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"Vega!" Jade yelled at Tori from across the hall. "Come here a sec."

Tori rolled her eyes and trudged over to Jade. "What do you want! I'm almost late for class! You know, the place where everyone else is and where you should be too."

"I needed to talk to you…" She cleared her throat "About yesterday…"

Tori looked around nervously to make sure no one was around. "That was nothing…Now let's not talk about it ever again."

"You can't act like it never happened Vega, and I know you want it to happen again."

"No, I don't. We almost got caught by Beck. You know, your BOYFRIEND. Plus I'm not like that."

"You didn't say that yesterday."


Jade rolled her eyes. Why was she being so stupid? She thought. She felt something with Tori that she didn't feel with Beck. But she couldn't say it out loud. To anyone.

"So now it's a 'thing'? That wasn't JUST a thing and you know it!"

"Goodbye Jade." Tori sighed and started to walk away from her. What's wrong with her? Tori thought. I'm NOT a lesbian and I know it!.. Or am I… No, stop being stupid, Tori. You're straight. 100 percent—

Her thoughts were interrupted when Jade grabbed her arm and pulled her in a long, sweet kiss. Strawberry lip gloss, Jade thought. What a stupid flavor, but yummy.

After about 9 seconds, Tori was counting, they pulled away. A shocked look was on Tori's face.

"Was that really nothing? See you in class, Vega." Jade closed Tori's mouth and walked off to class like nothing happened.

"I… But… Did she… Huh?" Tori was officially confused. Were they frenemies or were they about to be more than that? Tori started to remember what happened yesterday, how Jade had kissed her again in Beck's RV, waiting for him to come back with some supplies for a project, and how her soft hand was gliding up her shirt, almost under her bra, then she—Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud and annoying sound of the bell.

"This. Is crazy…" Tori sighed as she walked off into the crowded, noisy hallways of Hollywood Arts.