So here it is, the first chapter of the sequal to A New Recruit! I know the title isn't all that original, but it was the best that I could come up with, so please forgive me for being so unoriginal.

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Chapter 1: Invitation.

3 months after the events on FutureGate in the year 2110, Ember Tennant was sitting in her bedroom, watching a message that had been sent to her by Caleb.

"All in all, things are going pretty well here." Caleb was saying. "I still miss having you around though, things just aren't the same. Anyway, this is Caleb, signing off."

Ember smiled to herself when the message stopped playing. In the 3 months that she'd been back in 2010, She and Caleb got in touch with each other as often as they could through the temporal link that Cybele had helped Caleb set up when he needed recruits from 2010 to help him defeat Neuros. In the end, Ember had been the one to have helped Caleb defeat Neuros and Arkon, the Roboid who had lead the Roboidz back to Earth after their revolt on humanity.

Ember remembered everything that had happened that week on FutureGate as if it had happened yesterday. She thought about it a lot, thinking about what she'd found out about her future, thinking about the two missions she'd been part of, thinking about Caleb and how the experience had changed her as a person. She felt that because of the experiences on FutureGate, she had gotten stronger. She could deal with serious setbacks more easily and her experiences had driven her to trying to learn every single trick there was when it came to computers and hacking. It had even driven her to learn everything she could about robotics. Not because she wanted part in building robots, because she didn't want to have any part in that sort of stuff if she could help it, but so she could pass on her knowledge to her son so he'd have a chance against the Roboidz. Ember didn't regret leaving FutureGate, but she did miss being in 2110, having said that however, she didn't miss the dangers that FutureGate contained, but she did miss being around her grandson, Caleb.

Ember hooked up her webcam and started up the program that would record her video message and send it onto Caleb. It had taken her a month to figure out how to be able to send messages back to Caleb through the temporal link, but when she'd finally done it, she'd been ecstatic, which had shown in her message as she got one back saying that she should mind her blood pressure.

Just as Ember was about to start recording a message, the door of her bedroom opened and she glanced up to find that it was Rutger. She smiled as he closed the door behind him. In the 3 months that Ember had been back in 2010, she and Rutger had gotten close, really close.

"Hey." Rutger smiled as he walked up to Ember.

"Heya stranger." Ember smiled back as Rutger leaned down to her.

She leaned up and the two of them exchanged a brief kiss before Rutger straightened up a little.

In the first week that Ember had gotten back from 2110, Rutger's father had decided to move his family from the Netherlands to the UK for a job opportunity; this decision had ended with Rutger joining Ember's class. From the moment that Ember had seen Rutger, she knew that this was going to be the man who she would be marrying, but not because of love at first sight. She knew this because of a message from her older self that she'd seen while she was on FutureGate. Over the last 3 months, she and Rutger had ended up getting really close until they had ended up starting a relationship after confessing their feelings for each other.

"Couldn't stay away could you?" Ember teased.

"Of course not." Rutger replied. "What are you doing?"

"Oh, I was just going to record a message for a friend." Ember shrugged, closing her laptop. "It can wait."

To tell the truth, Ember didn't want to wait with the message but she didn't want Rutger to find out who the message was for. In all that time, Ember made sure that she didn't tell anyone about 2110 and she was going to make sure that it stayed that way.

"So, what are we going to do tonight?" Ember asked.

"My mother invited you to dinner tonight." Rutger said.

"What?" Ember asked, looking up at Rutger. "Dinner at your place?"

"Yes." Rutger nodded.

"You really think that's a good idea?" Ember asked. "I mean..."

"Ember, it's been 3 months right?" Rutger asked. "Don't you think it's time you meet my parents? I met your mom, right?"

"But that's different." Ember said. "My mum doesn't mind me having a relationship with a boy from a different 'class'..."

"Please?" Rutger asked, giving Ember the puppy eyes. "My mother is organizing a stupid dinner party for my dad's boss; if I have to sit there alone I'm going to die."

"Alright." Ember sighed before smiling. "I'll come with you."

"Thank you." Rutger grinned before pressing a kiss to Ember's cheek. "But you're going to have to wear a dress or at least a skirt."

"Excuse me?" Ember asked, raising an eyebrow. "That was not part of the deal!"

