Jackie Tyler knew she wasn't the most intelligent woman in the world. She couldn't tell you what the square root of pi was, or how to fix a vortex manipulator, or even what her exact coordinates on the earth were. But if Jackie knew one thing, she knew how to do the dirty.

And she certainly knew what it sounded like.

"Rose, if I do it any harder it will break!"

"Well nothing's gonna come of it if you don't!"

"I'm trying the best I can. Oofmp." Heavy breathing.

Standing outside her kitchen door, Jackie was angry, confused and kind of impressed at her daughter, who was currently engaging in some not-so-kitchen-like-activities with her half-alien boy toy. All she wanted was a cup of bloody tea! This was unnecessary, they had a perfectly good bedroom! What if Tony wanted a snack? How would she explain that to him?

"Fuck, Doctor! It's hot!"

"Of course it is! How else would I do it?"

"Ow, ow, ow!"

"Well if you'd take your hand out maybe it wouldn't hurt so much."

Appalled. That's more the word she would describe her emotions. She wasn't sure what to do at this point. Her instincts were telling her to burst in the kitchen and hit them both over the head with a frying pan. But Jackie certainly did not want to see any of that in progress. Her sodding daughter and that damn alien. In the middle of the afternoon as well! Were they nutters?

"I give up. It's not working."

"Doctor! We have to finish this!"

"That's it, I'm done. It's coming out."

"STOP! You're getting everything soaked! Get a towel and clean that up before Mum sees it, she'll go mental."

"She can clean it up herself! She's the one who made us do this in the first place. I told her I'm no good at this stuff, have me organize books or something instead."

Jackie had enough, she burst the double doors to the kitchen open ready to give them the biggest screaming they had ever heard. Instead, she saw the Doctor holding a soaking pan in one hand, and a still wet sponge in the other. Rose stood on the other end of the sink, hands on her hips. Both's shirts were sopping with dish water, as was the floor. They widened their eyes at Jackie, who's mouth was still open. She pointed to the sink.

"You- you're doing dishes, then?" Rose rolled her eyes.

"Yes, Mum. The dishes. Remember? You told us to do them before dinner?" She spoke slowly, watching Jackie look from her to The Doctor to the pan in his hands. "Although apparently this one never took "dish washing" classes at the academy in Gallifrey. Useless at it, he is."

"Oy! I know Physics, everything about the Universe and Time Travel, why would I ever need to know the mechanics of getting rust stains off a pan?" Jackie blinked in confusion and turned to leave.

"Just get those done before dinner, and clean up that floor!"