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The story thus far:

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Chapter 2: Are You Out Of Your Mind?

After three hours of non-stop shopping and twelve dress stores later, Caroline Forbes aka Vampire Barbie was almost done. One more store to go. The girls were about to kill her, this was supposed to be fun. Bonnie muttered to Elena, "Explain to me again where the fun comes in?"

Elena just shook her head and smiled as she followed along with the three bags of new clothes she had purchased, well technically Damon bought them since she paid with his credit card but she rationalized that thought away with, it's his own fault, since I have lived with him he has ripped off more of my clothes then I have fingers to count on. True as that might be, she just got herself highly aroused with that thought, as she felt her breasts tighten on their own and her core start to moisten. Groaning she thought to herself, I am turning into such a slut! Jerky vampire, I just think of him and I get horny. I use to be such a good girl! As she continued with the internal debate she was having with herself, Caroline rushed in front of her at normal human speed and stopped her with her hand on her chest and said in a knowing cheerful tone making sure to keep her voice just above a whispher, "Thinking about Damon again aren't you?"

She blushed furiously and stuttered, "No, I was just…..I was thinking….."

"You were so thinking about him, I can smell you."

"Oh my god, Caroline we talked about this it is called boundaries and you don't have any." She said in a shocked and indignant low voice.

Caroline just continued to stare at her, she was not moving till Elena admitted it.

Stareing back at Caroline was like trying to stare down a brick wall so she finally just hissed out the words, "Fine, I was, are you happy now?" Sighing in resignation she felt herself blush and gave a nervous laugh saying, "Maybe, now can we go eat. You keep saying how hungry you are and can we not tell Bonnie about this!"

Out of nowhere Bonnie appeared next to Caroline and said, "Not tell Bonnie about what?"

"She doesn't want you to know she was thinking about Damon and got herself all hot and bothered."

"Ewwwwwwwww, Caroline, I so didn't need to hear that," declared a somewhat shocked Bonnie.

Caroline just shrugged at her best friend and said, "So, girls Victoria Secrets here we come!"

Elena and Bonnie followed her, Elena's head was cast down as she muttered, "And again I ask is this what my life has become?" She heard Bonnie snicker and she gave out a slightly nervous laugh.

An hour later found them sitting in the food court finally eating a snack to get back some energy after all that shopping.

"Okay, so spill," said Elena. "You said you would tell me where you got the info on Elijah, so who told you where he was?"

Bonnie got a guilty look on her face, bit into her hot dog, stuffed a french fry into her mouth and started chewing as if her life depended on it. She did not want to be the one to answer that particular question.

Caroline continued to sip happily on her milkshake.

"Bonnie, come on you can tell me. I won't get mad or at the very least tell me where his body is."

After a minute of silence on Bonnie's part, Caroline huffed and snarked, "You're a coward, you know that, she's your best friend too. You could at least give her the address of the body. Earlier you were all whining about her not spending time with you anymore, you were like I'm scared, I'm losing you, you don't spend time with me. Your always with Damon, you don't care about me. Sheesh Bonnie no wonder she is avoiding you lately, you've turned into a terrible friend. When Stefan was taken by Klaus did I leave her? No, I stayed with her, when her Aunt died did I desert her? No, I stayed with her and moved into the boarding house to help out, of course the fact that my mom now knows I am a vampire and would probably stake me in my sleep, might have had something to do with me moving into the boarding house. And another thing…"

Elena, slammed her hands down on the table and hissed out, "Enough, Caroline. Really, you need to stop talking and take a breath, Bonnie you need to answer my questions. You are both giving me a headache and if I wanted one of those kinds of headaches I could talk to Damon." She leans forward and get's into Caroline's face since Bonnie looks like she is going rabbit at any single moment and is suddenly afraid of anything else that might come out of Caroline's mouth.

"Now tell me where you all think Elijah is?"

Caroline says without think, "1047 Amsterdam Avenue, New York City."

Elena looks from Bonnie to Caroline. Caroline takes a drink from her milk shake and looks back and smiles softly at her best friend. "Seriously, New York City," she says it as though she is digesting the idea and it has a bitter taste.

Caroline happily shakes her head up and down and steals a french fry off Bonnie's plate and dips it into the ketchup before popping it into her mouth and makes an Mmmmmmmmmmm sound.

"Okay," she says slowly coming to terms with him being in NYC, "Why there, what is so special about that location?"

Caroline isn't sure she is suppose to answer that question so she looks at Bonnie, while she steals another fry and lifts her chin up in her direction indicating she should tell her, as she does it she dips the fry into the ketchup and pops it into her mouth and happily chews away.

