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Babies at Breakfast

by. Lacrow

What the hell is that sound?

The sun peaked its way through the curtains across his window, the light shining through in just a way where it streamed directly over his eyes. That damned ball of yellow in the sky had been up for a good undisclosed amount of time already, and it had tried desperately to wake him since then for reasons unknown. But that's not why Soul Eater was up.

It had been a very long night last night. Between the late showing movie that Black Star just HAD to drag him to because he didn't want to see alone, and the resulting Maka-Chop he had received when he came back from said movie half wasted at three in the morning, it was not a good night. In fact, he didn't even remember going to bed. Instead, Maka had just given him the blow to his head, and the rest was all just a blur. He assumed that she had just dragged his sorry ass to bed, and there's where he had slept off the booze for a good…ten hours? His head throbbed, both from the alcohol and the chop. But that's not why Soul Eater was up.

He rubbed the sore on his head and gave a winded yawn, his serrated teeth giving him an intimidating look until they closed shut again. He had to pee. Bad. But, that's not why Soul Eater was up.

No, the reason he was up was for an entirely different reason. He could've handled the sun poking through the curtains, the terrible splitting headaches, or even the fact that he had to empty his tank. All of those things could never get him out of bed as easily as what he heard did, just minutes ago when he began to awaken. Because from outside his door, in the living room no doubt, he could've sworn he heard something he'd never thought he'd hear in his apartment. This day, or any other in the future for that matter.

"What the hell is that sound?" he grumbled to himself as he heard it again, a low whine that again came from the living room.

Slowly, Soul started to wake from his stupor, a hangover induced haze that didn't seem to ease at all in the ten hours that he had been asleep. He gripped his hair, rubbed his sore again, and gave one last yawn before he stopped in his tracks. His eyes widened, as yet again he heard that same sound as before. In his newfound consciousness, he thought he could distinctly make out what the noise was, but he dared not jump to such a brash conclusion. Instead, he calmly got up from bed and made his way to the dresser. Bending down to the bottom drawer where he kept his pants, he only got as far as taking the article of clothing out from its spot when he heard the noise again.

"That's it!"

Dropping the pair of pants on the ground where he stood, Soul hastily made his way to the door. He flung it open and quickly filed his way into the small hallway that led directly into the living room, the entire time grumbling under his breath about the TV being too loud.

"What the hell, Maka! I'm trying to sleep here, so would you please keep it d-"

Soul halted immediately as he found the source of the noise. His previous thoughts confirmed, he realized that it really had been the culprit all along. He wasn't just jumping to conclusions. He wasn't going insane from alcohol poisoning. Then again, he wasn't in the mood to celebrate his discovery. Quite the contrary, he dreaded what he saw. Because as he stood there under the archway, gazing at Maka as she sat criss-crossed on the floor, he noticed a tiny little blob of flesh bouncing on her lap, whining and huffing as it played with her pigtails.

"Oh, you're awake! Finally." Maka turned to him, wincing as the little blob pulled her hair but smiling all the same.

"Maka, w-what, what the hell is that?" Soul stammered as he came around the couch and stood over her, pointing at the little thing on her lap.

"Um, I don't know, Soul. What do you think it is?" she asked plainly, taking her hair out of the little bundle's hands.

"It looks like a baby..."

"Well," Maka started as she lifted the little one into the air, causing he/she/it to give an excited whine. "Then it's a baby, Soul!"

Soul grabbed the bridge of his nose as he closed his eyes, the headaches returning again with a vengeance. "But why is there a baby, Maka."

Maka sighed as she brought the bouncing baby back down. The little person kicked and grabbed at the air which caused Maka to gush at the cuteness of it all. Soul groaned to himself as she purposely put off answering his question, opting instead to lay the baby down and pull up its shirt, blowing onto its tummy and make it squeal in delight.


She stopped her activity briefly. "Yes, Soul?"

Soul blinked. "Why is there a baby?"

"What baby, Soul?"

"Don't screw with me, Maka!"

Maka laughed at her own hijinks as she sat the baby up on its own, its legs kicking in an alternating fashion. She leaned behind her to grab a couple pillows and laid them around the baby so it wouldn't fall over. Grabbing a hold of its hands with only two of her fingers, she looked up at her weapon.

"Calm down. It's just fun watching you act so uncool because there's a baby in the room!" she smiled.

Soul spat. "Whatever. Answer my question."

"I could've sworn I told you this last night before I chopped you on the head." Maka thought to herself out loud, looking up at the ceiling as she tried to recall. "Guess not. Well, I got asked by the neighbors last night to watch their daughter for the day. They came around this morning to confirm and I didn't see a problem with it, so I said sure."

