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(Time Skip)

Through the frozen tundra of the south a figure could be seen struggling against a blizzard. Naruto silently cursed as he treaded through the ice and snow.

"Stupid ero-sensei, why in the world do I have to suddenly go to the South Pole," Naruto asked out loud as he thought back to his reason for being in the arctic region.


When the boat that took Jiraiya and Naruto arrived in the Earth Kingdom; Jiraiya felt the need to teach Naruto a few more things before he headed down to the south. Using certain connections they both were able to gain new clothing and supplies as to not draw much attention to themselves.

Jiraiya was now garbed in a simple green rob with a darker emerald green vest over it. His large geta sandals now replaced with simpler sandals. When Naruto asked about the need to change all he got was a lecture in stealth. While Naruto hated having to hide who he was he agreed seeing as they didn't know how far the Fire Nation has taken root in the Earth Kindgom.

Naruto now wore black martial arts style pants, a dark green gi-like shirt, and a pair of sandals. While he agreed to the clothes he demanded to allow his hair to stay the same color. Around his neck he had a crystal gem necklace; it was given to him by his godmother for luck (though Naruto silently chuckled when she gave it to him because everyone in the Lightning Realm knew how bad the woman was as a gambler).

Completing the ensemble was a green wristband that he wore on his right wrist with a gold symbol on top. Naruto received it in the mail one day from an old friend though he secretly wondered what the symbol meant.

After about a few months of traveling and giving Naruto a map of well-known allies of Lightning Jiraiya decided he was ready to go on his separate journey.

"Alright gaki, this is where you and me part ways." Jiraiya said to his student.

"About time, I was getting tired of getting dragged into bathhouses with you." Naruto complained though you could see a bit in his eyes that he would miss his perverted master.

"Well at least I won't have you interfering with my research…" Jiraiya argued back before gaining a serious look. "Take care of yourself Naruto, for now you will have to journey on your own."

Naruto's hand reached and grabbed his necklace from inside his shirt. "Hey sensei, do you really think that what we need is in the South Pole?"

"I cannot question the words of the Great Spirit; however, that is the only lead we have had in years. Naruto if you really want to end the war do as your sensei says and start there." Jiraiya advised him.

"Right," Naruto then looked and saw the fork in the road. "Don't get killed out there ero-sensei you still have a lot to teach me," Naruto said with a courageous look.

"And you still have a lot to learn gaki." Jiraiya said back. "Remember what I've told you for they will take you far."

At those words Jiraiya walked forward and took the left path leading to parts unknown. Naruto watched Jiraiya walk off and looked down his path.

"All right, let's get this journey started with!" Naruto exclaimed as he took his first few steps –though unknowingly- towards his destiny.


Naruto then fell to the ground as the memories of his life traveled through his head. Since he started down the path south he met a few people and seen a few sights. He met a man through one of Jiraiya's contacts that gave him the sword he wore on his side, he liberated a village or two secretly from the Fire Nation's control, heck he even had a small spar with an earthbender in Omashu.

"This is how I'm going to die, I can't believe it." Naruto said to himself. "I still have some promises to keep…dammit."

As Naruto began to lose consciousness he heard the sound of movement a few feet from him. He saw a vague figure walk towards him in surprise before everything went black.

(The next day)

Naruto woke up suddenly and saw he was no longer in a snow bank within the blizzard. He was inside a tent, a rather large one that had a few pelts lying about. He leaned up and felt a pelt.

"Reminds me a bit when I saw the ancestry room back at Hinata's place," Naruto said out loud.

"Oh it seems your awake"

Naruto turned from the wall and saw an old woman had entered the tent. "You gave some of us quite a scare when my grandchildren found you within that storm. Are you feeling alright?"

"I'm feeling better now, thanks" Naruto said as he felt relieve to be warm after hours of traveling in the snow. "Um do you happen to know where I am, I'm kind of in a hurry to get someplace."

The elderly woman let out a laugh. "I guess you are though I wonder why you would be traveling through these parts?" The woman then waved her hand as if shaking off her question. "Well I guess I'll have to ask later, if you are feeling better I would like to help you find what you're looking for."

Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. "Really I can't really ask that of you, if you can just point out to me on my map where I am I can jus…"

"Gran Gran, where are you?" A younger woman's voice called from outside the tent.

"In here and it seems our guest has just woken up!" The now named Gran Gran said to the tent's entrance.

Naruto watched as a girl –probably an year younger than him- walked into the tent. He saw a small similarity between her and the woman such as the braids in their hair. The girl looked at Naruto with surprise in her blue eyes.

"You're awake; I thought you were frozen to death by the time we found you!" The girl said in worry.

Naruto just smiled. "It will take more than a little snowstorm to kill me." He said though was secretly glad he was rescued before he did freeze to death. "Though I guess I have to thank you for helping me out."

"Well it was me and my brother who helped carry you, but why are you out in the snow to begin with?" The girl asked.

"Now Katara manners; speaking of which where are mine." Gran Gran turned to Naruto. "My name is Kanna, though I prefer if you call me Gran Gran." The woman said with a playful look. "This young lady that helped rescue you is my granddaughter Katara."

Katara nodded and offered a hand to him. "It's nice to meet you…ugh?" She said in confusion.

"Oh right I didn't introduce myself either", Naruto scratched his head again in embarrassment. "My name is Naruto."

"Naruto huh…" Kanna looked at him knowingly. "So Naruto, like my granddaughter said what are you doing wandering around in the South Pole?"

Naruto stopped to think; while the Southern Water Tribe's soldiers were fighting the war their village was not. He didn't know how they would reach if he just said he was searching for the village.

"I seemed to have gotten lost while traveling; do you happen to know where I am?" Naruto asked.

"If you were traveling from the Earth Kingdom you must be really far from where you're going." Kanna said with a small chuckle. "Young man you are in the Southern Water Tribe Village." Katara said nothing as she was focused on the boy's unique hair.

"That hair color, how did you get it like that?" Katara asked.

Naruto froze as he had to think about a cover story for his hair. "I was born with it, you be surprised how many times I am asked that."

"It is a rather unusual color to have" Kanna once again looked at Naruto with a certain look. "There is only a few known for that kind of hair."

"Then I guess I'm not alone in the world." Naruto laughed nervously. "Well if I can have my sword back and a coat I'll be on my…"

"Nonsense boy you just woke up and it would be foolish if we let you out as you are now." Kanna said. "Katara take Naruto around the village, as for his sword…"

Katara held the bridge of her nose in frustration. "I know where it is, and I'll show him around Gran Gran."

After getting a dark blue jacket and some boots from the tent Naruto now found himself in Katara's care. When they left the tent Naruto was surprised to see a group of children, women, and elderly watching him.

'This must be the families of those off fighting the war.' Naruto thought sadly until Katara got his attention.

"Well entire village, this is Naruto; entire village Naruto." Katara said as she introduced the mysterious blond.

Naruto gave them a small wave but saw some of them back away and some of the shyer children hide behind their mothers. He then looked to Katara, "I'm not that scary looking am I?"

"Like I said, someone with that kind of hair is rare." Katara tried to explain. "Anyway if you want to find your sword we have to find my brother."

"Your brother, what is he like?" Naruto asked as he followed the girl away from the crowd.

"Well he's…how can I put this?" Katara thought before they both saw a boy walking towards them. "Oh no" She whispered.

Naruto wondered why she said that until he saw a boy his age walk in front of them. The boy looked to be Naruto's age as he walked towards them with a look.

"Katara what are you doing with this guy?!" The boy asked his sister.

"Sokka he just woke and Gran Gran told me to show him around." Katara said though you could hear a small bit of frustration from her voice.

"Show him around, for all we know he could be from the Fire Nation!" Sokka yelled as he accused the boy. "I don't know why you wanted to help him in the first place."

"We couldn't just leave him out there to die Sokka!"


The two siblings stopped bickering as Naruto got their attention. "Look, Sokka was it; you had every right not to help me since I was a stranger wondering around."

Sokka had a look of pride that someone took his side (even if it was the person he was accusing).

