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Fire. Earth. Water. Air.

In the beginning the world, there was balance between the Fire Nation, Water tribes, Earth Kingdom, and Air Nomads. However there was another group, a group that did not give its blessing to the Avatar; the Lightning Realm. As the name states, their benders could bend Lightning in a way that Firebending masters could dream, to be able to bend pure lightning. The Lightning Realm established itself on a continent in the far east of the world as to so their independence.

The five groups were all able to live in peace as the Avatar watched over the world. However, it has changed when then Fire Nation began its attack. While most of the tribes panicked over the Avatar's disappearance, the Lightning Realm began preparing for the upcoming war. After the decimation of the Air Nomads under Fire lord Sozin he set his sights on the large continent of Lightning. However, the Lightning Emperor Ginji Namikaze used the great power of Susanoo (the legendary spirit of Lightning) to destroy the invading army and sent the survivors on the retreat.

As time passed by, the Fire Nation concentrated its attacks on the Earth Kingdom. Many firebenders wish to steer clear of Lightning or avoid conflict at all. In Lightning Realm, in the beginning of the war all thoughts were to maintain the defenses around the large country, but the aging Emperor knew that without the Avatar many others have begun to lose hope. Lightning Realm then decided to begin sending forces outward into the world to try and turn the tide of the war. The war continued on well onto the crowning of the new Fire Lords and Lightning Emperors. Now the great spirits decide it is time to place on new player


"Come on Milady push push!" A doctor said to the pregnant queen of Lightning. Today was the day the child of Lightning Emperor Minato Namikaze and Empress Kushina Namikaze.

"Come on Kushina I know you can do it" Minato said as he tried to ease his wife through the pain.

"Shut-up Minato! I swear this is entirely your fault! You'll never touch this body again! Kushina was then cut short by another contraction.

"I see the head, one more push Milady!" A nurse called to the Empress.



The cries of the newborn filled the hospital room. Kushina now gently held her new son; Minato stared at the two with love in his eyes. The boy already had a tuff of his father's blond hair and they couldn't see it now but he also had the purest blue eyes.

"So, what should we name him Kushi-chan?" Minato asked.

"Hmmm, how about...Naruto" Kushina said as she rocked the baby, Naruto giggled in his mother's arms.

"Naruto, I never thought you would use a reference from ero-sensei's book" Minato said in surprise.

"Well he does have his moments sometimes." Kushina said.

'I wonder what the future will hold for you Naru-chan' Kushina said in her mind.

In the center of Lightning Realm was a large mountain that overlooked all of the country. Many Raiju or Thunderbirds soared around it as they landed on their perches. At the summit laid a large temple and inside was what appeared to be a sword in a stone slab and a cerulean jewel that levitate on its own.

"Finally it begins," The Great Spirit said through its medium.

(Time Skip (5 years))

"Come on Naruto, surely you can handle this simple move." Jiraiya shouted to his godson.

"Bite me ero-sennin, this isn't as easy as it looks!" A five year old Naruto yelled in protest as he tried to focus on his katas.

"Alright Naruto, just give one more try. If you get it right we might have your mother's special ramen!" Minato yelled to encourage his son. Minato was waiting to see if what Jiraiya has told him earlier was true.


"Explain it again, what happened at the Grand Temple Jiraiya-sensei?" Minato asked in surprised. Minato had left Kushina to tend to their new son as Jiraiya had told him he had an urgent message.

"It's like I said, apparent some of the sages at the Grand Temple have been talking about some prophecy." Jiraiya said.

"Prophecy about what?" Minato asked.

"About the war, about the Avatar, and more importantly about Naruto" Jiraiya answered in a serious tone.

"What does my son have to do with this?" Minato said after a moment of silence. To hear that your child may be involved with the Avatar is a huge surprise.

"The sages told me of the prophecy and I checked with the spirits just to make sure." Jiraiya said. "The prophecy states:"

The Lost One in a land of Ice.

Only to be freed when the time is right.

The Lost One will be found by the Child of Storms.

And from there a new age shall begin.

Minato took some time to let the information sink in. His son, Naruto Namikaze is one of the keys to ending the war. Minato had to know one last thing.

"The Lost One, could that mean the Avatar?" Minato asked.

"The Avatar has been lost since Emperor Ginji's time so we can only guess." Jiraiya answered.

"What's stopping us from searching for the Avatar now to try and end the war?" Minato asked.

"Minato you and I BOTH know that you can't go pass a prophecy, especially one from Susanoo himself. All we can do is raise Naruto as we think we should and hope for the best." Jiraiya explained.

(Flashback end)

'All we can do is hope huh?' Minato asked himself.

"Now that's motivation! I get it for sure!" Naruto's voice caught Minato's attention.