His eyes narrowed at her. "And you didn't think to at least ask how I felt about a drooling baby in the apartment?"

Maka sensed his attitude and she merely closed her eyes, nose upturned. "I didn't forget. I was going to ask you, till you came home drunk..."

Soul stiffened at her words, the tone she used sharp enough to cut through steel. She didn't open her eyes (thankfully) and she didn't give any inkling that she wanted to Maka-Chop him again. Although deep down he knew that was exactly the case.

"...so after that I didn't feel like I needed your permission anymore. Or was I wrong?"

Soul looked in the opposite direction. "No."

"Good!" she immediately perked, eyes again falling back onto the little baby girl on the floor. "There's bread on the counter and the toaster's in the cupboard underneath the silverware. There's also food in the freezer if you get hungry."

Soul rolled his eyes as he did an about face towards the kitchen, the entire time listening to Maka as she and the baby continued to giggle and whine together. He tossed a glance over his shoulder and watched for a moment as Maka brought the little on up on her feet, pressing their heads together as the baby blew raspberries in delight. A tiny flash of a smirk appeared on his face, only to disappear as Maka suddenly turned around.

"Oh and by the way Soul, please put on some pants!"

His face turned scarlet as he quickly shot down a look and noticed that the only thing he was wearing were his blue and white striped boxers. He had completely forgotten to put on any clothes as he stumbled out of his room, and now he was paying for it. Within a flash he was running into the bedroom, the incessant laughs of Maka hounding him the entire way until he closed the door.

"What are you looking at?"

Soul sat at the table, his back to the kitchen, facing the patio outside. A fork in his hand and a piece of waffle attached to it, he stared at the little girl in a booster seat at the opposite end of the table. In a wide eyed curiosity she stared at him back, her pinkish eyes vibrating ever so slightly as she gazed at the strange man in front of her. The two of them just sat there, mouth agape, waiting for nothing in particular to happen.

"Soul, stop being such an ass."

Maka leaned over the table and spread out the food she had prepared for the baby. A red bowl filled with what looked like (Soul guessed) were peas. The little yellow sippy cup with a cuter version of a shinigami skull on it was obviously filled with her drink. The baby became ecstatic, breaking into a hunger induced tantrum as Maka brought the spoon out and scooped up the mixture.

"Open up!" Maka coaxed, twirling the spoon through the air as the baby bounced up and down in excitment.

She jammed the spoon in the baby's mouth and watched as the little girl became still. As if concentrating on how to eat, her mouth moved side to side as a little bit of the green stuff dribbled from her mouth.

"What a genius, she knows how to eat!" Soul grinned in sarcasm

Maka's eyes flashed from the corners of her view. "I'm still shocked that you learned how to."

"Ouch Maka," he grinned wider, bringing a piece of waffle closer to his mouth. "That one hurt a little!"

She simply rolled her eyes and continued to feed the baby. Soul continued to eat his breakfast (lunch) as well. Munching on his soggy waffles, Soul simply watched as Maka was careful to clean the baby after every other spoonful, otherwise the green stuff would pile up and start to make its way down to her bib. He didn't see the point in trying to keep the bib clean, considering that bibs were meant to get dirty, but he didn't question it. The smile on Maka's face as the little brat keept blowing raspberries made him want to smile as well, but he never got the chance to. Almost as quickly the thought came to him mind, Maka put the spoon down and casually got up from her seat.

"Soul, I have to go to the restroom real quick. Could you finish feeding Kirin while I'm gone?"

Soul blinked, finishing the last bit of waffle he had in his mouth. "I take it the baby's name is Kirin?"

Her head turned to the side. "You didn't know that already?"

"No, I guess somebody forgot to tell me."

"Whoops!" She smiled, sticking her tongue out in embarrassment. "Yes, her name is Kirin. Guess I did forget to tell you!"

He watched as she excused herself from the table, pushing the chair back as she made her way down the hallway, the sound of the bathroom door closing right after. Soon it was just Soul and Kirin, sitting down, staring at each other yet again with wide eyes and open mouths. Only this time, one of them had a little bit of green hanging from their lip.

"So...how you doing?"

The baby didn't respond. He kind of already knew that would happen.

"Well," he sighed, standing up from the table. "Let's get this over with, shall we?"

He made is way over to Maka's seat and plopped himself down. Picking up the little red spoon he inspected it real quick, not entirely sure what he was looking for. Then he leaned over and peered into Kirin's bowl, noticing that there was only a few spoonfuls left. All this as Kirin watched the white haired man, pink eyes still wide as ever as if fascinated by everything he did.