"My mum wants my dad's boss to think that we're... what did she call it, so... sopisi..." Rutger started, struggling to find the word

"Sophisticated." Ember corrected. "Is it too late for me to back out of this?"

"Please Ember?" Rutger asked, giving Ember the puppy eyes again.

"Alright." Ember sighed. "Just this once I'll make an exception."

"Thanks Ember." Rutger said as she got to her feet.

"The next time you're on your own though." Ember teased.

Ember walked out of her bedroom and went into her mother's bedroom so she could borrow a dress. Ember hated wearing dresses with a passion, so she didn't own any of her own. After picking out a simple black dress, Ember got changed and found that the dress was slightly too big for her, but it would have to do. After Ember had finished putting her hair up and put on as little make-up as she could, she walked back into her bedroom to find that Rutger had gotten comfortable on her bed.

"How do I look?" Ember asked.

She smiled when Rutger didn't reply and wolf whistled instead.

"Wow." Rutger said as he got to his feet. "You look absolutely beautiful."

"Thank you." Ember smiled shyly as she walked over to her desk and sat down.

She reached over for her jewellery box and was about to grab her wolf necklace from it when she realized that she'd given it to Caleb. She didn't regret that decision at all, but she had been so used to wearing it, that she still kept reaching into the slot where she used to keep that necklace.

"Something wrong?" Rutger asked as he came up behind Ember.

"No, nothing." Ember lied as she reached for her silver necklace with a ruby hanging from it. "Help me put this on?"

Rutger took the necklace from Ember and fastened it around her neck.

"What's this?" Rutger asked.

Ember looked up at him to find that Rutger was looking at her right arm. She glanced down at the burn that was on her elbow and for a moment she was caught up in the memories of how she got it. She quickly shook of the thought and smiled at Rutger instead.

"I burnt myself on a frying pan." Ember lied, giving Rutger a smile. "It's nothing, so shall we?"

"Yes, let's." Rutger nodded.

The two of them walked downstairs and after letting Bryce know where Ember was going to be during the evening, seeing as she wasn't allowed out of the house without letting someone know where she was because of her 'kidnapping', Ember followed Rutger outside to his car.

The drive to Rutger's house didn't take more than ten minutes. Rutger lived in a mansion at the edge of town, Ember hadn't found out about this until she'd been driving Rutger home from their 4th date. When they got there, Rutger walked around the car and pulled Ember's door open like a proper gentleman.

"You know, you don't have to go through any extra effort to impress me." Ember remarked, smiling.

"Blame my father." Rutger winked. "He insists on me behaving this way. If you ask me, my father still lives in the dark ages. Don't tell him I said that though."

"My lips will be sealed." Ember smiled.

Ember followed Rutger up to the front door and he was just about to open it when the door opened on its own, revealing Rutger's parents on the other side of it.

"Oh, hello mum, dad." Rutger said. "Ember, these are my parents, Michael and Lilith Lansing. Mum, dad, this is Ember Tennant, my girlfriend."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr and Mrs. Lansing." Ember smiled politely.

"Please, call me Lilith." Mrs. Lansing said. "Come in, our guests should be arriving soon. Rutger, why don't you go get ready?"

Rutger just nodded silently before smiling at Ember as the two of them stepped into the house. Ember watched as Rutger ran up the stairs before she started to feel awkward. It was clear that Rutger's parents were from a society that Ember wasn't used to at all, she'd rather curl up on couch in front of the TV with a take away than go to dinner parties. Still, Ember figured that if she was going to get married to Rutger, she would have to get used to it, although she dreaded the moment that she and Rutger had to tell his parents that Ember was pregnant. Something told her that Mr. And Mrs. Lansing weren't going to take too kindly to that little happening.

"Here, let me take your coat." Mr. Lansing said.

"Thank you." Ember said as he helped her take it off.

If Ember had to be honest about this whole thing, she was already starting to hate it. She hated the way Rutger's parents were treating her already, something told her that she was going to get into a lot of fights with Rutger's parents in the future.

"So, Rutger told us a lot about you." Mrs. Lansing said as she led Ember into the living room. "But his description of you doesn't do you justice at all."

Ember just smiled politely, she knew she was that she wasn't something special at all, she was just an plain student at the local school so that gave her the feeling that Mrs. Lansing was just being polite and knew nothing about Ember at all. Whether this was the case or not, it was already getting really annoying.