Naruto then got back into his horse stance. He closed his eyes to try and feel for the energy within. 'Alright! No mistakes!' Concentrate.'

Lightning began to arc around Naruto's form, Minato was surprised that the lightning was white instead of the normal blue. As Naruto got into his final kata lightning moved to his fist and a ball of lightning flew towards the targets in the distance. The Lightning ball then discharged, hitting all the targets in its field. Naruto then slumped from exhaustion.

"How's that dad! Ero-sennin!" Naruto said as he tried to regain energy.

"Not bad brat, not bad. Keep it up and you may be able to go to the next level!" Jiraya said with hidden pride in his god/grandson.

"Come on Naruto, training's over for today" Minato called to his son.

"But dad, I can still go on! Please!" Naruto complained, readying his eyes for the puppydog pout.

"None of that, your mom expects us back so come on or the ramen will get cold." Minato warned him.

As soon as Minato finished the sentence he was passed by a little yellow blur. 'And I thought I was the Yellow Flash of Lightning.' Minato thought.

"So Jiraiya-sensei, what do you think?" Minato asked his teacher.

"He's on his way, and if he continues I should be able to begin his true training in a few years. Naruto's going to need all the help he can get in the future." Jiraiya said.

"Help and Hope huh?" Minato said. "Well if Naruto's anything like his parents then we have nothing to worry about. I'll see you soon Jiraiya-sensei" In a flash of yellow lightning, Minato disappeared.

Jiraiya stared at the spot and then looked off to the sunset. 'If the Fire Nation really does plan on using Sozin's Comet again, then I guess I'll have to pass on the secrets to Susanoo mode. Naruto, you will be able to be on par if not stronger then the Avatar.'

"Now, one with my research." Jiraiya then continued into the town towards the hotsprings.

(Lightning Realm Palace)

"So Naru-Chan how was training today?" Kushina asked as she started to prepare dinner.

"It was awesome Kaasan! I finally mastered the katas Ero-sennin taught me today!" Naruto yelled as he watched the ramen boil. "Just you wait Kaasan I'll be the best bender in Lightning!"

"I'm sure you will." Kushina said. "Don't forget that you still have your sword katas to learn as well, you have been practicing right?"

"Of course! I'm getting better and better!" Naruto complained. "I still wish you let me hold an actual sword."

"Naruto what have I said about actual swords?" Kushina had her legendary frying pan in hand in case he was to get it wrong.

Naruto nervously tried to think of the answer before it came to his head. "An Uzumaki never draws a sword unless it is to draw blood."

"Correct!" The cooking tool disappeared into hammerspace. "Anyway keep up the training and we will get started with getting you a sword." Kushina said as she placed ramen bowls on the table.

Minato walked into the room and saw that Kushina had finished setting the table and that Naruto was already almost done with his first bowl. Minato then let out a small laugh.

'That's my son alright.' Minato thought in pride before he joined his family at the table.

"Finally finished paperwork?" Kushina asked and then laughed when she saw Minato's expression.

"Not funny Kushi-chan, the only way I can finish is to charge my cells to let me move faster." Minato then began eating his bowl of ramen.

Kushina jokingly waved her hand. "Gomen gomen, so what happened at the meeting?"

"The same as usual, arsenals to be made, reports from soldiers helping resistance groups, and you know what." Minato explained.

"Oh yeah that" Kushina said after finishing her third bowl. You know what always translated to marriage proposals. "What about the gate?"

"There are rumors of an invasion force to move towards Susanoo's Gate soon but it could be a false rumor. I already have A already put the gate on alert." Minato said.

"Hey Tousan, has anyone ever made it past the Gate before?" Naruto asking after inhaling ten bowls.

Minato let out a small laugh. "Naruto no one in the history of the world has ever broken past the gate. Your grandpa Arashi and your great great great grandpa Ginji all made a stand and became legends at the gate. Even my legend started at the gate."

"And soon it will be my turn too right Tousan?" Naruto asked and got a hand that rubbed his spiky blond hair.

"Yeah Gaki you too will start your legend but not before I'm too old to flash from here to the Air Temples and back!" Minato joked with his son.

Kushina smiled as she watched her two precious people joke around. Jiraiya had told Kushina about the prophecy and at first she was a bit scared of what the future had to offer. However seeing how Naruto grows and advances put her spirits at ease.

'Naru-chan will soon have an adventure on his hands, but for now I'll just enjoy my sochi while I can.' Kushina cleared her throat to get the Namikaze males' attention.

"Alright all fun and games aside…whose turn is it to clean the bowls Mina-kun?" Kushina smiled.

Minato looked to see it was his turn to clean the family ramen murder scene. Minato stared in shock as he counts his five, Kushina's five and Naruto's twelve.

'Clever vixen' Minato thought in his mind.


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