"Okay, well, this aught to be easy." he mumbled, more to himself than to the baby.

Dipping the utensil into the green paste, he pulled it out and attempted to put it in the child's mouth. The first time was easy, due to her already having her mouth open as she gawked at him. The second time was a different matter. Apparently after the last bite, she immediately became full. At every attempt Soul made to feed her the last spoonful, she resisted in all forms and fashions. Kirin kept her mouth closed, turned her head away, threw a fit, all in the name of keeping out that last tiny bit of food.

"Come on Kirin!" Soul growled after another failed attempt to get her to eat. "Open up!"

He peered down at the little one from above her, the baby still returning his gaze even though she continued to keep her mouth shut. Still slightly irked, Soul's focus fell on those pink eyes of hers. They reminded him so much of his own, only smaller. The color was pretty close too, albeit it obviously lighter. Kirin seemed to notice this too, which was probably why she kept staring at him as well. Then again it probably had to also be because of the sheer level of his coolness, though he would never say it out loud.

"Having fun?"

As if flicking on a switch, both Soul and Kirin looked towards the hallway as an amused Maka stood there, arms crossed as she gazed at them. Soul assumed she had been there for a while.

"Nah, just feeding the baby like you told me."

Taking advantage of the moment and the fact that Kirin was gawking at Maka again, Soul slipped the last spoonful of food into her mouth without her knowing. A few seconds later as the baby sensed what had happened, she immediately began to move her mouth around to swallow the food, completely bewildered as to how the peas got there in the first place.

Soul grinned wide as Maka did the same from her spot. "All done."

"Dammit Maka, why do I have to do it!"

He called out to her from the living room, a naked and kicking Kirin laying on the ground in front of him. Her used diaper lay right underneath her, the unholy smell it gave off sending Soul into a gagging fit. He was sure to keep his distance, at least his nose, and he didn't dare touch the little one until he had at least put some gloves on first. The brown stuff was foul. And warm. And runny.

"Because!" she called back to him, returning with the yellow gloves he had begged her for. "You're gonna have kids someday, so you'd mine as well learn now!"

Soul snorted as he took the gloves from her and quickly put them on his hands. "That's bullshit! If that's the case then you should be doing it! You're the one who's gonna be a mom someday!"

"But I'm a girl, I already know how to change diapers!" she smiled coyly at him

"Yeah, whatever."

Making sure to grab both ends of the diaper carefully, he slowly moved the used undies away from Kirin and into the air. In an absolute rush for salvation, he bolted into the kitchen and opened up the trash can, throwing the accursed thing away for good. With a sigh of relief, he made his way back to the living room and returned to the floor.

"So where's the new diaper?"

Maka blinked. "New diaper?"

"Uh, yeah. The one we put on her after taking off the old one? That new one?"

Her eyes suddenly grew wide, a hand across her mouth as she sucked in air. "They didn't leave us any diapers! They must've forgot!"

Soul grunted deeply, causing Kirin to stir and start to whine. "Do we at least have whipees?"

She bit her lip. "I don't think so. All they gave us was food and clothing."

The annoyance filled his eyes and with a tired sigh, he got back up from his spot on the floor and walked towards his room. Maka sat down and tended to Kirin, the little one starting to get ancy as she lay in her own filth. Rocking her side to side and hushing her quickly, Maka kept the baby occupied until Soul appeared a second later with a shirt and some paper towels. Landing next to her with a thud, he casually turned the baby towards him and took the paper towel in his hands.

"It ain't much, but it's all we got at the moment." he explained to her, gently wiping off the brown from her.

Maka watched as Soul cleaned Kirin, without gloves, and tossed the paper towels at Blair's litter box (who thankfully was at work at the moment and wasn't there to complain) He then took the shirt that he carried and plopped the child on top of it. Folding the sides neatly, he brought them around and made knots here and there, until finally there was a decent little makeshift diaper surrounding Kirin's nether regions.

"Wow Soul, that's really good." she complimented his work, gazing at him as he stood the baby on her feet. "But you could've used one of my shirts if you wanted."

"That's ok." he smiled lightly, eyes fixed on the baby in his hands. "I always thought that shirt was crappy anyway."

Maka tried not to acknowledge the corny joke, but she ended up smiling for his charm more than anything else. "I'll pretend I didn't hear that!"

Soul shrugged. "You can pretend all you want, but one of us is going to have to get diapers before she decides to make it hard on us again."

Maka thought about it for a moment as she looked at Soul and the baby. She then looked at the diaper bag (with ironically no diapers in it) Kirin's parents had left them, and she suddenly came with a solution.

