Ready, Set, Go


Will Elijah be found and brought back to life in time to save Stefan from Klaus, who would like nothing more than to recreate the ripper in Stefan. Will Damon and Elena finally really kiss? Will Elena finally admit that she is so madly in love with him that she will have wild monkey sex with him in every room of The Boarding House? All this and so much more will come to light soon. Oh and is Jenna actually really dead, dead? Does Jeremy see Dead People? Ah so many questions so little time left to answer them in. Enjoy,

Ready, Set, Go

Picks up 6 months after season 2 ended.


Damon S./Elena G.



He came into the Boarding House animated for the first time in weeks; a lead had finally panned out.

Sitting on the couch in the living room Elena Gilbert heard him come in through the front door and knew immediately something was off as she moved quickly to the front door to greet him with a kiss on the cheek and noticed his expression and said, "Damon you're not frowning, you have a happy Damon face." She stared at him some more and then the other shoe dropped she got that judgmental expression on her face that she no doubt learned from Bonnie or Bonnie learned from her, but regardless of who came up with it first she lit into him and said, "What did you do?"

Smirking and rolling his eyes, he gave her a genuine smile picked her up and spun her around in circles, then kissed her to shut her up, at the same time her hormones kicked in her heart started to pound in her chest and she wrapped her legs around his waist, half way through the kiss rational thought started to return and she remembered the look he had on his face and she of course being Elena, immediately broke the kiss with a whimper at the loss of contact and did the only thing she could do, she smacked him hard on the chest and hurt her hand in the process grumbling, "Damn, vampire boyfriend. If you just made me break my hand because you did something bad, you're never touching me again," she stared at him and cradled her hand and emphasized the word, "EVER!" Then she growled at him.

He looked down at her she was truly a force of nature. The girl didn't know the meaning of the words quit or back off. She was ferocious. He moved into her personal space and faced her down, that damn annoying, smirk that she secretly found so attractive on his beautifully handsome face. He took her injured hand in his bigger one softly and then started kissing it and she just stared at him so lovingly.

"Feeling better, kitten?" He asked as he continued to kiss her palm trying to ease the pain.

Her heart beat sky rocketed, again, and he smiled, her breath hitched in her chest, as the room became uncomfortably hot. She stammered out her response, "Ah….ah….oh god." That was all she was capable of saying as she stared at him kissing her hand. All rational thought started to leave once again until he did the eye brow thing he did so well and she came back to herself with a start and snatched her hand back. "You're still a jerk!" She really wanted to say it like she meant it and she was mad at him but really for a moment she forgot why she was suppose to be mad at him. So it came out all breathy.

"Elena, why are you mad at me, now?" It was a valid question, he had come home with great news and she went all commando on him before she would let him tell her what he had found out.

She wanted to pace and talk and get her thoughts together so she once more snatched back her hand and went to pace. Moving with that damn vampire speed of his, she felt a rush of air and then he was in front of her, his hands on her shoulders to stop her from moving. For a moment she was startled and then she stopped and just looked into those deep ice blue eyes that revealed to her his soul and every inner most thought and emotion that he still thought he hid so well and all she saw was love and devotion. Not one hint of deception. She dropped her head and eyes and breathed out, "I am such an idiot."


"Because, I just am!"

"Elena, Why are you an idiot?"

"Because you came home happy over something, so I assumed since you left this morning in a huff, that you, ya know did something bad."

"Kitten, look at me!"

"No," she said softly her anger gone from her body replaced with feeling guilty over her own reaction to him.

"Kitten, look at me!" his voice was so soft filled with affection and love for her and it was breaking her heart.

Tears falling from her eyes, she sniffed and looked up at him, she really couldn't deny him anything since the night he almost died in her arms of the werewolf bite, the night her reality changed forever. "Damon, I am so scared."

He gathered her into his arms and took her over to his favorite chair sitting in it and positioning her in his lap her head lay against his chest and she cried. She was an emotional wreck. He stroked her back and kissed the top of her head, whispering nonsense words trying to easy her pain, this was killing him. She insisted on taking all the guilt of every single instance leading up to that night on herself.

Slowly she calmed down and lifted her eyes to his leaning in she kissed him, with desperation, she needed this to all go away. She knew deep down Stefan was lost forever; she had lost a boyfriend and then found her soul mate within hours of her Aunt Jenna's death. Katherine was the one to bring Damon the cure in the form of Klaus's blood. Katherine was the one who told her, "It's alright to love them both, Elena, I did!"

