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Gil's Mom

by. Lacrow

"...Gil, we're gonna be best friends no matter what, right?..."

No. No, no no, no. What was he thinking? There was no way he could do something like this! How did White Star even convince him to do such a thing in the first place? It's not like he had a track record of coddling the wanna-be assassin, let alone going with him on his stupid plans. So why then did he find himself standing in the middle of his own living room, holding onto that one little piece of paper that should have been thrown away as soon as he got home? Just the thought of what was tucked away inside that envelope sent a disgusting shiver down his spine. Why White Star, why?

"...Remember that girl I told you about the other day?..."

There was something very wrong with that boy. He'd known it since the day they'd first met, though it was only until attending Shibusen that he realized exactly what; White Star was a total horndog. From the moment he hit puberty up until now as he somehow convinced him to go through with his stupid plan, the black haired, green eyed buddy of his was constantly at the heels of whatever hot girl came his way. Gil glowered at the thought of when he'd first introduced his meister to him two years ago, the nerve of that guy, trying to work his moves on Kirin of all people!

"...Well, I wasn't lying when I said she went to this school..."

Although, now he had much bigger problems to worry about than protecting his pink eyed mesiter. It confounded Gil just how on earth to go about this, considering he hadn't had much time to think about it anyway. And much to his dismay, the young boy found that time was quickly running out. As if fate was slapping him across both cheeks, he heard a clicking sound to his right. Immediately he turned and watched with wide eyes as the front door opened slowly to a very tired looking man, his jacket slung across his shoulder as he shuffled in to escape the heat outside. His doppleganger. His dad.

"...Promise you won't get mad when I say this?..."

Father and son looked at each other for a moment, the latter giving a meek wave of hello as the former nodded in acknowledgement. Gil watched as Lord Death's personal weapon found enough strength to sigh and toss his coat on the rack, his feet taking him immediately towards the kitchen right after. Refrigerator wide open a second later, the man found his fix; a can of soda, caffeine. The sound of a hiss and crack of aluminum being opened rang out through the home, though Gil focused on none of it. He just stood there, staring off into space, as that last bit White Star told him reared it's ugly head again;

"Gil, your mom's hot."

Oh the horror. Dammit, how low could he get! And he just had to write a note about it! And he just had to make him be the one to deliver it to her! It's not like he was actually going to, because how screwed up would that be? This was his mother, not some flavor of the week! But even so, just holding that damned piece of paper felt dirty to him; the only reason he brought it was as a last resort for intervention.

"So how goes it?" his father finally hummed after sitting in his chair, kicking back with a down of his drink.

Half occupied with his own thoughts, Gil finally looked up at him and shrugged. "Um, same. Professor Stein and stuff."

"And stuff? That's real specific." the man mused, letting his head rest against the chair. "Got into a lot of trouble doing stuff when I was your age."

Gil smiled meekly and nodded, his emerald eyes cast down to the floor in fear of his did seeing the awkward glean they had to them at the moment. Soul Evans might have been one of the coolest, calmest faculty members at Shibusen, but even Gil knew the man had his limits. He'd only seen his dad get really pissed off once, maybe even twice in his life, though that was enough for him to be weary of ever making him upset again. And the last thing he needed was for his dad to go on a Deathscythe rampage if, and when, he found out about what he grasped firmly between two sweaty hands at the moment.

But, it didn't look like he had any clue as to what was going on. Gil's dad just put his arms behind his head and closed his eyes, probably going over the long day at work in his head. Maybe, Gil figured, if he could somehow ask the right questions, then maybe he could pry some advice from his father on how to deal with the situation, and not even let him know that he was doing so in the first place. Brilliant!

"Hey, dad? Can I ask you a question?" he asked innocently, somewhat more calm than before.

Soul opened a single eye and gave a lazy shrug with his upturned arms. "Shoot."