"…But, I appreciated that you both went out of your way to help me." Naruto finished with a smile to them both.

Katara tried to hide a small blush on her face. "It was nothing; we couldn't in all good sense leave you in that blizzard. You should be thanking Sokka."

"Why should he thank me, besides me having to help carry him?" Sokka asked.

"If you haven't go and went 'training' when the blizzard started we probably wouldn't have ran into him." Katara said as she made air quotes around training.

"Woman I was busy getting ready in case the Fire Nation ever shows up." Sokka let out a huff and crossed his arms.

"You're a warrior?" Naruto asked in surprise. "I thought all the warriors of the South were off fighting the war?"

As soon as that left his mouth he regretted it as both siblings had a sad look in their eyes.

"They are, I was too young to travel with them when I left…" Sokka then pulled out his boomerang and aimed it at Naruto. "And yeah I'm a warrior what of it?!"

"Sokka…" Katara tried to sooth her paranoid brother. "Not everyone who wonders around the snow is Fire Nation, Gran Gran seems to trust him and look at him."

Katara somehow was holding a chibi Naruto who had watering puppy dog eyes. "Does he look like someone who can cause trouble?"

'If only you knew,' Naruto thought as he continued to look innocent.

Sokka looked frozen at the sight and then looked away. "Fine, if he isn't threat why was you carrying a weapon?"

"You mean my sword?" Naruto asked him.

Sokka nodded and showed the two of them two a large tower made of snow and ice. Lying next to the 'fortress' was Naruto's sword still in its sheath.

"Thank goodness, I thought I lost it!" Naruto yelled in gratitude. "Kaa-san would have killed me?"

"Kaa-san?" Katara said confused as she repeated the honorific.

Naruto cursed himself for the slip up and then looked at the girl. "Its part of a language from where I come from, we have suffix or honorifics that we add or use for names."

"And what was the one you used means?" Sokka asked as he now was interested.

"Kaa-san is Mother basically, so I'm glad you took it with you instead of leaving it in the snow." Naruto said.

"Don't worry about, by the way when I pulled the sword out it looked weird." Sokka said.

"Weird how, it's a normal sword isn't it?" Katara asked.

Sokka decided to demonstrate and picked up the sword. When he was a bit of a distance away he drew the blade from its sheath, that's when Katara discovered…

"The edge is on the wrong side…isn't it?" Katara asked as she thought back from what little Sokka ever said about swords.

"It completely is!" Sokka walked forward so she could have a closer look. "It's not double edge like some, it only has one, and it's on the opposite side when you take it out!"

"You're talking about my Sakabato right?" Naruto said reminded the two he was still here. Sokka then sheathed the sword and handed it to him.

"Sakabato, is that another one of your fancy made up words?" Sokka asked.

Naruto gave him an annoyed look and shook his head. "No and it's not made up, just more common where I'm from; Sakabato…otherwise known as a reverse blade sword."

"Reverse blade sword," Katara repeated slowly.

"What kind of person would make a weapon like that; it would make it hard to cut anything." Sokka said.

"That's the point…"

The water tribe siblings looked at Naruto in surprise. Naruto however, continued to speak. "There's already enough bloodshed going on in the war; I carry a weapon like that so I wouldn't add to it."

Katara looked at him in a new light while Sokka inwardly admitted that it was an honorable idea to do.

"So since you have a sword, does that make you a warrior too?" Sokka asked.

"You can say that," Naruto once again secured the blade at his hip.

"Are you a bender?" Katara asked with a bit of hope.

"Katara," Sokka said frowning at his sister.

"Come on Sokka, you must have been thinking it too!" Katara glared at her brother.

"I rather not have two magic using people around." Sokka said.

"It's not magic its waterbending!" Katara said as she repeated the words for what seemed like the twentieth time to her sibling.

At the words waterbending Naruto's ears perched a bit. While they were traveling Jiraiya decided to get a small jump start on his 'other' training.

"You need to have knowledge of three styles in order to master this one, and we can't have you shooting lightning when you're incognito."

That was the explanation Jiraiya used when they worked on his single-style of bending. Jiraiya himself could manipulate certain elements to a degree though he chalked it up to his training for enlightenment giving him his title as a sage.

