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The forest was unusually silent as the shinobi stared each other down. Temari and Kankuro backed away from what they knew would be a violent battle; they wanted to help their sister but they knew not to get in the way when she was like this. The Suna kunoichi eyed her prey as the beast inside laughed with bloodlust and insanity.

"Kill him! Slaughter him! Let shinso blood pour from the sky!" Shukkaku howled with a maniacal laugh.

While Kousa was having her mental talks Naruto was having his own as well. The shinso-hanyou was busy talking with his other half.

"We don't have to stay here, you felt Sasuke's chakra fade until it was almost gone we have to find our team and see if they are all right!" Outer Naruto shouted from their mind.

'I could hardly care for the Uchiha and from the feel of Sakura's chakra she can hold her own and protect them both until we arrive; besides…' Inner Naruto kept his gaze on Kousa with cold calculating eyes. 'This doesn't look like a battle we can avoid.'

Naruto's shinso half then cut the connection leaving Outer Naruto's cries of switching back and leaving the battle unheard. He looked down at the Rosario seeing it glow a faint red from the youki he forced through the seal.

'I won't have much time until the failsafe on the seal kicks in,' Inner Naruto grunted in annoyance. 'The last fights took more out of me than I thought.'

All thoughts stopped as Kousa pulled the cork off her gourd and allowed the sand to pour out and lash towards Naruto. Naruto jumped back and avoided being wrapped in the sand; he pulled out his sword and used his speed to slash at Kousa's torso.

Some of the sand immediately created a shield and blocked the blade as it approached Kousa's body. The rest of the sand circled around and tried to envelop the shinso from behind, Naruto only glared at the sand and used a substitution to escape. The hanyou tried to channel youki into his blade only to feel slightly drained.

'I guess my reserves are low from bypassing the Rosario and fighting those other women.' His train of thought was interrupted as he was once again avoiding sand.

(Scene change)

"This is insane," Kiba said as Team 8 continued to watch the battle. "We saw what that girl could do with that sand of hers and somehow Naruto is holding his own."

"The problem is that you're underestimating Naruto's abilities though his new appearance does raise some questions." Shino added as he focused on both shinobi.

Hinata kept silent as she watched her crush do battle with who she thought was the most dangerous competition in the Exams. She knew right now that it was Naruto's other half fighting but she was rooting for them both.


Shino's voiced called Hinata's attention away from the battle. "Yes Shino-kun?"

"Can you use your Byakugan and look at them both?" The Aburame calmly asked her.

"What seeing those two fight is enough I don't even want to think about what kind of chakra they have." Kiba said with Akamaru whimpering inside of his coat.

Hinata activated her kekkei genkai and gasp when she saw Naruto's chakra. From the time since Naruto's return she noticed that he now had three different types of chakra, each with their own different colors. Outer Naruto's was a bold blue, Inner's was a crimson blood red, and a third one with orange almost vermillion colored chakra.

As Hinata continued to scan she saw a large amount of crimson chakra was being held back and only a few barely got out the block. The Hyuuga then remembered back when Naruto's Rosario came off.

'How is Naruto-kun transformed if the Rosario is still attached, is that why he isn't doing well in this fight?' Hinata asked herself.

(Scene change)

Naruto finally managed to fill Shinku no Tsurugi with youki and slashed through the demonic sand. He rushed forward and thrusted his sword hoping to end the battle. Kousa's sand rose to protect her but it wasn't able to stop the sword as it reached her sand armor. Kousa's eyes widened in shock and willed the sand to form whips that lashed at the silver haired Genin.

Naruto was struck by the whips but was able to push away with his sword as he started panting.

"If I could remove the Rosario this wouldn't be happening." Naruto silently complained as he tried and force more youki into his blade.


"Hey I was thinking about something; about how maybe I could remove the Rosario myself." Naruto said to his copy.

"They way it is set up now is we can't remove it unless we are at the time of fusion or if we change the seal." Inner reminded him.

"True but what if we bypassed the Rosario, we have more than one seal." Outer placed a hand on his stomach signifying the Kyuubi's seal.

"That will be a temporary solution if any, the Rosario may still keep a lot of youki back within the seal we can't rely on that." Inner said to his copy.

The two Narutos continued to think as they tried to think of solutions for the seal.

(Flashback end)

'I hate to say it, but I wish one of those women would show up.' Naruto thought as he readied his blade. He slashed and cut the many whips of sand but soon saw Kousa send a wave his way. Naruto put his sword away as he summoned a shadow clone; the original jumped and pushed off the clone's shoulder's as it was swallowed by the sand.

