Hope you did enjoy the beginning and here is the second "chapter" though it's a short one...Just didn't want to wait with the update.

FBI Headquarters. Director's office.

"Is it so dangerous?"The Director asked concerned.

"So far I couldn't find any proof that this is contagious, but I don't know the nature of it, so it's hard to say", Hood answered.

"If only the prison management would cooperate," Rachel sighed. "But the director and medical department have refused to talk to us".

The Director bit his lip and looked through the window.

Outside the FBI Headquarters was a wonderful weather, people were sun bathing under the hot sun unknown to the probable danger. He couldn't risk their lives, nor did he want to endanger his best friend's life, but Jacob Hood was the only one who would be able to find out what has happened to the healthy man.

"Rachel," The Director turned to agent Young "Would you give us a minute?"

Rachel perplexed got up from the chair, she had a really bad feeling about this, but she just nodded and left the office.

As Rachel left the Director's office, he addressed himself to Jacob.

"Jacob, I did ask Rachel to leave because I'm sure she would be against my proposal." The Director started.

Hood was carefully listening.

The Director crossed the office and sat near Hood.

"Jacob, you and I, we both understand that we cannot risk here. We must ensure that whatever has been the reason of John Bubles' death isn't contagious and won't spread. So, I think the best of the solution is to infiltrate someone in the prison as a prisoner."