During the months they traveled to one of the Air Temple to pick up some of the forms of Airbending and through another of his contacts Naruto knew some katas of waterbending though he had yet to actually bend the water.

"Actually I am a bender, though I'm not a good one." Naruto grinned as he scratched his head.

"What do you mean by that?" Katara asked.

Naruto sighed, 'might as well give it a shot now.' Naruto got into a form and tried to focus on the snow on the ground. After a minute Katara and Sokka looked surprised as he lifted up the snow and formed ice.

"Your…you're a waterbender!" Katara said with a happy look.

"Great, another one" Sokka silently complained.

Naruto set the ice down hiding the look of surprise he had himself. 'I did it, I actually waterbended."

"Great now you both can go splash around to your heart's content." Sokka said.

Naruto looked at Katara. "So you're a waterbender?"

Katara gave him a nod. "Yeah, I don't know if it is obvious from the stories of the war but you're looking at the only waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe."

Naruto nodded with a bit of a sad look. 'War and going as far as genocide; Ozai you just sink lower and lower.' Naruto got rid of the look of sadness. "So I guess you don't have a teacher?"

Katara shook her head sadly. "No, all that I know has been self-taught."

"Wow that's an accomplishment in itself!" Naruto said as he gave her the "NamikazeTM" grin.

Katara face lit up red. "No it r-really isn't."

"To self-teach yourself an element shows talent, at least that what some of the people I met would say. Though it's cool you reached at least some level by yourself." Naruto continued to smile.

"Not really, I have trouble keeping a ball of water together, especially with a fish inside." Katara said dejectively.

"I can vouch for that," Sokka said as he was reminded of the times Katara practiced.

"Well practice makes perfect." Naruto said.

"Maybe you could teach me, I mean, if you want to." Katara blushed in embarrassment.

"Ah that's where you three have been," Kanna said as she found the three by the tower.

"Gran Gran!" Katara jumped in surprise. Sokka laughed a bit in humor seeing his sister flustered around the stranger.

"I see you've met my other grandchild and found your sword Naruto." Kanna said.

"Yep, now that I got this…" Naruto placed a hand on the hilt of his sword. "I can head out on my way."

"Head out, you have to leave?" Katara asked.

"I don't know about you man, but if you're looking to travel out you might want to think again." Sokka said.

"Why is that?" Naruto asked.

Sokka walked to his tower. "Remember that blizzard from yesterday; it's actually more common now especially this year for some reason." He moved a bit of snow away and showed Naruto the ice underneath.

"That was the third time in a row a blizzard hit; we don't know why but Gran Gran thinks it might be spiritual." Katara also explained.

"I have been seeing some strange signals as of late." Kanna said.

"Spirits aren't the cause, we've just been having more snow than usual, and we are at the South Pole!" Sokka said.

"Three blizzards happening like that is not normal Sokka!" Katara said to her stubborn brother.

"Choose to believe what you must, but I see it as an omen." Kanna said.

"An omen..." Naruto repeated as he looked out to the snowy terrain. It's not that he didn't believe in spirits (heck his sensei is a sage after all) but if that was an omen then an omen of what.

"I guess I'll have to wait a bit then, though I don't want to trouble you guys any more than I have." Naruto said.

"Nonsense we have plenty to go around and you are our guest." Kanna smiled. "Speaking of plenty, Sokka it's time you should go out hunting."

"Finally," Sokka went to gather some weapons and fishing gear. "Be back soon Gran!"

"Oh and take Katara and Naruto with you."

That sentence caused Sokka to freeze. "What, Katara I can understand but why him!"

"Think of him as an extra hand, two warriors can easily hunt better than one." Gran Gran said.

Sokka sighed then turned to them. "All right but that little jacket won't be enough, you can borrow one of mine and we'll head out."

(Scene Change)

Along the water in a canoe Sokka looked around for fish as his two companions talked on the otherside.

"So Naruto how good of a water bender are you?" Katara asked interested in hearing from another waterbender.