Feeling just a bit more confident, Gil plopped himself on the couch right next to his dad. "I was wondering, what did gramps do when you and mom started dating?"

"Spirit?" the man coughed a bit, eyes widening a little at the thought. "Something along the lines of wanting to chop my nuts off, if I remember right."

In hindsight, that might not have been the best question to ask. And as Gil thought about it more, he figured that no matter what the answer was, it wouldn't really help him with his situation much anyway. The most he could be thankful for was that his dad didn't think the topic to be too random, either that or he was just too tired to care. Either way, he had to approach this like his mother would; methodically. Perhaps he should ask how best to deal with a rival weapon suitor? That might work, his dad used to tell him stories about how he fought other weapons for his mom a long time ago. Maybe if-

"-Why you wanna know anyway?" Soul chimed, taking a sip from his coke. "Mrs. Knightly catch you and Kirin together yet?"

Train of thought out the window, Gil's faced flashed redder than his dad's eyes. "What do you mean, yet! She's just my meister dad!"

Shaking his head, the eldest Evans snorted. "Yeah, just like your mother and I were just partners. At least you two aren't living together like we were-"

"-Dad, I really don't want to know about whatever it is you and mom did, or thought about doing in your apartment together." Gil looked away, slightly mortified.

Shrugging as he conceded, Soul simply reclined in his chair and closed his eyes, obviously finding the conversation over and done with. His son however, just couldn't seem to drop the subject. He was going absolutely nowhere with this, and he needed to resolve this issue of his a.s.a.p. White Star was a little twerp when he wanted to be, and Gil just knew that the next day he'd be pestering him about whether or not he actually delivered the thing to his mother or not. And what's worse, the creep could tell if he was lying or not; honesty and meekness were some of the curses he'd been plagued with since birth.

Maybe if he just came out with it all at once, his dad might not be so mad? Maybe he'd be a little bit ticked off, but wouldn't go on a deathly rampage the next time he saw the boy at school? It wasn't like his dad was anything like gramps, he wasn't that obsessive over his mom. And Soul Evans was never one to lose his cool so easily, it would've taken a lot to get a rise out of him in the first place. If he fumed for only a day or two, it wouldn't be so bad. He could live with that, so long as his mother stayed out of this and White Star got what was coming to him. Now he just had to prepare himself for the volcano to erupt.

It took him a moment, but after debating with himself over the matter, he finally set the wheel in motion. "Dad?"

"Hm?" the man responded almost immediately, the slightest hint of annoyance in his one opened eye.

"You know how Valentine's Day is coming up, right?" the boy prodded, a lump tightening in his throat when his father nodded. "Well, this person gave me a letter..."

Soul's lips curled into an amused grin. "So is this one from Kathy again? Or one of those other female stalkers of yours?"

Gil groaned, cursing that popular face both of them had been born with. "No, it wasn't for me. Actually...it's kind of for mom, if you can believe that..."

Oh holy hell, he was afraid this would happen. Gil's shoulders slunk when his father suddenly perked in his chair, eyes wide awake despite him being tired not even seconds before. The amusement in his face had vanished as if in an instant, leaving only that flat looking stare that he'd seen a couple times before when his father was pissed. The young Evans bit his tongue when Soul raised a brow, somehow finding a little comfort in the fact that he was at least showing a little bit of emotion. Still, he found himself sinking into the floor like he used to when he was little, before he'd found confidence in Shibusen.

"...And just who exactly gave you that?" his dad asked evenly, reaching for the piece of paper his son pulled out from behind him.

Gil gave it to him, but only as he struggled with himself about whether or not to run out the front door and avoid the situation altogether. But before he could even blink, Soul Evans snatched the note out from him and was already reading it like a man looking over his prison sentence. That left Gil to debate with himself over what to do next; should he let his dad find out for himself, or should he soften the blow by giving him a heads up about what he was about to read? Either way it didn't matter to him, because his dad would be pissed either way. In the end though, he settled on the latter, for White Star's sake.