Naruto, now airborne, sent an arc of youki from his blade towards the Ichibi jinchuuriki. Kousa made a small way of sand to block it but saw the youki biting down through her shield threatening to reach her. The Suna kunoichi poured some of the Shukaku's youki into the sand to harden it as the attacks continued their stalemate.

Naruto now landed on the ground and saw that his wave was now losing energy from struggling against the sand shield.

'Damn not enough youki; once again I meet another woman who is more than she appears.'

(Scene Change)

"It seems that due to whatever has happened before this battle Naruto is now low on chakra." Shino said, 'Or whatever energy he is using at this moment.'

"What, dammit Naruto is screwed if we don't get him out of there." Kiba said.

"That's illogical, we can't take the chance of them finding us and…where is Hinata?" Shino asked, Kiba now started looking around for the Hyuuga heiress and then saw that Hinata was gone.

"Ark Ark!" Akamaru barked out and got the boy's attention.

Kiba and Shino followed the dog's gaze and looked up and saw Hinata in the trees beginning a few handseals.

(Scene Change)

Kankuro chuckled a bit as he watched the fight continue. "Well he's putting on a good fight but he won't last long."

"It's almost as if he's holding back." Temari continued to analyze the fight. 'Why would he, against Kousa you need to use everything you have against her.'

"Holding back or not, it's all over." Kankuro said.

With the two battling shinobi Naruto was now panting a bit as he held his sword in a defensive stance. Kousa had her sand swirling around her though you could see the small slashes of her clothes that showed where Shinku no Tsurugi made it through her shield.

'He cut through my sand, how is that possible?' Kousa thought. "It doesn't matter, kill him, KILL HIM!" Shukaku chorused through her head causing the girl a migraine.

Naruto noticed the kunoichi clenching her head. 'So she doesn't have complete control over her demon, but still at this rate I can only delay my loss.'

"Naruto…Uzumaki" The girl said calmly until a maniacal grin spread across her face as her sand began to rise. Kousa gathered all the sand she had so she could make sure that he couldn't escape.


Naruto only stood as the sand shot across the field towards him. He stood strong with his stance but knew that he probably would not survive this wave.

"This is how I'm going to die;because of something as insignificant as this seal…wait who is?" Naruto asked as he saw a silhouette appear before him as the sand wrapped around the two. He tried to push the figure away until he saw hands move towards the Rosario.

Kousa smiled as Naruto was soon within a cocoon of sand. "And now, Sand…"


Pure youki blasted away the sand that was once wrapped around the jinchuuriki. All those watching the fight felt pressure from the chakra as it was concentrate on that one point in the forest. Kousa only looked in confusion as her prey stood with his crimson eyes glowing.

Hinata opened her eyes and looked inside her hands was the lock of the Rosario. She looked up and saw she was held up bridal style by her crush causing her to blush. Naruto set her down and resumed his stance.

"Hinata right?"

The Hyuuga heiress nodded; frozen from shock and a bit of fear as she looked at the other half of Naruto. The boy stood in front of her as if shielding her from the fight.

"While I thank you for releasing the seal, I suggest that you steer clear of the area." The shino said as he glared at his opponent.

'That look, it's different from before.' Kousa thought as she was intimidated by the hanyou's increase in youki.

"Hurry up and kill him before he attacks!" The Ichibi tried to warn its host. Kousa wondered what the normally bloodthirsty Bijuu was talking about until she saw the amount of energy flowing from Naruto's blade.

Hinata backed further away from the fight as the energy Naruto was releasing let her know that he was planning to end it soon. Naruto raised his sword as it now gained a blood red hue.

"You actually gave me a good battle, but can you do it now that I'm using all my strength?" Naruto spoke up to the jinchuuriki.

"This guy is unreal, he might…no he is stronger than Kousa!" Kankuro said with fear.

"We have to retreat." Temari quickly said. "As he is now not even Kousa's sand armor will be able to stop his attack.

"Use my power, let's crush this gaki!" Shukaku roared however Kousa did one thing that the Bijuu and her siblings did not expect. The red haired beauty gathered the sand around Team Baki and they disappeared inside a large sand shunshin.

"She actually ran, she must have some common sense after all." Naruto looked at the Rosario and clenched it with his free hand. He turned to the direction the rest of Team 8 was hiding.

"Both of you get out here." Naruto calmly said though you hear authority underneath his tone.

With their cover blown Kiba and Shino exited from their hiding place and into the clearing. The two shinobi and ninken walked towards their comrades.

