Harry, Ron, and Hermione awoke in the hospital wing, where Dumbledore, Minister Fudge, and Professor Snape were discussing the capture of Black. Snape had brought them all up to the castle after the action had ended, claiming that he had saved them from Black. Fudge was talking about giving him an Order of Merlin award.

"Will Black be sent back to Azkaban, minister?"

"No, no. He's proven to be too dangerous. We'll perform the kiss tonight, before he gets another chance to escape."

"If the headmaster permits it."

"In this case, Severus, my personal feelings about the dementors do not matter much. Even if his story about Pettigrew is true, there is nothing I can do to prevent Black from undergoing the dementor's curse."


Harry had shouted, waking up Ron and Hermione.

"You can't!"


"He's innocent! You can't give him to the dementors!"

"Potter.." Snape growled.

"He right! My rat, actually, he's not a rat-"

"Pettigrew's alive! We saw him!"

"He faked his own death!"

"You see, minister?" Snape asked. "Confunded, all of them."

"Yes, but they've had a rough night. We should leave so as to not disturb them."

"Very well. I want to see when it happens."

"Are you coming, Dumbledore?"

"I'll be along soon. I still wish to talk to my students."

"You don't think that Black may be telling the truth, headmaster!"

"I just wish to speak with them, Severus."

"Remember that Black proved himself capable of murder at the age of sixteen. Remember how he tried to kill me, headmaster."

Snape closed the door as he left, leaving Dumbledore alone with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.


"You've got to believe us!"

Dumbledore put up his hand. "That's enough. It just so happens that I do believe you. But you must understand that I do not have the power to overrule the ministry. And without Pettigrew, dead or alive, Professor Snape's version of events is far more compelling than yours."

"Then what-"

"Wait a minute, Harry. It appears that someone is listening in on our conversation." He turned to the door to the hospital wing. In the silence they could hear scratching against the door.

Dumbledore opened the door and looked outside, right and left. There was no one there. He was about to close it when he felt something cross over his foot.

A white cat had entered the room. It had a crescent shaped bald spot on it's forehead. In it's mouth was a squirming rat.

"Scabbers!" Ron yelled.

"So this is the rat that Peter Pettigrew has hidden as all these years?" Dumbledore asked. "Is that…" he began, looking at the cat, but seemed to think better of it.

The cat dropped Scabbers at Dumbledore's feet. The rat attempted to flee, but Dumble waved his wand at it, and the next instant it was Pettigrew crawling across the floor.

"Fascinating." Dumbledore said as he grabbed Pettigrew by the collar. "I wonder how I am going to explain my capture of Pettigrew to the minister?" He smiled as he left with Pettigrew.

The cat meowed happily and scurried from the room, leaving Harry, Ron, and Hermione startled, relieved, and more than a little confused.

"First Crookshanks," Ron said. "Now this. What's with the cats in this place? Is it something in the water?"/

Mina sat for hours next to the unconscious Professor Lupin, thinking.

You shall know naught but strife all your days.

At one point the werewolf had looked like it was stirring, so she hit it over the head with a rock. Until she knew that the others were safe she couldn't chance it waking up.

There is no peace for you.

She fiddled with the crescent compact in her hands. Her powers as a soldier, the very things that she had counted on to make up for her shortcomings as a witch, had failed her when she had needed them. It was her magic that had saved her.

All your days.

Artemis found her early in the morning, having followed her scent.

"What's going on?"

"Everyone's safe. They're in the castle. Pettigrew is captured and Black is going to be released."

"Good." She got up, rather unsteadily, and picked up the invisibility cloak to go back to the castle under.

"Wait a bit before giving the cloak back." Artemis said, noticing how out of it she was. Go to the dorms and get some sleep."

"No. I want to go to the room of requirement."


"Mina, you need sleep. As it is you can barely stand. Whatever it is you think you need it can wait six hours."


"Were there any problems other than the werewolf?"


There was a pause.


"I drove them off with the patronus."



"You're sure Harry is all right?"

"I'm sure, Mina. It's all over."

You shall know naught but strife./

Mina was awakened by Artemis licking her face.

"Need more sleep." she muttered.

"Take any more and you'll miss breakfast. After last night you need to eat too."

"All right."

No peace.

Fifteen minutes later Mina left the Hufflepuff common room. She quickly made a turn towards the seventh floor.

"To the great hall, Mina. Food comes before the room of requirement."

"It'll probably just make some food for me."

"You can't know that. Go to the great hall, now."

After eating breakfast, which she had to admit made her feel much better, Mina finally made her way to the room of requirement.

On the way she was stopped by Professor Lupin, who looked shabbier than ever and held an ice pack over his head.

"Please come into my office, Miss Aino."