"I have a better idea, Soul!"

"This was a bad idea, Soul!"

Maka and her partner strolled through the aisles of the local supermarket, a little ball of very loud energy sitting right there in the basket as she pushed it along. Soul stayed next to her, trying to keep his cool as little Kirin whined, huffed, and puffed in the loudest volume possible for a child her size. Maka watched, embarrassed, as her little group caught the looks of everyone passing by like some side show attraction.

"Well, we're here now, so we're just gonna have to deal." Soul painfully replied, looking to the baby as she continued to fuss.

"Please, Kirin! Shh! It's alright, no need to scream!" Maka tried to calm the child as she pushed the cart, to no avail.

A small bead of sweat hung from Soul as he looked around the crowded market, catching them as they caught looks at him and his partner. The little girl was obviously the source of the commotion, but something was up. They weren't just staring at her. They were staring at Soul and Maka too, but in a strange sort of way. What was that emotion he saw in them? Distaste? Why would they be looking distastefully at them? He knew that Kirin was being obnoxious, but she was just a baby after all.

"So, where are the baby supplies?" Soul asked her, trying to keep his eyes looking ahead.

"I don't know, Soul! I'm a little busy!" she napped at him, still focused on the baby.

He reached behind him and scratched the back of his head, looking up above the aisles to search for directions. He saw that they were in the cleaning supplies and he figured that the baby stuff must be around that general area somewhere. Putting his hand on the edge of the basket, he guided the way as Maka pushed the cart, still trying desperately to hush the little girl.

"Please, for the love of death! Shh!" Maka begged, taking the baby out of the cart and bouncing her in her arms.

Soul felt the tug of the cart falling back and he looked to see why. He found Maka, slightly distressed as she somewhat got a handle on the situation, Kirin's screams turning into sporadic fusses that weren't nearly so loud. He smiled weakly at her as she blew a stray lock of hair from her face, obviously exhausted by the whole ordeal. He waited for her as she bounced the little one up and down until the fusses turned to whines, and the whines into silence. After a few minutes of trying, the baby finally, finally, fell asleep

"You're pretty good at this." he said quietly as she returned with the small bundle, gently placing it inside the basket.

"I'll take Kishin's over this any day." she exhaled as she returned to her post at the cart. "Now let's get that stuff and get out of here."

Together the three of them made their way down the aisle, away from the looks of strangers. After emerging out the other end and searching for a minute or two, they finally found the one they had been looking for. Soul and Maka traveled the entire way down, looking on both sides for something, but nothing in particular.

"Um, which ones do we buy?" Soul finally asked.

Maka shifted uneasily. "I'm not quite sure...she's about 13 months, but, I don't know what size we should get. Or even what brand."

"Well," he sighed in return. "We've got time to search around I guess. There's no real rush-"

"-Excuse me?"

The two of them turned around to face an older looking couple, their hair streaked with flecks of gray and cart filled with groceries. Soul and Maka looked at each other quickly and then back at the pair.

"Yes, can we help you?" Maka responded.

The older woman smiled at them. "Yes, well, my husband and I heard that little commotion in the other aisle and we were wondering who was causing it. Then as we're getting things for our grandson, you two show up, and my word, were we surprised!"

Maka smiled politely at the two while Soul just stood next to her with his hands in his pockets, watching the conversation unfold just as the woman's husband did. He figured he'd let the girls do the talking.

"Anyway," the lady continued, "I just wanted to let you know that you two have a beautiful baby together. It's just a shame you had to have a child so early! And at such a young age too!"

Soul stiffened at her words, his muscles instantly locked up in complete shock. In a millisecond he was looking over baby Kirin, searching for any signs as to why someone would think that, when suddenly he knew exactly why. He had already known about her eyes which looked so much like his, but her hair is what gave it away. There was so little of it that he barely noticed before, but now that he was looking for it, the distinct dirty blonde hue that Maka always bore was immediately apparent. It was exactly the same! She was a miniature version of Maka, with his eyes!

"So, sorry to bother you about all this!" the woman quickly added, brining Soul back to the conversation. "We just wanted to congratulate you!"

Soul flashed a look Maka's way, trying to see what kind of reaction she had. He couldn't tell because her head was hung down, hair blocking the view of her face. His heart skipped a beat.

"No, thank you very much." she replied calmly and quietly.

The old couple looked at each other and smiled, thinking they had done a wonderful thing. Soul glared at them as they turned around and continued with their shopping, annoyed at the sheer stupidity of it all. Shoving his hands deeper into his pockets, he came close to her and whispered in her ear.

"You ok?"