She sat in his lap kissing him feeling his hard body against her soft one. Getting aroused to the point where all she wanted was for him to take her right here, right now and pound her so hard she would screamed his name, and lose all rational thought as she slammed back down onto him. It was in those moments when the world and pressure went away. She was literally trying to crawl inside his body to get closer to him. All the while whimpering against his lips.

He couldn't even think at this point, he remembered she was mad just a few moments earlier and for the life of him he had no idea why and now he was so hard he thought he was going to combust from the pleasure surging through his body. "Elena," he panted against her lips pleasurable pain coursing through his body at the clothed contact. She was going to kill him if she kept this up. "Please, kitten, either stake me right now or fuck me senseless but I can't take this, you are seriously killing me." He pulled her back from him and stared into her brown eyes his hands working the buttons of her shirt franticly, her own fingers working to divest him of his own shirt. The sexual tension so thick, you could smell it as it rolled off them both in ecstatic waves.

As they desperately started pulling their shirts off so they could get to each other's chests. To feel their naked upper bodies pressed against one another, lips still locked tightly together, tongues battling for dominance. One hand on her right breast teasing the nipple into rock hardness, the nipple so hard that it hurt, she moaned into his mouth and then threw her head back, screaming his name as she ground against him, he strained up against her core feeling her damp heat through her shorts.

So lost in each other, they didn't hear the front door open nor did they hear, Caroline, Tyler, Jeremy and Bonnie enter the living room.

Jeremy jumped back, in shock, and shouted out, "Oh My God, I'm blind, I'm Blind, I am fuckin' blind. Oh man, not cool. That's my sister. Great now I have to live with that image burned into my brain for the rest of my life."

Bonnie hid her head against Jeremy's chest so she wouldn't see anything else and seriously thought of giving Damon an aneurism to end all aneurisms. Knowing Elena would certainly kill her ended that thought process so she continued to hide her eyes.

Caroline gripped Tyler's hand tightly in hers and squealed as she jumped excitedly in place and all but shouted out, "I told you when he got home and gave her the good news they would so go at it like rabbits."

Tyler looked at his girlfriend mouth open as if to say something and then decided against it. Ever since she changed into a vampire it seemed she had lost all signs of her moral compass and just said things without thought or censorship. His next thought was, of course once a month all I want to do is rip someone's throat out and roll around in their blood. So maybe not having a moral compass wasn't so bad. His mouth shut as he tried to bite back a smile and then he looked at the couple clearly in the raptures of dry humping their way to what looked like would be a mind blowing orgasm for both of them.

Both Elena and Damon came out of their lust filled world and saw family and friends before them looking at them Damon stood up with Elena in his arms.

She shrieked out, "Damon," while at the same time trying desperately to hide her upper body from her family and friends.

He sat down with her immediately as the situation fully registered in his still lust filled mind, holding her against him, he reaching down with one hand and picking up her shirt which she snatched out of his hand and tried her best to put back on without anyone seeing her exposed breasts. Finally the shirt back on, and buttoned up, her face and neck as red as it could possibly be from embarrassment she noticed Jeremy.

Her eyes grew wider if that was even possible at the moment, her hand flew to her mouth as she said, "Jer, I am so sorry!" She couldn't get anything else to come out of her mouth.

She heard Caroline giggling hysterically then saw her clinging on to Tyler like if she let him go she would fall down.

Damon watched all of this as if it was a theatrical play and smirked. Elena caught the smirk out of the corner of her eye and whirled around to face him head on, "This is your fault," she accused him.

Still with a touch of humor to his voice, he stood up and faced her looking deep into her eyes and said, "You didn't seem to mind it a minute ago when you were so turned on you tried to crawl inside me."

"Jerk," she snarled out at him under her breath. She held up two fingers putting them so close together, they almost touched and said in a somewhat calm voice, "You are this close to sleeping on the couch tonight, Mr.!"

Rolling his eyes at her he nodded almost imperceptibly and then clapped his hands together and walked shirtless over to the liquor cart and said good naturedly, "Anyone care for a drink!"

Five voices rang out simultaneously, "Yes. Please!"

As he proceeded to retrieve six crystal glasses from the side of the cart and his best bottle of aged scotch, he poured out two fingers of said scotch into each glass. One he handed to Elena and saluted her with his glass as they each drank deeply almost finishing it in one swallow. The rest of the gang reached for their glasses and as Bonnie grabbed hers she glared at him and hissed, "Jerk!"

"You don't get to call me that, Sabrina," he shouted at her.

"Well when you behave that way you are a jerk and besides Elena always calls you a jerk."

"She can call me whatever she wants, she gets away with it because I love her."

