Marriage is the ultimate commitment between two, when a third person enters it's because both have drifted leaving room for another

Put A Ring On It

Driving down the road was pure torture not only was the traffic irritating but, his phone wouldn't stop ringing and he didn't have to be a mind reader to know exactly who it was calling him at seven in the morning. The all knowing dark haired man looked at the caller I.D. and like he anticipated it was his… wife, Sasuke didn't want to deal with her at this moment when he was so close to his destination, but knew that he had to answer or this as he decided to name it 'get away from my wife vacation' could be ruined. He was leaving for a tropical get away with a beautiful woman that actually understood him and didn't irritate him all the time that he was home… if you can call that hell hole home.

Sighing he decided to get this over with and deal with her now, clicking the answer button "Yeah" he answers casually distant as always.

"Oh um Sasuke-Kun you left already" She stated the obvious in a timid way "You didn't even say bye" said the Mrs. With sadness in her voice for neglecting her in such a manner.

"I told you that I would be leaving early for my business trip." He told the unloved wife. Technically speaking he wasn't lying his lover had to travel because of her career, she was a model and had leave for a shoot… now that didn't mean that it was going to be tomorrow, it was actually at the end of the week but still he needed a vacation from the she devil on the other line. "Besides I didn't want to wake you." Said the unfaithful husband 'you might want to tag along' he thought to himself.

"It's just that you'll be gone for a whole week… and…" she began, trying to reassure herself she gave a fake care free laugh "I just love you so much…" she continued only to pause again

He had arrived at his first destination, and honestly he just wanted this trip to start "Look I have to go" he said in his usual monotone voice as he drove to the front of the condo complex "I'll call you later." He said wanting to end the call.

"Oh okay… bye I love you have a nice trip." She said in a kind cheerful voice.

He hung up, and proceeded to dial a number…

One ring…




"Hello?" was the response that he received, it was his lovers sister

"Hey Ino, is she ready?" was his question

"Oh hey Sasuke yup we'll be down in a minute" she told him and hung up

He got out of his black Lamborghini Gallardo to wait for the beautiful woman that he will be accompanying to the tropical paradise. It didn't take long for the two sisters and a worker to arrive down. His eyes quickly set themselves on her looking her up and down, she wore a simple white spaghetti strap shirt with a turquoise one over it, it hugged her body perfectly showing only the begging of her nicely shaped barest. Her dark wash skinny jeans were like basically a second skin for her something that his eyes very much appreciated, to complete her look she wore three inch black heels. Her long blue hair hung all the way down to her lower back with the ends curled, she wore little make-up as always simple mascara and eye liner to show off her exotic eyes, her skin was its perfect shade of ivory and her soft pink lips had a nice shine to them.

With the smile that he adores Hinata walked up to "Morning Sasuke" she greeted him with a hug and a quick peck to the lips

Giving her his signature smirk "Morning… you look beautiful." He told her leaning down to capture her pink lips, sadly for him her protective sister/best friend cleared her throat running his moment.

"Not in public or in my presence Uchiha" she started in an annoyed voice only to continue "You better take care of my sister" she spoke in a sweet and friendly tone. She wore a pair of dark purple sweats, some toning running shoes and a baby blue tang top with her hair up in its usual ponytail "Cuz if you don't… you'll be the one in tears." She said in a voice that actually crept him out… a lot when she uses it.

"Don't worry ino I'll watch over Hinata." He told the bipolar blond.

"Kay Kay" she said in her cheerful voice setting her eyes on her sister "I'll see you in Maui in a few days" she told the blue haired beauty, pulling her into a hug goodbye "Miss you" Ino told Hinata

Hinata: "I'll miss you too" she said tightening the hug "Bye Ino" she said finally letting go of the other to head to the air port.

Things were going good for her considering the beginning looked like a down fall. She had lost her mother at a young age since she never fully recovered from giving birth to her due to the lack of money from their family. In the end it was just her and her dad, he was a good man but the neighborhood they lived in had been the end of him. There had been some mistake, the mafia had been looking for some other guy and well basically her dad was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She ended up in an orphanage a week later and that's where she met her now 'twin' sister Ino, as it turns out their life was so similar both had the same economical dilemma and lost their mothers, both their fathers died though Ino's dad died in a car wreck and both arrived at the orphanage on the same day. They both became friends instantly and decided to be 'twin' sisters since both had short hair at the time, both had similar eyes and lived similar lives, to the two seven year olds this was perfect it didn't matter that they had different hair or eye color.