"-It's from White Star!" Gil said quickly. No sooner had he said that did his dad look up at him with wide eyes. "White Star wrote that for mom..."

And for a moment they remained silent, both staring at each other as the tension grew with each passing half-second; Why was his dad just sitting there! Was he really so pissed that he couldn't even respond? Dear god, White Star was going to get it, the poor bastard wouldn't know it either! He'd be in class minding his own business, when Lord Death's personal weapon would burst in through the door with a scythe for an arm and...oh god! Gil swallowed the lump building in the back of his throat, expecting his father to lose it at his next breath. But no sooner had he thought that, he was immediately proven wrong.

"You've got to be kidding me!" the eldest Evans howled with laughter, surprising his son immensely. "White Star, really?"

"Wait a minute, you're not upset? You realize that's a...that's a love letter, right-?" Gil gaped, not expecting his father's reaction at all.

Soul snorted. "Oh yeah, like I'm going to be threatened by a prepubescent twerp who can barely count to twenty five. Come on, Gil, give me some credit."

Dumbstruck, the young scythe put on a wary grin as his dad continued to laugh, almost uncontrollably. Maybe he really hadn't given him the credit he deserves? After all, Soul Evans was the coolest adult at Shibusen, both in his attitude and just the way he carried himself around others. Gil rubbed the back of his neck, convinced that he was wrong in assuming that anything White Star could have written down was enough to rile him up. And as Soul continued to read, albeit it with a few chuckles, Gil's grin only continued to grow at just how stupid the situation was. Of course there was nothing to worry about-!

"-What...the fuck?" he saw his father's smile immediately fade, his eyes growing wide in place of them.

Just as quickly, Gil snapped to attention. He didn't like the looks of that reaction. "Dad-? What is it-? What's it say?"

"...The kid has colorful vocabulary, I'll give him that." Soul mumbled, staring at the sheet in his hands. "I aughta punch the bastard-"

"-Dad you can't hurt him! He's your best friend's son! He's your student!" the young Evans gaped, fearing that his dad was quickly losing his reason.

But Soul only shook his head. "I was talking about Black Star. That's the fucker's genes in the boy, it's his dam fault, although maybe Tsubaki had something to do with it..."

At that last note, the front door's knob started to jiggle. The sound of keys clanging and an unmistakable whine sent Gil and Soul reeling towards the hallway leading outside, both flashing looks at the door before each other. Without missing a beat, the eldest took White Star's letter and buried it in the depths of his chair where no one could find it. Gil meanwhile scrambled for a place on the sofa next to him, hoping to look casual as the door quickly opened to reveal two women; one tall and slender, her blonde hair matching the locks of the little girl next to her. The other was even taller, her dark hair kept in a pony tail.

Immediately, the little girl next to the blonde rushed inside and went straight for Gil, tiny fang-like teeth curled into a wide grin as she came to him. Forgetting all about White Star's drama, the young scythe picked up his baby sister with a smile of his own as she giggled like an imp in his arms. Full of energy, little Ella scrambled to break free even though she'd willingly jumped into her brother's arms just a second ago. Both Evans struggling with each other, neither let up long enough to watch as both women in the doorway walked in and greeted their father; one with a kiss, the other with a wave.

"You're home early. Ella giving you trouble?" Soul sneered, enjoying the look of exhaustion on his wife's face.

"She is your daughter, Soul. The only thing she got from me was my looks." Maka replied with drooping shoulders.

In the background, Tsubaki tried to smooth things over. "Oh, Maka! She isn't that bad! If anything, she reminds me of you-!"