"You are incapable of love, Damon. We tolerate you because Elena wants us too. But love? I don't think so. You're a possessive evil pig."

"Get. Out! Before I show you what an evil thing I can be!"

Four sets of eyes bounced back and forth between the two until Elena had had enough and stepped between them she was furious, "Bonnie, enough! What is wrong with you?"

"I don't know? It's just…. It's just….He is….I….Elena please!" The pain in her voice so strong you could taste it hanging in the air, Jeremy came up beside her and wrapped her in his arms as Elena knelt down before her and touched her arm.

"Bonnie, please talk to me, what is wrong with you? Why do you have to hate him so much? I love him, Bonnie and your one of my best friends. I need you both and I need you to get along. So tell me. What's wrong?"

She let go of Jeremy and sank down on her knees in front of Elena her eyes filled with tears as she whispered out, "I'm losing you and it hurts. I hardly ever see you, unless you need something or if I come over to see Jer. Then you hardly say two words to me. Your always with, him."

"Bonnie, I'm sorry. I love you Bonnie you're like my sister, I don't mean to shut you out. I just. I need him! More than that Bonnie, I know you don't like it but that doesn't make it less true, I love him more than anything in this world. He completes me!"

Bonnie gave her a half smile and sniffed back her tears and looked up into a very concerned looking Damon. Who was looking at Elena his right hand on her left shoulder giving it a gentle but reassuring squeeze.

Bonnie's right hand fisted coming to her mouth in a manifestation of her own insecurities and anguish and looked up at Damon her eyes saying what her mouth refused to say, sorry, I am so sorry. Then she looked back at Elena who was smiling at her and said, "I will try to be nicer to him, but if he hurts you…." It was an empty threat. They all knew it, Bonnie most of all.

Damon rolled his eyes at her thinking of a comeback and then let it go and just smiled sincerely at her and mouthed two words, thank-you.

Then she stood up took her drink and sipped it staring at him, perhaps seeing him in a new light giving him her half smile, she said in a strong voice, "I still think you're an idiot!"

Smirking back at her pulling Elena back into his chest he said over her head, "I can accept that, witch!"

Without missing a beat Caroline was in front of her two best friends and said in her usual upbeat self as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, "So want to go shopping? I need a new outfit, for Friday night."

Both girls brightened up at that and nodded and said giggling, "Yes!"

They started to head to the door when all of a sudden Damon was directly in front of Elena, "Aren't you forgetting something, kitten?"

She looked puzzled and then brightened up visibly all the tension gone from her body as she went to kiss him. He held her off and shook his head no.

Jeremy's voice was heard ringing out, "Oh thank god."

Damon smirked at Elena as she looked at him puzzled and then he held out his keys.

She brightened up even more and said in an excited voice, "You're letting me take the Camero!"

Leaning down he kissed her softly on the lips and then said in a teasing tone, "No, you have your own car, but I am blocking you in. I need to move my car."

She crossed her arms across her chest and pouted at him, then affectionately muttered, "Jerk!"

Bonnie watching the interplay started to finally get it and smiled passing him and saying softly, "Idiot!"

Damon opened the door for the girls and as Bonnie was going through the door, he said loud enough for her to hear, "Why thank you Sabrina, that might be the nicest thing you have said to me to date."

As Caroline followed Bonnie out she stopped in front of Damon stood on tip toes and not saying a word, beamed him a bright sunshine smile and kissed his cheek, then followed Bonnie.

Elena looked at Damon with such love before she leaned into him and kissed him saying, "Thanks," against his lips before pulling away and headed out, with Damon heading up the rear to go move his car.

Grabbing her left arm and spinning her to him he held up his credit card and said to her, "Have fun!"

She smiled so wide her jaws hurt at the gesture and took the card kissing him passionately, then pulling away and looked at her friends looking at her with wide eyes.

"He just gave you his credit card," said Bonnie with an unbelieving look.

"Well, yeah," she said it like it was no big deal and followed up with, "he loves me."

Bonnie watched as Damon moved his car out of the way of Elena's SUV and shook her head in wonder and said softly, "Apparently so."

Bonnie considered all that had just happened and stopped Elena as she was about to get into the SUV, "Wait, then why do constantly call him a jerk?"

She just shrugged her shoulders feeling Damon's eyes watching her every move and smiled lovingly as she spoke, "Because sometimes he is, but he's my jerk so it's okay."

Damon came walking up the drive and slapped Elena on the ass. As she jumped in reaction he pointed to his ears and said, "I heard that kitten." He continued to walk back into the house without looking back, saying as he went, "Be back by seven or dinner will be burned beyond recognition."