They had been there for a few months until one day Kurinai Yuhi came into their lives, Kurinai was a famous fashion designer and a wealthy woman. Unfortunately her job took most of her time and her relationships never lasted, the famous designer had plenty of money, but no one to share it with so she decided to adopt a child… a daughter she could care for. Her eyes had landed on her, and had clearly said she wished to adopt her, one of her biggest fears luckily Ino was there to handle the situation for her, something her shy nature never allowed her to. In the end Kurinai took both girls in as her daughters.

Both had attended elementary school in one of the most exclusive schools of the country and that had been the case up until they ended middle school. Ino had become fascinated with the glamorous world of fashion and had wanted to be a model, something she was afraid to do over the years Kurinai would take them with her during their school brakes. Both saw Kurinai often, but again her job got in the way, Ino had convinced her that if they work for their mom they could see her more often. So she gave it a chance both girls started of their careers and it helped herself esteem, both were home school nether complained students get school dances and events they got cocktail parties and fashion shows around the world. Eventually their mother met Mr. Right when they were fifteen , Asuma Sarutobi a famous layer and son of the governor… yup he was good for her so both married and had a son a few years ago their baby brother Kenji. When they turned eighteen both decided it was time to move out and live their lives, it was sad but had to be done. They purchased a condo in the heart of the city and have lived there ever since, both have learned to understand their mom it is hard to find someone who can deal with the lifestyle that they have.

They have been in his privet plane for some time now and would be arriving in less than an hour, Hinata rested her head on his shoulder and calmly whispered "Thanks for coming with me." She told him sweetly.

"Do you honestly think I would let you go alone… no one is going to see what's mine without me there to protect it?" stated the possessive male in a playful whisper.

Returning a playful smile she leaned in so she was now sitting on his lap "You know…" she began as she kissed his neck "We have an hour be for we arrive." She said and continued her to kiss her boyfriend.

He liked where this was going. Rising a brow "What do you have in mind?" he continued the game, enjoying the treatment she was giving him when she started to move her hips.

Smiling she captured his lips in a passionate and hot kiss and started to unbutton his shirt while still moving her hips, with shirt finally opened she continued her assault moving to kiss his jaw. His hands started to move around her sill clothed body, his member was starting to harden with her grinding moments and her hot wet kisses that where making their way down his neck and her hands where now on his belt. His excitement increased; cupping her face he gave her a hot kiss and nibbled on her lower lip waiting for her to give him access, she smiled and denied him the entrance that he wanted. Growling he bit harder on her lip, she gasped and he took the chance to enter her mouth never stopping the kiss she had continued undoing his pants. Breaking the kiss both were now panting, when suddenly their moment was ruined.

His phone was ringing and he could bet anything that the person on the other line was his annoying wife. "Answer it." Hinata said while slipping off his lap, no he didn't want to stop. He pulled out the ringing device and was about to take the battery out when, his lover stopped him "Answer it Sasuke and tell them that you're all mine for the week" she said in a seductive voice that aroused him even more, and the fact that she was now in between his legs kissing his chest, he couldn't help but smirk. "Go on… if you don't then I will have to" she threatens not that she would actually do it, but she has a point especially since his phone won't stop ringing.

Still in between his legs she rested her arms around his thigh and leaned her head on it a waiting for him to answer, he looked at the caller ID and sure enough he was right his wife was calling him running his moment with is goddess. "What is it?" he asked in an irritated tone, he was pissed what did he have to do to get away from that women?

"Sasuke-kun I was just calling to see how your flight is going." She said trying to sound as cute and seductive as possible. "Now isn't the time I…" he bit his lip and looked down and there was Hinata massaging the bulge over his pans while still resting her head on his thigh looking innocently at him. "Sasuke-Kun is everything alright?" asked a concerned woman on the line, he gulped and he very much wanted to just hang up the call and take the lavender eyed woman before him. "Yeah… Everything is fine" he said trying to sound as normal as possible "Oh well the reason that I called is because…" He wasn't even trying to listen to his wife.

Feeling mischievous Hinata now kneeling in front of him and freed his erect member from his pants, giving him an innocent look she began to crease her cheek against it and gave him butterfly kiss on the tip of the hard member then finally took him into her mouth.

"Sasuke-Kun… Sasuke-Kun…? Sasuke-kun are you listing?" Asked a now irritated wife

"Yeah…" he managed to say "I have to good." He hung up the phone took the battery out and threw it, Now finally being able to relax he rested his arms in the back of his head enjoying the treatment that his lover was providing him