Soul's snort cut her off. "My wife likes to think all the bad stuff came from me, but Ella's all Maka. They're both high-strung, high maintenance, high-"

Just like her husband cut off Tsubaki, Maka shut the man up with a sudden bash to the skull with one of her books. Where on earth she pulled that thing out from, Gil would never know. But both he and his sister cowered in fear on their little corner of the couch as daddy slumped in his chair, eyes boggled and mouth wide open. Their mother simply painted on a pleasant face and walked over towards the kitchen, leaving her guest, Mrs. Nakatsukasa, to trail after her with an awkward smile and a wave to Soul goodbye. He of course didn't see it, what with being unconscious and all. Gill shuddered at the thought; he always hated those things, those Maka Chops. For some reason, his mother never hit Ella with it, only him and his father. Perhaps it was just a guy thing? Or an Evans guy thing, at least...

Either way, he wasn't getting pummeled to death now. In fact he already knew why the two women were there, talking up a storm in the kitchen as Ella finally broke free to join them. She was only two years old, but just as smart as their mother. And the little girl knew that her birthday was coming up, since the entire day the two women had been planning her party with such excitement.

In two days it'd be Valentines Day. And since Ella was born on the fifteenth of February, everyone just decided to have her birthday early.

His mom thought it was cute. His dad really didn't care. As for his baby sister, well, any excuse for cake was reason to celebrate. So from his corner on the couch, Gil watched little Ella run up to their mother's leg and immediately tug on her to be picked up. He smiled, watching the girl get lifted into the air as she smiled the biggest smile he'd ever seen. She was a doll, just like their mom was as a baby. In fact, Ella Evans was almost the spitting image of Maka, save for two small details; she had teeth like razor blades and a habit of hibernating for hours on end. Dad, of course, couldn't have been more proud.

Speaking of which, the sudden sound of a whisper brought Gil back reeling to his father. Surprisingly the man was now fully conscious, but the expression on his face was a bit more serious than before. With a finger to his lips, he motioned to his mother and immediately the boy understood. He didn't need words to know that whatever White Star had written, it would have to stay a secret. Neither she nor Mrs. Nakatsukasa needed to know about the letter, especially since they were focused on more important things at the moment. No, confronting his best friend would have to wait, for Ella's sake.

So Gil slunk back in his seat and nodded as his father turned on the TV, both men putting the entire ordeal behind them.

White Star was a horndog, but not really any sort of threat. Besides, what's the worst thing the little twerp could come up with?

By far, it was the worst thing White Star had ever concocted in that tiny, ninja brain of his. Holy freaking hell.

It was inconceivable just how idiotic the boy could be! How on earth the two of them ever became friends in the first place was a mystery to him! Better yet, how on earth their fathers could have been best friends was beyond his understanding. Any sort of relation between them was up in the air at this point, because he knew exactly what White Star was planning to do. He needed to be stopped, immediately, but of course there was one small detail that needed addressing; just where in the fuck was he? How easy was it to disappear in a park, for god's sake! Then again he was a ninja...perhaps if he were to-?

"-Gil? Gil, you need to calm down." Kirin's voice snapped him out of his self-induced train wreck, like mercy from above.

He stared at her for a second before blinking. "I know, I know. But we're running out of time! He's actually going to do it in front of everyone!"

The blonde meister nodded. "He could be anywhere. And if I know that idiot friend of yours, there's no way to find him if he doesn't want to be found."

For once, the normally calm boy let his emotions get the better of him. He growled with frustration as he took to punching the tree next to him, surprising his partner immensely. Almost immediately however, Gil regretted it; trees weren't exactly soft. So when his hand started to swell and he squeaked so uncoolly from the pain, Kirin was already there to ease things by clasping it with her own.

"You're so hopeless." Kirin teased, smiling as her scythe looked away awkwardly. "I can't believe you're your father's son."

"Yeah, well, neither can I. At least he would know what to do." Gil shot right back, in a gruff voice that betrayed the slight red of his face.