"Well I've learned some forms but you can say I'm learning still." Naruto looked down at the motion of the water. "I've still got a long way to go."

"Maybe we could help each other." Katara then blushed and looked away. "I mean maybe we could go through the forms and improve."

Naruto nodded and smiled. "I would like that; I haven't had a good training partner in a while."

"Could you two keep it down, you're scaring the fish away!" Sokka complained.

Naruto just scratched his head as Katara just gave him a frustrated look. "I think that scream scared plenty of them away, and besides you always try to hunt in the territories anyway."

"Hey the meat is good in the territories!" Sokka argued back.

"The territories?" Naruto asked.

"It's a large hunting ground that we use; we haven't really gone in a while because of the blizzards." Sokka explained.

"That and Gran Gran keeps telling you not to go there." Katara added.

"Hey I can take care of myself and I am a warrior!" Sokka yelled.

Katara just sighed and looked another way. Naruto then looked to Sokka. "So you're a warrior, what does that mean to you?"

"What do you mean?" Sokka asked in confusion.

Naruto took a thinking pose. "Let me think, have you heard of the Siege of Susanoo?"

"Who hasn't, it was a story that even shocked Dad." Sokka said.

"The Siege of Susanoo, is that the story everyone keeps talking about?" Katara asked.

"It's not a story Katara it actually happened! The Fire Nation landed on the shores of the Lightning Realm and was completely annihilated by ONE man!" Sokka said.

"I still find that hard to believe." Katara said.

"Well believe because it's true," Naruto said as he joined the conversation.

"Hah see!" Sokka exclaimed.

"Well tru-ish" Naruto then added.

"Tru-ish, then one man didn't take on the army and won?" Katara asked.

"No that actually happened but I'll talk more about it later." Naruto said.

"What why?!" Sokka complained.

"Isn't that your hunting ground?" Naruto pointed to in the distance.

The two natives turned and saw they were close to a shore of ice though in the distance you could see a bit of caves.

"We're finally here; Naruto, Katara, you might just learn something." Sokka said with a smirk.

(Times Skip)

"What was that about learning something?" Naruto called from the ground. He and Katara were laughed at the sight of Sokka hanging from an icewall.

"I can do it, that penguin isn't getting away from me!" Sokka yelled.

"You said that the first FOUR times you tried climbing that thing, get off before you…" Naruto's statement was cut short by the sound of Sokka sliding off and landed on his head sticking out of the snow.

"Too late," Naruto said.

"Sixth time's the charm huh Sokka?" Katara said playfully.

"Quiet you!" Sokka said as he rose from the snow. "Fine if you are done laughing we can all just go back to the boat and…"

The loud crunching of snow all around them stopped Sokka from finishing his sentence. All three of them were alert as Sokka pulled out his club.

"What was that Sokka?" Katara asked.

Naruto was also curious of what made that sound, he knew nothing about the animals or anything of the region.

"Stay quiet, maybe it hasn't found us out yet." Sokka whispered.

'It?' Naruto thought as he went into a sword stance. While he could easily face whatever it was with bending he didn't want to have to lightning bend in front of the Water Tribe siblings. The crunching got louder as it appeared out of one of the caves.

"Damn, we got to run!" Sokka said as he grabbed Katara's wrist. Naruto nodded and followed after them.

As they ran something appeared to speed up as a large figure ran from out of its cover.

"Sokka was that a…?"

"Just keep running!" Sokka silenced his sister.

"Mind telling me what we're running from!" Naruto complained as they ran. A loud roar came from behind them. "Never mind I'm good not knowing."

Before they could make it away from the caves something burst out from one of the ice walls; the trio walked back a bit as their pursuer was blocking the way back to the canoe. The creature was large as it had the look of a bear though it's fur was a bit wilder and it had a lupine like appearance.

"A Dire Bear, just our luck." Sokka said.

"Sokka we need to find a way out to the boat." Katara reminded him.

As they talked Naruto tried to analyze the situation. Right in front of them was a large animal and from the look of its teeth as it growls probably a hungry one. Naruto knew he would probably be forced to use his real skills if they had to fight.

