"Are you sure this is alright?" Orihime inquired, her already pink cheeks threatening to venture to a darker hue. Her boyfriend of two years, Kurosaki Ichigo, nodded and gave her a gentle smile, despite the dark, lusty look in his eyes.

"Why wouldn't it be?" he asked, loosening the tie around his neck. Orihime nervously fiddled with the corsage on her wrist, the one given to her from Ichigo when he picked her up at her apartment earlier. Her eyes couldn't seem to meet his, and she instead stared hard at the suddenly interesting shoes she wore.

"Well..." she started out, trying hard to fight back a stutter. "We're in a bathroom, Ichigo-kun..." Ichigo rose an eyebrow at her, finding it odd that she was making it seem as if being in a restroom alone was a crime. He dropped the die to the ground without a second thought.

"So? We've done it in your bathroom back at your apartment, Orihime," he reminded her, dropping to his knees. Orihime squeaked in confusion as to what he was doing, in addition to feeling mortification that he made her recall that oh-so steamy time they'd been in the shower together.

Huffing lightly while shaking her head of those hotter thoughts, she clutched the fabric of her dress in embarrassment, still watching his every move. He had lifted her foot up slightly to remove her shoes, those ridiculously high heels Tatsuki had helped pick out for her. "Damn, how in the world do you walk in these?"

"I walk very slowly," Orihime retorted, one of her feet now shoeless and feeling the cool tile on her skin. Ichigo was working on getting the other one off, and she was growing distracted by his courteous hands on her feet, making her blush harder with his soft touches. "A-And the difference is that we're in a public place!"

Smirking, Ichigo discarded the other shoe and rose to his full height, looming dangerously over her smaller form. Her eyes were as wide as saucers and even though she looked nervous for what was to come, he knew that she would be all-too okay with this once they were done. "I guess we'll just have to be quiet then, huh?" Teasingly, he ran his hands down to the small of her back and then to her bottom, giving it a squeeze.

It took all Orihime had to not make a noise at the grab. She had protested earlier about fooling around, but there was something inside her curious about what it was like to have sex public. But just because she was curious didn't mean she'd actually do something so bold one day. Now in this unisex restroom on the night of their prom was far from how she pictured the night would go.

"I-Ichigo-kun..." she whimpered, her abdomen already growing warm from his taunting hands. Ichigo could only smile as he pressed a heated kiss to her lips, forcing his tongue into her mouth. He swept his tongue over hers, taking in her sweet taste. For the time being, she kept her hands on his front side, unmoving and merely holding onto the fabric of his button-up shirt for support.

"I'm surprised you're not into this more, Orihime," Ichigo grinned against her lips, knowing all too well his girlfriend was as red as a tomato now.

"I told you," she murmured in reply, her voice low and breathy. "We're in public."

Dropping his lips to her neck, leaving butterfly kisses on the skin, Ichigo shrugged nonchalantly. "I locked the door, and everyone else is in the gym on the other side of the school. It should be fine."

Orihime smiled awkwardly, her expression more embarrassed than anything. "That's so reassuring, Ichigo-kun." Pulling away to look at his girlfriend and raise a brow at her silly, sarcastic tone. Two could play that game.

"Glad to know you think so too," Ichigo sneered at her, cupping her breast right as he spoke. Orihime's knees went weak and a small noise of bliss escaped her. Molding and kneading her mound, Ichigo watched the beginnings of her coming undone by his ministrations, and he felt his pride swell a little knowing he was the only one to get her looking like this. "Now if you're done worrying, I'm thinking we should get this show on the road."

Mumbling out an almost inaudible "yes", Orihime clutched onto Ichigo's bright orange hair, trying to regain her quickly depleting breath as he continued to press kisses to her fair skin and shape her breast at his will. Hearing her pants and wanton reaction to his actions made him want to hike up her dress and take her right then and there, but restroom or not, he'd made a promise to himself to always take things at a pace they could both manage.

The sound of Orihime's zipper was heard in the otherwise quieted room and soon her pink, strapless dress fell to the floor and pooled around her ankles. Shivering from the new, slight chill, she brought her big, brown eyes to meet with Ichigo's. Even though they had had sex before, for some reason, she'd felt more exposed now than she'd ever been in the past. She stood before Ichigo in a white, strapless bra and lacy panties, and the way he looked at her made her think he was going to eat her right up.

That small, arrogant smirk of his returned to his lips, and Ichigo began to unbutton his shirt. Maybe it was just her, but she felt like he was going slow on purpose, teasing her by not undoing his shirt. She couldn't help but lick her lips in anticipation as she watched his methodically slow hands. He's too cruel... she thought to herself.

Unable to wait any longer, she took his shirt in her small hands and hurried to undo the buttons. Orihime practically swatted away Ichigo's hands to attack his shirt on her own.

"Now who's eager?" Ichigo grinned, bringing his hands previously busy with his shirt down to work on the button and zipper of his pants. Popping the last button out of its hole, Orihime pressed her hands against the hard planes of his front side, her blunt nails lightly running over his skin. Hissing faintly, Ichigo bowed and his head fell to the crook of her neck in defeat, her barely innocent actions causing him to keel over.