He pulled away and didn't dare look at her in the face, instead deciding to scan the trees for any trace of White Star. As Kirin had said, chances were they wouldn't be able to find him. And whatever she said was usually right, so there was little Gil could do to give him and his meister hope. All he could do was try not to give up completely, both for his own sake and his little sister's. Really it was all for her in the end anyway, because honestly, why now of all times? Why did his naive best friend think that confessing his love for their mother, during Ella's birthday no less, was a good idea?

And that was in front of everyone! All of their families; the Evans, the Nakatsukasas, the Thompsons, dammit even Lord Death himself! Every one of them expecting a happy little get-together in the forest training grounds surrounding Shibusen and a little girl to blow out the candles to her birthday cake. One of those people was of course their father, the Death Scythe, who was always the definition of cool and collected. But even Soul Evans' stoicism could last only so long, and if he wasn't pissed of two days ago when he read the note, then he'd certainly lose it if Star crashed his daughter's special day.

Gil didn't want that. Or at least, didn't want someone else to punish him when it was clearly his responsibility; White Star was his best friend, and if anyone was going to beat the idiocy out of the punk, it was going to be him. Of course, the only problem with that plan was that it involved tracking Star down, which in a forest was like trying to find a needle in a haystack. And to make matters even worse, Kirin wasn't really helping the situation any. In fact, she was making things worse what with her hand-holding and all...it was different when he was in scythe form. Human contact wasn't really his strong point.

He looked down at his hand still firmly between Kirin's, then back up at her. She still had that tiny smile from before, only this time he knew it wasn't out of amusement. There had been nothing but silence between them for good few minutes, so it couldn't have been something he said. Maybe she was thinking of something funny? Whatever it was, Gil suddenly found himself just a little bit warmer than before. It was really uncomfortable, being this close to her without having a reason for it. And the entire time, his dad's comment about him and Kirin two days ago kept popping into his head.

Maybe that's why his next few words were just a little bit weary. "Maybe if you use soul perception, we can find him quicker?"

"Oh. Right." she replied with apprehension. Immediately, Gil felt like an ass when all she after that was, "Well, let's get this over with."

He tried to say more to his meister, but she didn't give him the chance to. Kirin quickly let go of his hand and turned away from him, eyes closed in order to concentrate on finding White Star. Standing there with her back turned towards him, Gil could practically see the annoyance in the air around her. She was angry; something he learned to recognize in the two years they'd been partners, only this time he didn't have the slightest clue as to why...actually, that was a lie. Despite what he tried to tell himself, Gil had a vague idea. The thing was, he just couldn't bring himself to believe something like that.

Of course, if his theory was correct then it wasn't good news for him. At least not in the way other people would see it; Gil wasn't suave like his dad, even though the ladies didn't care as long as he had his face. And while it was true he'd become more confident since enrolling in Shibusen, he was still a bit too shy around everyone but his meister, who he tagged along constantly with. Kirin has his best friend, besides White Star of course, and she always stuck up for him whenever he needed it. Kind of like how his parents used to be, although his dad would tell him otherwise...it wasn't cool to be saved by a girl.

"...Hey, Kirin?" Gil spoke up finally, debating whether or not to tap on her shoulder. He was just about to, before she looked over her shoulder and glared at him.

"I'm a little busy here, Gil." Kirin replied with words like acid. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, at least that's what he thought to himself in private.

The boy, in over his head, pressed on. "White Star can wait a second...I mean, your soul perception's so great, you can find him in no time, right?"

She continued her leer for a moment, before letting up a fraction of a degree. "I can tell when you're trying to kiss up. What do you want?"

"Nothing...I mean-!" Gil started to say, before noticing her pretty face scrunch up again. "It's Valentines Day, after all...and, well..."

He felt his face start to burn up again, being just one more thing he'd inherited from his mother; she always blushed. The only thing he could be thankful for at the moment was the fact that Kirin was no longer glaring at him, considering that if she was then he probably wouldn't be able to find the right words to say what he wanted to. It helped when she turned to face him and crossed her arms, that angry look of hers being replaced by one of curiosity. He always liked that about her; the woman exuded confidence, and it always rubbed off on him. Which was a good thing, considering he need all the confidence he could get at the moment, what with those big, pink eyes staring at him as she waited patiently for him to say something. Very quickly he realized there was no going back. Now or never.

