Hey guys! This is my first time writing Klaine fanfiction, but I've written a lot of other fanfic over the years. The story takes place in the summer after their senior year and into their freshman year in college. It is going to be a bumpy ride full of love, angst, hope, dreams, and failures. Please stick around for the ride and REVIEW so I know it is worth updating!


Kurt Hummel's fingers shook as he brought the envelope to his lips, sealing it before he could change his mind. Inside of the envelope were a check for $100 and a form signing away the next four years of his life to Ardmore College.

He knew in his heart that this was the right choice for him. Many expected him to go to some huge school in a busy and bustling city.

If someone had asked him that a year ago, he would have said the same thing.

Nevertheless, he has fallen in love with the small school located in the mountains of New York State.

It had character.

It had family.

It had fashion and marketing, his intended majors.

It also had English Literature and theater, Blaine Anderson's intended majors.

Kurt and Blaine had been dating for a year and a half now. They had survived separate schools for senior year, the hateful comments flung at them, numerous fights, but college was going to be the biggest challenge to their relationship.

Kurt and Blaine originally started looking at separate schools; they really wanted to do college the right way.

However, perhaps by the grace of Lady Fate, they ended up looking at many of the same schools. They toured Ardmore together, mostly for Kurt's sake, but ended up both falling deeply in love with the beautiful, small campus.

Not that it was set in stone that the two would go to the same schools.

One of the benefits of having an incredibly talented boyfriend that went to one of the nation's best prep schools is that he got in pretty much wherever he wanted, with scholarships to boot.

Kurt sighed heavily, placing his head in his hands. So much about this could go wrong. They could end up on different sides of the country.

"You okay?" Burt questioned, picking up the envelope and adding it to the pile of outgoing mail.

"Just worried about college. And Blaine." Kurt said, not looking up from his hands.

"Everything will work out how it should. You two care about each other enough that even if he goes to that school in Australia, I'm sure you can work it out," Burt says as he smiles. The smile does not quite meet his eyes.

"You know that isn't true dad."

"Son, you have to believe there is a plan. Que sera, sera. That's what your grandfather told me the first time I fought with your mom. Destiny has a way of working itself out." He places his hand over his sons, then turns to walk the mail out before the boy changes his mind.

Blaine Anderson stared at the four envelopes sitting on the oak table. Four envelopes, four checks, four forms, all to colleges scattered around the globe. He had applied to seven schools, and the four in front of him were all schools he believed he could be happy at:

Ithaca College

University of Sydney

American University

Ardmore College

He had received scholarships to all of them, with a full ride at Ardmore. That didn't make his decision any easier.

"Son, you know what I think you should do. But you have to go with your heart here. I enjoyed my years at Ithaca very much," his father offered, his hazel eyes shining with memories. Blaine knew his father wanted nothing more than to have his son follow in his footsteps. Blaine loved Ithaca – from the gorgeous waterfalls and lakes to the immaculate stage where Blaine could spend the majority of his undergraduate years.

His mom reached across the table and took his hands, "Blaine, we love you. No matter what choice you make, we will accept it. No matter where you choose to go, you will flourish. Just go with your heart, but remember your head as well. We're going to leave so you don't feel pressured to make a decision. Remember, que sera, sera."

Blaine smiles at the adage as his parents left the room.

Blaine stared at the four envelopes. This was the hardest decision he'd ever made. He could picture himself happy on any of these campuses. Each one had theater and English programs he would love, and each had their flaws.

Ithaca was freezing.

Sydney was a world away from his family.

American was the most expensive.

Ardmore was small, very small.

The flaws weren't deal breaking for any of them. The pros didn't help much either:

Ithaca would uphold the family tradition, something that did mean something to Blaine.

Sydney would bring a wealth of experiences and would allow him to see the world.

American was prestigious and nestled into one of Blaine's favorite cities.

Ardmore was beautiful and peaceful. It had character. Everyone seemed like family. It also had Kurt.

Blaine reached out a shaking hand and grabbed the first envelope, signing his name and sealing it before he could change his mind.

"Que sera, sera," Blaine whispered as he ripped up the checks and forms to all three other schools.

He knew he would never regret his decision.