She lifted her face up to meet his and, for the first time that day and in a long time, he saw her finally break. Her eyes were red (though she'd never admit she was teary eyed) and her face contorted into a deeply hurt frown. She crossed her arms as she looked at the ground, leaning her back against the grocery store shelves because she was too tired to stand straight on her own.

"That's why they were staring at us, Soul. They weren't looking at Kirin, they were looking at you. At me, like I'm some kind of slut!"

"We both know you're not, Maka." he replied comfortingly

"I know!" she breathed heavy. "It's just...it's been a long day. And those people...they still keep looking!"

He could feel the hurt in her words and he wished he could take it all away. Looking away from her and at the other market goers, his sympathy soon turned to anger as he confirmed her suspicions. People came and went, but as they did, they had to sneak at least one passing glance at the teenage couple and their year old baby. The sight infuriated him, both of their ignorance and Maka's distress. He glanced at the little baby that was at the center of all of this, and was pleased to know that she was still sound asleep.

Soul came to a conclusion rather quickly, but he followed through with it none the less. Taking a surprised Maka's hand, he left the baby for a moment as he rushed down the aisle and grabbed everything they needed. Diapers, whipees, powder, everything. Throwing them all in the basket, he pushed it along as Maka followed right along side him. She was confused by all of this, but she suddenly didn't feel all that self conscious when she snuck a peek at his serious face, like his resoluteness was rubbing off on her. They hurriedly made it to the cashier and, after paying for all their groceries, the three of them quickly filed out of the market and away from judging eyes.

But not before Soul had the pleasure of standing in the doorway and flicking everyone off as they left building. All for a good five minutes.

"No, seriously Mrs. Knightly, it was no trouble at all!"

Soul lay on the couch, arms behind his head as he stared at the ceiling. Maka was at the door, a little bubbly baby girl being passed from her to another woman standing outside the door. The little one giggled and cooed as she made it to her mothers arms, the latter thanking Maka immensely for everything she had done that day. Especially after realizing that she had forgotten to give her diapers and such. Earlier Soul had insisted that they demand compensation, but his meister quickly shot down that plan out of politeness. Still, at least Kirin's mother had been nice enough to drop off a pie she had picked up earlier from the store. He knew what he'd be eating for dinner that night.

"I know, but still, you've done so much. You're such a wonderful babysitter!" the woman swooned from the doorway, bouncing Kirin in her hands.

Maka blushed. "Thank you Mrs. Knightly, but honestly I couldn't have done it without Soul."

Soul raised up a hand as if in acknowledgement, to which Kirin's mother smiled deeply. "Then thank you as well, Soul Eater! If you want, you can come say goodbye? We're gonna take off now."

The weapon shot up from his spot of the couch and he smiled. "No thanks, Mrs. Knightly. I'll just catch you two later."

The mother nodded her head and, giving everyone one last heartfelt thank you, turned around and descended down the stairs to her apartment. Maka closed the door behind her, sighing in relief as she made her way to the living room, plopping herself right next to Soul and taking up half his space. He didn't seem to mind.

"Why didn't you want to say bye to Kirin?" she asked him after she got comfortable, her head bumping into his.

He shrugged. "Because, she lives right next door. Why say bye when they live so close?"

"Maybe because you'd miss her?"

"Right! Why would I miss that little blob?"

Maka smiled as she put her forehead against his, the two of them scrunched together close on the couch. In all honesty it wasn't especially comfortable to be in that position, but they were tired and after everything that had happened that day, they needed to rest. So why not with each other?

"You liked taking care of her, and you know it!"

Soul closed his eyes in annoyance. "Maybe I did, so what?"

"Then you should admit it, because maybe I liked taking care of her too!" Maka's cheeks puffed up in equal amounts of annoyance.

His brows raised. "So, if we both admitted we liked taking care of her, what exactly would that do?"

Maka thought about the answer for a moment. "Then I suppose the next time they ask us to babysit, we can take care of her again."

Soul pondered for a moment as to how he wanted to respond to that. He looked at Maka as they lay on the couch together, close enough to feel the other breathe. He quickly viewed her eyes and hair, and the creaminess of her skin. He was tired, and it all seemed to comforting. So, giving into his exhaustion (and maybe even Maka's good looks) he closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead against hers in a rare act of openess.

"I liked having the baby around."

She smiled at him. "Me too."

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Well, not really. I've got lots of baby cousins, so writing about this stuff just felt kind of natural lol

This is the introduction to baby Kirin and her times with Soul and Maka. Obviously, there's a lot of text here, but the following chapters will be snapshots of the three's continued moments together. Enjoy!