"...We've been partners for years, and our parents like each other, and we babysit Ella all the time. And you're the only one I really talk to besides Star, but he's an idiot, and..."

Gil continued, probably for much longer than was needed or appropriate. He listed all the times they'd gotten in trouble together at school and had to stay for remedial lessons, all the times he'd gotten Kirin Chopped on the head when it was clearly his fault for doing something stupid. When he got to the part about Kirin's old weapon coming back to beat the shit out of him last year, Gil didn't hesitate to mention that he was the one who won that fight, albeit it while suffering a broken arm in the process. And he closed his eyes in embarrassment when he thanked her for not going on missions with another weapon while it healed, considering her normally straight A's took a beating because of it. But never once did she complain, in fact, she found it in herself to feed him soup once or twice. And he loved it.

Of course he couldn't see it with his eye closed, but even with his ungodly long list, Kirin's smile only continued to grow. All the little things he recalled, she remembered in detail, and all the big things she could recall as if they'd happened yesterday. He was a dork and always would be; from the moment she met him as a little girl, till the day he croaked at the, hopefully, ripe old age of a hundred and five. But the thing was, she wouldn't have him any other way. Gil was her weapon, and she proudly touted the fact to the other girls at school that she was the only one who could resonate with him. They, of course, were jealous.

He was cute. Not cool like his dad, but they were two different people. They had the same strong features, except for the teeth, but his mother's eyes made his face seem so much softer. And she loved that he was smart enough to keep up with her, because honestly, not many men could. Who cares if she was older than him by two years, especially since Gil would always argue that it was really only one and a half anyway? Besides, they were partners. They shared a soul half the time anyway, so what was the harm in admitting that they liked each other? She knew that's what he was trying to do, the dork.

"...and if I forgot anything else I'm sorry, but if I don't say anything now then I never will. So I was wondering if-!"

"-Yes, Gil. I will go out with you." Kirin cut him off with a grin, giggling at just how wide his eyes opened in utter shock at her response.

Without hesitation, she was the one to pull him in and plant her lips on his. He flinched for a brief second, still surprised at what was going on. But it was only for a moment, and by the time Kirin had begun to wrap her arms around his neck he was already doing the same around her waist. He still couldn't believe things had worked out this way, but he wasn't one to complain. Especially not when he had his meister in his arms, kissing him like they'd been doing this for months. A grin crept across his lips at the same time Kirin pulled away. She pressed their foreheads together and smiled back.

"Was that really so hard?" the blonde teased him yet again, only this time Gil didn't look away.

All he did was shake his head, for once giving off that devilish grin his father was known for. "Happy Valentines Day, Kirin."

They sneaked another quick kiss in, both giddy to the point of almost laughing outright. They couldn't help but feel happy, although they had little time to celebrate in their quiet seclusion for long. Before they had another chance to bring their lips together, the sound of a ruckus nearby wretched their attention away from each other. Both staring out into the forest, they waited in silence to hear it again. And after a few seconds passed the same noise appeared, only this time accompanied by the shouts of a woman who sounded all too familiar. It didn't take long for Gil to realize who it was; Mrs. Nakatsukasa.

"No disrespect to little Ella or anyone else here...!" an even more familiar voice rang out. "...But I have something I need to get off my chest...!"

Oh dear god. The young scythe didn't need to tell his new girlfriend what was going on; all he had to do was look at Kirin, and immediately the two of them broke off their embrace and started running towards the misguided speech as it unfolded for everyone in the park to hear. Past trees and overs bushes, meister and weapon dodged every obstacle that appeared in their way. As fast as they could, the two of them tried their damnedest to stop what was bound to be the most inappropriate, most embarrassing, most wrong thing anyone in the history of the world had ever had the displeasure of hearing.