"It's a church," says Bonnie.

"A church, really?

Both of her friends nod.

"That actually makes sense, hide the body in a church and no vampire would think to look for it there, ever. So which church is it?"

Bonnie fields that question and gives her the little half smile that shows she is really pleased but I am not going to give you the satisfaction of you knowing just how pleased I am, "The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine."

Caroline claps her hands together she is so happy that Elena is finally happy again.

Elena bursts out laughing, "I wonder who's idea that was to store his body in the church and where in the church is it being kept anyways?"

"Oh," says a very happy Caroline, "It is below the church in the catacombs we have a map and everything, we were told it would be kept there for another three weeks and then the body would be shipped to Rome, and buried somewhere in the Vatican. We did good huh?"

"Yeah, you guys did great." She tilts her head slightly and pegs Bonnie a suspicious look and asks her very bluntly, "Bonnie, what are you hiding?"

"Me," she squeaks out, "Why would you say that, the source was reliable, she said, three weeks and Stefan would also be there for that amount of time."

"You said…..she." Elena was starting to put two and two together. But she needed one more piece of the puzzle before she made sure who she was going to torture first so she said sweetly and calmly, a sure sign she was getting mad, "How did Katherine know Stefan and the body were in NYC."

Caroline promptly spoke up as Bonnie crouched down a little low in her chair, "The bitch has been tracking Stefan since Klaus took him out of Mystic Falls. She said there were way too many animal attacks in the village of all places, if you can believe that." She rolls her eyes then continues, "You know she always has people and vamps working for her, so this is good info, Elena," her hand then fly's to her mouth, as she realized what she just said and had a fleeting thought that Damon would actually stake her, this time.

Elena erupted out of her chair and barked, "We are going home, I have a boyfriend to kill, I can't believe him this morning all moody when he left with you all to meet up with the ex. Sure makes sense what did he kiss her too. Then he comes home all happy and distracts me from where he has been, when all the time he was off meeting Katherine."

Both girls got up and hurried after their best friend, afraid to say another word to scary Elena, not looking forward to the now long ride home. Elena would either rant the whole way or give them the silent treatment. The only bright side was they both knew who Elena was really mad at, Damon.

Forty-five long minutes later, Elena pulled into the drive way of The Boarding House, got out of her car, grabbed her packages and walked calmly up the stairs and into her home. She tried her hardest to keep her breathing even, her heart beat calm, and her face neutral. Damon heard her SUV pull up and had walked out to the front door to greet her. He took one look at her face and knew she knew. He took a long beat before he approached her and said to the two girls, "You may want to give us a few minutes, I take it she wasn't happy with all of the news then?"

Bonnie and Caroline both looked at Damon refusing to look in Elena's direction, their eyes on the wide side, as Bonnie made hand motions and said softly, "She was happy you….I mean…we, found out where Klaus had Elijah stashed. She thought that was brilliant by the way. Hiding his body below a church. She has a problem with you….I mean….us, getting the information from Katherine." She looks at her best friends face and quickly runs up the stairs to Jeremy's room; Caroline just shrugs and goes down stairs into the cellar to get a blood bag.

"So Elena, on a scale of one to ten how mad are you?" He can't help it she is so damn hot looking when she is all worked up, so he smirks and folds his arms waiting for her to call him a name or simply explode. He is not ready for what she does next however, as this woman before him constantly amazes him.

"I just want to ask you a couple of questions Damon and believe me when I tell you I am not mad. I was when I first heard, that you got the information from Katherine, but now not so much. I am hurt though that you wouldn't tell me where you were actually going this morning."

"Is it wrong of me that when Katherine is involved I want to keep you away from her, because I don't want you to get hurt or killed?"

"No Damon, I like that part, it's just that this morning when you left…." She takes a calming breath before she continues, "is that why you were in such a weird mood, because you knew you had to deal with her?"

He nods and waits wondering where this is going but remains silent.

"Is that why you told me, it was no big deal and I didn't need to go, because you," she starts to raise her voice she doesn't want to but she can't help herself, she is scared that she is going to lose him. She was never suppose to fall in love with him and yet she did. When she is honest with herself she knows falling in love with Damon Salvitore is not easy, but god, it is the best thing she has ever done. She knows inside they are made to be together forever, but she is still scared, "knew she would be there?"

He doesn't get to answer because the more she thinks about it she already knows the answer to the next question or at least she thinks she does. "Katherine gave you this information didn't she," and here it comes she is going to blast him, "Are you out of your mind? Why would you trust her?"