"Oh, Professor, I-"

"There is no need to be alarmed. Just come into my office."

She say down near his desk as he closed the door. Lupin sat down too and took the ice pack off of his head, revealing a large red bump.

"I believe I have you to thank for this, Miss Aino."

The color faded from Mina's face.

Lupin laughed. "And I do thank you. As I understand it you saved half a dozen people from me last night."

"How do you-"

"I remember what happens when I transform, even if the memories are a little fuzzy, no pun intended. I might not have realized it was you, though, if I hadn't already known that you were on the grounds last night.

"So the hippogriff is safe, you're original intention, Sirius Black is a free man, and the real death eater is off to Azkaban."

"Death eater?"

"The term for the servants of Voldemort. Tell me, who used the patronus, you or Harry?"

"I don't really know, sir. I did, but I think Harry did too."

"And what was you're patronus?"

"A phoenix."

Lupin's smile couldn't have widened any more. "I'll regret no longer being your instructor, but if you can fight werewolves and dementors you no longer need to be taught by me."

"What do you mean?"

"I quit. I can't chance what happened last night happening again."

"But you can't!"

"I have to. But I want you to know, you did a lot of good last night, and made a big difference."

"Thank you sir."

"Now why don't you give me the invisibility cloak? I know you took it. That's why none of us could see you."

"Oh." Mina took the cloak out of the pocket in her robes she had stuffed it into, intending to give it to Harry when she saw him.

"I'll tell Harry I found it on the grounds before I came back to the castle."

"Thank you, sir."/

"Are you sure that that was Mina's cat, Hermione?" Harry asked, still in the hospital wing.

"No, but I think it is. It's weird, isn't it?"

"Well Crookshanks was after Scabbers too." Ron said. "These cats might have a mind of their own."


Harry was curious, but preoccupied by something else. His godfather was free, with Fudge taking credit for the discovery of the true criminal and personally pardoning Sirius. Harry would be leaving the Durselys forever to move in with Sirius.

His feelings would only be described as euphoric, except for one nagging point.

Professor Twelawney had fallen into a trance the previous day while testing him and declared that the servant of the dark lord would escape and set out to rejoin his master and that the dark lord would rise again. He had asked Dumbledore about it, and the headmaster thought that it was a true prophecy.

"Not to worry." Dumbledore had said when Harry pointed out when Harry had pointed out that it had not come true. Pettigrew did not escape and Sirius was never working for Voldmort. "Not all prophecies come true, although we can't rule out the possibility that the servant is someone else entirely."

"Do you think it was?"

"I would venture a guess that Pettigrew was what it meant, but unfortunately for Peter, there may be forces stronger than fate."

Harry was not sure that he would ever understand Dumbledore's words./

"Lupin's right, Mina. You made a huge difference."

"You're the one who caught Pettigrew."

"Because I listened to you. You saved everyone from the werewolf and thanks to you a servant of Voldemort is going to jail."

You shall no naught but strife all your days. There is no peace for you.

"Artemis, this death eater, he was hiding in Harry's room. At any point he could have killed him if he heard anything about his lot getting strong again."

"You're point is?"

"He can't be the only one. If someone so pathetic can hide so dangerously close to Harry and Dumbledore all this time many others must have done the same."

"I see what you mean."

"That's why Voldemort is so feared. It's not that he's so powerful, it's that he could strike anytime, anywhere."

"I guess."

No peace.

"And Beryl. She's the same, isn't she?"


Something Wicked this way comes

Mina looked around the room of requirement. It was empty. She had already transformed and had her wand in hand.

"Expecto patronum!"

The bright silver cloud erupted from her wand.

"I thought you said that your patronus was a phoenix."

"Watch." Minatransformed back to normal.

She thought of Harry.

"Expecto patronum!"

This time the phoenix shot out of her wand, circling the room and landing on her shoulder.

Artemis smiled. "It fits you well."

"Now I know." she whispered.

"Now you know what?"

"Mina turned to leave, not answering Artemis.

Now she knew her true feelings. Now she knew that she did not just have a silly schoolgirl crush. It was much, much more than that.


Your love is forever doomed to fail./

That's that. The end of year 3. If you haven't read the books yet you definitely should, and yes, the time turner is part of the book as well as the movie.

I try not to just repeat the book word for word, though when I'm following the plot this closely it's unavoidable at times. So certain areas tend to get skinned over, I think the areas that would make the chapters longer. As it is this has been more that 60 pages. I end the chapters in places where it seems to me like a natural end, but if they aren't or if there is content you think I should include that I didn't please let me know. Criticism is fine.

This story may be over, but stay tuned for the sequel! Year 4! Just because Wormtail is in Azkaban and never returned to Voldemort doesn't mean Hogwarts will be safe during the Triwizard Tournament!