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Naruto was shocked, beyond shocked. Sasuke just took a fatal blow for him and was in front of him basically walking dead.

"Why? I didn't ask for you to protect me!"

"How should I know Dobe, my body moved on its own." Sasuke manage to say while collapsing on the bridge.

"Naruto...I promised not to die until I killed HIM...don't die...dobe." Sasuke became quiet as unconciousness took him.

Naruto stared at his fallen teammate, immediately thinking the worst. As he did Haku watched from within her mirrors.

"Is this the first time you seen a comrade die in battle? This is the world of shinobi, I'm sorry...but you must not get in Zabuza-sama's way," Haku said as she readied senbon.

Naruto became enraged by that statement. His blood began to boil and a powerful youki shot from his body.

"Shut up!" Naruto shouted as his eyes became red with slits. "How dare you say that about my teammate!"

As the Kyuubi's youki overtook his systems he began a transformation, his hair became a silver color, he grew to about Sasuke's height, his fangs became growing. As this happened Kyuubi watched from its cage.

"To think not only is this boy a hanyou, but of vampire blood too! Lets see how this plays out," Kyuubi said as it watched the battle.

At the bridge Naruto stared at Haku with superiority in his eyes, in a second he was in front of Haku's mirror fist raised. Haku had little time and was able to jump to another mirror but was knocked out by Naruto and his superior speed.

'So fast, what is he?' Haku thought as her mask started to crack.

As Haku laided on the bridge Naruto stared at her with cold red eyes, he then turned and looked at Sasuke.

"It's faint but there is still a heartbeat, obviously she doesn't have it in her to kill," Naruto said as he made his way to where Haku was struggling to get up.

'Zabuza-sama, I am a broken tool and have failed.' Haku thought as her masked cracked in half and dropped to the ground.

Naruto paused for a second, remebering the girl in front of him. "So she was associated with Zabuza after all," Naruto then continued the walk till he was in front of the downed Kunoichi. He then put his finger in a little of her blood on the ground and tasted it.

'Nice and refreshing, like drinking spring rain.' Naruto then looked at the girl.

"Why do you hesitate? I killed your comrade did I not." Haku said.

"Don't waste my time with your lies, though faint I can sense the Teme's heartbeat from here." Naruto explained coldly and then stared of to the sound of chirping birds. "Looks like this battle is about over."

As he said that Haku noticed the mist begin to clear and looked to see Zabuza pinned by dogs and Kakashi hand filled with lightning chakra.

Haku used the last of her chakra to make an ice mirror and dashed to save Zabuza's life. Naruto just glared, "foolish" and then disappeared by pure speed.

(With Zabuza and Kakashi)

Kakashi was readying his Lightning blade after he felt Naruto's youki be released. He wanted to make sure the seal was still intact so he was to end this quickly.

"Zabuza, your future is...DEATH!" Kakashi called out as he shot towards the nuke-nin.

Lightning Blade!

As he traveled an Ice mirror appeared before Zabuza. 'Damn it, to late to change direction!' Before the attack could touch Haku a hand took has and moved him towards the side of the bridge and a foot kicked Haku and Zabuza in the other direction.

"Kakashi-sensei, they are no longer our enemies," Naruto said to his sensei.

"What do you mean Naruto, and what happend to you. Where's Sasuke." Kakashi asked concerned for his students.

Before Naruto could answer any Gatou came along the bridge with an army of bandits.

"Demon of the Bloody Mist! Ha, more like a baby demon! Too bad you didn't die Zabuza I wasn't going to pay you anyway! I can pay these guys a fraction of what I promised to pay you!" Gatou yelled out from behind his army.

"Attack, kill them all but leave the women for ..."

Naruto dashed before him and stabbed his heart with his hand. "Fool, thinking you are above this town, you should learn your place." Naruto said before he ripped his hand from Gatou's chest, blood splashed as the Business tycoon died.

As the corrupt dealer died the bandits screamed in outraged.

"You killed our meal ticket!"

"Let's go attack the village!"

"Let's kill them all!"

Before they can move an arrow shot towards the lead bandit's foot. They all stared to see all of Wave with various weapons ready to defen their home.

"If you want this village, you'll have to come through us!" Inari yelled and the villagers yelled in agreement.

As the Bandits were stunned they were hit with a massive amount of K.I. (Killing Intent). They saw the silvered youth staring at them with murder in his blood red eyes.

The bandits then ran, some jumped the bridge to get away from the blood thirsty youth. After they escaped Naruto stared until he fainted on the spot. 'Used too much chakra.'

As Naruto fell he was caught by Kakashi who was marveling at the (former) blond's transformation.

'Naruto, how much stronger have you become?'