He moves into her personal space and pulls her against him and she has tears in her eyes as she grips his shirt and hangs on to him. "I don't trust her, Elena. I really don't but I do trust you. So I am going to tell you what the other two probably didn't tell you and then I am going to ask you what you want to do."

She lifts her head up and looks into his face then into his eyes, he does his eye roll at her and smirks, she lightly slaps his chest and he dries her face with his shirt tail. Then she grips the back of his neck and pulls him down into a kiss its slow and comforting to them both. It is the physical contact that keeps them connect and makes these two work so well together. This is what none of their friends really understand about these two. At times like this she knows by kissing and touching him and seeing the look in his eyes if he is going to tell all or hold back. In this case he is going to tell her everything and then let her decide what she wants them to do.

This woman that he loves and adores more than anyone he has ever met in his very long life means more to him then his brother, and in this one thing he will abide by her wishes unconditionally. He will not be selfish in this, he loves and respects her too much for that, he did it once when he took away her memories. Never again, he was never going to put her or them through that again.

He takes her small right hand in his big left hand and asks, "Take a walk out back with me?"

She smiles that tight little smile, but the expression of her big brown doe eyes looking up at him, tells him she is fine and she will listen to what he has to say before judging what he wants and needs to do as well. She never even knew until him that love could be so, strong. She may not agree with him a lot of the time, but she trusts him without hesitation and she know he feels the same way about her. They tease each other constantly, which is another thing Bonnie never seems to understand about them. Bonnie see's the teasing as an act of cruelty when in reality it is just two extremely passionate souls, wrapped around each other constant adjusting to the fit that is them.

They find themselves facing each other holding on two each other's hands and talking rationally in front of the fountain behind The Boarding House, they speak in hushed tones. She understands why he didn't want her with him this morning. She still isn't happy about it, but she does get it and she would have done the same thing, hell she has done the same thing. She is more relieved to learn that the information they received was through another vampire named Marcus, Katherine didn't even have the decency to show up at this first meeting. If Elena agrees that there is a chance that he was telling them the truth they are to meet Katherine, in Fells Corners in one week's time. If they decide not to agree, however Katherine will never contact them again, they are not to ever contact her because any help she may offer them in the future will never come to pass and as far as she is concerned Damon and Elena, can both die.

The sound of Elena's laughter can be heard throughout the whole house coming in from outside she is laughing so hard, her body is shaking and she is clinging to Damon's arms so she doesn't fall. When she calms down enough to answer a question she shakes her head excitedly up and down and then throws herself into his arms. Catching her he swings her around and starts to kiss her. Just as things start to heat up, there body's mold together, and hands start to explore, Jeremy's voice is heard as he heads outside to get them for dinner.

"Oh god, not again, I swear to god I am going to get two bells and tie them around your necks so I don't walk in on anything anymore. I am going to need therapy and it is not going to be cheap."

"Good to know" says Damon staring into rich desire laden brown eyes and then leans in for a passionate kiss. Breaking from the kiss he continues to look into his girlfriends eyes and says softly, "You brother really has lousy timing."

"He has always been like that even as a little kid," she replies back just as softly in a very playful tone of voice.

Damon gets that expression on his face that he has just put something sour in his mouth his eyes narrow and he says, "I know right, Stefan use to be the same way, younger brothers, go figure."

"You two have no shame do you? I am standing right here and you're making fun of me."


"Yeah, sis?"

"Go away and tell the others dinner is ready or something, but just go away. We need a few minutes of alone time."

Jeremy gives a little laugh just happy that Elena is herself again and glad Damon was the one that helped her find herself again.

Ten minutes later they head back in leaning on each other, everyone including Jeremy is seated at the dining room table eating. He gives her one last kiss and smirks then holds her seat out for her as she sits he pushes it in and he sits down next to her. He is exactly where he wants and needs to be.

In a rare moment of vulnerability he pours himself and her a glass of wine and takes his glass and taps his spoon against it then lifts it above his head saying, "To family and friends!" She faces him as they both take a sip of wine. At this precise moment in this exact spot, there is no one else. There is no pressure from the outside world, there is just this one, happy, loving moment.

Damon leans in with not a thought of anyone or anything but his Elena and goes to kiss her, she leans up into him lovingly wanting to receive his kiss.

The moment is disrupted as Jeremy whines, "Oh come on, Damon. We are trying to eat here and why do you have to keep doing that with my sister man?"


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