Memory Lane

And as I look back at those two boys, I see us when we were younger. Back in a time when things weren't as complicated. When you still believed I could fix any problem you had; when I was still your hero, your idol. I see myself telling you to get some sleep, even if you didn't want to because you wanted to be strong like your big brother. But you agreed because I asked, and without saying a word, you quietly snuggled in to my side, as I wrapped a protective arm around you. Your head gently rested on my shoulder where it belongs. When's the last time I held you like that? I can't remember.

The sound of Ryan's voice makes me turn my head to the backseat. What I see warms me deep inside. A big brother caring for his little bro. And suddenly for a brief moment, I'm six again, and you're asking me to get some rest, because it's a long car ride. Then again, it always is. Maybe it's better that way- the times when I feel most at peace is when I'm driving in the Impala beside you. Seeing these two brothers brings it all back, and I sneak a loving glance your way. You're also checking them out in the rearview, and for the first time in a long time, there's a small smile on your face. And not because you had to, or because something was funny, but because you truly wanted to- involuntarily. When that true smile appeared for a brief moment, I felt that everything was going to be ok. Forget Eve, or the war in heaven, or the wall in my head. It was just the two of us, and we were the only ones in the whole world. I took another look at the backseat in my side mirror, and as I watched, I also smiled softly. Because these two reminded us of what we stand for, why we continue to fight no matter how hard it gets. We fight for each other. A bond that cannot be broken. And it will be the world's salvation.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: These were the thoughts running through my head as I watched this beautiful scene. I just had to write it down. Also a quick question: does anyone have a YouTube account, and would be willing to post this entire scene, from the boys first meeting the kids, to Cas looking out the window? If you could, that would be AWESOME!