"Still attracting trouble huh Naruto, but what was all that?" Kiba asked out of curiosity.

"I'm also interested in this new appearance of yours, and also how you seemed to gain more power after Hinata jumped into the battle?" Shino asked noticing the link necklace and the Rosario in Naruto's hand.

"Maybe you might find out sometime; however, now is not that time." Naruto said and then turned his back about to jump into the treetops.

"Wait where are Sasuke and Sakura, did something happen?" Kiba asked.

"Sasuke and Sakura," Hinata said quietly as she started to wonder why Naruto was alone in the Forest of Death.

"We were ambushed as soon as we got into the forest, I got separated from them so I need to get back." Naruto quickly explained.

"Then we need to hurry to your teammates Naruto." Shino said.

"We, Shino I thought we were going to the tower we have the scrolls we need. Weren't you the one who said it was illogical to stay in the forest longer than necessary?" Kiba asked.

"I don't need help nor do I require it." Naruto then leapt up into the air and onto a large branch. "My advice would be to leave the forest or enter the storm that's about to blow."

After that was said the demonic ninja jumped through the foliage of the trees leaving a confused Team 8 on the ground. As they stood silent Hinata sighed and turned to the boys.

"We need to hurry to the tower?" Hinata said softly.

"Are you sure, we can still catch up to him." Shino said.

"I'm actually with her and going to the tower, my instincts keep telling me something big might happen if we stay out here plus we have that Suna team to worry about." Kiba said, Akamaru finally popped his head from inside Kiba's jacket sensing the danger was gone.

"You're actually speaking sense Kiba," Shino said though it almost sounded like a question.


"Very well, it may be safer if we continue on to the tower." Shino then held up a hand and a palm sized insect flew into his hand.

"Whoa Shino what happened to your beetle?" Kiba asked. The now revealed kikiachi moved sluggishly on Shino's hand, not used to its new size.

"Shino you said that your kikaichu feeds on chakra right?" Hinata asked.

Shino nodded, "Yes why do you ask?"

"Then whose chakra did that kikaichu feed from?"

(Scene Change)

Naruto was rushing through the forest searching for signs of his teammates. 'I'm sure Shino's insect must have returned to him by now, I don't need to protect anymore people right now.'

The shinso-hanyou used his enhanced speed to travel through the forest trying to back track towards where his teammates first separated.

(With Sakura (Since the fight))

Sakura replaced the cloth that rested on Sasuke's head with a new one as she finished up healing what she could. Soon after the one known as Orochimaru left she decided that it would be best to find shelter and wait for Naruto to find them.

The cherry blossom sighed and walked out of the tree. She knew that she would have to defend this area from any teams so she decided to set some traps. Sakura pulled out the supplies from her pouch.

"I probably set a few traps and maybe some decoys." Sakura said as she ran her finger across the ninja wire she had. The kunoichi then planned her traps as she was left to her thoughts.


Naruto shook his head. "No Sakura-chan you are special, so what if your family didn't descend from youkai, the one that married my Shinso ancestor was a full blooded human just like you. That's how I know you're special Sakura-chan."

(Flashback end)

Sakura blush as she turned over the earth. 'Now is not the time to be thinking like that, I need to be a kunoichi.'

As the girl went back to the shelter she prepared she heard an explosion off in a far distance from her location. The sudden pound of her heart told her that it could be Naruto but she stayed where she was to guard the injured Uchiha.

Night passed and soon it was a new day, Sakura opened her eyes and cursed herself a bit for following asleep when she should be keeping watch.

'Three more days left, Naruto-kun where are you?'

(Scene Change)

In a large tree Naruto opened his eyes and saw that he was normal again. Outer Naruto stood up and looked down at his Rosario.

"I must have pushed the transformation to its limit." Naruto jumped to the ground and walked towards a river that was nearby. He checked his reflection and saw the slit of his eyes and the silver tips of his hair.

"We've already started to merge" Inner Naruto said.

'So you are back, mind pulling me up to speed on why you stopped?' Naruto asked.

"While I was at full power you know that with the youki we were admitting we would attract possibly anything towards us hoping for a challenge. I am more than willing to show my power though I figured I should rest to allow us both to regain energy." His shinso half explained.

"That fight with that Iwa kunoichi was a tough one." Naruto grumbled both out loud and in his head. "Still I should be close to where that wind blew me off course, I'll find Sakura-chan and Uchiha soon."

Naruto turned to leave but then looked up feeling another presence nearby. He decided to save his thoughts for later as he took off into the forest. Above in the trees was Fuu as she hid herself from the blond.

