Author's Nore: This is the final chapter in this series. Thanks so much for reading and joining me on this journey. The whole thing is going up on AO3 right away, along with quite a lot of my stories, and PDFs and other things are apparently available from there. T shirts I'm not so sure, though.

Star's hands closed around the rail and she laughed when Jack grabbed her and lifted her up to sit her on his hip. "Don't touch anything, sweetheart," he chided her gently. "Let Tad drive."

"We don't want to crash, do we?" Ianto tickled her tummy and squeezed Jack's arm as he passed. "That would not be good for your first flight."

"Ta da!" She reached out for Ianto and closed her hands on the air, leaning out of Jack's arms. "Tada hug."

He obliged, collecting her from Jack and propping her on his hip whilst he operated the TARDIS one-handed and watched Jack moving around the other side. "I thought we could just put her into orbit first. Let her see Earth from space, maybe."

"That would be nice." Jack helped him to set them off, and wrapped one arm around Ianto's waist to help him keep his balance against the console. They stabilised after Jack and Ianto had swayed into each other contentedly, with the console lights flashing gently around them. The TARDIS was in orbit above Earth at the start of the eighteenth century, when it was still unblemished and sparsely occupied. Jack grinned at Ianto and held him a moment longer, then stepped back to let him put Star down so they could walk her over to the doors.

The Earth hung before them, shimmering blue and green against the backdrop of star-scattered black. The shape of the continents and seas were so familiar, soothing even after they had been wandering for so long. Jack didn't know what was happening to the people down there, but from so far away it seemed like an irrelevance. The planet was beautiful, and it was still home.

"This is Earth," Ianto started explaining. "None of us was born here – not you, not me, and not Daddy. But it's our home, and the place where the Human Empire began. One day, the people of this planet will be spread out across the universe. And we'll be out there, won't we, Star?"

She stuck her fingers in her mouth as an answer and looked up at him adoringly. Soft, dark curls fell around her face, framing her wide, blue eyes and catching on her fingers. Jack pulled her fingers out of her mouth and guided her attention back to the view outside. "You'll always remember this," he promised. "The first time you saw another planet – the first time you saw your home from a distance."

His own world had been dusty brown, inhabitable only because of the technological advances that had brought humanity safely through the stars. The artificially stabilised lakes had glittered like jewels among the desert on the only time he saw it from space, when the settlers left, and it had been the same shining blue that had drawn him to Earth.

Ianto's arms wrapped around him from behind and he leaned back against him, whilst Star leaned against their legs, sucking on her fingers again. Down below them the Earth turned and drifted through space on its path to the future they knew. Jack laced his fingers through Ianto's and smiled. "So, where are we going this time?"

"Wherever we want," Ianto murmured against his neck. "Somewhere quiet."

"Quiet sounds nice. Just for a little bit longer." He turned and kissed Ianto softly, and they stayed right where they were.