The Davis Family-Chapter 1

Isabelle Victoria Matiya-soon to be Isabelle Matiya Davis-starred at her beautiful reflection in the bathroom mirror. Every hair on her head was tucked into place. Every eyelash was touched with just the right amount of mascara. Every fold of her dress was soft and unwrinkled.

She was so beautiful she was hardly human.

"Oh, Isabelle," whispered Marion Armstrong, her best friend and maid-of-honor. "You're so lucky."

Isabelle smiled back knowingly. Out of all the dozens of people who had congratulated her, Marion alone understood why she was so lucky. Most people thought she was lucky because of how kind and charismatic Ken Davis was, or because of how good looking he was, or a combination of that fact. It had just so happened that the heir to Davis Farms happened to be not only handsome and charming but also very sweet. But if he had been a balding middle-aged man with the manners of a swineherd, Isabelle would have taken it. This wasn't just a marriage for her, it was a promotion.

"I am going to be Mrs. Kenneth Davis," Isabelle whispered to herself. "People are going to look at me and see a somebody. I am going to be able to afford all the nice things I want. I'll be allowed to go into the country club and drink margaritas by the pool. I can ride in a limo all over town and…"

"And wear diamonds everywhere we go that thieves could cut themselves on!" said Marion. Both women started laughing. "Oh, Izzy, I'm so happy for you," said Marion, leaning in to hug her friend.

"Careful!" said Isabelle, stepping back. "No messing up the dress!"

"Oh! Sorry!" said Marion, stepping back.

"It's time, ladies," said Isabelle's father, stepping out of the shadows and taking her on his arm. He looked down at Isabelle and smiled. "Marrying a Davis. Wow. I never thought I'd be so proud of my little girl."

Isabelle smiled, refusing to let her eyes tear up because she didn't want to mess up her makeup.

The doors opened, and several little flower girls, ring bearers, bridesmaids, and groomsmen all came tricking out, one by one. Then came Marion and finally Isabelle. She had never felt such an intense feeling of euphoria in her life as she walked across the long red carpet, sprinkled with soft petals, down the path to the perfect life she'd always dreamed of. The path to pure luxury.

At the end of the isle, Ken Davis was almost crying at he saw his beautiful bride floating towards him. He looked at that beautiful smiled. That smile that always told him how much she loved him.

He glanced away briefly at his parents, Grant and Regina Davis, sitting on the closest bench to him. His father caught his eye and smiled. Grant had never liked a girlfriend of Ken's before-in fact, he had detested all of them. But this one he seemed to approve of. Isabelle was cultured, well mannered, and elegant: everything that a Davis should be. But Ken wasn't marrying her for any of those reasons. He was marrying her because in the past few months, she was the only person who had always been there to support him and love him.

Then Ken glanced at another family that was there sitting a few rows behind his dad, which were some of Davis Farms's longtime rivals. Jean Williams-who was twenty-three years old, exactly ten years younger than Ken-was sitting in with her head resting on her fiance Pete Ritter's shoulder. Her father Henry gave Ken a slight smile when he looked his way, but then he resumed his natural sour-faced disposition. He was probably particularly annoyed today. Ken couldn't imagine why he would have even decided to show up, other than that maybe Jean had talked him into it? For one thing, Ken was still mad at Grant for stealing his jockey five years ago and winning the Sandpiper Classic. For another thing, he must be jealous of Ken's marriage. Unlike Ken, who was knew he was marrying a genuinely loving woman, Jean was marrying a total snake and everyone around her knew it.

Before Ken knew it, Isabelle was taking her hand in his. She was so beautiful. No, more than beautiful. She was…radiant. She was all Ken could focus on as he recited his wedding vows and said, "I do".

"You may now kiss the bride" were the most amazing words he had ever heard in his life.