'He seems different again, though I think I can weaken and capture him now.' Fuu thought.

"You had help from that Berserker and that sudden Fuiton jutsu last time, you can attack him…or"

'Or what?' Fuu asked Nanabi as she leapt to keep up with her target.

"If what I know is right Kyuubi was always sealed by the best seal masters, all of them in this village." Nanabi recalled.

'How does that relate to this?' Fuu asked again.

"Think, if a village can seal a Bijuu they could possibly destroy a simple seal as an obedience one." Nanabi said as it got its point across. "That gaki could help us with our predicament."

'But I attacked him before, how can I get him to listen to me now?' Fuu asked her Bijuu.

"You can always go up and asked, you'll never know unless you find out."

Fuu nodded as she tried thinking over her course of action. She flared her chakra making her known to the one she was following. Naruto stopped feeling the flare of chakra and turned around and saw one of the kunoichi from the night before.

"You again?" Naruto reached for his sword only to see her raise her empty hands up.

"I'm not here to fight this time; I have a proposal in mind for you." Fuu said.

"Proposal," Naruto then relaxed but kept his guard up. "And what is this proposal?"

(Scene Change)

Sakura's eyes began to droop showing her exhaustion. Most of her time was filled with guardin the shelter or tending to Sasuke's sudden heat flashes, the thing worrying her was the mark that was left on Sasuke's neck. She could tell that it was foul and evil just by being around it.

The girl then turned her attention back to scanning the area, hands in both of her pouches.

Meanwhile as Sakura did security a team from Oto was scanning her shelter from a distance.

"I'm actually surprised she's still up, it looked like she had a long night of guarding." Dosu said.

"Why are we still waiting, I say we attack the Uchiha now." Zaku restrained himself from yelling.

"And that type of thinking is why I'm leader of this team and you are not." Dosu spoke calmly.

"What did you say?" Zaku said with a low growl.

"Both of you shut up!" The two got silent hearing Kin's words. "It's obvious the girl is tired but we don't know what abilities she has."

"Orochimaru-sama only spoke of her having a strange jutsu." Dosu recalled the information given to them. "We're going to have to test her."

The small tracings of a nearby animal were easily heard by Dosu as he quickly snatched up an animal to use for his test.

Sakura soon heard a rustle of the plants nearby and readied a kunai; she knew during this test she needed to keep every advantage she had and keep her new jutsu a secret. As the squirrel jumped from the bushes Sakura let out a sigh of relief and tried to calm her nerves.

After her quick breathe Sakura saw the rodent approach one of her traps. She quickly threw a kunai towards it and frightened it away from the field. Seeing that the crisis was averted Sakura paid attention once more to her surroundings.

"Think she noticed the bomb you planted on the rat?" Zaku asked.

""No I believe it was something else," He then stood up from his hunched position. "Get ready to move in."

(Scene change)

"Alright talk, what is this proposal?" Naruto asked losing a bit of patience.

"You are Konohagakure's jinchuuriki is that correct?" Fuu asked.

'Jinchuuriki, is she talking about the Kyuubi?' Naruto spoke in his head before answering. "Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, why are you asking?"

Fuu sighed and then began to speak. "The reason I was sent to infiltrate your village was to bring you to Takigakure to increase its military power."

"And the reason you are telling me this?" Naruto asked.

"I was forced to accept this mission, I did not decide by choice." Fuu said.

"Force, aren't you a shinobi from Taki?" The questions continued to flow through Naruto's mind as talking to the Nanabi jinchuuriki seems to give more questions than answers.

"I suppose that answer would normally be yes, but" Fuu showed the collar around her neck with a seal on the front. "To the current leader I am nothing but a tool to use for Taki's wellbeing."

'It's like Haku-chan in a way," Naruto thought.

"Pathetic, sending their pet to come and capture us; not only do they risk Taki's safety if she were caught, but they probably thought her experience in using her Bijuu would make her successful." Inner Naruto criticized her.

Kyuubi looked from its bars and to the screen the hanyou was using and saw the seal on Fuu's neck. "So those antiques are still around."

"Antiques?' Both Naruto's questioned the Bijuu.

"In simple ways think of it as a beast collar, those 'Obedience seal' were used back then by those who sought to command demons without the use of fuinjutsu." Kyuubi explained. 'Or other methods.'

"So it does its purpose; however, it's flawed isn't it?" Inner Naruto asked.

"Right, anyone who can break a seal or is powerful enough to severe the bond can break the seal." Kyuubi said.