"Oh, thank you." Ember smiled politely.

"Is there anything I can get you to drink?" Mrs. Lansing asked.

"Tea please." Ember smiled.

Ember watched as Mrs. Lansing disappeared through a door in the living room which she suspected lead to the kitchen or something. As Ember looked around the room, she was almost afraid to sit down. Everything just looked so perfect in the whole room, as if it had come straight from a movie based on a Jane Austin book. In the end, Ember stat down on one of the two couches as Mr. Lansing came into the room. Ember had to suppress a sigh at the fake smile that Mr. Lansing was wearing on his face. She could already see the conversation that Mr. Lansing wanted to have with Rutger once Ember had gone home; it was probably going to be all about how Ember was the wrong girl for Rutger.

"So, Ember, where did you and my son meet?" Mr. Lansing asked.

Ember had to stop herself from smirking a little. It looked like her suspicions were right, Rutger hadn't told his parents a lot about her at all, not that she could blame him, otherwise Mr. Lansing wouldn't have asked that question.

"We met at school." Ember replied. "We're in the same class."

"Ah, that dreadful public school." Mr. Lansing said. "I would have Rutger go to a private school but those are hard to find in this area."

As Mr. Lansing said this, Ember started to dislike the man more and more. In her opinion, there was nothing wrong with a public school. Who was Mr. Lansing to say that public schools were dreadful? All he knew were private schools.

"So tell me, what does your father do?" Mr. Lansing continued.

"My father's dead." Ember replied without showing any emotion over it.

She couldn't help but feel a little satisfied when Mr. Lansing looked a little shocked at that statement. Before Mr. Lansing could ask anything else about Ember's father, Mrs. Lansing came back into the room with a large serving tray. The tray one had one cup and saucer on it along with a sugar bowl.

"There we are." Mrs. Lansing said as she put the tray down in front of Ember.

"Thank you, Mrs. Lansing." Ember said politely.

"Please, call me Lilith." Mrs. Lansing smiled.

For a few moments Ember debated whether to tell Mrs. Lansing where her name came from but she decided against it, although secretly Ember thought that the name Lilith, who had been the first demon to be created according to the bible, was really fitting for Mrs. Lansing and her fake behaviour. The longer that Ember spent time in the house, the more uncomfortable she was starting to feel. Just as Ember was about to run from the room screaming, Rutger came walking into the living room and Ember had to admit that he was looking really, really good in a suit.

"Hey." Ember smiled as Rutger sat down beside her.

She couldn't describe what a big relieve it was that Rutger was now in the room, it took away a lot of the pressure that she felt while she was alone with Rutger's parents.

"Well, the Gants should be here any moment." Mr. Lansing remarked. "Remember to be polite, Rutger, there's a big business opportunity here."

"Yes father." Rutger nodded.

Ember stared at Mr. Lansing for a moment, wondering if she had heard right. Had he really just said Gant? She didn't have the time to dwell on that thought seeing that the doorbell rang and Mrs. Lansing ushered them all out into the hall to meet the guests.

"Mum and dad didn't give you too much trouble, did they?" Rutger whispered to Ember as the two of them followed some distance behind Mr. and Mrs. Lansing.

"Only if you count your father asking about what kind of job my father as trouble." Ember whispered back. "So no, no trouble."

"Sorry about that." Rutger grimaced.

"It's okay." Ember smiled. "We'll talk later, alright?"

Rutger nodded as they reached the front door. Ember watched as Mrs. Lansing looked around one more time, probably to see whether everyone was ready before opening the door. When the door opened, Ember had to suppress a sigh when she saw what kind of people had come over for dinner; she could already see that it were the same 'class' of people that Mr. And Mrs. Lansing belonged too.

"John, good to see you." Mr. Lansing said reaching out to shake 'John's hand.

"You too, Michael." 'John' replied. "This is my family. My wife Sally and my daughter Laura."

Ember felt her eyes widening as she looked down at Laura. Laura looked to be able 8 or 9 years old, but there was no mistaking it. Ember was looking at little Laura Gant, Caleb's mother.

"This is my family." Michael said. "My wife Lilith and my son Rutger with his girlfriend, Amber."

"Ember." Ember corrected.

No-one reacted to this and Ember had to suppress the urge to sigh and roll her eyes. She already knew that the evening was going to be pure and utter hell.

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