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Put a Ring on it


Every time I thought of you my heart would become excited and race, but today my heart aches of pain when I think of you. There is nothing left to say, I now understand how stupid I was to think… that perhaps one day… but no more because you can fool me once and I can blame you, but if I fall for it a second time I have no one to blame but myself.


Chapter 18: Wedding Crasher


"Is something wrong?" came the smooth voice of the laid back Nara, he noticed that both women were in rage and the man was glaring at him. Shikamaru ignored the two strangers and walked over to Hinata "Hey Ino is looking for you." He said making sure that the two heard.

The bluenette nodded and looped her arm into Shikamaru's "Enjoy the rest of the evening…" she said and walked away with her old boyfriend and once they were at a distance Hinata asked "Is Ino really looking for me?"

"Nah she asked about you, but it wasn't too important… who were they?" he asked his other hand in his pocket "If I can know that is." He added noticing how uncomfortable Hinata seemed to be.

Hinata took a deep breath, "Can we go inside, please."


Sasuke glared as he watched Hinata walk away with the guy in the pony tail, it pissed him off to know that he would be losing the woman that he loves to a guy like that.

Tenten saw Sasuke and cleared her voice, her brown eyes were teary "I know that you said that you do not love me, but the least you could do is respect me Sasuke!" she angrily shouted. "I care so much about you and you don't even care… you don't deserve any of my love." She told him and she turned around "What you do deserve is this… that's her." She continued and licked her lips "She seems to have moved on from you, but you can't say the same." Tenten turned back to face her still husband "Remember Sasuke we are still married, and I think I have been more than civil with you. I was bought a husband and the least you could do is respect me, I'm going home now, if you wish to stay." She said and wave and arm in the air "Please stay and enjoy the party, but just give me my place as your wife!" Tenten shouted and left feeling a bit humiliated. She had known all along that Sasuke's mistress had to be beautiful, but she never thought of her like that; Hinata was the envy of women everywhere, she is what so many aspire to be like but will never achieve without help.

From the time she found out of Sasuke's adultery, he had said that Hinata had left him and a small part of her believed that he was still seeing her and the last thing that Tenten would allow Sasuke would be to continue disrespecting her and their marriage. If he had been really against their engagement then he should have talked to her, Tenten would admit that a part of her knew that this would be the same result… her obsession with him would have made her not care and continue with their marriage.

But now… now she was just afraid, she knew that Sasuke would move on with his life after their divorce, but what about her? All her life up to this point had been a lie; she didn't know how to do much of anything.


Naruto sat annoyed, he was never one who belonged in high class society events they simply weren't his style. He knew that most where giving him looks because he is the outcast.

Tsunade had invited him to some charity or something, he had told Jiraiya about it and the old perv said that he had to go with her and soon she would begin to trust him more and he can leave her in ruins. The blonde male had been more than angry, while he is here bored out of his mind the old man is off at a wedding with his girlfriend who isn't his girlfriend they just happen to have regular slumber parties and have each other's things in their homes, they have meals together and go out to social gatherings together… yup they are not in a relationship.

All Naruto knew was that things would have to get started soon…


They walked into the resort, Hinata could not believe what she had just done. Never in a million years had she ever imagined that she would face Sasuke and his wife at the same time like that.

Shikamaru lead her into the room where they had been getting ready earlier that day, he sat her down "Are you alright?" he asked she looked pail.

Hinata signaled that she wasn't "That was my ex and his…" she drifted off, she felt light headed she clearly had not been ready to face him.

"You're a lot prettier than she is" he told her with a smirk "I bet he was pretty mad that I took you from him." Shikamaru sat next to her and put his arm around her and embraced her, they were quiet for a moment "…He hurt you that much huh."

Hinata pushed herself away from him slightly "He hurt me in a way that no one ever had" she said and notice that Shikamaru felt a little hurt "That was his wife, he was married and he made me believe that he loved me… he used me." She said and held on to him.

Shikamaru held her close and tightly "He's a dick, you're a beautiful girl Hinata and I bet he is regretting stuff today." He released her slightly "Just look at you, now we can stay here if you feel like it or we can go back out there and show you off." He told her and heard her giggle and nod.


The bride was looking around for her sister, wanting to have a few pictures with her… Shikamaru had said that he would go and find her while she attended to her guest, Ino had become impatient and so while her now husband was swept away by his friends she took the chance to go and search for Hinata.

She remembered that Shikamaru had mentioned that he had been with her by the garden area; there weren't many of her party guests in this area. Or so Ino assumed because she saw a woman with short brown hair march away from the area looking frustrated. The bride found that strange and a few minutes after that her heart dropped to her stomach.

Ino marched over to the man "What are you doing here?" she said and stood before the Uchiha her arms crossed.

Sasuke sighed when he saw Ino, "You invited me…" he told her.

She huffed "I never invited you!" she said offended and she was becoming frustrated with him, the conversation that she had with her mother so many months ago returned to mind. Sasuke pulled out the invitation from the pocket inside his jacket, Ino could only assume that Gaara had been the one to invite him. Both the bride and groom had agreed that they would each have their own guest; they had never looked over who they had invited.

"I need to talk to Hinata." He told her.

The blonde shook her head "No, my sister doesn't want to talk to you!" attitude in her tone, Ino could not believe that after all that he did Sasuke still thought that he could just come back and try and mess with Hinata's life. Ino knew that he hurt her, and she was going on with her life now… and hopefully with a lawyer and future judge, after all Shikamaru was a good guy and during the preparation of the wedding they had reconnected… in Ino's mind the Nara was the best option.

Sasuke ignored her tone, she had every right to be mad… he messed up. "I just want to make things right." He said, Ino would be an obstacle one who would put ideas in Hinata's mind.

"You can't change anything, Hinata is happy now…" she said and saw Sasuke look away, Ino knew that she hit a spot that hurt him, and she was going to take advantage of that. "Unlike you Hinata doesn't go around having two lives."

Sasuke was hurt and mad "Who was that guy she was with…?" he asked needing to know if they were really something or if they were just friends.

Ino was a little confused, but she wondered if he was talking about Shikamaru after all she had forcefully suggested that they be each other's date for her wedding. "Shikamaru?" she questioned and smiled "Like I told you, Hinata is happy now and she has moved on." Ino knew that she had really hurt him, and this was the closest to her desert idea as she was going to get… she may not have been able to make him suffer, but a blow to a man's ego is just as good.

"I really need to talk to her," Sasuke said once again, he needed another chance.

Ino didn't want to listen to him anymore "You had your chance!" she shouted "This is not only my wedding, if Gaara wants you here… then I can't do anything about that." She flatly told him "But stay away from Hinata, and if you're not going to do that then I suggest you leave." And with that she left, Ino needed to find Hinata; she could only hope that Shikamaru had gotten to her and that they were together now… The blonde was almost positive that she was doing the right thing in keeping things to herself when it came to the information that her mother had told her.

Still there was the risk that Hinata would not like the news, but Ino didn't want to risk anymore pain towards her sister, Hinata did not deserve it.

Ino sighed when she approached her husband who was talking with her parents, "Ino sweetie where did you go off too?" Kurenai asked as the bride approached them.

The new wife smiled and looked around, "I was looking for Hinata." She said and felt an arm around her waist, she looked to her side and saw Gaara and she smiled again and leaned into him.

"Here she comes." The little boy said and smiled when he saw Shikamaru with her, the young boy had grown up with most of his life seeing the two together and having the three of them do things together. But one day they just stopped Hinata and Ino left London and came to live here.


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