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The streets were filled with many people, all celebrating the fifth annual defeat of the Kyuubi- the nine tailed demon fox by the Yondaime Hokage. While some were partying at the festival some have taken to 'demon hunting' and one unlucky soul never enjoyed the festival.

"Where is it?"

"Find the demon!"

"Avenge Yondaime-sama!"

Were all many of the common phrases used by the mob searching for their prey. Meanwhile the object of their hate was hiding in the alley among the trash. The five-year old was wearing a white shirt with a red spiral and blue shorts with no shoes, blond spiky hair and blue eyes and whisker marks. Every year on his birthday he would have to hide and wait for either his 'jii-san' to find him or to run in case one pursuer found him.

'Why do they hurt me? Why do they call me demon?' Naruto asked in his mind until he was yanked on his collar by a chunin in a bandana and white hair.

"Thought you could hide from us demon? Well think again, we will avenge all those you killed!" Mizuki shouted as he tossed Naruto to the center of the mob.

As the mob approached Naruto all he could do was curl into a ball and wait for 'jii-san' or Sandaime to find him. As the mob started with their revenge, hitting him with whatever they could get their hands on, little did they know they was stirring the real demon's sleep.


In a large sewer behind a huge cage a large fox began to awaken, its slited red eyes peered at its surroundings.

"What happened? I remember going to retrieve Arceus-sama's chosen then seeing those cursed red eyes with tomoes and now I'm behind a cage."

As Kyuubi pondered he found a seal on its forehead, he flooded it with enough Aura to cause it to break and new memories surged into his head.

"So I'm sealed inside Arceus-sama's Chosen. Might as well see what kind of life he has." Kyuubi began looking into Naruto's memories from the beginning into now and was disgusted at this world's "humans'" treatment of a child and was amazed at Naruto's resolve.

"This world does not deserve a pure soul such as this one; I will complete my mission and help this boy at the same time."

Kyuubi then began a chant, words flooded the seal the only word common Ninetails. Kyuubi red Aura began to flooded from his body.

World Jump!

The villagers stopped their rampage as they saw the boy begin to shine red and a large amount of 'chakra'. As Naruto glowed more and more the villagers began to back away.

"It's the Kyuubi! It's coming for revenge!" Several villagers cried out.

Naruto was in pain but was now covered in a soothing sensation, as he began slipping into darkness he heard a voice in his head.

"Don't worry kit; you are going to a place where you will be accepted."

Soon a large beam of red aura shot into the sky and was gone along with Naruto. As the villagers stared in confusion and panic Sarutobi and a squad of ANBU appeared.

"ANBU! Arrest these blind people for disobeying my law!" Sarutobi called out.

As the ANBU proceeded to do their job the aged Hokage looked out at the night sky.

'Naruto, wherever you are... I hope you're safe'

(Kanto-Pallet Town)

Delia Ketchum was running through the storming streets of Pallet Town arguing herself was staying too long at Oak's and worrying her daughter.

"Oh I hope I make it in time! Poor Ashley is afraid of lightning! What was I thinking spending all that time with Oak?"

As she rushed through she heard a loud thud hit the grass, she stop to see a young boy unconscious in the rain. As she moved to get a closer look and she saw the boy in wet clothes, blond hair and fox ears and a tail.

'Boys shouldn't have tails, or be outside alone in this weather either.' Delia thought as she picked up the young boy.

"Whoever you are hang on! I'm going to get you help!" Delia told the boy as she rushed towards her house to get him out the cold.

As she ran with Naruto a pair of green and red eyes stared off at the two.

"Chosen, you will have a long journey ahead, but you will not be alone either. Have a long life my Chosen." A mysterious voiced said and then disappeared and Pallet's streets once again was filled with the sound of rain.