Day 2

Dr. Quinzel had left the last (and first) session confused and emotionally unsound. Today she would be ready to set the record straight.

"Morning Dr..." The guard said letting her into the cell.

"Quinzel. Harleen Quinzel." She said, once again entering with her folding chair. She opens the chair while greeting her patient. "Good morning, Joker."

"Howdy Doody, Dr. Cutie!" He said bowing.

"Excuse me?" She asked sitting down.

"Oh, did I go too far?" He chuckled, while, not quite eying her, though more over admiring her.

"Ahem." She coughed, crossing her legs.

"Ayeayeayeaye," He grumbled, closing his eyes and shaking his head like a cartoon character. "Uh, sorry. After so long in here, well, Jeff out there was looking pretty nice." He nodded towards the door. "It's these walls, they make ya see things."

"Hey, I heard that!" Jeff shouted from the hall.

"I hope so. I'm a big fan of Italian food, so no Mexican for our first date!" He giggled and smiled vaguely at Dr. Q.

"So, Joker. G.C.P.D. And Arkham records show that the story you told me yesterday was complete bull." She raised an eyebrow, and he raised his right back. "In fact, we have record of seven other scar stories."

"Which one was your favorite?" He asked inquisitively.

"Is everything a joke with you?" She shouted throwing her hands in the air.

"No!" He was offended like a nine year old. Then he kinda put his eyes in a position like he was taking a second thought. "Well, maybe?" She eye browed him again. "Yes! There, ya happy, Doc!"

"You know, it wouldn't kill you to get some manners! Ya pampas jerk!" She chucked the clipboard at his feet, he dodged and it bounced off the floor and hit the wall. She picks it up and pounds on the gate. She exits as the Joker stands in awe. He had never reacted to something so insignificant in such a big way.

"Nice job, nut ball!" Jeff said locking the door.

"Love you too, hon. I'll see you at seven for dinner!" She was different, he thought, definitely different.