"However, do we know if she is telling the truth?" Inner said.

'Telling the truth, why would she talk about her mission to her target if she was telling the truth about the seal?' Naruto tried to see Inner's logic.

"Maybe she's just that cocky or perhaps it works like the Rosario and suppresses a great deal of her power." Inner said.

"Either way despite what both of us say ningen it is your choice." Kyuubi said.

(Scene change)

Sakura forced her eyes open again as she felt sleep beginning to overtake her. Just as she thought she was about to lose it the sound of shinobi arriving startled her awake. Sakura looked in shock seeing a shinobi team.

A shinobi team who is wearing the same headband as Orochimaru.

"Hey, wake up Sasuke and tell him we're here to kill him." Dosu said.

Sakura answered his request by standing up with a kunai raised to defend both her and her teammate.

"I don't see why you're asking here, I say we just kill her and wake him up ourselves!" Zaku began to walk towards the Konoha kunoichi.

Sakura tightened her stance hoping for him to take a few more steps. Before Zaku could proceed Dosu called him back.

"Zaku stop!" The brash member of Team Oto stopped looking back at the leader. Dosu chuckled a bit as he walked up next to Dosu.

"You think you're clever aren't you?" Dosu then turned the team's attention to the ground. "This patch of dirt doesn't match the rest, which means it was dug up recently."

"So pinky here set a trap for us." Kin said as she stood back allowed Dosu and Zaku to proceed.

Zaku then smirked and maneuvered over Sakura's trap. "Nice try girly but a simple trap like that won't stop us!"

Instead of looking distraught and hopeless like they wanted Sakura gave them a smirk of her own. She held her kunai slightly more to her right and then cut the air and let out a silent sound fill the air.

'A second trap?!'

Dosu then heard the sound coming from above and saw a large tree trunk swing towards his teammate.

Sakura watched thinking her plan had succeeded but was stunned at the next action.

"Do you honestly think a weak trap like this is enough to stop me?!" Zaku held up his hands towards the swinging mass of wood.


Air waves blew from the holes in Zaku's hands and destroyed the trap sending small amounts of debris around the field. Sakura was shocked seeing her trap destroyed that easily as she stood with her kunai.

"So is that all you got, or are you actually going to fight?" Zaku taunted her.

"Last chance for you to walk out of here alive." Kin added as she pulled out some senbon.

Dosu was silent but the clenching and unclenching of his large Melody arm gave off the same message as the other two.

'Even if Uchiha-teme is a pain in the ass, I can't leave a teammate behind.' Sakura thought taking her sensei's words to heart. The cherry blossom opened her pouch and allowed tiny pink cherry blossoms to fill the air.

Mai: Senbonzakura!

The Oto trio looked around seeing the petals dance in the air.

"Is it a genjutsu?" Dosu asked Kin.

"No it isn't disruptin our senses, it's no genjutsu I've ever seen." Kin.

"Whatever it is I'll blow it away just like I will this girl!" Zaku aimed towards Sakura.

"Zaku wait!"


The large pressure of air shot forward towards Sakura. Dust flew as the wind based attack tore through the air and finally hit its target. Team Oto looked at the smoke cleared only to see a glowing pink wall. The wall faded into petals and revealed Sakura.

"If he hasn't told you anything about this jutsu then I will have to show you then." Sakura then held her kunai as she would a sword.

"I've been working on this new one ever since that freak attacked us, you get to be the first ones to experience it." Chakra flew into the kunai.

The petals began to swirl in the air as light reflected off them giving them a soft pink glow. The three readied themselves as Sakura prepared to release her onslaught.

Sakura Ken!

The multiple blades then flew widely at the Oto team intent on tearing them to pieces.

Sakura huffed a bit as she put a bit of extra chakra into her attack to try and intensify the blades.

The blades were flying through the air slashing at any part of the Oto nin that they couldn't protect in time. The attack was slow but the multiple of blades made up for that weakness. The attack went on until Zaku exploded in rage.

"That's enough!" He sent a small blast of wind that blew the blades way. Zaku's sent a dark glare Sakura's way as he aimed his next attack.


Sakura looked wide eyed as she couldn't collect a full shield in time as the large pressure of air slammed into her. She let out a loud scream as dust and wind enveloped her.

(Scene Change)

Rock Lee set a squirrel down after he safely remove the bomb from its back. He wondered why anyone would set a trap on a creature until he heard a soft explosion sound close by.

'That's the sound of an intense battle, I better go see." Lee then set off towards the sound of battle.


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