Smiling gleefully to herself, her small dainty hands stroked his tanned skin. "What was that?" she taunted in return, her fingers resting just above the hem of his pants. Growling, Ichigo shoved down his bottoms and shed his unbuttoned top, letting it fall to the floor. His eyes glaring with a dark lust made hers widen in a small bout of nervousness as to what he was planning. They'd teased each other in the past, but he'd never looked as indescribable as he did now. "I-Ichigo-kun?" her voice was quiet with her heart racing a mile a minute.

Ichigo turned her around forcibly, not intending to be violent, but rough. She had pushed a few of his buttons that sent him over the edge. He undid the strap of her bra and her breasts were soon free from their white confines. As he suddenly licked and sucked on a spot of skin on the back of her neck, his hand snaked to her front side and roughly grabbed her breast, pinching and rolling her nipple between his fingers. Orihime panted and tried hard to at least call out his name, but he was leaving her so breathless.

"Hime," Ichigo's voice was low when he called her name, and she could only breathe heavy in response, unable to form a coherent response. "Bend over." Nodding, she bent over in pure unjustifiable lust, her lace-covered ass presented in front of him as if it were a gift of sorts.

Ichigo took a hold of her hips and immediately thrust his hips into her, his cock rubbing against sex. The things she was making him feel had him acting on pure instinct and he had wanted to take no time to be so very intimate with her.

"I-Ichigo, please..." Orihime whimpered, feeling a rush of heat to her groin every time Ichigo grinded into her. Scowling, Ichigo practically came undone at her small cry, and without a second thought, he ripped her panties right off, not caring at all if they were new or not. She could be upset with him later, if they were.

Within a matter of seconds, he forced his hardened member into Orihime's willing body, both of them gasping at the new sensation. Public or not, they'd not tried a position like this before and it was like it was a whole different experience.

Orihime's hands rested on the closest wall for support, and Ichigo pounded into her relentlessly. Each jackhammer thrusts had her crying higher in octaves and gasping for air. He struggled for air of his own as he watched her beautiful backside bounce beneath each of his hard push into her soft body. Her soft mewls and cries for release only made him harder, and he groaned as he saw his blissful release of his own within sight.

"I-Ichigo, I'm..." Orihime moaned. "I'm..."

Blowing out a breath he didn't even know he was holding, Ichigo, pounded into her with great force. "I know," he hissed, hearing her sweet voice laced with unadulterated lust. "I know..."

Orihime cried out, her pleasured moans and groans ringing throughout the bathroom as she felt that pure, hot ecstasy. That all-too familiar bliss flooded her senses and she sighed in content as she felt herself fall into uninhibited elation. Ichigo gave a few shorter, rapid thrusts into his girlfriend before stiffening and spending himself into her keen body. Groaning in his own euphoria, he threw his head back in defeat.

The sound of their breathless pants was the only sound in the restroom, and it seemed like it was so soon that Ichigo pulled himself out. He could never get enough of Orihime, and when they were intimate, it all went too fast.

"You okay, Orihime?" Ichigo asked quietly, helping Orihime's now weakened and pleasured body into a more erect, standing position. "I... I don't know what got into me. I hadn't meant to be so rough." He enclosed his arms around her bare body, and she nodded into his chest.

"I'm fine, Ichigo-kun," she replied, her tone in a similar volume as his was. She was smiling a little at their romp, and her cheeks burned even hotter at her scandalous thought of her actually liking his roughness. It was something new, and she discovered it was also something amazing. "Um, we should probably get back to the gym before they notice how long we've been gone, don't you think?"

Swearing a string of curses, Ichigo forced himself to pull away from his beautiful girlfriend and gather their clothes. "I forgot all about that," he admitted, bending down to grab Orihime's dress and other garments. He had gotten her dress and bra, but he realized in the midst of their sexual frenzy, her panties were indefinitely ruined.

Holding them up for her to see, he smiled sheepishly and shrugged while Orihime gasped and snatched the destroyed underwear from his hands. "I-Ichigo-kun! You ruined my panties!" Pouting slightly, she looked at them disheartened. "These were new too..."

I knew it, Ichigo deadpanned, sighing. "You'll have to go without, I guess." Though he didn't particularly care either way whether she wore them or not, he decided as he pulled his boxers and pants back on.

"Go back out there without panties?" Orihime seemed offended by the suggestion as she sadly tossed the delicate, but demolished underwear in the trash. She had gotten her bra back on and was now zipping up her dress. "That's so scandalous!"

Ichigo halted their busywork by pulling her close by the hips, smirking at her. "Then you'll just have to make sure you don't give me a reason to pull you back in here, right?"

A bright red hue rose to Orihime's cheeks and she could only nod meekly as she grabbed her shoes from the floor. "O-Oh, don't worry! This won't happen again!" She slipped her heels back onto her feet and made her way towards the door. "I-I'll go on first and just meet you back at the gym, alright?"

She didn't even give him time to respond, and within moments, she was out the door and Ichigo was left alone. He smiled to himself as he glanced at the trash bin that now held Orihime's discarded panties. He had a feeling this wouldn't be the last public romp in their relationship. Heh, she says one thing and thinks another.