But they were running out of time fast. "...I wrote a letter to the woman I love a few days ago, but obviously she didn't get it!..."

That son of a bitch! He was going to kill him the moment he got to the picnic grounds, because that's obviously where all of this was taking place. Gil could see it now; the wannabe ninja standing atop a picnic table, probably got his foot in a bowl of mashed potatoes no less. If he was anything like his father was as a child, he probably found a stick or something and was using it as a microphone or something. And there was no doubt in his mind that everyone was staring at him in utter shock as he pointed to the sky with confidence, or even worse...at his mother, of all people.

The voice was getting louder! Damn him! "...And since my own best buddy won't even help me, I guess I'll just have to say it now for everyone to hear!..."

White Star, don't do it! For the love of all things holy and what was left of his best friend's pride, Gil prayed with everything he had that him and Kirin weren't too late. They had just a little ways to go, the picnic clearing was so close he could practically make out everyone's bodies in the distance. Gil looked desperately to his meister as she did the same, the panic obvious across both their faces. Just a few more steps. That's all he kept saying to himself as they made it past the perimeter of trees surrounding baby Ella's birthday party; just a few more steps, and it'll all be over.

In the end he was right, although not in the way he would have liked. They did eventually make it to the table, and his suspicions from before were proven right. All the adults stared, dumbfounded, as the black haired ninja made a complete ass of himself in public. The only thing was, it was already too late; things had ended the moment he tried to approach White Star, and at the top of his lungs, he screamed;

"...Mrs. Evans, you're the hottest piece of ass I've ever seen, and I love you from the bottom of my heart!"

The party ended pretty quickly after that. Mom decided to wrap things up at home, as far away from the public as possible.

Things turned out better than Gil could have hoped for; at least White Star was still breathing, which was a good thing. His freedom was a different story entirely, considering he'd never seen Mrs. Nakatsukasa that red before. Then again, he'd never seen Star's father so...unfazed before. Almost like he was expecting some kind of bullshit from his son like that all along, though the comments about his mother made Mr. Nakatsukasa smack his own head in embarrassment. And of course the entire time, White Star was oblivious to having done anything wrong at all. He simply thanked the crowd, and walked off.

Gil had to hand it to his father, the man didn't blow up like he completely expected him to. That's not to say that he wasn't pissed; it took the combined efforts of Lord Death and Mr. Nakatsukasa to keep him from chasing after the boy in cold, killing fury. Gramps was a different story, since nobody was there to restrain him. Still, the man was old, and couldn't really keep up with the little assassin as he jumped from tree to tree out of sight. All the while, his mom just stood there with Ella in her arms, a look of utter horror and confusion plastered across her face that would have been funny if the cirumstances were different.

And of course, the Thompson sisters stayed as far away from the scene as possible. They were just street smart like that, and Gil respected them for that. Which left only himself and Kirin in the middle of everything, as the adults couldn't decide whether to continued with the party and ignore everything, or get the punishment in quick and swift. Eventually, Ella was the one who decided for them. As their parents argued, she fell fast asleep in her mother's arms. And by the time everyone realized, the mood had already calmed, so they decided to pack up and call it a day. Besides, her birthday wasn't really till tomorrow anyway.

In retrospect, his best buddy was a complete dipshit. But, Gil supposed, when you've got the hots for somebody, you've got to act on it. And though Star really needed to learn what was appropriate to say and do, he did get one thing right; if a person is really worth it, you need to let them know how you feel. Even if you end up looking like a dork in the process, who knows, you might just get the girl in the end.

Kirin was all his because of that little lesson he'd learned, and maybe one day he could pass on that same advice to White Star, albeit it in a more appropriate way.

Although one little thing he had to be sure to stress from the very beginning; his mother was off limits, and if he ever called her a hot piece of ass again, he would kill him.