TITLE: Cut Off RATING: This bit is PG BLURB: Okee. Now that I'm all settled at University, and my files have been transferred onto my new comp, I'm free to retype Chapter 10. This is the end! IF I ever get around to writing that sequel, you can be sure I'll post it here. Until then, enjoy my other fics!

(Yohji has just literally kissed off Aya) CHAPTER 10

I arrived at the Fujitaka residence at a quarter after 12. I'd made a point of making sure that there were 50 blooms total in all the pots. I took a pot as an offering, and knocked on the front door. A man about 20 answered the door. From the look on his face, he wasn't expecting me.

"I'm from Koneko no Sumule." I explained. "I'm her to deliver some flowers." I held up a pot as evidence. The guy's face lit up, and he nodded.

"MOM!" he called. "The flower guy's here." My stepmother popped her head in from inside.

"Hi!" she greeted me warmly. She stepped outside to see what I'd brought. The flowers met to her approval, and she called the guy who'd answered the door to help me bring things in.

"Hikaru, I'd like you to meet someone." She said when the guy had joined us. "23 years ago, your father was unfaithful to me and had a child with another woman. This man is your older brother, Kudou Yohji."

Hikaru's eyes went wide open as step mom lead the way inside. He and I set up pots and step mom went back to the party.

"This is SO cool. When I was a little kid, all I ever wanted was a big brother. I finally got it!" Hikaru exclaimed. He grinned devilishly at me in a way that seemed oddly familiar.

"I'm glad you came, Omiichan."

"Well, that makes one." I replied.

"In that case, join the party. Everyone's here." With that, I was dragged off to the living room full of relations that I never knew I had.

"Go on." Hikaru urged, and reluctantly I placed the last pot on the table full of gifts.

"Happy Birthday." I said. I was rewarded with a nasty stare. He probably would have protested had his wife not spoken up.

"Okuda, why don't you introduce Yohji?" She insisted. Father opened his mouth to protest. As for me, I was getting nervous. All eyes were on me.

"Fine." He mumbled, and took a deep breath. "Everyone, I've got to admit to something I'm not proud of. Early in my marriage, I had an affair with another woman, and this is the result. My oldest son, Ku-you . . . ?"

The jerk couldn't even remember my name. "Kudou Yohji." I supplied.

Through the next couple of hours, I was cooed and awed by Aunts, (You MUST look like your mother, like Hikaru. You're much too handsome to look like Okuda.") given the third degree by Uncles, ("Where do you work? Did you grow these yourself?") and I was even glomped by a 10 year old cousin. ("You smell pretty, Itoko-chan.")

Just my luck. My father is somewhat of a black sheep. It figures.

I left the party that day feeling better that I had in weeks. Remember how my mom said that I'd be better off if I left Dad alone?

She was wrong.

The end ((AN: Well, that's it. I do have some ideas for a sequel, but I have another fic I'd like to do first. I hoped you liked the fic, and please read my next one! ))