The bear took a stomp forward and the group took a step back, all three of them looking for a way to escape. Naruto looked and saw the cave the bear probably used to circle around them.

"Behind us, that cave on the right is probably what the bear used." Naruto whispered to them.

"We would never make it, this thing just testing us waiting for us to make the first move." Sokka began as he held his club in front of him. "If we run he will attack but if we don't do something soon he'll think we're weak and attack anyway."

"Maybe if I…" Katara though as she looked at her gloved hands.

"Don't even think about it Katara, any movement and it will charge at us." Sokka said.

"Take the cave, I'll keep big and ugly busy." Naruto said shocking the two.

"What with that sword, you'll never win." Sokka said.

"We can't leave you alone with this thing." Katara said with a worried look.

Naruto saw the tensing of the Dire Bear's legs; they didn't have much time. "Sokka, you're a warrior right?"

Sokka nodded wondering where he was going with that statement.

"As a warrior and a fighter your job is to protect." Naruto walked forward gaining the Bear's attention.

"Naruto," Katara restrained from yelling. Sokka looked silently wondering why he was doing this.

"Protect your sister Sokka, I'll make sure you both get away." Naruto then shifted into an unfamiliar stance.

Sokka didn't want to leave but nodded as he saw the Bear now focused on Naruto. He slowly dragged his struggling sister. As they got a few distances away Naruto glared at the Dire Bear.

"Let's get wild!"

The Dire Bear roared as if agreeing and rushed at the blond. Naruto just smirked as he felt that his audience had left; he dodged the Bear's first strike as it mad it's way with surprising speed.

"My sword won't be enough to end this." Naruto said as he took his hand off his blade. The Bear charged again as the smell of ozone filled the air. White lightning began to spark around Naruto's figure as he prepared his stance.

(Scene Change)

"Sokka we can't leave him, he'll die!" Katara continued to struggle out of his grip.

"Katara you think I wanted to leave him, he was right you are my first priority!" Sokka said.

"If you didn't tried to show off hunting in the territories this would have never happened!" Katara finally broke his grip and ran back towards the battle.

Sokka cursed and ran after his sister and they both froze when they saw the sight before them. The smelled the ozone in the air and heard the sound of lightning.

"No way; he bended water before there's no way." Sokka said.

Katara looked with shock and awe watching the battle.

The Dire Bear didn't see the arcs of lightning generating around Naruto as a threat. Naruto sent out small wave and used it to zap the bear back; the Bear noticed that its fur were singed at the end and it had problems moving some joints.

"I paralyzed you this time, but if you attack again I have no choice!" Naruto tried to warn his opponent.

The Bear roared as it charged (though a bit slower) on all four legs. Naruto sighed as he went and charged up a ball of lightning.

"Don't say I didn't warn you." In a crack of thunder Naruto sent the ball forward and sparks flew as the Bear was zapped across its whole body.

The Bear roared in pain as its fur stood up in spikes. The lightning flowed through its system and began to shut down parts of the body. After a final roar it fell with lighting still arcing out its fur. It was alive, though barely.

Naruto got out of his stance glad that he was able to hold a bit of the lightning back. He turned around wondering if Katara and Sokka made it only to see their shocked faces. (A.N. I know you can see them as puns but I'm trying not to.)

"You…you bent lightning…you're a…" Sokka stuttered as he tried to voice his thoughts.

"A lightningbender." Katara finished for her brother.

Naruto sighed as he scratched the back of his head knowing he had lots to explain to the two.

(Scene Change)

"So let's see if I got all of this," Sokka said as they now sat back on their boat with a few fish in a bag. "You're from the Lightning Realm looking for something here in the South Pole?"

"That's about it," Naruto said after giving them an abridged description of why he was traveling.

"But you were able to bend water before, does that make you the…?" Katara asked him.

"No I'm not the Avatar, and actually that was the first time I was able to get water to bend." Naruto said embarrassedly.

"So you can bend two elements?" Katara asked.

"Three actually," Naruto said then cursed himself for his slip of tongue. "I can bend lightning, water, and…"

"Please tell me it's not fire," Sokka interrupted him.

