"Number One"

[Feat:Kurt Angle and Lita]

Uh uh uh

Let me tell ya how it goes

I was number 1

Then a looser had to come and ruin the fun


Name Chris Jericho and I'm let it down

people looking at me like I'm a clown

I ain't no has-been

I'm a sexy thing

Call me cocky

Cause I hate Rocky

Shezzy my nezzy


I don't know what I saying

I just playing

Let get this straight

I was the first Undisputed Champ

HHH called his wife a Tramp

He was gone for 10 months

Thanks to me

I'm not sad

hell no I'm glad

I put him out once

And can sure as hell do it again'

Be rollin' in strech limos

sleeping with pillows

20's on my Benz

Wait...i got a Escalde

Eh eh eh can you hear it....


I-am Number 1

The Ape

who likes to hate

is number 2

Pin Rock and Austin 1.2.3

If ya know what i mean

Jelly Bean

They say I'm cocky

Like i give a damn

Mitchell Cole better watch his back

Cause i will attack

calling me Egotistical,Cocky and Arrogant

Uh uh uh homie don't know what's coming to him

Just like Kurt did to Uncle Jim

Cocky Egotistal who cares

I'm a Living Legend

And I-am Number 1

The Ape is the 2nd that ain't a winner (yeah)

And the third champ no one will remember (hey hey hey)

what does it take to be number one?

Cause I ain't done

Hey hey hey hey yeah yeah


Do ya like when they shine your belts?

Champ? Get 'em all shinny?

Show 'em around

never lettin' them touch tha ground

Ya better respect

Oh yeah yeah hey hey


I was the Number one Contender

Till they made me surrender

Flair made the match

But it had a catch

No Steph at ring side

I lost,shame the pain

But i knew he would have a un-successful regain

Cause he was up with Jericho,the Legend

Many say sent from Heven

But i wouldn't know

Word on the street

was that HHH had stinky feet(phew)

As curious as I'm i had to find out

Oh oh sweat mother of god It was true

Damn true

Oh yeah back to the story

HHH may have won at WrestleMania

My homie Booker T

Who i thought was Mr.T(Uh uh)

Calls HHH a sucka

but i call him Bucko

Rhyming ain't hard

it's just like playing cards

Jericho is out to kick some ass

Leaving HHH a crippled mess

Just liked he did to the rest (oh yeah)

Name is Kurt Angle

I'm a Onlympic Gold Medalist

Who won;t be afraid to throw some fist

But Jericho is Number 1

The Ape

And i don't make a mistake

Is Number 2



Tried of people lookin' down at me

Like a freakin' flee

I've been hip-hoppin'

and crisscrossing

People look at me like I'm a joke

well that's not all folks!

I'm the Ayatohllah of Rock 'n Rolla(wooo)

The Living Legend(oh yeah)

Your Role Model(uh uh uh)

I-am Nuber one (yeah yeah )

Making fun or hair

you just be prepaird

Cause I'm gonna

Break the Walls Down

HHH made a big mistake

damn that Ape

Messing with Y2J

Hurting him won't be no shame

oh and I may

I will laugh in his face

Just like the rest when they say

He Ain't all that and a bag of chips

Stop walking around like he's the shit

Talking smack

stupid jack-ass

But who cares

what he wears

Cause I-am Number one

Yeah yeah yeah uh uh uh

[(Chorus) - repeat until fade]