world and that the desire for the flashing lights and screaming fans I had gotten in Tokyo would force me to my bed for eternity.

There was a soft knock at the door so I wiped the tears away quickly before turning to look at the intruder who was ultimately my savior.

"Princess…" Nora said again, this time with a little more purpose behind his voice, "Dinner is waiting for you in the formal dining room. Would you like me to bring it to your room?"

I nodded slowly, not feeling like taking the long trek across the palace to the dining room where there would be people waiting to shower me with unwanted affection.

"Princess may I speak my mind?" He asked with one foot out the door as if he were hesitating to leave me alone.

I gave him a skeptical look before nodding.

"I have found a way to let you see him again, if that is what will make you happy." Nora said, "But I must warn you before you make your decision between Ai Land and Earth that going to the other realm will be a dangerous risk. I cannot protect you from those determined to take your throne." My eyes were locked to his as what he was saying sank in.

"Nora," My voice cracked, "Are you telling me I can return to Tokyo?"

"Yes Ma'am." Came his polite response. My mind took the idea and toyed with it, the thought of being in Kent's arms again making me squirm with delight.

But as soon as the thought entered my mind it left, "I can't leave Ai Land unprotected." I argued, ore with myself than with Nora who kept a surprisingly calm look on his gorgeous face.

"The nation is well protected here; my only concern would be for your safety on the other side." He stated. I noted for some reason that he seemed so very noble at the moment.

"So I can…go?" I clarified, "How?"

He just waved his hand in the direction of the bathroom that was connected to my bedroom, "I have already prepared a portal for you." Nora smiled before his face became serious, "The only way for you to come back, though, is to find a book on the other side. I planted it there anticipating you return. It is entitled "The Legend of Princess Ai" and it will hold the secret to your return if that is truly what you want to do. You can find it in that library you loved so much."

I only heard about half of what he said because I pulled open the door to the bathroom an found a swirling vortex that pulled her towards it. The noise cut off his ramble and she could only get bits and pieces of it. Words the "Princess", "Book", and "Library" stood out. She figured he was telling her how to get home but she felt she wouldn't need to find that book.

She turned to look at Nora an with a large smile on her face, her hair whipping around an sticking to the gloss on her lips, she waved before closing her eyes an falling backwards in to the portal.

All she remembered was the feeling of falling before she felt her head hit something hard and everything went black.

So that is the end of the first chapter. It may not be very long but I promise they will definitely be better later on.

Until we meet again,