Naruto shook his head. "Nope though this one I have to hide much." He made a small current of air flow around his fingers.

"Airbending, you're an airbender too!" Katara yelled.

"Yeah and you didn't have to scream when I'm right here Katara-chan!" Naruto said as he held his ears.

"Sorry," The waterbender apologized. "Katara-chan, what does chan mean?"

"It's another honorific; it's used when talking about close friends or a girl you like. Though I tend to use it with almost any girl I meet." Naruto explained.

Katara blushed when she heard the part about 'like.' "You might have to teach us more about honorifics when we get back."

"It would make speaking with you easier if we knew your language." Sokka admitted.

"I'm surprised you both still want me to stay," Naruto said in surprise. "I figured you would want me out of here."

"Why wouldn't we, everyone knows the Siege of Susanoo was the day Lightning showed the Fire Nation was not invincible." Sokka said with a look of determination. "When word of the battle reached here my father used it as a sign that it was a time we fought back."

Naruto nodded as he understood. "Many forces use the Siege of Susanoo as moral for the war. Lightning Realm is still debating and allowing some of its forcing to enter the Earth Kingdom."

"But why hasn't Lightning entered when the war started?" Katara asked.

"I blame the elders; Lightning became its own nation after not giving its favor to the Avatar." Naruto said.

"Not giving its favor?" Katara asked. "Why wouldn't they want to give the Avatar their favor, he is the symbol of peace and unity."

"It went back to an old battle, a lightningbender was said to have fought and even defeated the Avatar in battle." Naruto said.

"Defeated the Avatar, is that possible?" Katara asked.

"No one is invincible remember, when no borders between nations were formed lightningbenders were able to join together and hold their own for a while. When the Avatar came to stop the wars and eventually form the four nations, Lightning left and formed their owned." Naruto explained. "That's the reason we are named Lightning Realm, it showed that we lived in a different world from the rest."

Naruto then looked serious. "When the war started the Lightning Emporer knew it wasn't the time turn away from the other nations, but to get involved to help end the war."

"Because the Avatar vanished a century ago, and the world was losing hope." Katara said.

Sokka looked at Naruto's sword. "I guess they decided the world needed new hope."

Naruto frowned, "But until an order is called for Lightning Realm to fully join the war I don't see change coming soon."

"So are you a soldier from Lightning?" Sokka asked.

Naruto shook his head. "No, but I'm one of the few that believes Lightning should get involved. I'm here searching for something to end that may end the war."

"And what could that be?" Sokka asked, Katara looked at him too wondering what he was looking for.

"Who knows, I just know it can be found in the Southern Water Tribe." Naruto said.

Sokka sighed and then looked at Naruto with determination. "Well if it will help end the war we'll help you."

"We?" Naruto asked as he saw Katara nodded too.

"If it will end the war, and get our Dad back hom safely, we'll help anyway we can." Katara said.

"Thought there is a catch" Sokka said that caused the other two to look at him strangely.

"A catch?" Naruto asked.

"Sokka" Katara said with a warning look.

"Hear me out on this; Naruto stays with us and can search for what he's looking for." Sokka began. "In return you teach me how to fight and help Katara with her waterbending."

"Sokka?!" Katara said again but this time with surprise and confusion.

Naruto just looked with a surprised expression before he started laughing. After a while he smiled to the two.

"Sure though you know I could have done that anyway," Naruto said with a grin.

"Couldn't help but be sure," Sokka smiled and shook Naruto's hand.

Katara looked with a smile as the three sailed back to the village. The trio would soon begin a journey that will decide the fate of the world.

(Scene Change)

The Canoe passed above and underwater was a large system of ice. A large structure had a glow illuminating the waters and ice around it. The underwater glacier was cracked near the base that held it under, soon it will break and it would rise to the surface.

Fish and penguins swam by as they felt slightly calmer around the glow. The dome glowed a bit brighter as another crack formed.

Well everyone I hope you like it, now we will soon head towards the Cannon. I want to thank everyone that didn't give up on the fic, now I have other fics to write so enjoy this fic as I prepared my long awaited updates.

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