Caroline clapped her hands together and jumped up and down saying, "Yeah. Now come on I'm bored and you know how I get when I'm bored and those dresses are not going to try themselves on nor are they going to buy themselves."

All the while Damon smiled a genuine happy smile as he heard the three woman chatter happily. Then he remembered and shouted out. "Hey Barbie!"

"Hey idiot!" she shouted back affectionately.

"In all the excitement I forgot to tell Elena what we found out about Elijah today."

"I'll fill her in dad," she replied with just the right amount of sarcasm and love.

"What is that all about?"

"You didn't know we found out the location to Elijah's body," asked Caroline innocently as if it was an everyday occurrence and everyone knew it.

Elena stopped dead in her tracks as she was just about to get into the driver's side of the SUV and said loudly, in a very confused voice, "What?"

"I said we found out where they are hiding Elijah's body. Now can we please go? I am getting hungry and if you do not take me shopping I am so going to bite you." She then made a Grrrrrrrr sound.

"Why didn't someone bother to tell me?"

"Well Elena," Bonnie replied to the question, "Damon, the idiot, was suppose to tell you when he got home, which is why we waited outside so he could tell you. I am guessing with all the face sucking and touching, he never got around to it."

Elena's face and neck turned bright red and she squeaked out, "Caroline, help me?"

Laughing she said, "No, I want a new dress and we are still here, you now know everything we know and if you don't move this van this instant I am going to drain Bonnie dry and your brother is going to be down another girlfriend."

Indignantly Bonnie shouted back, "Hey! You come anywhere near me with those fangs and I am going to give you an aneurism that will have you in a coma for a week."

Caroline huffed out with her arms tightly across her chest, "Fine, but I am telling you I am bored and if we don't leave this instant there is going to be something ugly happening in this car."

Elena quickly pulled away from the boarding house and muttered, "Oh for the love of god, I cannot believe this is my life now." She then proceeded to turn on the radio and found a song that she liked. Caroline immediately started to sing happily along to the radio forgetting she was mad an instant ago. In a cheery voice she said, "Can we stop and get French fries and a cherry coke on the way?"

Both girls shouted back at her, "NO!"

Caroline huffed loudly and grumbled out, "Fine, but if someone who will remain nameless dies from blood loss in this car, Elena, I am not responsible, food helps my cravings," another song starts to come on the radio and Caroline lets out a happy squeak and starts to sing along. All remnants of the previous conversation are put out of her mind as she sings joyously.

Bonnie looks over to Elena and with eyes wide and a sort of nervous grin on her face she shakes her head in disbelief.

Elena just snorts in reply; thinking to herself, Bonnie should live with her for a few weeks. That might change her tune.

From within the boarding house Damon was chuckling as he heard ever word of what just went down with the girls.

Jeremy from his place by the fireplace finished his drink and went over to the cart to pour another one, still glaring at Damon.

Damon walked over to him, knowing what the glare was for and said, "Ya know kid if you would learn to knock this whole thing could have been avoided."

"Damon, I live here. Remember, you gave the house over to Elena and I live here now, I am not going to knock to come into my own house."

As Damon poured himself a fresh scotch, he muttered under his breath, "That could be remedied."

"Oh come on Damon, you're supposed to be my role model, since there isn't anyone left for me to look up too."

"Fine, you want a role model; I will give you a role model. Don't drink and drive, drugs are bad, don't do them, and do not knock up your witchy girlfriend out of wed lock. Does that work for you?"

Tyler came between them and said, "Do you guys always argue like this?"

Damon and Jeremy shouted out at the same time, "Yes!"

Tyler blinked and drank the rest of his drink, then clapped his hands together loudly and said, "So what do we do till the girls get back?"

Jeremy smiled at Damon and said, "We cook or I should say, Damon cook's because god knows Elena and I can't even boil water and if we don't have dinner ready when they get home, were all dead." Jeremy then winked at Tyler and said under his breath, "Some of us will be more dead then others."

"Standing right here mini Gilbert, I heard that!"

"What's your point?"

As the arguing continued, Tyler held up his hands the universal sign of peace and backed out of the kitchen saying softly, "Those two are scary."


Get ready for more Elena/Damon goodness, followed by Bonnie/Jeremy and let us not forget our favorite Vampire Barbie /and/ her Werewolf boyfriend Tyler. So next we get to find out, where Elijah is and if he is actually coming back. Does Jeremy see dead people? Where is Stefan and has he become a RIPPER yet? All this will be coming your way in chapter two. The price of admission? At the very least 10 stinking reviews.